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[RTI] UPSC destroys mains answersheets, shows prelim marks of Prince Dhawan, keeps lid on Nigvekar Committee & Optional Subject removal

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  1. Scores of Toppers in Civil Service (Mains)-2011
  2. Categorywise Highest scores in CSAT paper I and  II?
  3. Highest scores in Mains Exam of 2011
  4. Topper Scores in CSAT 2011 (GS+Aptitude)
  5. Mains Answersheets of toppers in CSM 2011
  6. Optional subject removal, Nigavenkar Committee Report
  7. Answerkeys for truckload of allied exams
  8. Indian Forest Service (IFS)
  9. Epilogue

Scores of Toppers in Civil Service (Mains)-2011

Q6. Please give the breakup of the marks scored by the candidates of the final merit list of the CSM Exam 2011, including the names of the optionals they had taken, and the marks scored in each written paper.

UPSC replies: Subject wise marks of the candidates is information personal to them, hence exempted under Section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act is invoked. Moreover, no public interest is apparent. However, written, total/PT/final marks of the recommended candidates could be provided. For that, the Information seeker needs to be deposit Rs.42/- as the information comprises 21 pages.

Mrunal Comments

  • Public interest is totally apparent. What is ‘personal’ about subjectwise marks of toppers!

Categorywise Highest scores in CSAT paper I and  II?

Q7 What was the categorywise Highest mark scored in each Paper I and Paper II of Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2011 (CSE (Preliminary) 2011)

UPSC replies
There were no separate cut off for individual papers and the cut off marks were based on the aggregate marks obtained in both the papers put together. Data regarding highest marks obtained by any candidate in Paper-land Paper-ii is not compiled.

Mrunal comments: That doesn’t mean the data is not ‘available’ in your files.

Highest scores in Mains Exam of 2011

Q8. What was the categorywise highest mark scored in each paper of CSM 2011?

UPSC replies: Category wise highest marks scored in each paper of CS(M) Exam, 2011 cannot be provided as same is not available in a compiled form.

Topper Scores in CSAT 2011 (GS+Aptitude)

Q9. Provide the Marks scored by following candidates in CSE (Preliminary) 2011 (Mrunal to readers: these people are top 3 rankers in CSE-2011, I wanted to know their scores in prelims)

CSE (Preliminary) 2011
Name Roll No. Paper I (GS) Paper II (Aptitude)
Shena Aggarwal  233541
Rukmani Riar  27895
Prince Dhawan  1804

UPSC replies

CSE (Preliminary) 2011 Total (Rounded Off)
Name Roll No. Paper I (GS) Paper II (Aptitude)
Shena Aggarwal (Rank 1)  233541 110 156.68 267
Rukmani Riar (Rank 2)  27895 69.34 130 199
Prince Dhawan (Rank 3)  1804 95.34 146.68 242

Mrunal comments

Wait a minute, why are you (UPSC) giving this information to me? Afterall if Subject wise marks of the candidates is information personal to them, hence exempted under Section 8/1/j of R.T.I (like you said in previous question), then these CSAT marks of each paper, should also be personal to them, because you make prelims cut off list after combining the marks!

Mains Answersheets of toppers (2011)

Q10. Please provide me the answer scripts of the top 5 candidates of the select list of Civil Service Mains (CSM-2011).

UPSC replies
The information cannot be provided as Answer Sheets of Civil Service (main) have already been weeded out as per the Record Retention Schedule approved by the Commission.

Mrunal comments: Too bad. These toppers’ answersheets could have served as lighthouse for future aspirants (especially since UPSC refused to give ‘model-answerkeys for mains exam’ in my previous R.T.I application.

Optional subject removal, Nigavekar Committee

Q11. Please furnish information on the status of the Nigavekar Committee appointed by the UPSC, including the copy of the mandate setting up the committee, and the copies of mandates giving extensions to the said committee, if any. However, if the Committee has submitted its report, please give a copy of the report. Has UPSC given any deadline/ time limit to that committee to frame its report?

UPSC replies
It is informed that Prof. Nigavekar Committee Report has been received by the Commission on 30.8.2012 and the recommendations of the Committee, after due consideration of the Commission have been forwarded to Govt. of India on 31.10.2012 and their response is awaited.

It is further informed that the copy of the report/recommendations have not been made available to Public Information Officer by the Public Authority. Thus, Seaion 8(1)(d) of the RTI Act, 2005 is invoked, Public Authority being affected third Party.

