[Polity] Article 371-J: Special Status for Hyderabad-Karnataka region (118th Constitutional Amendment Bill)

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  1. What is 118th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2012?
  2. What is Article 371?
  3. What is Article 371-J?
  4. What is Domicile requirement?
  5. Where do Domicile requirements apply?

What is 118th Constitutional Amendment Bill, 2012?

  • It seeks to amend Article 371 of the Constitution of India.
  • to insert a new article 371-J.

What is Article 371?

  • Falls under Part 21 of Indian Constitution (Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions).
  • Article 371 and its sub-articles, deal with special provisions for Assam, Nagaland, Gujarat, Maharashtra etc. Usually, they are about establishing special Development board for the particular backward regions to grant more funds, and/or reservation in local Government jobs-colleges etc.
  • For example Article 371 (D), Telengana region has a provision of local cadres for reservation in direct recruitment and admission to educational institutions and setting up of an administrative tribunal. (Domicile requirement/ ‘sons of soil’ policy in education and employment)
  • Has been amended many times, to include new articles, for example

What is Article 371-J?

  • It’ll grant special status to six backward districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region to
  1. Establish a separate Development Board
  2. This board will see that sufficient funds are allocated for Development of the region.
  3. Local reservation in education and Government-jobs (Domicile requirement.)

What is Domicile requirement?

Domicile means you must be a resident of the given area for getting college admission, job, land purchase, fighting elections etc.
Where do Domicile requirements apply?

  1. Jammu and Kashmir- outsider cannot purchase land.
  2. Similar provisions for Scheduled and tribal Areas (5th and 6th Schedule of Indian Constitution)
  3. Recruitment in Army for below-officer ranks. They’ve district / area wise vacancies and separate educational qualifications according to areas. For example Soldier (General Duty) minimum requirement
    1. Candidate should have passed class 10, if he is from Jaisalmer and Barmer Dists of Rajasthan.
    2. But if he’s from Andaman & Nicobar Group of Islands, he can compete even if he is merely passed class 8.
  4. Earlier, if you wanted to contest for Rajya Sabha election from a particular state, you had to be ordinary resident of that state (e.g. Mohan had to buy a house in Dispur to get the voters’ card and fight Rajya Sabha elections from Assam.) But then parliament amended to Representation of People in 2003 and removed this provision.

(^List is not exhaustive)

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207 Comments on “[Polity] Article 371-J: Special Status for Hyderabad-Karnataka region (118th Constitutional Amendment Bill)”

  1. what is 371(j)…? please tell me

    1. please see the google search to hyderbad karnataka special provsion of 371(j ) that orders and benifetts

  2. Other district employees transfer

  3. I am from Atnoor, Tq-Afazlpur,Dist-Gulbarga,I have applied for 371j, but A C rejected my application, I submitted all original documents, but i am studied 7th to 10th in Bijapur, for this reason he is rejected my application,what i can do next plz give me some instruction-9844008361

    1. I am Sujata c.b born at Deval ganagapur Afzalpur taluk GULBARGA DIST. I studied till 2 nd standard at gulbarga ,as my father got transfer to Mangalore district so my primary,secondary school educations is completed at Mangalore.After that my father got transfer back to Gulbarga. Then my diploma studies are continued in Gulbarga.Now since 10years i am leaving in Gulbraga &married,My husband is belonging to Gulbarga.My question is am i got all the facilities of 371(j)? PLEASE REPLY ME ..

      1. Yes, u r eligible to get 371J certificate

  4. i have studied at hospet from lkg to bcom, do my son get any benefit from hk region, for his cet exams, he is studying at bangalore.

  5. I belong to yadagir(Karnataka).my qustn is that,my son has studied from lkg to 6th at yadagir,and now for his further studies ,we r palning to leave him in Bangalore r hederabad ,

    if I leave him for 7 th std at Bangalore and so on , in future ,I mean for medical/engg/any other ,may I get benefit of reservation of 371 j in studies as well as in jobs.

    at the same time if I leave him from 7th std and so on ,at Hyderabad (AP),. in future ,I mean for medical/engg/any other ,may I get benefit of reservation of 371 j in studies as well as in jobs ,

    I request u to advise sir
    my mobile no 9448494504

    1. If ur living in Hyderbad Karnataka region, even ur child studied any where in India will be eligible to get 371J certificate.

  6. My nephew studied from 1st to 10th in bangalore but we dont have any residence over there, our native is Mathupalli village, Tq. deodurga, dist. Raichur. Whether we are able to apply 371j article ?

