[Tips] Yojana and Kurukshetra: How to use them for UPSC preparation without wasting time?

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Question from a reader
I use to read articles of Hindu, economic times daily and cover articles of yojna,kurukshetra within a month.How to prioritize this as they take much time and eats up time of the subjects.
  • You don’t have to read Yojana or Kurukshetra line by line.
  • They’ve information on a few schemes, some suggestion for Development, [overrated] success stories of SHG and NGOs.
  • The exam oriented information in each month’s issue, can be summerized in a note in barely 2 pages or even less, depending on your notes-making skill. [Most of the names,dates,numbers and data-tables given in the magazine, are useless from exam point of view.]
  • So, just scan through the pages, note down any useful fodder related to schemes and Development [which you can use in descriptive answers or essay] and then throw away the magazine in the store-room [or delete the pdf file from the harddisk].
  • This exercise should take less than two hours and two A4 sized pages, each month for each magazine of Yojana and Kurukshetra.

Regarding How to read newspapers,- read this article

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  1. Sds says:

    i read hindu within 1 hr now.. thanx to mrunal

    • aditya jalan says:

      how to read the Hindu in 1 hour please tell just be specific with the news which you first read,which news to skip ,which news to read only overview(HEADLINE).
      take any date news paper as reference.
      and tell how to tackle time with G.S. optional daily for e.g. take 2 subject a day or day by day switch regularly.

      • Mrunal says:

        how to read the Hindu in 1 hour please tell just be specific with the news which you first read,which news to skip ,which news to read only overview(HEADLINE).

        It is already explained in this article:

        tell how to tackle time with G.S. optional daily for e.g. take 2 subject a day or day by day switch regularly.

        depends on individual’s taste and study habit. No cut and dried methods here.

  2. aditya jalan says:

    hello sir
    i have to ask one question please tell is i have to work on writing skill together with my preparation for optional and G.S.(i have started from last 2 month) or should i prepare for it after pre. exam.

  3. dhaval says:

    hello sir.

    i have one question that if i dont read the hindu and will read indian express or times as they are easily available here in ahmedabad as in case of hindu u know u have to subscribe it or u have to ask for a copy from a retailer or a vendor from whom u get ur daily news paper, it cost more than 400 when the above two cant cost even half of that of hindu together. so please sir let me know does it make any difference to my preperation of current affairs,

    thanks sir

    • Mrunal says:

      you can use Indian Express. It is a good substitute for The Hindu.
      Times of India = not good for UPSC preparation

  4. joe says:

    hey !
    how many hours should one study on an average ?
    i am a full time preparer.
    I dont have any contacts with other preparers… which is why i am asking…
    regarding my speed of study.. i can cover say geography topics faster.. like say one topic-geomorphology in a day.. but polity and pub ad does drag me..
    hope you will clear my doubts..

  5. cmvt says:

    Hi mrunul…from where can we download PDFs of Yojana or kurukshetra as u have mentioned in the article. Thanks for your help.

  6. raghava says:

    Sir please help me to improve writing skills and reading skills.thank u.

  7. pooja says:

    hi sir.. please tell me how to do study for prelims.?

  8. kumar saurabh says:

    In your opinion, which paper is better ? hindu or indian express? I got a chance(and time) to read In. Ex. recently and found it to be more explanatory and conataing diversified topics( i.e. topics relevant to gs mains).Suggest any one only.

    • Mrunal says:

      If Hindu is not available in your city, then Indian Express.

  9. Gagan says:

    I appreciate your help in this 1.5 yr preps for the UPSC Exam. When can we find the latest issues of frontline and yojana on your blog?

    • Marcele says:

      Dear Raaz,I suppose that you have heard about which has been icntodured this year. However, the limited examination is to recruit personnel for IPS from within the state police service, armed forces, etc and is applicable to such officers of the rank of DSP, Captain/Major. This is going to be a separate examination from UPSC’s civil services examination which will also recruit for IPS.Regards,Rau’s IAS

  10. Bidya Goswami says:

    hi mrunal,your contribution to those preparing for competitive exams is commendable.can u plz suggest me the strategy and study plan for geology as an optional for upsc mains.

  11. kiran says:

    thankx for vital info…
    kindly explain how to use chronicle…

  12. Prem says:

    I am going to complete my graduation in 2014. Am I eligible for CSAT which will be held in 2013.

    Waiting for the response.

    • Mrunal says:

      if you’re going to get your final year mark-sheet by Around August 2014 then yes.

      • nitin says:

        how sir?????

