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Attempt Any one of the following (200 Marks)

  1. In the context of Gandhiji’s views on the matter, explore, on an evolutionary scale, the terms ‘Swadhinata’, ‘Swaraj’ and ‘Dharmarajya’. Critically comment on their contemporary relevance to Indian democracy.
  2. Is the criticism that the ‘Public-Private-Partnership’ (PPP) model for development is more of a bane than a boon in the Indian context, justified ?
  3. Science and Mysticism : Are they compatible ?
  4. Managing work and home – is the Indian working woman getting a fair deal ?
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So, which one did you / would you attempt and what keywords/fodder would you incorporate in it?

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54 Comments on “[Download] UPSC Essay Question paper of Mains Examination 2012”

  1. Hi Mrunal
    please write an article on PPP

    1. an article on PPP would definitely be appreciated as it permeates every economic activity today. also, difficult to comprehend often.

    2. it was discussed in yojna august edition!!!!

  2. i attempted the 4th one, managing work and home-is the indian working women getting a fair deal, wrote around 15 pages over this.

    1. can you give a jist of what you wrote? some points that you covered?

      1. intro-how average women’s struggle begins after she starts working, and play a dual roal of a home maker and a working woman
        historical background
        evolutionary perspective
        pennacle period of indian history, gupta era
        all time low, mediaeval period
        period of change-after independence
        prevailing social mindset, current scnerio
        policies and laws incorporated by government
        negative aspects(harreshment at work place, social stigma, unsupporting husband or in-laws)
        positive aspects
        suggestions, reforms, new possibilities (e.g. work from home culture)

        1. please give your feedback and valuable suggestions.

          1. There was an article in hindu some time back which gave a analysis on a new bill that is going to be introduced . The bill stated that husbands will have to pay a monthly reimbursement ( legally binding) to their wives for the domestic chores they do eg cooking , raising kids etc . If you included this then its good as your essay would have included the most contemporary news item .

          2. u led uo ideas in a precise way…but v humans lag smwhr..anyway i truely appreciate uo efforts..all d best.

  3. ‘Public-Private-Partnership’ (PPP) 200 Marks straightaway and we don’t have it here in Mrunalonomics.

  4. mppsc 2013 notification has come….and this time they have taken the pattern of csat.
    kindly suggest the booklist and online material according to the syllabus given in the notification.


  5. I attempted PPP question straightway
    what is this : Included introduction much talked PPP especially for 10,11, 12 th plan
    the road ahead for the capital requirement for the infrastructure,defence and technology
    Gave points pertaing example for PPP in the worldover and then India
    why required :Money creation , globalisation effect use of specialist for the field govt adopting modern methods

    examples and field
    Railways services , highways-Toll plazas , Antrix-devas deal , Banking services JVs for it bharat broadband and Rural electrification , PSU outsourcing staffing

    Effects Positve : Faster inclusive and better growth development availability of services efficiency liability performance in out technique etc , Changing working of the PSU’s govt

    Bad effect : Lobying culture , corruption wrong policy land aquistion problem
    Resource allocation effect trouble for common man for basic services

    Correct method and future: Requirements , COntol and changing philoshpy of govt

    Final Conclusion and phrase and connected with the apirations of public and new management

    1. thanks…

  6. On Essay-4 , aspirants can brainstorm ideas easily, but the rest of the three need special expertise especially when u think of getting maximum out of 200.Plz suggest some study material for essay especially PPP, which is always asked in GS/VIVA.tx

  7. thanks to upsc and mrunal.org i prefer essay 4

  8. @prateek Although you covered a lot of ground in your essay In my opinion the point of including the historical perspective of gupta era and medieval era can backfire as it introduces a element of redundancy in essay as both that periods were about education(Gupta era) and there is very less comprehensive literature highlighting working women facts. But I must say impressive approach
    I also wrote on same topic but with somewhat different approach and kept only current scenario in mind.
    My points were around present scenario, historical change from Gandhi’s Struggle, Trend in Movie industry(home management vs career pursuit), how work and home collide(gave example of geetika sharma suicide case) , sexual harassment and social exclusion of women, corporate India work approach where women career slow in late of 30 yrs of age mainly due to marriage, political parties and their hypocrisy as there are very less prominent numbers gave some data on election tickets, nobel peace prize to Ms. Sirleaf especially for women rights in full participation,MMR in India, laws and how they are lacking in some aspects. at last some possibilties and suggestion

    1. I too think the essay topic was about modern times. I think your essay is comprehensive and captures what is required.

    2. nice perspective and good contemporary content… wht r ur optionals sir

  9. has the screen shot of hindi essay been taken from original question paper???if yes … I must say UPSC must stop using Translation Software…it has done a terrible job for many in PRE and would do same in mains…. better UPSC should hire some professional translator…

    1. i do agree with your viewpoint. last year the essay topic ‘credit based education system’ also led to varied interpretations.