    1. If ur living in Deodurga Taluka then even ur child studied anywhere in India will be eligible to get 371J certificate

  7. Respected Sir

    My self Prakash Tippannavar my question is that I have studied in Shahabad in Gulbarga Dist from Puc 1st year to Degree (6years ),PG Deploma,(One year),Master Degree(two year),Bed(one year)and have did service as lecturer in S S Margol College for five years and also i am residence of Shahabad Tq;Chittapur Dist;-Gulbarga ( Have Voter ID Card &Ration Card) and presently I have been living in shahabad

    BUT FROM 1st to 10th not studied in HYD Region dist (Stdied in Bagalkot & Belgum distic) SHALL I GET THE BENIFIT OF 371?

    Please suggest me how to get it? as early as possible .

    Thanking you
    Prakash Tippannavar
    Mobile Number 8867588450

    1. when u have not studied in Hyderabad Karnataka for more than 10 years , if ur parents are resident of HK then u r eligible for 371J.

  8. sir…plz upload articles as before.. this you tone lectures are mostly in hindi difficult to understand… plz sir

  9. need suggestion of 371(j). sir 10th private fresh student is eligible for 371(j).glb.

  10. sir i am a son of ex-army personnel who at the time of joining army had given the address of karnataka bidar dist. as he is a domicile of karnataka, he served fr army fr 23 years along with family so my education from 1st standard to 12th standard is completed out of state of karnataka wherever my father has been posted. now i completed my 4years BE degree in Gulbarga karnataka . my parents education isdone in humnabad karnataka only. isn’t there any option fr students like us to apply for 371-j??? please answer me. i want to apply for 371-j for my further higher studies and employement within karnataka.

    1. Definitely u r eligible for 371J as per the rule 6(1)A of employment act 2013

  11. I am from Gudihal, Tq-Lingasur,Dist-Raichur, ( I need 371j study certificate)

    I have done my SSLC in Badami Bagalakote Dist. I had applied for 371j format, study certificate. But BEO rejected my application stating that Badami Bagalakote district does not come under 371j. So now what should I do? How to get the Study certificate. Kindly suggest.

    1. If ur parents are residents of HK region then even u have studied anywhere in India Definitely u r eligible for 371J as per the rule 6(1)A of employment act 2013

  12. Sir i belong to karnataka state.but i have studied first standard in mumbai.and second to tenth standard and puc in karnataka itself.may i eligible for 371j?

    1. mention ur native district

  13. I had studied 1st in mumbai and remaining in karnataka am i eligible for 371 j

  14. My form results

  15. what is the date of Implemation of 371 J Hyderbad Karnataka so Plz send sir

  16. sir, i Gurudev Pujari born in the village kallahangarga dist gulbarga and i studied up to 8th std. in my native place in1981. after that i came to mumbai. now my children education is going on in mumbai only. we have a land in the name of my father in our village. now my question is how can i and my children get the certificate of 371j can we eligible for that ? please help me

    1. Land is not sufficient to 371J, If u r a resident of HK region with Voter ID, Ration Card, Adhar Card etc then ur children will get the certificate

  17. Whether Article 371J reservation is applicable for IIT & NIT?

    1. 371J is applicable for only State run Institution not central institutes

  18. sir,I am native of Kolluru tq; chinchili dist :Gulbarga having land at kollur,i studied matriculation education in chincholli tq latter i have transfered at Bidar and constructed House at Bidar and paying municipality rent past ten year and stayed more than 15 years, my daughter born at Bidar and studied up to 4Th standared ,latter i transfered to Dharawad (my post All India cadre transferable Job) now she studying puc 2nd year at Dharawad wheather she is eligiable for 371J if eligable wheather I should take 371j at Bidar district or Gulbarga district

    1. U are eligible to take certificate from Bidar

  19. Sir I am working in JSW STEEL since 1998 sandur taluk, Bellary dist. In the year of 1999 I have got the ration card after that not renewed, my DL, passport Aadhar card are there. My daughter has studied up to 10th in Bellary dist only.
    Please let me know she will eligible for 371j certificate?

  20. Sir,I am SHIVARAJ and my native place is Koppal district but I studied 1-10th and degree in Mangalore, I applied 371j but its rejected, now I decided to submit online,but in the document upload list in 2nd option that is (Certificate by the Hydarabad Karnataka Educational Office)Annexure C form, due to this where I get study certificate (koppala or Mangalore) it says HK education officer…plz sir

  21. Sir, my native place is Koppala district Kushtagi taluk,I studied 1std to 10std in Mangalore, What are documents requir for online submission

  22. If one person is born in RAICHUR and residing there and appointed IN Krishna CADA B Gudi.
    Is he entitled for special reservations for promotion under 371 J quota?

  23. Sir in Article 371J what is the mean of J.

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