[Studyplan] CSIR CASE Combined Administrative Service Exam: Booklist, Strategy, Studymaterial Download PDFs

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To those readers with Public Administration/ Management as their optional subject in UPSC/RAS/PPSC/KAS etc. here is a good opportunity: CSIR Administrative Officer Gr-I

  1. Scheme of exam
  2. CSIR CASE Paper I
    1. Reasoning (20 Qs)
    2. Maths (20 Qs)
    3. Constitution of India (20 Qs)
    4. General Awareness
  3. Paper II: CCS+HR+Management+PubAD
    1. Topic #1: Central Civil Service (CCS)
    2. Topic #2: HRM (40qs)
    3. Topic#3: Management
    4. Topic #4: PubAd
  4. Unwanted Tips
  5. Appendix: Free CSIR/CASE Study Material (Download Links)
    1. General Awareness: NCERTs/NIOS
    2. Download Material: CCS, HRM, PubAD
  6. Previous papers and Cut offs

Scheme of exam

  1. Any graduate can apply Click me for Age limit-Syllabus
  2. Last date of application: 15 January 2013: Click ME to apply
  3. Negative marking=Yes (Minus 0.25 marks per wrong question)
  4. Descriptive paper or Essay =No.
CSIR CASE EXam Structure

Notification says, CSIR *may* fix separate minimum cut-off marks for each paper. Anyways let’s check the topicwise booklist, strategy


Reasoning (20 Qs)

  1. Do minimum 15 sums for all chapters from RS Agarwal’s book on “A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning
  2. Practice is essential because this paper will have 150 question and 150 minutes.
  3. That means 1 minute for each question.
  4. However many questions related to sitting-arrangement, blood-relations, data-interpretation etc can take almost 15 to 20 minutes if you have not practiced them at home.

Maths (20 Qs)

  1. First of all, read the art of aptitude CLICK ME
  2. Second, learn how to solve maths without mugging up formulas. For that, go to Mrunal.org/aptitude, read my earlier articles to understand the tricks and concepts related to Time-Speed-Distance-work, percentage, profit loss, boats, pipes, stream, trains, permutation, combination  and probability.
  3. Third practice maximum questions from RS Agarwal’s book on Quantitative Aptitude OR Quantam CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma(upto level 1) OR Fasttrack to Objective arithmetic (use any one book).

You may also consult NCERT Class 7 to 10 Mathematics textbooks for clearing basic concepts. They can be downloaded for free, using http://www.ncert.nic.in/

Constitution of India (20 Qs)

EnglishIndian Polity  by M.Laxmikanth
HindiBharat Ki Rajyavyavastha by M.Laxmikanth

Two reasons why you should religiously mugup M.Laxmikanth:

  1. CSIR notification explicitely mentions that 20 questions will come from Constitution of INDIA (in Paper I)
  2. The Paper II, Topic #6 again has ‘Public Administration’ and many of its topics ( Executive, parliament, judiciary, PRI etc) have to be prepared from Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth.

How to efficiently read this book, has been explained here in a separate article: CLICK ME

After you’ve done reading Laxmikanth, solve all the MCQ questions given at the end of that book.

General Awareness (40 Qs)

General ScienceNCERT Science Textbook Class 7 to 10
Scientific Research
  1. Convention science-tech: Mrunal.org/snt
  2. environment related: Mrunal.org/enb
  3. Newspaper, magazine.
  1. NCERT Social Science Class 7 to 10
  2. NCERT Geography Class 11, 12
  1. NIOS PDF files
  2. Mrunal.org/economy
General PolityLolz again mentioned. Anyways same Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth
Current EventsNewspaper. (Hindu or Indian Express).Monthly Current Affairs from Competitionmaster.com (Start from Jan 2012)

Please note:

  1. The CSIR notification doesn’t explicitly mention “History”. However just to be safe, also prepare History from NCERT Textbook because indirectly it is General Awareness.
  2. Download links for NCERT and NIOS material given @bottom of this article.
  3. Newspaper= The Hindu OR IndianExpress (use any one). Don’t waste time in Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India etc. How to use newspaper for current affairs preparation =explained in separate article click me.
  4. Newspaper = long term investment (for profile and opinion based questions in interview in all exams be it Bank or MBA.) So don’t think that newspaper reading is meant for IAS exam only.

