[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Approach to Economy, Finance, Industry, Commerce, Corporate Affairs (Part 2 of 6)

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  1. Background
  2. Indexes/Surveys
  3. Economy: essential facts for MCQs/2m
  4. Economy: Organizations (National)
  5. Economy: Organizations (International)
  6. Economy: India and World
  7. Economy: Policy / reforms
  8. Economy: Schemes
  9. Economy: Laws
  10. Economy: Topics/Overview
  11. Banking and Insurance
  12. Insurance Schemes
  13. Disinvestment
  14. Economy: Funds


  1. How to approach Economy for general studies (prelims, mains) has been explained in separate article. (Click me)
  2. For specific articles various topics of [Economy] you can visit http://www.mrunal.org/economy
  3. Following list contains the essential topics to be studied from India 2013 (aka India yearbook(IYB)
  4. While you’re reading these topics from IYB, also simultaneously consult relevent chapters from “Indian Economy” by Ramesh Singh (TMH), to get a firm grip over the topics.
  5. The Economic Survey (will be uploaded on Finance ministry’s website before budget), will contain latest data/numbers regarding FDI, GDP etc. so don’t bother much with the numbers given in India Yearbook.


6102Energy statistics
6109Economic Census
6112Infrastructural statistics
19525Annual Survey of Industries
19527 to 31IIP: features, components +factors affecting (on pg 530)

Economy: essential facts for MCQs/2m

699Category of workers
7127India’s major import and export commodities (last two paragraphs)
7129Table 2 & 3: top five countries of export and import
13334Components of India’s foreign exchange reserve (last two lines)
13335Reasons for declining rupee (second paragraph under exchange-rate topic)
13335Reasons for increasing external debt (last two lines)
13336Steps taken by government to manage external debt (paragraph below the table)
13341Examples of alternate investment funds
13342Two routes for foreign investment in mutual funds (second last paragraph)
13342Steps taken to encourage retail investor participation
13354India’s quota and ranking in IMF
26942Ennor Port is 12 major and first corporate major port of India
26950GAGAN (1st para) actually S&T

Economy: Organizations (National)

698Indian statistical system
698Central statistical office
699National Sample survey Organisation
7151State trading Corporation of India
11258Power ministry structure function (3rd, 4th para)
11260Central Electricty Authority
11272National grid
11279Bureau of energy efficiency
11280Petroleum Ministry Function
11280ONGC videsh
11284coal ministry structure function (last para)
11271Rural Electrification Corporation
11273power finance corp.Ltd.
13327Departments under Ministry of Finance: MCQ
13327Department of economic affairs: structure functions
13338Foreign investment promotion board
13350Financial stability and development Council
13351Financial sector legislative reforms commission
13340Department of economic affairs structure and functions (second last paragraph)
13387Controller General of Account
13391Chief Advisor of Cost
13396Revenue Department : functions (3rd para)
14404functions of Corporate Affairs ministry (1st para)
14407Serious Fraud investigation Offoce (SFIO)
14409Indian Corporate law service (ICLS)
14412Competition Commission of India (CCI)+ CAT tribunal (pg 413)
15414functions of Department of food and public distribution
15435consumer cooperatives
15436forward market commission
15440bureau of Indian standards ( upto pages 446)
15451National test house
19586Central Silk Board
19587Silk Mark org (SMOI)
19594Coir Board
19596CPSE importance (2nd para).
19609National pharmaceutical pricing authority (NPPA)
19611functions of Ministry of Mines
19618Geological Survey of India
19619Indian Bureau of Mines
19619-21PSUs: NALCO, HCL, MECL: overview (+profile based info. Like if there is any factory near your locality)
21665wage boards + for working journalists
21671National Social Security board
21673Labour bureau functions
21676-677VV Giri Institute, Worker’s education : just brief overview
21678National safety Council
21687NIMI functions
26930national highways overview (two tables only to check ranking arrangement)
26930national highways: role of central min and 3 agencies
26937shipping Corporation of India
26943civil aviation ministry last two paragraphs
26945Bureau of civil aviation security
26948Airport Authority of India
26953Air India Ltd and its subsidiaries
26956Pawan Hans helicopter