Mrunal Comments:
Well, I already knew that a week before (thanks to Mr.Partho). Seems UPSC is going to do everything to protect the Top Secret information related to optional subject removal, disregarding the fact that many candidates are in limbo and coaching factories are making a killing due to this uncertainty.

Answerkeys for truckload of allied exams

Q12. Please provide the official answer keys/ model answers, category wise cutoffs, mark sheets of the candidates securing the first and last ranks in his/her category of the following exams: Combined Defence Services (I) Exam, 2011; National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (I), 2011; Engineering Services Exam, 2011; Indian Forest Service Exam, 2011; National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Exam (II), 2011; Combined Defence Services (II) Exam, 2011; Central Police Force (Assistant Commandant) Exam, 2011.

UPSC replies

  • Information in respect of CDS & NDA cannot be provided since the final selection of candidates is made by the Ministry of Defence.
  • Regarding CPF (Asstt. Commandant), it is that since the examination process is not yet completely over, the marks secured by the last recommended candidates cannot be disdosed.

(Mrunal edit- they only gave cut off marks of IFS exam)

Indian Forest Service (IFS)

CATEGORY Marks obtained by last selected candidate
GEN 832
OBC 773
SC 731
ST 709


I’m not satisfied with most of the answers given by the CPIO. Therefore, I’m going to file an appeal to the FAA, after consulting my R.T.I expert friend
To see the Scanned Copy of Original UPSC letter, Click ME

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  1. R.BALAJI says:

    k sorry sir,i will keep your words.plz tell optional is or not sir for coming civil exams sir

  2. AKASH P says:

    Hi Mrunalji,

    A suggestion. Given that the report is with DoPT, is it worth filing an RTI to DoPT regarding their plans and intentions.

  3. unni says:

    Mrunal ji this is fantastic. UPSC will surely be forced to reform iself and voluntarily disclose the final marks of candidates . Also this is the first time i heard that Nigaverkar commission has submitted its report and forwarded it to the ministry .As u have rightly said i am in a limbo regarding whether to study for optionals or not. Also i heard a news from a friend of a friend who happens to be the nephew of a influential politician in Delhi that UPSC has already prepared all the syllabus etc for the new exam pattern and that there is 95% chance for pattern change next year .

  4. krishna says:

    upsc seems so desparate to change the syllabus that it hastily sent the recommended changes to govt. and even not disclosing anything about their report…but I am positive about this govt… they will thoroughly read it—it will take their remaining ruling years and do their best to understand the recommendation–and again it will take time(I don’t know how much).

  5. Jazz & Liquor says:

    UPSC is actually behind schedule(many states have already implemented change at mains level). If they can go ahead with FDI(retail), why not this one. Why Nigaverkar Committee?———>change…….only logical.

  6. neha says:

    wow. even if they failed in GS prelims scoring as low as 60% they managed to not just pass but top CSE. awesome. what able administrators they will be indeed.

    • Raman says:

      Not 60 but 35%
      and she also scored over 300 in GS mains !

    • arjun aditya says:

      You should try for the exam. I am sure you can easily get 80% in prelims. ek baar dekar to dekhiye exam aur phir bolna.

    • Yogita says:

      Dear Neha & Raman,

      Seems you guys have “never ever,even sit” in “any” of the competitive examinations,leave aside UPSC…the BAAP of all competitions!!! So i must tell you that all competitive examinations are based on relative performance & is not a university examination & cut off always hover around 50% or less for all(eg CAT,SAT IIT JEE etc).So if she could top with “35%” marks or whatever than just imagine if you could come in even top 100 which is a dream of half a million then you would score even less than that!!! WHAT A SHAME ON YOU!! At least do some research before criticizing others else you yourself become a topic of mockery for loads!

  7. gaurav says:

    Does that IFS exam cut off also includes interview marks?

  8. sudhir says:

    Mrunal, as said above. It is better to ask DoPT regarding optionals or no optional. Regarding public purpose apparent or not apparent it can be written that due to huge in-certainty regarding exam potential bright candidate may miss-out opting next year exam or will fall in lap of coaching center which will work disadvantage to candidates who cannot afford coaching fees.

  9. gagandeep chahal says:


  10. dhrumil soni says:

    dear mrunal
    do you know wat r the cutt-offs for the cse-2012 prelims?