  10. Hi prateek

    It seems good ,,u r gonna selected,,,,goodluck :)


  12. the bill wch u talking abt is fr homemakers nd not fr working women….so dis pt. Is ruled out i suppose

  13. in relation to essay no 4 apart from all the points made above i bileve emphasis should have been laid on the prevlent mindset of society regarding women managing homes and also working in contrast to the male sex who is just believed to be the bread earner of the family.afterall managing homes is also a full time task on its own which requires a lot of expertise so points should have been laid on this discrimination against females…..

  14. if we miss the reading of news paper one month, is there any substitute to cover that month news. if there plz help me

    1. Go for chronicle magazine….although its not a substitute of newspaper but it covers all the important topics from the newspaper and most importantly it just copy and paste the same as hindu…:)

      1. parakram magazine is also a very good for news paper coverage …

  15. Here is the opinion of http://www.indianhomemaker.wordpress.com on the topic Managing work and home – is the Indian working woman getting a fair deal?

    I don’t think self reliance should be seen as optional. Every adult should be able to support themselves – financially. So if a woman is not being ‘allowed’ to work, or if she sacrifices her career for her family, she should not have to become financially dependant – if the spouse is expected to share whatever the couple earns during their marriage, we would find women making fewer ‘sacrifices’ to continue working or giving up their earnings for housework. It would require a change of mindset, but if everybody did their share, women would not face half the problems they do. Same, if everybody’s self reliance is respected…

    As of now ofcourse women face challenges. Most women feel guilty no matter what they do – because they (along with almost everybody else) see all housework as their work. They also see spouse’s and children’s work/education/careers as their responsibilities – ensuring they have support… in a way, Indian women believe 50% of the population deserves and needs support at home when they go to work, the other 50% is grateful/guilty to be allowed to work. And our workplaces ofcourse, expect all employees to have wives at home.

  16. Did anyone write on Gandhi? If not, why not!

  17. dear friends this year quite tough essay paper we had but is this insignia of upsc broad-gauge line. i think so becuz all stuffs were given keeping in view of ones analytical capability with encompassing your knowledge ,vision and more practical approach to ours nation. buffing only words is easiest thing rather compass the topics with your skill while u were reading these topics during preparation. i hope making the subjectivity to essay paper one need more attention towards issues which really matters of current society however the no. of issues may be very long. justify the relevance of time while choosing a topics ur idea really would be a subject booster to end up smartly.

  18. i chose the fourth options and i focussed on the sexual harrasment of the women at the workplace, becoz i have personally experienced the same . dear Mrunal , please tell me if i can score more than 180.

    1. what ? 180? hw can anyone score 180 out of 200?

  19. I wrote of gandhi- his moral values based on ancient india, gita etc- his mass movement, swadeshi, village improvement, hindu muslim unity, cleanliness, etc.. inspiration to whole world- africa and america, today’s india- lack of morals i.e. dharma, gandhi believed dharma was greater than law and if dharma existed, laws are good and shall be respected and vice versa.. etc..,…. you can keep writing- it depends on your subject knowledge and ability to put forth your views.

  20. to Kiran, the question was very specific. the terms ‘swadinata(independence), swaraj(self rule), Dharmarajya (a combination of local self govt, village economy, work based education). swaraj is first condition of dharmarajya and swaraj itself has 5 conditions at first place like removal of untouchability, hindu muslim unity etc. gandhi preferred swaraj over swadinata and you have to justify why and then explain whether all the things are achieved today in a globalised, market economy. you have to be very precise and coherant. hope u have done better

  21. MVD, just one correction- swadhinatha means self control and yes i have mentioned most of your points

  22. I wrote an essay on the 3rd topic- PPP model a bane-justified?

    Introduction- ‘we the people’-constitution places the onus of this nation on the people.

    people are custodians of their own development.

    state and its evolution as a welfare state

    comprehensive approach of development

    what is PPP model?- emergence and evolution.



    need for regulations and reforms.

    I did not limit PPP model to traditional govt-corporate collaboration rather I suggested a new model of
    PPP i.e. People’s participation.

    Gave references of Gandhian principles of ‘swaraj’ and ‘village republics’ etc….

    characteristics of new PPP model- micro level planning, accountability, resource intensivity, need based development etc….

    conclusion- C.K Pralhad- from sampurna aazadi to sampurna swaraj.

    Gandhian priniciple of ‘village republics’, ‘swaraj’ etc…

  23. Managing work and home-fair deal?

    @NIKHIL has made a good point in addition to valuable suggestions of others.

    Also what i feel that along with the -ve aspects of the deal( Glass ceiling effect at work place, Low wages for similar work, Health impacts Physical as well as Psychological, Sexual voilence at workplace etc.) some +ve aspects of the ‘fair deal’ must also be mentioned,like : Financial independence to women,increasing self-confidence and high moral etc.

    -Suggestions to minimize the role conflicts along with cooperation from the male counterpart in household chores, by govt and family members etc.