Paper I: Part B English (50Qs)

ComprehensionPractice. Download old papers of IBPS, UGC etc.
Active, passive direct indirect etc
  • The English chapter of Any IBPS manual.
  • OR Compulsory English for Civil and Judicial Services by AP Bhardwaj
  • Synonym-antonym etc search google for lists.
  • OR don’t prepare at all (if you’re good at it).
Preposition, fill in the blanks
Synonym, antonyms
Sentence correction
Punctuation, idioms, phrases

Also follow the discussions on Pagalguy forum’s verbal section: http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/verbal-ability/

Paper II: CCS+Mgmt+HR + PubAD+CCS

This paper has 150 marks, 150 Qs, 150 minutes.


topicNo. of QsSource
Central Civil Service (CCS) Rules, Manuals etc.60
  • PDF compilation given @bottom.
Human Resource  Management (HR) related40
  • IGNOU BA, MA PDF files. Download given @bottom
 Management (MBA) related25
  • IGNOU MBA coursebook, but download not given @bottom.
Public Administration25
  • Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth
  • Selective Study of IGNOU BA (Public Administraion): Download links given at bottom.

Now let’s check the topicwise approach

Topic #1: Central Civil Service (CCS)

This topic is related with actual / real-life working of an officer in Central Civil Services.I’ve compiled the topicwise PDF files (links @bottom).

Fundamental Rules (FRs) and Supplementary Rules (SRs)

  • These topics are related with “personnel matters”  e.g. leave, promotion, disciplinary action etc matter applicable to officers in Central Service.
  • You’ve to do selective reading of only those topics/information that can be asked from Multi-Choice Question format. For example: The leave travel concession (LTC) is admissible to the Central Govt. employees while on study leave.
  • But No need to mugup minute details, dates, names, numbers.

General Financial Rules

  • Given in CCS ZIP file @bottom.
  • This deals with budget and Expenditure related matters in ministries and departments.
  • From that PDF file, prepare Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8.
  • Again no need to go in minute details. Most of the content given in that PDF file is not ‘exam-worhty’.
  • Just prepare stuff that can be asked in MCQ format. for example what items go in Capital account, what items go in Revenue account and so on.
  • Also prepare Budget formulation topic from IGNOU Public Administration material (given @bottom).

Manual of Office Procedure (15 Qs)

  • Given in CCS ZIP file @bottom.
  • This topic deals with how to actually work in a Government office=how to draft letters, what to do with “daks”, record-keeping, filing, inspection etc.
  • Same principle: Just get brief overview of Exam-worthy information. No need to do Ph.D For example
  1. e-Office MMP is aimed at introducing the concept of e-file in the government offices leading to ‘less paper offices’
  2. Initial drafting will be done in black or blue ink. Modifications in the draft at the subsequent levels may be made in green or red ink by the officers so as to distinguish the corrections  made.
  1. Volume II of the 13th Edition of the CSMOP is the ‘Guidelines of Government of India Websites’, which was brought out by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances in January, 2009.

Donot take this lightly, because CSIR notification explicitly mentions that 15 questions will come from this topic. This concludes how to approach CCS.

Topic #2: HRM (40qs)

This topic is to be prepared from selective study of IGNOU BA and MA Public Administration booklet codes EPA-01, MPA 013, 014 etc. I’ve compiled the IGNOU PDF files those selective topics. Download link given @bottom (HRM_CSIR.zip file). Only 2 topics missing

  1. Collaboration, Team Working & Networking;
  2. Facilities & Infrastructure Management
 (Seems ^They would be in MBA booklets but not explicitly available on egyankosh.ac.in)

How to approach HRM for CISR?

  • HRM topic might feel daunting and boring. Because they talk about lot of abstract stuff.
  • BUT the concepts and principles related to motivation, communication, leadership, recruitment and promotion = very easy to frame MCQs from them.
  • So prepare them thoroughly from the given PDF files. (without getting bogged down by the abstract and philosophical stuff).
  • When you search HRM on egyankosh.ac.in, it throws up truckload of results. They’ve special courses of PG diploma in HRM etc. But those booklets go in way too much detail.
  • On the other hand MA Public Administration (MPA-014) has covered HRM in very condensed form, therefore I’ve compiled the PDFs mostly from MPA-014 (and not the PGDHRM course).
  • But if you’ve time (and mood) you may download PGDHRM booklets manually from egyankosh.ac.in

Management/ IT related (25 Qs)

The best way to approach = via selective reading of IGNOU’s MBA booklets. Goto this link: School of Management Studies (http://www.egyankosh.ac.in/handle/123456789/9

Search and download the respective PDF files according to the syllabus.