    • Pattern chage fresh news says:

      The following question has been listed as an unstarrted question in Rajya Sabha on 6th December 2012 regarding changes in UPSC Examination:

      Proposed changes in UPSC


      1480. SHRI AVINASH PANDE: Will

      the PRIME MINISTER be pleased to


      (a) whether Government is aware of the

      proposed changes in the Union Public

      Service Commission (UPSC) examination;

      (b) the reasons for these changes;

      (c) in what manner this affects the

      UPSC aspirants; and

      (d) in what manner the proposed

      changes expects to address the problems

      with the existing system?

  11. lakshmiprasanna says:

    sir,i have already attempted this year but couldn`t get through,i want to know whether optionals are going to remain or not so that i can plan whether to attempt or not

  12. Amit says:

    Proposed Changes in UPSC Examination

    The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) have submitted a proposal to the Central Government suggesting certain changes in the existing scheme of Civil Services (Main) Examination to make it more relevant with the present day, global as well as internal scenario on the basis of the report of a committee, constituted by the Commission under the chairmanship of Prof. Arun S.Nigavekar, former Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC).

    Till now, no decision has been taken by the Government on these recommendations.

    This was stated by Shri V. Narayanasamy, Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office in written reply to a question by Shri Avinash Pande in the Rajya Sabha today.

  13. CHandan Shukla says:

    well, Murnal effort is gr8..
    Why Aspirants are wasting time to discuss about Optional subject if they (UPSC) remove its good if not try hard..its difficul 4 every1….Here if i can blindly trust on any Constitutional or Non constitutional body obviously its UPSC….wtever they r doing and what they want to look in candidate their level is far btr dn out thinking or our critisam..so try hard Murnal will find more information for us/..

  14. sharad says:

    Proposed Changes in UPSC Examination The Union Public Service Commission
    file still on the table shame on goverment


  15. DR LC VERMA says:


  16. SIDHARTHA says:

    any news about new pattern?????????

    • Losers of the world Unite says:

      Amar Ujala 10th dec(yesterday’s) Kanpur edition has some news about it, it says change is certain this time.

  17. Raju says:

    Any update about pattern Change ??

  18. Sumeet Mahindra says:

    Eternal thanks Sir, for such high efforts ….!!

  19. rupendra says:

    hello sir …….m going to start preparation for exams…sir please tell me the guidance plan to cover the syllabus in remaining tym starting from january ….nd one more question sir that the preparation done for civils will suffice in ssc(common graduate),po,cds,etc…..lyk…and sir m asking for suffice not for would it help or not…i know it would definitely help…..and if it is not possible to cover the syllabus of civils(efficiently) .then i will try for ssc etc…and head towards civils 2014…and one more thing sir plz plz reply soon as the aspirant(me) is going to leave the job till end of dec…and will go home and prepare….sincerely will be highly obliged……and friend defintly u have booked a seat in heaven(on a lyt note)……

  20. SIDHARTHA says:

    any update on change
    Parliament session over
    any news

    • Zodiac says:

      It has nothing to do with voting, it’s a procedural issue can be done anytime now by the government just like the previous change(in pre)

  21. SIDHARTHA says:

    well friend it needs 2 be passed in the Parliament

    • Anurag says:

      Does CSAT was also passed in parliament??

    • viki says:

      Framing,and reframing of rules of competitive examination is an executive decision and it doesn’t need to be rectified by parliament.

  22. indian says:

    could someone tell if the cutoffs for IFS include essay?
    as far as i understood its
    2) optional 1
    3)optional 2
    4) essay
    am i correct?

  23. Arun Kumar Mukhopadhyay says:

    The revised UPSC notification dated-26.03.2013 for 2013 CSE has two notes as follows:-
    Note I: The Commission will draw a list of candidates
    to be qualified for Civil Service (Main) Examination
    based on the total qualifying marks as may be
    determined by the Commission, of the two papers put
    Note II: There will be negative marking for incorrect
    answers (as detailed below) for all questions except
    some of the questions where the negative marking will
    be inbuilt in the form of different marks being
    awarded to the most appropriate and not so
    appropriate answer for such questions.
    Your comments on this are solicited please.

  24. Gururaj Kulkarni says:

    Hello mrunal Sir,

    Cutoff Of CSE PRELIMS 2012 I Wrote the exam but couldnt make it i got 201 what was the actuall cutoff

  25. sudarsan says:

    U r work is appreciable.

