[Question Paper] Anthropology Mains 2012 Paper 1 & 2 UPSC Civil Service IAS IPS exam

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The usual instructions- and 5 are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each section.
300 marks and 3 hours.

Anthropology Mains 2012 : Paper 1

Section A

  1. 150 words each
    1. How natural selection acts on variation?
    2. Ways of acquiring a spouse in simpler societies
    3. Post-modernism in anthropology
    4. relative dating methods
    5. adaptive radiation in context of evolution
  2. 20 markers
    1. Discuss race Crossing in humans with suitable examples
    2. Distinguish between religion, magic and science
    3. discuss the role of ABO  blood group system in resolving cases of disputed paternity.
  3. 20 markers
    1. compare and contrast the skull of Gorilla and man
    2. discussed the typology and distribution of upper palaeolithic cultures in India
    3. What are the legal and sublethal genes? Explain
  4. sub questions
    1. Describe the types of kinship groups formed on the basis of different principles  20 marks
    2. give a competitive account of the variations in haemoglobin levels and respiratory functions among the populations living under different environmental stresses – 30 marks
    3. commented briefly on the phylogenetic  position of Australopithecines. –  10 marks

Paper I Section B

  1. 12 markers, 150 words each
    1. is family a social institution?
    2. Application of anthropometry in designing
    3. band and tribal societies
    4. Genetic counselling
    5. Epidemiological  anthropology
  2. 20 markers
    1. how does improved aerobic fitness increase  exercise tolerance in warm humid climates? Give suitable examples in support of your answer.
    2. what are the tools of data collection? Discuss the advantages and limitations of participant – observations as a technique of data collection
    3. discuss the chromosomal aberrations and manifestations of Klinefelter and Turner Syndromes
  3. 20 markers
    1. explain any to biological theories of ageing based on purposeful events
    2. what are the basis of social stratification? Discuss with examples
    3. explain the concept of status and role in anthropology
  4. 20 markers
    1. briefly discuss the important causes for the variations in occurrence and intensity of parasitic disease among different populations
    2. what are the genetic effects of Consanguinity ?  give examples
    3. briefly discuss the applications of the knowledge of human osteology in  forensic investigations.

Anthropology Mains Paper 2 :

Section A

  1. 12 markers 150 words each
    1. Sacred geography
    2. Youth Dormitory
    3. Narmada Man
    4. participatory rural appraisal
    5. Palaeolithic Art
  2. 20 markers
    1. traced the trajectory of encyclopaedic works on the tribes and casts of South India with special reference to Anathakrishna Iyer’s contribution
    2. discussed the concept of indigenous people as per the relevant UN Convention. Are the tribals of India indigenous people? Comment
    3. critically examine the relationship between tribal communities and the nation – State on the issues of governance
  3. 30 markers
    1. Examine the relevance of tribal Panchsheel by  Jawahar Lal Nehru in the light of emerging development practices.
    2. using the ethnographic examples, highlight the process of religious conversions in tribal India.
  4. 20 markers
    1. compare the contributions of S C Roy and Verrier Elwin to the tribal ethnographies  in India
    2. using ethnographic examples, went out of how gender relationship changed over time among central Indian tribes.
    3. how has globalisation infected agrarian relations in the last two decades?

Section B

  1. 12 markers, 150 words
    1. colonial ethnograpcommodification of tribal art
    2. Soan cultur
    3. ethnic issues in genetic research
    4. indigenous knowledge
  2. 30 markers
    1. critically examine the prevalence of caste ideology among religious minorities in Indian context
    2. discuss the linkages between language, territoriality and kinship among the tribes of north-east India
  3. 20 markers
    1. critically examine the national policy on rehabilitation and resettlement substantiating it with experiences from different parts of India
    2. compare the salient features and distribution of middle Palaeolithic and upper Palaeolithic cultures in India. And add a note on tools traditions of upper Palaeolithic period.
  4. 20 markers
    1. critically examine the book view and field view of social reality
    2. using examples, comment on how anthropology can be utilised in policy-making
    3. briefly comment on the linkages between (1)  gender and customary law (2)  gender and caste. (10 marks each)
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  1. Plz tell me Tips to write effective answers??