Management/ IT topiclist from official CSIR notification:

ERP Application & Operations’ Management,Business Process Reengineering, Functional architecture of ERP, What are the ERP packages being used now? Compiling functional requirements, UML Diagrams, ERP Solution architecture, Enterprise application implementation projects: Rationale for ERP, Process Flow Diagrams, Decision making, Analytics, Record keeping, Integrating Business Rules, Electronic Workflows, Management reporting, Business intelligence, Performance Metrics, GUI, Web services, Collaboration  &  networking,  Integration  interoperability configuration management, Cloud Computing, Software Reuse, management of risks, software Security, Recovery and failsafe management, Knowledge management, User Engagement, Change Management, Life cycle approaches, Software Audit, Reliability, manageability, availability, TQM, Business application areas of an organization including accounting and finance, HR, logistics & supply chain, client & stakeholder relationship management

^Some of these topics may not to explicitly mentioned in IGNOU coursebooklet titles so even if you search, you won’t find it. (because egyankosh seach engine is not optimized to scan PDF content.) So better consult some friends from MBA and Computer (BCA/MCA) course then search and/or borrow their books for selective study.

Public Administration including R.T.I Act (25 Qs)

Essential booklist

  1. Selective topics from IGNOU (free download link given @bottom.)
  2. + Indian Polity by M.Laxmikanth

How to approach?

There is lot of overlapping and synergy between Constitution of India topic from paper I (20 Qs) and Public Administration topic from Paper II (25Qs). Besides, nature of this topic= very easy to grasp the concepts and tick answers accurately (if you revise often).

TopicPreparation source
Executive, Parliament, Judiciary – structure, functions, work processesRelevant topics from Laxmikanth’s Polity book.
Cabinet Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Central SecretariatIGNOU zip file given @bottom
Ministries and Departments, Machinery of Planning
Planning Commission and the National Development CouncilChapter 44, 45 Laxmikanth’s Polity Book.IGNOU zip file given @bottom
Union-State Administrative, legislative and financial relationsChapter 13 Laxmikanth’s Polity Book.
Role of the Finance Commission,Chapter 37 Laxmikanth’s Polity Book.
Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers,Chapter 24, 25 and 26 Laxmikanth’s Polity Book.
Chief Secretary, State Secretariat, DirectoratesIGNOU zip file given @bottom
Parliament control of public expenditure,Chapter 22 Laxmikanth’s Polity book
Role of Finance MinistryIGNOU zip file given @bottom
Panchayati Raj, Urban Local Government,Chapter 30 and 31 Laxmikanth’s Polity book
Values in Public Service,Lolz. Ethics, participation etc. either use egyankosh or just skip the damn topic.
Ministries and Departments,Laxmikanth’s PubAd Book
Corporations, Companies, BoardsIGNOU @bottom + this articlehttp://mrunal.org/2012/04/economy-different-types-of-companies.html
Executive, Legislature and Judicial control over administrationScattered around in IGNOU + Laxmikanth.
Citizen’s Charters, Right to Information, Social Audit,
  1. R.T.I from IGNOU zipfile.
  2. And for Citizen’s charters, Social audit, wait for a few days, I’ll write article.
Delegated legislation
  1. Wait for a few days, I’ll write an article on that.
Administrative Tribunals
  1. Chapter 54 Laxmikanth’s Polity Book
  2. IGNOU zip file given @bottom

Side Note

Those CSIR aspirants, who’re simultaneously preparing for UPSC /State PSC (RAS, Punjab etc) with Public Administration optional subject:

Some unwanted advice, warnings etc.