  13. PANKAJ says:

    sir is there any way to get to know about the last 6 months general knowledge … as i have jst started preparing for the upsc exam …
    thanks in advance …

  14. Saiteja says:

    Hi mrunal, My coaching centre preferred me to study magazines, rather than following newspaper daily.. Does replacing news paper completely with Yojana makes any difference? please answer me, i m so confused

  15. mohit says:

    i have started with 2005 edition of history ncert 10 class as i have only that and 9 10 11 12 geography and indian polity doing from tmh.i am appearing for cpf 2012.would it be sufficient for gk and for sci i am reading post by you and reading from other resources so ,i am on ryt path or some other consultation i need to take.

  16. jai chawla says:

    sir i m preparing for civil services and i hve already appeared in the 2012 csat but not qualified even prelim. Now my problem is that im working from 7am to 4pm so i m not be able to manage my studies , please sir guide me.

  17. Rajan Chaubey says:

    Sir, Will u plz suggest some names of good GS manuals.

  18. Gurusrinivas G says:

    Yojana and Kurukshetra is that both required ???? and apart from tiz do v hve to read civil service chronical also ???? and what are the differents between these magazines? sir….

  19. Arvind says:

    sir please tell me how to improve essay writing.

  20. Priyanka says:

    Sir I am willing start my preparation for UPSC I am in final year of engg. And bit confused about how and when to start my preparation. At starting point what should I go for I am so much confused with so much gathered info about UPSC bu no clear syllabus given or preparation starting guidance given Help me soon

  21. rashesh says:

    sir pdfs of yojna n kurushetra ? from where i can get those

  22. LAXMI N. PATEL says:


    • icecool11 says:

      Economics has been a highly scoring subject in UPSC 2012. The economics optional taker includes AIR 1 Haritha V Kumar. Start with NCERT and standard books. Practice previous CSAT papers. There had been some announcement regarding extra attempts. So its all good news for you.

  23. tabish says:

    would these two magazine alone suffice, or do ineed to get another magazine to supplement these two. if yes then please suggest me the magazine i should buy

  24. GURPREET says:

    R/s sir
    Whats Your views about world focus, please reply sir

  25. GURPREET says:

    One thing is another —- how am I subscribe indian officer blog or website, when I fill up their they ask about any one another’s account inforemation for introducer , how can I do it. Pls sir help me

  26. shivansh singla says:

    can you please add some link to download yojana magzines published after march 2012? please also send some link to download old editions of civil service chronicle.. waiting for your reply…

  27. Ashwinii says:

    hi mrunal,
    first and foremost ur website is awasome. I’m an IAS aspirant and I need ur help with this. presently im going to coaching classes. I find that I can’t cope up with the centre’s syllabus coverage as well as with regular essential studies such as The Hindu. Totally, I am not effectively utilising the time. kindly give me suggestion for effective reading.
    ps: especially I can’t mug anything in a constrained time. help me.

  28. richa chauhan says:

    sir i have started preparing for UPSC CSE 2014 IN NOV 2013.please help me in managing my time to prepare so that i can pass 2014 cse exam with some decent rank..i am bit worried whether or not 8-9 months of preparation is sufficient for this exam.help me please as soon as possible.

  29. tabish says:

    hello , i have an issue i want someone to help me with. I seem too get stuck with yojana alot , often i find many a things difficult to understand. I just want to know if anyone else is having a problem , the writer mentions some facts and then goes on to suggest a few measures. The facts are easier to grasp but his suggestions are often hard to understand , could anyone plz help me with this issue. I believe im not as gifted as others are while it comes to understanding things but i just need some help with this problem of mine. Is it just me who finds it difficult to understand yojana , Mrunal sir please address my concerns

  30. Maha says:

    Sir, For the coming 2014 civil service exam,Is it necessary to study the 2013 issues of yojana and kurushetra or starting from 2014 jan issues itself enough…

  31. Nisha says:

    sir, i am a fresher.. rite now i m in bsc final year. i want to know how to start preperations for ias exams . am i eligible for ias 2014..? please guide me sir.

    • Shailesh says:

      Start preparing!and if you can afford,order crackias notes for prelims!you’ll crack cse for sure!

    • satya says:

      don’t buy crackias notes bc they are factual in nature and dye to strip difficult to concentrate so my advice is not to go for crack but any other coaching institute or standard books and as u r a beginner so better read ncert first

  32. GAUTHAM says:

    Sir, some insight on managing job and preparation …..pls…..

  33. sushil says:

    Can I subscribe Yojana from the month of April’14 ? If yes, will I get 10 Issues from April’14 to April or Jan’14 to Jan’15?

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