[Treaties] Aichi Targets for Biodiversity Protection under CBD

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  1. What are Aichi Targets?
  2. Strategic goal A
  3. Strategic Goal B
  4. Strategic Goal C
  5. Strategic Goal D
  6. Strategic Goal E

Let’s recap what we learned in previous article:
Earth Summit led to=>

  1. Biodiversity protection: CBD (Cartagena+ Aichi+Nagoya)
  2. Reverse Climate Change: UNFCCC (Kyoto+ Copenhagen)
  3. Sustainable Development: Agenda 21, RIO+20

Aichi Targets Convention on Biodiversity CBD

COP-10 under CBD

  • The Parties (Countries) under Convention of Biodiversity (CBD), meet at regular interval.
  • These meetings are called Conference of Parties (COP)
  • 10th such meeting was held at Aichi precinct (district) of Nagoya, Japan.
  • This COP-10 gave birth to two things
  1. Nagoya Protocol on Genetic Resources
  2. Aichi Targets for biodiversity

What are Aichi Targets?

In the COP-10 meeting, the parties agreed that previous biodiversity protection targets are not achieved, So we need to do comeup with new plans and targets.

Mid/Long termBy 2050
Short termBy 2020
  • This short term plan is officially known as “Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020”.
  • It is a a ten-year framework for action by all countries to save biodiversity.
  • This short term plan provide a set of 20 ambitious yet achievable targets, collectively known as the Aichi Targets.

Aichi Targets= 20 targets, divided into 5 sections (A to E).
Strategic goal A
Address the causes of biodiversity loss

  1. Make people aware about the values of biodiversity
  2. Integrated biodiversity values in development + poverty reduction plan
  3. Subsidies which are harmful to biodiversity= and eliminate them, phase them out or reform them
  4. Sustainable production and consumption.

Strategic Goal B:
Reduce the direct pressure on biodiversity and promote sustainable use

  1. Reduce the rate of natural habitat loss + forest loss by at least 50%
  2. Reduce overfishing
  3. Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry in sustainable manner
  4. Reduce pollution and excessive use of fertiliser
  5. Prevent invasive alien species (non-native)
  6. Minimise the choral reflow destruction, ocean acidification

Strategic Goal C
Safeguard ecosystems, species and genetic diversity

  1. Conserve terrestrial and inland water, coastal – marine areas
  2. Prevent extinction of threatened species
  3. Maintain genetic diversity of agro-plants, domesticated animals and minimising genetic erosion

Strategic Goal D
Biodiversity benefits to all

  1. Safeguard ecosystems for women, tribals, and poor.
  2. Combat desertification and restore the degraded ecosystem
  3. Operationalise the nagoya protocol on genetic resources, via national legislations

Strategic Goal E
Participatory planning, capacity building

  1. National biodiversity strategy and action plans – update for participation
  2. Integrate the knowledge of tribal communities
  3. Scientific and technological knowledge sharing application
  4. Financial resources mobilisation

For additional details, you may refer to their official site click me.

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