    -A mention how home-work balance affects various categories of women differently, like ‘Rural vs. Urban’, ‘Upper vs Middle vs Lower’ classes and ‘Formal vs. Informal’ sector women of the economy.

    -Lastly how women and development are interlinked concept and the society as a whole needs to better conceptualize the changing role of women and try to integrate it in a balanced manner.

    Rest the marks depends on the logical flow of the essay and other pointers of evaluation provided by UPSC in the question paper.

  24. What I feel is that there is no need of specialised knowledge to attempt essay on Gandhi. If one has read Indian Struggle for Independence by Chandra and compared today’s Indian Democracy, I guess, it is enough.

    Essay is about how writer (we) perceive things and not just about how Gandhi puts the things. Irrespective of what Gandhi preferred, I see it immaterial as underlying values are still the same (i.e. non-violence, self-suffering, satyagraha, Hindu-Muslim unity, freedom from fear).

    Now if one could solve contemporary problems using above Gandhian values, thats it, one can prove that using Gandhi, India can be better place.

    About those 3 particular words (swadhinata, swaraj and dharmarajya), I feel that – Gandhi is too vast to be covered in 1200 words. Thus, UPSC particularly limited Gandhi to these three sides. For example – Naxalists too are fighting for their own Swaraj, AFSPA violates Dharmarajya. Women empowerment is closely related to swadhinata and so on.

    To sum it all, UPSC is limiting discussion to those three broad points and asking us to apply Gandhian philosophy for solving today’s problems. Thats how I perceived and attempted the essay – without any special knowledge on Gandhi. I hope it will work.

  25. write essay on ppp
    it is all about debate private versus public.
    1.evolution of private sector from independence to ppp model.
    2.what is ppp and why it is coming in picture( capital and technology requirements).
    3.advantages of ppp (world class infrastructure like ganga expressway).
    4.more focus on disadvantages like
    land problem
    security problem
    environmental problem
    labours problems
    user fee problem for poors
    ppp is needed for inclusive and sustainable growth but problems with it should be removed by enacting laws like land acquisition laws etc.

  26. I wrote essay on PPP. It was a standard topic under Pubad/GS preparation.
    What is PPP?
    General types of models- OT,BOT,OOT,BOOT,etc
    Advantages to the govt,private,people over having PPP
    Birth of PPP through infra
    Penetration in Education and other sectors
    Vast potential in few like agriculture
    Passport Seva Kendra a success.
    Challenges in PPP- all major disadvantages.
    Delhi Airport scam
    Government action- PMU,PRU,Rangarajan committee on public debt mgmt,etc.
    Conclusion: PPP is good. A few bottlenecks does not throw away its usefulness.



  28. Wrote the essay on ppp model.
    introduction-talked about the mauryan state, which was perhaps the first model of state facilitating private enterprise, leading to increasing prosperity and resource base of the state.
    presented a sector wise analysis of the indian economy, whereby brought out the benefits of ppp model in infrastructure, manufacturing ,power linking it to tthe recent grid failures etc.
    talked about the problems:a opaque land acquisition policy, talked about how movements like jjja(jal jangal jamin andolan) point out the land sharks in many cases, and of high end costs to users.
    spoke about the benefits, especially pointing out the himayat job generation scheme in jammu and kashmir,and how it has led to a growing confidence especially among women.
    quoted kautilya from arthasastra, and concluded.

  29. sir. please give mechanical engg. civil service exam papers 2012.

  30. please download botany paper of upsc mains 2012.

  31. i have written on 4th one covering women in rural, hills, urban, shg scenario, metro cities, domestic workers, role of ASHA,in sports with examples,cinema, along with patriachal set up of society, crime against women with some recent data, disabled women problems, with various govt initiatives, and some suggestions.

  32. sanskrit paper was not there..
    plz make it available if possible

  33. OH i forgot to write about land acquisition problem in PPP.
    how important a point was that?

  34. I wrote on Working women issue.
    I started with the question, as it was a question put on. I asked fair deal? fair deal from whom? Govt., State, Employers, In-laws, Parental home, husband, children, and lastly from themselves and most importantly from the society as a whole. I cross checked it across the society, since it was about indian working woman, I checked it through those in organized sector, then in agricultural sector, then tribal society, domestic helps. I made a mesh wire with these two approaches. I evaluated both the negative and positive side of work and home management in interrelation and in different contexts as mentioned above. I did wrote the conclusion that our society as a whole, which is patriarchal is never giving the fair deal to the working woman in managing work and home. I did mention the proposal of half a month salary to be given to the woman as spoken in some quarters. Since I made a mesh, I could write a lot. I ended up writing 17 pages. It was difficult not to deviate from the topic i.e. managing work and home, but I tried to relate the mesh with it at every point. I don’t know how much I will get, but last year I attempted Indian cinema topic(again in question form) and wrote 18 pages and got 108 marks.

  35. UPSC ka syllabus daalo bey

  36. in 250 marks essay exam how many essay question we have to attend and what is the time duration can any body answeared me

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