  • When we talk of IAS, CAT, IBPS= these exams are held at regular interval, hence there is lot of information, experience-sharing and material from reputed book publisher (Tata Macgrawhill, Pearson, Arihant, S.Chand etc).
  • But Exams like RBI, APFC, CSIR = Diwali time for some moneyminded people. They just assemble topics from here and there, come out with some “Readymade guidebook/Material” for Rs.2000, 5000 or 6000/– (depending on how rare the exam is and how desperate the public is.) don’t waste your precious money on such things. Always prefer authentic sources and standard reference books. If you believe there is some single magical guidebook to crack CSIR exam then you’re living in a fairyworld.
  • Better prepare your own notes from CCS. (we are talking about 60 marks here: That means 40% of Paper II is made up of CCS topic.)
  • for NCERT and M.Laxmikanth: no need to maintain notes as such, just revise them often.
  • You may use Mrunal’s Autonotemaker to quickly prepare notes out of PDF Files (provided that you’ve Microsoft XP Operating System).
  • HR, MBA topics don’t stay in long term memory= frequent revision necessary.
  • Current affairs preparation beyond a level= diminishing rate of returns.
  • And most importantly, don’t push your luck by ticking doubtful questions, just to cross some imaginary cutoffs, else you’ll lose in negative marking.

Appendix: Free CSIR/CASE Study Material (Download Links)

General Awareness: NCERTs/NIOS
All of them available under Mrunal.org/download
Download Links: CCS, HRM, PubAD (english Medium)

Name of the TopicServer (use any one)Zip FileSize
Server#1: Google DriveServer #2: Dropbox
  1. CCS
  1. Human Resource
  1. Public Administration

Technical details

How to use Google Drive

  1. These are zip files and they contain PDF files inside them
  2. If you’re having trouble downloading zip files, then use a free software called 7-zip (click me)
  3. If you cannot open PDF files, use a free software called FOXIT PDF reader (click me)
  4. If Dropbox download links don’t work, that means your office/hostel’s firewall is blocking it. Use www.hidemyass.com and copypaste download links in it.

Previous papers and Cut offs

(although I’m filing R.T.I to get previous papers and cutoffs but) there are three reasons why they won’t be of much help:

  1. In 2009’s recruitment round, they did not have negative marking system.
  2. In 2009’s recruitment round, they did not have HR and MBA topics, only Public Administration and in that too, the Public Administration syllabus was very broad -almost identical to the erstwhile Civil Service (preliminary) Public Administration paper.
  3. In 2009, They had descriptive paper on letter writing and comprehension.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

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  12. Though paper was easy but there was low turn out at the center. what could be the cut off?? for paper I and II?

  13. Though the paper was easy but very low turn out. what could be the cut-offs??in paper I and II??

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  18. Paper I is not so hard, but paper II is also easy. some friends have mentioned, that Indian Polity is easy but those in Govt. service for them FR/SR, GFR, CCS Rules, Office Mannual will be advantage which carry 60 marks arount 40% out of total. I think cutoff marks will be 160-170 out of 300 marks.

  19. as regards only 100 vacancies and simple queations cutoff will be more likely to hover around 190. since we don’t have questions with us therefore it is difficult to make an exact analysis of rights or wrongs.However some questions might have trapped candidates like suspension of art.19,regarding ban of practice of high court judge after retirement,coolest place out of london, delhi, jakarta,caneberra in month of july,one from lunar eclips,appointment of judge of high court,one from ground water in coastal area and likes.