Economy: Organizations (International)

13351Financial action task force
13352Financial stability board
13352Financial stability assessment program
13353International monetary fund
13355World Bank lending to India
13357International fund for agricultural development
13357Asian development bank

Economy: India and World

7136India’s engagement in free trade agreements.+ Tables given on page 136 to 141
7141WTO, Doha Round, 8th ministerial conference
7143Settlement of disputes
7144India’s initiative for developing countries
7147Trade with Africa
7148Focus Africa program (2 marker)
7149India-EU bilateral trade negotiations. (dig newspaper for updates)
7140Acronyms table : regional groupings and its members. (MCQ and 2m)
13359India Japan bilateral relations
13359India UK bilateral
13360India Norway
13361India Switzerland
13361India EU
13362India Germany
13363India France
13364India USA, USAID
13365India G20
13368India UNDP
13370SAARC Currency swap
13355Financial transaction plan

Economy: Policy / reforms

7135Strategy for doubling exports
11264Private sector participation in power sector
11265Revised Mega power policy
11265Automatic FDI in power sector
11280NELP policy (followup on internet)
11283pricing of petro.products
11286National Action plan of climate change (last line. Followup from net)
13330Fiscal policy for 2012 – 13 (330). Combined with new initiatives in fiscal management 332. Combine with Kelkar report and other developments from newspapers
13338FDI policy (new will come in April 2013)
13340Policy initiatives in capital market
13343Initiatives In corporate debt market
13345Reforms in secondary market
13346Reforms in external market. (ECB, FIL, QFIS)
15424-25export policy of rice, sugar, wheat
15426-28sugar pricing policy (already discussed click me)
19541National Design Policy
19524industrial policy (and for MCQ, mugup list of sectors where licence needed) + more fodder on pg 761 onwards in planning
19534National mfg. policy
19536-38FDI (although  new data in Economic Survey)
1959212th FYP approach for Handloom
19603NBS policy (dig more on net)
19608Petrochem policy
19611National mineral policy + more fodder on pg 765 planning  + dig net for MMDR act issues
26931public-private partnership in highways
26952greenfield airport policy

Economy: Schemes

611520 point programme
6118Table 6.13 list of 20 point programmes. (very important. follow up should be done from other chapters of the book, and/ or official websites of respective ministries)
6121MPLADS: salient features. (pro con should be prepared from newspaper columns)
7135Export promotion measures
7145Special economic zones
11260Ultra Mega Power project – UMPP (names 2nd para)
11268Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidhyutikaran Yojana
11282Bharat Stage 3 and 4 fuel (last 2 para)
11287Jawahar Nehru National Solar Mission
11287Offgrid and Distributed renewable energy system
11289Solar City names (2nd para)
11278North East Power Corp.
13336Initiatives in infrastructure and investment field
13345Rajeev Gandhi Equity savings scheme
14409MCA-21 project
14410NEFT benefits
14410XBRL filing benefits
14410DIN : why needed
15415open market sales scheme (FCI)
15428Ethanol blending program. Already discussed click me
15442Hall marking of gold, silver jewelry
19539Reforms: streamline biz. Environment
19540IPR salient achievements in recent past
19543Package for special category state (Bihar, W.Bengal demanding similar things so dig more from net)
19542Tansport Subsidy scheme
19571Integrated Textile Parks (SITP)
19571Technical Textile Definiation (1st para)
19574Mega Clusture +Table on megaclustures on pg 575 for MCQ
19579Technology mission on Cotton, India 2nd largest producer after China
19580MSP : only overview
19588handloom, powerloom overview (previous article available on Mrunal.org/yearbook
19589location of 4 mega clustures (2nd last para)
19592ISDS skill Development
19595PM’s employment generation program
19596MoU meaning, function  (2nd last para)
19596-97Maha/Mini/Nava Ratna scheme
19535DMIC project (also fodder point for India-Japan bilateral)
19542NEIIPP for North East
21685deposit linked insurance
21685International workers: special provisions in India
21691National employment service
21686women’s vocational ITI
21688ITI reforms (mostly fodder)
21690skill development initiatives
26929freight traffic improvement
26929commission on Railway safety

