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[Analysis] SSC CGL Tier 1 held on April-21-2013, download question paper

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  3. CAPF-2014 answerkey after that
  1. Introduction
  2. Maths
  3. Reasoning
  4. General Awareness / GA-GK
  5. English
  6. Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper


  • SSC CGL 2013 was to be held on 14th and 21st April.
  • But 14th April exam was cancelled. Now that exam will be held on 19th May 2013. (Hence it is no longer conflicting with SBI PO exam date.) This is not a rumor. This is given on SSC’s Northern Region website click me
  • This article contains analysis based on two papers of SSC CGL 2013, held on 21st April (KP series and PJ series) click me to download those papersets.
  • Download links for today’s question papers are given in the appendix of this article.


type subtype KP PJ
Basic BOSMAS 1 0
Square root 1 1
Number theory, LCM, HCF, remainder 0 2
algebra linear equation 1 1
quadratic equation 6 6
% profit loss interest rate etc. 7 6
average, ratio average 2 2
ratio 1 2
STD time and speed (Boat, railway etc.) 2 2
time and work (pipe cisterns etc.) 3 3
Geometry Geometry_theory 8 8
Mensuration (Area, volume, perimeter) 3 4
Coordinate geometry 1 0
Trigonometry height-distance 1 1
complimentary angles 2 1
equation /formula based 3 4
misc 1 0
DI Bar, pie, line, table 7 7
Total 50 50
  • SSC has continue the trend of last year (=less importance to conventional questions from profit-loss, time-speed, mensuration etc.) and more emphasis on geometry (theory), Trigonometry and algebra
  • Roughly 2/3rd of the Maths questions are from Geometry, trigonometry, algebra and Data interpretation (DI) only.
  • Although SSC chief remained kept his twitter promise: trigonometry and geometry portion bit easier than last time’s and most of the trigonometry questions could be solved effortlessly by the [Trigonometry] tricks explained on
  • Usually DI portion contained only one “case” and 5 questions. This time SSC has given multiple DI cases.


topic Subtype KP PJ
series analogy 3 8
odd pair 4 5
missing in series 15 8
dictionary based test 3 3
subtotal 25 24
coding coding-decoding and matrix 4 3
maths symbol based ops 2 4
subtotal 6 7
arrangement direction based tests 2 4
arrangement (weight/height wise) 1 1
subtotal 3 5
logic Statement-conclusion 1 1
syllogism 1 1
subtotal 2 2
Non-Verbal non verbal 11 8
Misc misc (Venn Diagrams, TSW etc) 3 4
total 50 50
  • Compared to earlier years, SSC increased the number of non-verbal questions.
  • Sitting arrangement (case containing 3-5 question) =absent.
  • Otherwise question pattern/difficulty level similar to previous years.

General Awareness / GA-GK

analysis_SSC CGL 2013 GA distribution

  • As usual, GA section was broadly made up of three parts: Static, Science and Crap.
  • The message / lesson is clear: when it comes to the GA portion of SSC, don’t waste time chasing trivial current affairs. Because static (polity, history etc.) and science, is where your focus should be.
Topic Sub topics no. of Questions
Static economy 4
Polity 3
History_ancient 1
History_modern 6
Geography 4
Environment biodiversity 4
Subtotal 22
Science physics 4
chemistry 4
biology 8
Computer,IT 2
Subtotal 18
Crap Books 1
Persons in News 6
Misc. 3
Subtotal 10
Total 50

In PJ and KP series question papers, the GA and English questions were same (only sequence was changed) hence I’ve given only single column for no. of questions.


type Question no. of Questions
vocab synonym, Antonym 6
idioms and phrases 5
word substitution 7
spelling 2
RC Passages (2) 10
grammar sentence correction 5
sentence improvement 10
fill in the blanks 5
Total 50

Not much to say, follows the usual pattern / difficulty level of previous years.

Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper

Preparation strategy, free studymaterial for SSC CGL, already provided in following articles

  1. General Awareness (GA/GK)
  2. Maths, Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning, General Intelligence
  4. English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension

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  1. titiksha says:

    like happened in tier 1 cut off went too high as it was not expected so AS……. What do think for tier 2 if i am getting 355 for tax assistant would be able to qualify? and whether i will be able to get my home city….??? what you think about cut off that it will not go beyond that…..