  26. raghavendra says:

    cut off for ph/hh candidates in last 2 exam

  27. raghavendra says:

    cut off for ph/hh candidates in last 2 exam UPSC.

  28. abhi says:

    what was the cut off for prelims in 2012 ? mrunal sir what cutoff is expected for this year. how much should we attempt in paper 1 and 2, what will be safe bet ?

  29. piyush meena says:


  30. RAHUL says:

    CAN U TELL ME THE MINIMUM CUTT OFF CRITERIA FOR ifs GS as a quilifying for 2012?
    according to new rule we hv to obtaind minimum fix score for GENERAL STUDY …only after that our other subjct copy wll be evaluate? plzzzz tell…any idea???

    • Rahul says:

      Around 210-216 was cut-off. Will it be the same this year too? No one can say. Write the exam calmly and do not go with a cut off mindset, it will do you more bad than good : )

  31. RAHUL says:

    210-216 out of 300…minimum standerd for evaluation optional subject copy…no way…rahul m asking smthing else…

  32. RAHUL SINGH says:


  33. RAHUL SINGH says:


  34. Krishna says:

    Is there any information regarding cut off marks for CS (Prelims) 2012?

  35. amal says:

    its said cut off was 209.

  36. Nishat says:

    Gen cut off – 209, sc – 186, st 182, obc 196-198. (estimated)

  37. Ari says:

    OUT OF 400
    GENERAL 209
    OBC 190
    SC 185
    ST 181

  38. rajeev kumar says:

    I forgot how many times I have appeared in cse

  39. priyadarsani Nayak says:

    sir what is the cutoff marks of sc 2013

  40. Suman kumar says:

    Mrunal Ji

    Why there is no cut off for IFS EXAMS PH(Locomoter) category,is there restriction of ph category in certain upsc services.

  41. Sanjeev says:

    Mrunal,(On negative comments on your blog)

    I wonder how people criticize people even if they clear CSE with AIR-2. They should know that preliminary round is meant only for qualifying, it wouldn’t matter even if you score 300/400.And Mr.raman and neha, you think that Rukmani Riar could not make a good administrator because she got 70/200 in Paper-1!!! Am sure you must not even be capable of clearing even a bank clerical exam as such criticism comes only from incapable guys(Like: heard many idiots saying how sachin should play, his wrong choice of shots even though he is the greatest batsman in the world and you don’t know even how to even hold a bat).

    It’s better to ignore such comments though, and Mrunal should delete such comments by ‘neha’ and ‘raman’.

  42. Rush says:

    is upsc selecting in subject wise? eg, if most of the candidate are opting for public administration say 70%.
    the rest 30% were other subject.is there any advantage for candidate opting for other subject?

  43. bhungba says:

    i filed an rti with upsc to provide me with photocopies of my evaluated answersheets of csm 2012. but upsc has denied it citing section 8(1)d of rti act 2005. kindly advise me as to how i should proceed further.

  44. Next topper says:

    I m posting this here because it is realted to Govt. policy, In SSC CGL exam 2012 for the post of examiner Central excise & customs recruited 18 examiners out of which 17 were from General cat. and 1 from SC, is it possible because the General Cat. cannot exceed 50% of total vacancies, also in this case it is almost 90% seats for General Cat., Sir pls suggest me somthing, I tried to get info. on this through RTI but excise dept. is sending my RTI from 1 section to other or one city to another. Do u know some NGOs for OBC(in Delhi) that can help me in the process of getting justice on the reservation issue( I m an OBC cand., had there been 1 seat for OBC i would have been selected for examiner, pls someone rply soon

  45. sai krishna says:

    thank you mrunal ji for u r effort towards the aspirants.

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  47. Priya says:

    I heard from upsc board that mains result will be announced on Monday (10Th march) . Any idea it’s true ?

    • Sandeep says:

      No speculations pls.. Have heard atleast a 20 dates since february saying that results will come on that day. Ultimately making a month which was unproductive. Anyway, let’s hope they won’t delay it any more.. :)

  48. Niraj Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please let me know that is there separate cut off marks for both (G.S. & CSAT) papers of PT or jointly set by the UPSC and also tell me the minimum qualifying marks in each of the two paper.

  49. Sujithra says:

    i have applied for upsc 2014 exam , its the first time im going attending it … so can anyone guide me….pls

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