[APFC] Download Previous Years Question papers 2002, 2004 for APFC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner’s Exam

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  1. Input from Mr. CSL80
  2. Blog Farmers
  3. Download Links for APFC papers
  4. How to prepare for APFC Exam?

Before you download the previous years question papers of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner’s Exam (APFC), read this:

Mr. CSL80:
He’s a veteran member of Pagalguy forum. Most of the information on internet regarding previous years’ question papers and Cutoffs of APFC etc- is actually contributed by him on that forum. And he is the gentleman who sent me these papers via email.

Blog Farmers

  • Just another type of spammers. These people will setup multiple blogs with similar names but won’t even write a single word on their own. They’d just copy paste the information posted by Mr.CSL80 on pagalguy.
  • Their objective is to gain presence on google search engine, so if any aspirant is searching for any keywords containing “APFC”, the chances of him landing on their blog/site increases. And then they’d setup ads like “buy our readymade (substandard quality) APFC/RBI offiers’ exam study material for 12,000 rupees/-“ or “subscribe to our site for free to get free updates on current affairs” – but again all you get in email is their spammy articles containing ads of that study-material.
  • Well everyone has to feed his family, But this is an unethical practice which I totally loath and despise.
  • APFC and RBI Officers’ etc. exams are not prime subjects of my site (www.mrunal.org). but I write about them to prevent those blog farmers from creating a monopoly on google search engine to rob the innocent aspirants from small towns in broad day light.

In the end however, as long as there is desperation and uncertainity [which is common with any competitive exam in India], there will be people trying to make easy bucks out of it.
Anyways here goes the download links

Download Links for APFC papers

File Type: Zipfile, contains two PDF files for each 2002 and 2004’s Question paper.
Size: 900 kilobytes
Use any one of the following links:

  1. Dropbox Server
  2. MediaFire Server
  3. Google Docs

How to prepare for APFC Exam?

It has been explained already, in the earlier article Click Me If you haven’t read it(Click me if you haven’t read it)
More articles upcoming, as I go through the topicwise analysis of these papers myself.

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  1. virendra

    sir I am unable to download e-admit card for asst provident fund commissioner exam 2012 after putting my correct Reg ID while I am able to log in to view my profile in ORA, if any rejection then cause of that to be know.

  2. Tusha Sharma

    Kindly let me know about the last APFC exam question paper. m not able to find any website perticular for the same. please to send me the sample paper of the past exam.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Tushar Sharma

  3. Sunita

    sir i am not abl4e to get my admit card my DOB is 20-08-1984,registration id-8snn3dib name=Sunita please help me out.

    1. Rafiq

      Sunita, Pls log on to UPSC site. down load your e admit card by giving your id and DAte of Birth as Password. You would have also recd a mail in this connection from upsc a few days back. All the best.

  4. Sujith

    Sir, I am very much appreciative about your good work and thankful to you for making it easy for aspirants like me to gain knowledge about the exam and how to go about preparing for the same. I browsed through many websites including yours and I could not find a single website which provided the answer keys for the 2004 APFC Test Booklet. I came across a couple of sites which provided 2002 APFC Solved Question paper but not the former. I would be grateful to u if you could provide me with the key to the 2004 Test aswell. At this last moment it would be of great help.

    Thankyou in advance. Its my sincere hope that you will help me.

    Thank you once again


    As the question was confusing and was based upon current economy. I guess the cut off will be 60. those who say 75 or 80 they are confuse because the paper was not so easy..

  6. suresh mannepula

    Dear mrunal,

    For how many years once the apfc exam will be conducted by upsc under which category?

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