  2. titiksha says:

    anyone knows about the cut off marks for tier 2 2010,2011,2012 for tax assistant?

    • titiksha says:

      how many words or lines comes in 2000 key depression… and how much time will be allowed for DEST?

      • Neena says:

        Dear Titi,

        You have an interesting name! :) ..

        Regarding your question — Use or
        To count how many “Key Depressions” you have in say 10-20 minutes. Even “space” bar is counted as character. A normal line contains about 90 character in word – Times New Roman and size 10.

        A free advice — chill, relax and enjoy life a bit otherwise you’ll be a Grandma before you know it :P .. Live in the moment..

        Best of luck :)

  3. raj says:


  4. NEHA KAPPOR says:

    Hi AS sir
    I am engineering student with hearing handicap category and I was school topper in CBSE Delhi.I want to apply for ssc as my certificate show disability percentage 71% to 100%.i want to ask that in which category i am belong partially deaf or deaf? Am I eligible for UPSC/SSC… IAS, IFS,CSS,…etc posts?
    Please tell me for partially deaf category how much percent range disability should be mentioned on certificate.
    I hope you will reply early

  5. nisha says:

    what is the expected cutoff for iti for obc

  6. titiksha says:

    if someone has ssc 10+2 2013 exam paper set held on 20 & 27 october then please provide its link… exam is on 10 and i have to prepare for that…..

    • Tarak N says:

      ssc 10+2 exam is very easy cut off this year i think above 120

      • titiksha says:

        i know that paper is not so much difficult but I want to solve all the paper sets if you have then please provide it….

  7. Tarak N says:

    Murunal sir can you provide me ssc cgl 2014 new syllabus

  8. armaan says:

    Salaa CGL na hua kisi Aashiq ka pyar ho gya hai…kuch jyada hi assessment kar rha hai…intelligence aur mental pressure handling to T1 T2 me check kar li….physical ise lena hai hi…dealing with corrupt system aur ab patience bhi check kar rha hai….
    kabse ek ummeed bhari nigaho se ssc ki website khol rha hu…ye soch kar ki ssc keys to upload kar hi degi…result chahe 31st k baad karey…lekin isne kafi niraas kar diya hai…ab is week bhi keys/result nhi aaya to apni movies dekhne ki muhim ko aur badana padega…ab to keys ya result nikal do :(
    - Ek niraas T2 dene wala prani jise SSC bhool chuki hai

  9. Tarak N says:

    Mrunal sir please conform me ssc cgl 2014 syllabus change, is not

  10. neha says:


  11. titiksha says:

    after official answer keys what would be the cut off for tier 2?? anyone has any idea?????

  12. Ujjwal says:

    I am appearing SSC CGL for the first time, so can anybody tell me what was the cut off for tier 1 and tier 2 (separately)in 2013 ?
    Any estimated cutoff for cgl-2014 ???
    Is there any sectional cutoff?

  13. PREETI SAINI says:

    Q i have filled 3 times CSS cadre in my preference in cgl exams, but i hv not qualify T1 exam in my 3 times , will it be count as a used attempt for CSS cadre.

    • SHAEL says:

      It would be counted….

      • jitendra dayal rai says:


  14. jitendra dayal rai says:


    • Aiman Reyaz says:

      If you won’t appear in Civil Services Prelims, then it won’t count.

      • jitendra dayal rai says:

        i didn’t ask about civil services, but ssc that held on last year, and ssc has cancelled the exam

  15. rupesh says:

    sir,i want to know that in cgl..if css qualifies and more than 3 attempts cleared then what will happens,,,is the whole candidature cancelled or he will be considered for next choice of post.

  16. sasidhar reddy says:

    I applied for ASSISTANT IN CSS IN 2012 but didnt attend the exam it will be counted or not please help

  17. surekha says:

    sir, i am handicap (90%)so i eligible for the post cgl @nontechinical officer.please suggest the post for my apply

  18. PS says:

    Hi sir,

    i would like to ask a question from u that i have a gap i,e 7yr between my schooling and graduation.Recently i had completed my graduation in Dec’ 2013 through distance learining. So i m eligble for SSC and banking competition exam.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Pramod Kumar Singh

  19. SM says:

    I want to know if there is any estimated cutoff for cgl-2014 ???

