[Studyplan] India 2013 Yearbook: Approach to IR, Diplomacy, Diaspora, Communication, IT and Mass Comm (part 3 of 6)

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IAS Mock Interviews
  1. International relations (IR)/ Diplomacy / Diaspora
    1. India’s foreign relations
    2. India’s economic relations
    3. Diplomacy: Topics , Issues
    4. Diplomacy: MCQ/2m
    5. Organizations
    6. Policies
    7. Schemes
  2. Comm n IT: organizations
    1. Comm n IT: policies
    2. Comm n IT: Schemes
    3. Comm n IT: Topics/issues
    4. Comm n IT: laws
    5. Comm n IT: MCQ/2m

International relations (IR)/ Diplomacy / Diaspora


  1. How to approach diplomacy for GS (mains) paper II, explained in separate article with free IGNOU study material download. (Click me)
  2. Articles on various topics of [Diplomacy] can be found at www.Mrunal.org/diplomacy
  3. Following list contains the essential topics to be studied from India 2013 (aka India yearbook)

India’s foreign relations

9197-201global and regional security: overview – diplomacy
18493overview of India’s foreign policy
18496-501India’s relations with its neighbors
18501-02south-east Asia and Pacific
18502East Asia
18505Gulf, West Asia and North Africa
18510United Nations
18512nuclear disarmamen
26944-45aviation MoUs  with USA, Pakistan, EU etc.

India’s economic relations

7136India’s engagement in free trade agreements.+ Tables given on page 136 to 141
7141WTO, Doha Round, 8th ministerial conference
7143Settlement of disputes
7144India’s initiative for developing countries
7147Trade with Africa
7148Focus Africa program (2 marker)
7149India-EU bilateral trade negotiations. (dig newspaper for updates)
7140Acronyms table : regional groupings and its members. (MCQ and 2m)
13359India Japan bilateral relations
13359India UK bilateral
13360India Norway
13361India Switzerland
13361India EU
13362India Germany
13363India France
13364India USA, USAID
13365India G20
13368India UNDP
13370SAARC Currency swap
13355Financial transaction plan

Diplomacy: Topics , Issues

16470health, family welfare: international cooperation
18517Public diplomacy
18518Indian diospora
18520Pravasi Bharatiya Divas-PBD (already discussed click me)
18512bilateral Social Security agreements
25841Sci-Tech international cooperation
25874sci-tech: international research collaboration
25877sci-tech: international thermonuke experimental reactor
25878-79sci-tech: IPR, international relation in IAEA etc. (dig net for more)
25884space: international cooperation (dign net for more)
25900-01sci-tech: interntional cooperation with US,UL etc.
27966-70Water: international coop. with Bhutan, Bangla, Nepal, China, MoU on rivers etc
281029woman and child development: international cooperation

Diplomacy: MCQ/2m

9218Aero India
9205Air Force overview
9206table containing ranks in army navy and air force
9206-10recruitment: army, navy, airforce
9210training in defense services
9204presiden’s fleet review
18517Foreign Service Institute: provides training for IFS


544national authority Chemical weapons convention
9201Defense Ministry overview
9202army overview
9203Navy overview
9204Coast Guard overview
9213defence undertakings
9222DRDO functions + table on DRDO’s contribution (pg 224)
9219Kendriya Sainik Board
10257GATS, WIPO (dig net for more)
15430world food programme
15431SAARC food bank
15431G20 matters
15432International grains Council
18522indian council for overseas employment ICOE functions
18523PM’s global advisory council


9215private sector participation in defence production
9215defense production policy

Things like Look East policy, Look west policy etc need to prepared using net.


Mostly for diaspora related

18516consulates, passport, visa service
18519overseas citizenship
18512Know India program
21685labour: International workers: special provisions in India

Ok this concludes, Diplomacy. Now moving to Communication, IT and Mass Communication.

Comm n IT: organizations

8154dept of post: structure, function
8167Department of telecommunication: functions
8168Telecom regulatory authority of India (TRAI): functions, initiatives (dig net for more)
8179National knowledge network (NKN)
8184National Informatics Centre (NIC) + more fodder on pg765 onwards (planning)
8186controller of certifying authorities
8186cyber separate tribunals
8186-190Indian computer emergency response team
8190C-DAC: functions, initiatives
22692functions of Ministry of information and broadcasting
22693Prasar Bharti
22693all India radio
22694-95FM rainbow, gold
22701registrar of newspaper
22702Press information bureau
22703Press trust of India
22705UNI, NAM
22706press Council of India
22714Central board of film certification
22717children’s film Society

Comm n IT: policies

8169draft National Telecom policy
8172draft national policy on electronics
8172draft national policy on information technology
8172National e-governance plan NeGP
8181R&D initiatives ( nanotechnology, microelectronics, free and open source software) this is mostly for mains

Comm n IT: Schemes

8156Project arrow
8156-59List of Business Development activities. (name-benefit)
8159Philately overview. (dig net for latest issued stamps for example Gadar stamp during PBD-2013)
8173statewide area networks SWANs
8173common service centres CSCS
8174State data centres SDC
8175e- district
8177India development gateway
8180technology development for Indian languages
8183IT development in north-east region

Comm n IT: Topics/issues

8154contribution of Britishers in Indian post (MCQ)
8154-55Postal Network for MNREGA+ CPI collection
8165Telecommunication service: history and overview
8171 – 72BPO industry overview (Fodder for essay  interview)
8175mobile governance
8178electronics hardware manufacturing overview (fodder)
8180cyber security: overview

Comm n IT: laws

8176electronic delivery of services bill
8180information technology act 2008 (dig more on net)

Comm n IT: MCQ/2m

8154LMS, MMS
8154National Address Database  Management system (benefits)
8156flagship products by CEPT for Postal dept
81683G,  mobile value-added services: benefits
8169National optical fibre network (NOFN):  benefits
8170Long distance service ( national |  and international)
8171NTP-99:  benefits
8174SSDG  benefits
8190SAMEER : functions
8192software technology Parks of India
8194C-MET: functions
8195Media lab Asia
8196National Internet exchange of India (NIXI)
8160Postal department sells UTI  mutual funds
8161postal department also sells New pension scheme (NPS)
8163Rafi Ahmed Kidwai  National Postal Academy, Ghaziabad  provides training for  Indian postal service (IPoS)
22723-24Indian Institute of Mass communication:functions+ it provides training to IIS officers.

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