Economy: Laws

11261Electricity Act
13399SAFEM Act
13398NDPS Act (very little info. Need to followup from net)
13398COFEPOSA Act (very little info. Need to followup from net)
13399Indian Stamps Act
13400Prevention of Money Laundering
14404Company bill (not enough content. Do followup from net)
14404limited liability partnership
15415food security bill
15434essential commodities act
15436forward contract regulation act: proposed amendments
15438consumer protection act + CONFONET on pg 439
15450weights and measures act
19540Trademark Amendment bill 2010
21664all the labour laws given on page 664 and 665
21672Unorganized worker’s social security act : salient features
21677factories act and workers safety
21678mines act and safety
21679industrial disputes act
21680trade union (+ dig net for more, on issues like Maruti strike)
21680Plantation Labour
21682employees compensation
21682maternity benefit
21683Provident fund (dig net for more)
21684EPF (dig net for more)
21684EPS (dig net for more)
21685payment of gratuity
21686apprentices act


Economy: Topics/Overview

13396direct tax
13397finance Act (just overview because new will be made after Budget 2013)
13398Indirect Tax: custom, excise, service (updated data will be in Economic Survey)
13401Anti Smuggling Act
13327Annual budget (just theoratical part) 327 to 330
13333Public debt and other liabilities. Understand the classification of internal, external and other debts for MCQ
13338Public-private partnership
13350India’s sovereign debt rating (mostly fodder for interview)
15432price management of food and civil supplies
15446consumer awareness
15452food-processing overview (mostly fodder)
19543 to 62Overview of various industries (fodder)
19580Wool- issues (only natural fiber in which India is deficient)
19581Jute: importance, advantages of (para 1 and 2)
19582Silk importance, area under cultivation (1st para). + schemes on pg 584, 85
19593MSME benefits and importance (Last para)
19598CSR Definiation
19598steel industry overview
19600-01fertilizer issues
19603Cehmical industry overview
19606facts related to DDT from Hindustan Insecticides
19607Petro chem overview
19612-618Mineral Resources of India (do keep a map while reading this)
26928Railway Finance
26934Shipping overview and importance (+coastal shipping overview given on pg 936)
26935Maritime development and maritime agenda
26938ship repair and building
26940inland water transport,
26940cruise shipping
26951protection of air travellers, other outstanding issues + last para on 950
23782-86transport overview of railways, roads, ports, Inland water and aviation in planning chapter
23728-34planning + overview of 1 to 10 five year plans. For mains / interview fodder, consult the original 12FYP PDFs released by planning Commission (three volumes) click me to download.

Banking and Insurance

8159post office savings bank
8160international money transfer service (benefit)
8160instant money order (feature, limits)
8160E-money order
8161electronic clearing service ECS
13373RBI  role function (1st para) + Composition of Banking system
13373Banking Ombudsman
13378NHB (Reverse mortgage meaning)
13378Exim Bank
13379Insurance Cos: classification,examples

Insurance Schemes

8161postal life-insurance
8161-62rural postal life-insurance
13380Janshree Bima Yojana
13380Siksha Sahyog
13380Aam Admi Bima Yojana
19590insurance in Handloom
19590Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya insurance
21681Rashtriya Swasthya Bima
18523Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana
16469health insurance scheme


13383Disinvestment: introduction, Policy framwork
13384NIF: features
13384use of disinvestment proceeds

Economy: Funds

This is mostly for MCQ/2m.

11279National electricity fund
13396disaster relief fund
15428sugar development fund
15440consumer welfare fund
14405Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)
16470Rahstriya Arogya Nidhi
18523Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF)
20632advocate welfare fund
26932Road fund
28986National schedule caste finance and development Corporation
28986National Safai Karmcharis finance and development Corporation
28989National Backward class finance and development Corporation
28992National Handicapped finance and development Corporation
281002National scheduled tribes finance and development Corporation
281012National minorities finance and development Corporation
291052National sports Development fund (+welfare fund for Sports person given on 1055)

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