  2. dear friends

    I am preparing anthropology from Braintree notes, though the arrangement is mismatched I would suggest It will be the best material if it is supplemented by certain books like Indian anthropology by nadeem hasnain and social anthropology by madan and majumdar+internet.

    1. How should one do these books like indian anthropolgy and social anthropology ? They are bulky, probably

  3. dear friend

    Indian anthropology by nadeem hasnain and social anthropology by madan and majumdar, both these books combinedly are not even the size of laxmikanth’s polity, as a matter of fact the contents of these books don’t cross upsc anthropology syllabus, it takes not more than 2 weeks to finish these books from end to end.

    1. Thank you. It is better to finish Braintree part first or these books first?

  4. finish these books first. so, you could eliminate unnecessary things Braintree.

    1. thanx vamshi sir and am done with these two books and i dont have braintree notes what books to be followed further

  5. 1.tribal india by nadeem hasnain.
    2.modernisation of indian tradition by yogender singh.
    3.tribal cultures in India by l.p vidyarthi
    5.physical anthropology by l.p.vidhyarthi.

    1. hi anthropology is giving me a hard time i haven’t gone thru it even once i have to give paper in december could you tell me how to get these brain tree notes how to order them please with details

  6. you don’t brain tree notes in the market.

    if you are in hyd you can get in xerox centers

  7. you don’t it bt material via postal course.

    1. teah that what i wan’t how to get that postal course can you gave me the link or any phn number or sumthng like that

  8. sorry my dear friend, I forget write “get” in the previous comment. actually you don’t get it via postal course.

    1. ok can you tell me in hyderabad where can i get xerox copy exact place

  9. you can get it near r.c reddy ias academy
    ashok nagar, rtc x roads.

    note : you can also get muniratnam sir notes, which is a master piece for civils.

    1. thankyou that would be very helpful

  10. Nidi mam,
    I have completed B sc(Maths) and now i m pursuing my M.Sc Mathematics with computer application in IGNOU. Also i have completed diploma in electronics engineering. Now I m serving in Indian defense force(Navy). I have great ambition to be a IAS. Since i m in defence, i couldn’t take any coaching classes due to busy schedule.I need a guide who can guide me to crack this exam.
    I m planning to appear in civil services 2014. can u guide me in such a way that i can prepare for it without any coaching classes.

  11. Hi @Vamshi thanks for your suggestions above. Seems like braintree is no longer providing just a single correspondence material such as I need only for anthro without any class room coaching. I dont stay in hyderabad do you have any suggestion how to procure the notes both of brain tree and muniratnam sir.

  12. sorry dear friend, to procure these material you need to visit Hyderabad, else you can also get it from your friends if anyone lives in hyd

    muniratnam sir notes is available in all Xerox centres near r.c reddy ias academy, ashoknagar

  13. @ VAMSHI so I guess the braintree notes are not available in xerox centers also. Only the muniratnam notes are there in xerox am I right. So anyother way how to get even the braintree notes for anthro

  14. Hi sir/mam.
    I did my Bsc. In botany & chemistry .
    I want to know which subject i have to take in IAS mains. Kindly guide me..

  15. heloo mam.
    i am preparing for state civil services mains going to be held in feberuary.. my 2nd optional is anthropology and i am not getting the social and cultural part as im reading nadeem hasnain. will u plz sugest good notes especially for this part and also the procedure to get that material.. plzzz make it quickly as itz short tym left..thnxx

  16. Hi. I am raghunadha Reddy. I had completed my M.Pharmacy and thinking of aiming for civil services examination in the upcoming year(2014). I wish to take anthropology as my optional. Can you suggest me a good institute. I was thinking of Target IAS academy. Is there any other best institute. If so, please do let me know.

  17. Pls suggest the best books and material for anthropology paper 1 and 2
    Is it possible to prepare this optional without any coaching?

  18. I dn understand a damn thing abt anthropology bt still i ll hv to go along as its d only subject wid lucid syllabus and since i had bio in my class 12th i can co relate wid few topics….Nishi…help needed…ARTICLE 365 IMPOSED.

  19. Hi friends can i get previous year anthropology mains question papers arranged topic wise. Pls help me out. I needed very fast… i have my state exam. Pls pls pls

  20. Tell me anthropology books in hindi medium

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