  20. 1. Parliament consist of-president lok sabha and rajya sabha
    2. Attorney general is first law officer
    3. Annual financial statement U/A112
    4. CAG appointed by
    5. HC retired judge can practice in
    6. HC chief judge appointed in consultation of collegiums
    7. Pardoning power of president in Article
    8. Consolidated fund of India
    9. In national emergency who is head…………….
    10. Right to property is a legal right
    11. Article 19 only suspended in case of National emergency
    12. Vote on account is passed by
    13. Demands may be reduced by secretary
    14. Deputy sec/director heads division
    15. Deputation defination
    16. Foreign service defination
    17. TA on Tour
    18. EL
    19. CL how many
    20. CCL how many
    21. CCS conduct rules 1961
    22. 1 April DOB retire on 30 march
    23. OM
    24. Office order
    25. Receipt
    26. Dowry
    27. Territorial army
    28. Unbecoming of civil servant
    29. Honorium permission taken from
    30. Charitable social thing are allowed
    31. Suspension minor penality
    32. AILTC once in 4 year
    33. EL Encashment 300 days
    34. EL encashment in LTC 10 days
    35. LTC taken in all holidays
    36. Livestock is not covered in goods
    37. CSIR is a society autunomuus body
    38. Total pay band 4
    39. Minimum grade pay 1800
    40. Pay consist of Pay in pay band+GP+NPA
    41. ALL Contract on the name of president
    42. Open tender on value 10lac
    43. Job analysis
    44. Job design
    45. Job description
    46. Span of control
    47. Planning
    48. Administrator do decision making
    49. Organising
    50. Staffing
    51. eSpirit the corps
    52. across and downword communication
    53. theory X
    55. NUMBER of needs by Maslow 5
    56. Hygeine factors
    57. Michigian studies on leadership Behaviourist theorist
    58. FC do distribution of taxes between centre and state
    59. PC do acessment of resources
    60. GRANT IN AIDS to states by
    61. Income tax is centre subject
    62. Social audit-3 Questions
    63. RTI-5 questions
    64. Citizen charter 1 question
    65. Odd man out Bronze
    66. Why slip on ice
    67. Why a steel boat not sink in water
    68. Typhoid-Bacteria
    69. Rift valley-narmada
    70. Irom sharmilla
    71. Manipur capital-Imphal
    72. Olympics medal of india
    73. IPL5 winner………………………..
    74. Problem with one eye- 3 dimension not see
    75. Lunar Eclipse
    76. Tirthgarh at…………………
    77. Malai at…………….
    78. Present Election commission……………………
    79. Ccc-Convention on climate change
    80. Socialist and secular word is added in 42 nd amendment
    81. Constitutuion starts from-we people of india
    82. Control
    83. Gram sabha and Gram Panchayat
    84. Selection method of recruitment
    85. Vande matram originally composed in Sanskrit language
    86. Official language act in which art………..
    87. Special constitution for J&k 370
    88. Price variation clause is used where delivery time is more than 18 months.
    89. License fee is related to Govt accommodation
    90. DA given on 1 jan and 1 july every year.
    91. Allocation of business rule-1961
    92. Why feeling colder at height

  21. based on memory friends pls add what ever u able to memorize

  22. Parliament consist of-president lok sabha and rajya sabha
    2. Attorney general is first law officer
    3. Annual financial statement U/A112
    4. CAG appointed by
    5. HC retired judge can practice in
    6. HC chief judge appointed in consultation of collegiums
    7. Pardoning power of president in Article
    8. Consolidated fund of India
    9. In national emergency who is head…………….
    10. Right to property is a legal right
    11. Article 19 only suspended in case of National emergency
    12. Vote on account is passed by
    13. Demands may be reduced by secretary
    14. Deputy sec/director heads division
    15. Deputation defination

  23. Foreign service defination
    17. TA on Tour
    18. EL
    19. CL how many
    20. CCL how many
    21. CCS conduct rules 1961
    22. 1 April DOB retire on 30 march
    23. OM
    24. Office order
    25. Receipt
    26. Dowry
    27. Territorial army
    28. Unbecoming of civil servant
    29. Honorium permission taken from
    30. Charitable social thing are allowed

  24. The paper was quite eazy. Thanks to you Mrunal Sir. My center was in kolkata and about70-80 were present out of 600 Approx. It was a fantastic start of my Govt. xam career. :-)

    1. thank u Mrunal Sir for ur ready-made material & suggestion. what will be the cut-off !?
      Can anybody say that how many candidates have participated in EAST ZONE, as in my center (Dhakuria) there are about 57 out of 500 and how many center are allocated for conducting this exam in EAST ZONE !!!!!

      1. Prithvijit ji aap exam center kisi bhi jaga se do apka preference Zone kay hai . :)
        waise Mera center mai bhi yahi haal tha 28 capacity mai khewal 4 students 12 rooms mai yahi haal tha

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  26. In 2009, for Gen, OBC, and SC cutoff was 160 and for ST 150 and there was no negative marking. This time because of the negative marking cutoff must be less than 160 for Gen, OBC, and ST.

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    1. Total Apples: 50

      Out of 50: Golden are 14

      Therefore Red apples = 50-14 = 36

      Total Rotten apples : 9

      Golden apples rotten: 3

      Therefore Red rotten apples: 9-3 = 6

      Therefore Total Good Red Apples= 36-6 = 30

  29. Kindly answer the maths questions:-
    There are 50 apples in a bag out of which 14 are golden and remaining are red. 3 golden apples are rotten, in all there are 9 rotten apples; find how many good red apples are there in the bag? What’s the answer and how?

