[RTI] CIC orders UPSC to disclose prelims answerkeys BEFORE the examination process is over

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Those of you, who’ve been preparing for last one or two years know the R.T.I stonewallingTM move of UPSC = whenever you ask UPSC to give official answerkey for IAS prelims or CDS or NDA or APFC or any exam, they give excuse “examination process is not yet complete and furthermore section 8 is revoked.” Last year I had filled R.T.I to UPSC, seeking

  1. Answerkeys for CSAT 2011 and 12= UPSC provided only 2011’s key. And refused to give 2012’s key saying “exam process is not yet complete.”
  2. Model Answers Mains paper (general studies, essay and Public Administration)= UPSC said no such information exists, we don’t give model answerkey/answersheets to examiners (in other words, examiners check your mains papers without any official answerkeys for reference.)

click me for more details on above matter.

Anyways, since the public information officer of UPSC did not provide above information, I had appealed to Jt.Secretary of UPSC, but he said UPSC’s public information officer’s answers were right. So finally I approached Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) regarding this matter. My line of argument was that

  • Prelim marks are not counted in the final merit list, so UPSC cannot hide the information until the “Whole” examination process is complete.
  • UPSC says we donot give model answerpapers for mains examination to the evaluators. However, UPSC’s official site maintains that before mains papers are checked, the head examiner holds a meeting with the evaluators on how to check the papers.
  • So perhaps UPSC is not “officially” giving them a file title “model answerpapers for Mains 2011 exam”, but they could be giving the evaluators the minutes of that meeting, or unsigned copies of some newspaper cuttings / columns/ books with answer lines highlighted or something like that. Mains papers are impossible to check without existence of such reference material.
  • Besides, UPSC takes exam in so many languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi…so there are lot of evaluators checking those papers and not everyone of them could be knowing all the answers (particularly those 2 markers). Therefore some reference material is provided to the mains evaluators. And it should be made public under right to information act.
  • On 1st March 23, 2013, Chief Information Commissioner Shri Satyananda Mishra in his landmark* judgment ordered UPSC to disclose the answerkeys for CSAT 2012.

*Although UPSC hasn’t provided me the answerkey yet but I call this a landmark judgement because it destroy the stonewall of UPSC that had so far blocked preliminary answerkeys before the “whole” examination process (mains and interview) was complete. Meaning, when you give CSAT-2013, you don’t have to wait until April 2014 to get the official answerkeys. When you combine this with last year’s order of CIC that UPSC has to give marks to candidates failed in prelims even before the examination process is complete (click me)= it means after preliminary exam is over, you can get both answerkey + your prelims-marks from UPSC without having to wait for the entire “process” (mains and interview) to complete.

(Now copy pasting the order of CIC)

Central Information Commission, New Delhi
File No: CIC/SM/answer 2012/001599

Date of Hearing01 March 2013
Date of decision01 March 2013
Name of the AppelantMrunal
Name of the public authorityCPIO, UPSC, New Delhi.

Appellant (Mrunal) was present. (via video conferencing from Gujarat.)
On behalf of the respondents (of UPSC), the following were present (in the office of CIC in New Delhi).

  1. Dr.Kulbir Singh, JD & CPIO
  2. Shri Imran Farid, US (CSM)
  • In respect of the Civil Services Main Examination, 2010, the Appellant had wanted a copy of the model answer papers provided to the examiners. He had also wanted answer keys for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination 2011 and 2012. The CPIO (of UPSC) had not provided any of this information by claiming that the former (mains answerpapers) did not exist and the latter (preliminary answerkey of 2012) could not be disclosed since the examination process was still not complete. The Appellate Authority (of UPSC) had endorsed his decision.
  • The Appellant (Mrunal) argued that he should be provided this information because he believed that the UPSC circulated model answers to its examiners based on which they examined individual papers.
  • He also submitted that the Preliminary Examination being simply qualifying in nature, no harm would be caused to the examination process, if the answer keys ware disclosed after completion of the Preliminary Examination.
  • On the other hand, the Respondent (officer from UPSC) reiterated the stand taken by the CPIO that there was nothing like any model answer paper (for the mains examination).
  • We (CIC) have carefully considered facts of the case. If there is nothing like any model answer paper in material form, we cannot obviously compel the CPIO (of UPSC) to produce one.
  • However, in regard to the answer keys for the Preliminary Examination 2011 and 2012, we would tend to allow the disclosure of this information because, in our opinion, this (preliminary) examination has no bearing on the entire Civil Services Examination process being of a qualifying nature. (Since) The marks obtained by a candidate in this examination are not added to the marks in the succeeding stages of the examination to determine the status of the candidate. Therefore it (preliminary exam) is entirely a standalone examination.
  • In the light of this, we direct the CPIO to provide the answer keys for the Preliminary Examination 2011 and 2012 to the Appellant within 10 working days of receiving this order.

(Satyananda Mishra)

Chief Information Commissioner

Scanned copies of the order of CIC

cic order th1

page 1

cic order th2

page 2

update March-30-2013

UPSC didnot give me the answerkey, instead they decided to challange CIC’s order in Delhi high court. For more details, read this new article: click ME

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149 Comments on “[RTI] CIC orders UPSC to disclose prelims answerkeys BEFORE the examination process is over”

  1. Hi,
    As you know google reader is going to shut down. it’s very useful for me to keep an eye everyday’s news as a part of upsc exam preparation. do know any other alternative to it? if yes then please tell me how to transfer my reader’s subscriptions to it?

    1. gajendar, there is one reader called the “old reader” works similar to google reader but not as effective.. hope mrunal will have some better solution

    2. thunderbird
      firefox->sage addon.
      and many other RSS plugins and softwares.

  2. sir,i would like to ask one question from you that i have given the upsc exam in my 4th yr of my engineering college in OBC category but that time i belong to only general category ..mistakenly i filled OBC instead of General..and after that in 2012 i have given the upsc civil services from general category only..i would like to ask whether the first one chance should be counted or not…help me to find out this ans….

    1. Yes it must be counted …
      And you are eligible for only 4 attempts in total as a general candidate including the first one you gave

  3. and ya how upsc maintain the chances of civil services of students either by category or by name or any other procedure…???

    1. its much simpler dude
      they just have the records of everyone applied/appeared/attempted in the past years…

      And check the number of attempts while vetting your applications for mains or before interview or the vetting by police or RAW…

      But just because the procedure is simple,
      we can’t give false info…
      Its a very serious offence to lie in the application…

  4. Mrunal Bhai.. Super Kudos!! It is definitely a land mark historic judgement..

    I’ve filed a writ petition in AP High court on the same matter.. I am a party-in-person.. I am just about to file a case in CIC as i got the same reply from the appellate authority endorsed the CPIO of UPSC.. I’m also a petitioner in a case in AP High court against recent language barriers introduced in Mains(later reversed)..

    I think UPSC may move High court & dont follow the orders of CIC..(10 days time given by CIC is over..)

    2011 key has some errors(at least one).. 2012 has many ambiguous questions.. Once key is out, i’d like to fight again..

    Congrats Mrunal..
    Thank You!!
    Ramana A V

  5. Respected Mrunal
    Great work with upsc and also in your website sir.Thank you very much.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FOREVER.

  6. mrunal the reversal is related only related to languages rest are the same.am i rite?the gs changes are here to stay am i rite.some are confusing me pls reply anybody.

    1. GS as per changed pattern is here to stay. Only earlier restrictions of 1) Min 25 Canddts for attemptimg pater in regional language 2) Barring of ‘OTHER’ sub grads to choose Literature and 3) Marks of English in Final total are withdrawn.

  7. Congratulations Mrunal. Indeed its a great moment.







  9. Hats off!!lots of salute!!!I had filed this type of RTI but did not get result at initial stage as always but leave it off there but mrunalbhai perseverance you have is truly remarkable. UPSC has to change its mindset sooner than later. Thanks once again.

    1. Brijesh, whenever you file R.T.I and don’t get proper reply then continue filing appeal to FAA and then to CIC and when you file appeal to CIC, mention that you wish to appear via video conference from xyz city / district HQ.
      It doesn’t take much time / money. CIC disposed my case in barely 20 minutes.

  10. gr8 work mrunal…..

  11. 10 working days arent over yet????>…..year ending hai na….busy ho gaya complaints ka jawab dete dete it seems….

  12. Mrunal Ji, Pls….Pls… Where are key answers.. Why UPSC has’nt yet disclosed??? going to any further appeal at SC? Pls reply…. excited to know answers

  13. Mr.Mrunal ,
    pls can u clear me regarding the scaling procedure in mains…is it actually working…if so then y so much difference between pub ad,geo and literature papers….and did upsc disclose any info on scaling..

  14. Thats one great news but… As long as the candidates dont have a proof for the answers they stroke down in the OMR it is a bit difficult to fight for a revaluation or an appeal I think so…. If they answer that OMR’s of candidates has been discarded(Any other reasons….. else) then there is no use of having just the KEYS .There should be provided some strong evidence for UPSC candidates here… In some exams candidates are provided with a carbon copy of their OMR so that the students can claim…. If things like those are implemented alone, a real salvation would be there….
    But really a greaat work Mrunal bhai…. I hope ull consider this loophole and find a solution too……

  15. I have applied for IAS 2013, but now I think I would not perform well due to some personal problem. Is there any procedure through which I can cancel my candidature, so that my attempt would not be wasted.

    1. Your attempt will not be wasted. It will be counted as an attempt only if you go and appear in the exam.

    2. yup..
      it doesn’t matter whether you have applied or not.. your attempt will not be counted till you appear for the prelims.. its only when you have signed the attendance sheet, your attempt will be counted.. :)

    3. Thanks to both of you! :)

  16. they ll not disclose marks… they have appealed this order… they have denied my APPLICATION

  17. That’s really awesome sir…. you really are an ‘inspiration’ in true sense of the word .. !!

    thank you..

  18. Good one sir keep it up

  19. Sooper Mrunal ji! We stand with you for full support…truly inspiring about your courage to face upsc boldly…keep up the endeavor..our spirit often rise bcos of you…thank you soo much for all your rich information and excellent guidance in your website..god bless you!

  20. Mrunal, did UPSC comply…?? (10 days are over by any standard!)

  21. UPSC’s opacity is difficult to bust…indeed
    We appreciate ur work..:)

  22. Hi Mrunal,

    Thanks for all the great work you are doing out there. Just wondering since the 10 days are over did u receive the 2012 answer key yet? If yes then can u pl upload it so we can have some clarification on some questions.

    Pankaj Arora

  23. Sir please give the answer key of 2012 which one u got from UPSC. Please sir

  24. sorry please give 2011 answer key….


  26. keep up the good work Mrunal… wish u succeed.. as thousands of students’ success depends on yours…

  27. gr8 victory for ias/upsc aspirants.

  28. GRAET JOB!!!!!!

  29. You are amazing !

  30. I want to know if the scaling method followed by UPSC can also be found out using RTI, way back in 2006 i missed out on clearing the exam but could not reason out the marks i obtained in the optionals (Maths & Mechanical Engineering)

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