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  34. Then low turn outs means good guys!! all of us over here would be selected!! and also there are just 100 vacancies only. So congrats to all.

  35. tell me in notification there are 152 vacancies so any one has confirmation

  36. What was the ans for the ques- 50 % tiles fall in 2 years, so in what time 75% tiles will fall off? My ans was 3 but that was not in the options.

    1. ist 2 years from 100 to 50
      next 2 years from 50 to 25,means left =25
      and when, remained=25
      therefore ans is 4 years

  37. here some more questions:
    1 new name for burma
    2 research station in antartica,maitri
    3 regur(black soil)
    4 global warming carbon dioxide
    5 total constitutonal ammendments
    6 sc&st reservation
    7 head of govt&head of state
    8 hc judge after retirement
    9 hc judge appointement
    10 y ballon consists of hot air rises up
    11 president rule article
    12 direct tax-income tax
    13 no national religion for india
    14 hra for x city-30%
    15 ltc for block of 4 years
    16 total ccl in entire service 730
    17 suspension executive action
    18 ltc will appicable after completion of 1 year service
    19 retirement age-60
    20 yearly increment-3%
    21 basic pay=pay+grade pay

  38. answer is 5
    its 2 +3
    we have to add both the things as it was asked as after 75%
    so 50% given as 2
    calculate for remaining
    add up

  39. SSC admit card for delhi region available on SSC website!!

  40. 1.Touched and turned Gold – Midas
    2.Advanced Tender Inquiry – for >25 Lakhs
    3.Review Committee – for > 10crore
    4.Social Audit
    5. Maslow’s 5 Need in motivation theory
    6.4 pay bands
    7.lowest pay band – 1800
    8.Internal trade doesn’t take place – Chenab
    9. Bengal’s Sorrow – Damodar
    10.Ice slippery to walk – Ice melts under pressure
    11. Line connecting equal temperature places – Isotherm
    12.Human doesn’t want to work – McGregors Theory X
    13.GUI – Graphic User Interface
    14.Dowry – Both property and valuable Security
    15.Right to property – Legal Right
    16.Constitution is amended – 90-100 times till now

    Centre was in Kolkata.around 10-15% student appeared. Best of luck to all :)

    1. good wor! try to paste more questions

  41. there are 100 vacancies so the interview call may of 1:5 (generally thats the ratio followed sometime 1:4) . that is for each post 5 candidates will be called . so 500-550 candidates may be called for next level . Competition is tough .

  42. Thanks Mrunal sir,
    I have just followed all suggestion given by you and notes
    exam was superb
    god bless you

  43. friends anyone applied for prasar bharati engineering assistant exam ! please share the details of exam pattern !

  44. does low turn out in any way mean better chance (lower cut off) ?
    just wondering

  45. I noticed that in paper 2 instructions, it was given : “All questions are compulsory”..
    So attempted all questions.. So lots of negatives for sure.. :(
    Dint read thru paper 1 instructions so don’t know abt that one..
    What abt the rest of u ppl??????

    1. Cutoff might very well go beyond 200 for UR.. I’m definitely out..

      1. “All the question is compulsory” – this statement is mentioned bearing in mind that the paper is out of 150 marks and no of questions is 150 as well. So there is no “buffer”. It’s NOT supposed to mean that “you should attempt all the question”, when there is a negative marking for a wrong choice made, which would be a preposterous statement in dis case.

    2. is this true !!!
      i didn attempt all questions :(

    3. compulsory means no option given like any 5 of 6 question . if you do 130 out of 150 you will be marked on 130 and for sure you will miss 20 which not attempted .

      1. I Agree also..

  46. when the answer key or any further detail gonna be published in the CSIR website?
    Anyone has got any idea regarding that?

  47. wht u people guess …will 180+ be safe .

  48. 180 seems safe. but every body is expecting the same becoz in 2nd paper people think what they tick is right but it is not like that.

  49. enjoy the suspense and let the adrenalin pump in full …. wait for the result and have faith in your self . Result will answer all queries .

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