  20. SM says:

    I want know if there is any estimated cutoff for cgl-2014 ???
    Is there any sectional cutoff?

  21. [email protected] says:

    any cutoff marks in cgle interview?

  22. nikita says:

    are there any sectional cutoffs in ssc?
    what were the cutoffs last year?

  23. dhanau says:

    how many times we can attempt ssc cgle tier exams in our life

  24. dhanjan says:

    how many timess we can attempt ssc cgl tier1 in our life .the attempts are counted like upsc ah…

  25. dhanjan says:

    please tell me how mant times we can appear for ssc tier1 in our life time only three times?

  26. jaskaran says:

    sir….i am pursuing my 5 year integrated degree from uni of rajasthan,jaipur.
    now i m in 4th semester,so when i will be eligible for SSC CGL..

  27. gautam says:

    Sir any seprate cutoff for ssc tire2 exam math and english plz send me information about this categrs wise….

  28. AS says:

    @neena Sep 28 for SI
    Quant/Eng Sep 29

  29. saurav says:

    If I skip 28 Sep exam for SI, will I be allowed to seat on 29-sep for quant/eng?

  30. Neena says:

    Tell me about this stats paper — I have MBA from an Indian Institute.. what is this all about? and what to expect in the paper??

  31. Neena says:

    ot giving SI paper :) … :D….

  32. AS says:

    Yes, no problem.

  33. perplexed says:

    AS plz marks of 2405099611

  34. AS says:

    Posted above as well
    333258 2405099611 MUDIT JAJOO 2105119 9 111.00 JKLMQONPSRABCDEFGHITUVWXYZ@$#

  35. saurav says:

    mudit, 111.00

  36. perplexed says:

    thanx…appreciate ur help

  37. saurav says:

    AS bhai.. how do you select and copy from pdf file?

  38. AS says:

    Welcome :-)

  39. mkr says:

    thanks for links

  40. AS says:

    Double click on the row and CTRL+C.
    Copying is not disabled by the file creator, so no trick involved.

  41. amarjit says:

    Hi AS,

    One doubt regarding selection of post.

    Suppose a candidate selected post pref as ABCDEFG…..

    He cleared all the stages of Exam with 400 marks…Whether the candidate gets only post code-A or next preference post code.

    And another candidate scored 380 marks, he selected post pref as CDEFABG…Whether he gets only post code-C or next preference post code.

    Please clarify my doubt.


  42. abhinay bouddh says:

    Hey friends, please let me know is any sectional cut off there in nicl ao 2013 exam… as advertisement me toh kahin nahi mention he asa… and what can be the cut off for the same for sc category just assumption.

  43. AS says:


    Suppose x has preferences ABCDEF
    y has CDEFAG

    Allocation takes place like this:
    For x, marks=400. Now they check if some vacancy is available in any of the states opted by x for post A. If yes, he gets post A in first available slot. Else move to B,…C,…D and so on till all options are exhausted.

    For y, the process starts with post C.

  44. amarjit says:

    Thanks for the info

  45. AS says:

    No idea about that paper.
    Level: Graduate
    Paper-III : Statistics for Investigator Grade-II, Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation & Compiler in RGI. Collection Classification and Presentation of Statistical Data – Primary and Secondary data, Methods of data collection; Tabulation of data; Graphs and charts; Frequency distributions; Diagrammatic presentation of frequency distributions. Measures of Central Tendency- Common measures of central tendency – mean median and mode; Partition values- quartiles, deciles, percentiles. Measures of Dispersion- Common measures dispersion – range, quartile deviations, mean deviation and standard deviation; Measures of relative dispersion. Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis – Different types of moments and their relationship; meaning of skewness and kurtosis; different measures of skewness and kurtosis. Correlation and Regression – Scatter diagram; simple correlation coefficient; simple regression lines; Spearman’s rank correlation; Measures of association of attributes; Multiple regression; Multiple and partial correlation (For three variables only). Probability Theory – Meaning of probability; Different definitions of probability; Conditional probability; Compound probability; Independent events; Bayes’ theorem. Random Variable and Probability Distributions – Random variable; Probability functions; Expectation and Variance of a random variable; Higher moments of a random variable; Binomial , Poisson, Normal and Exponential distributions; Joint distribution of two random variable (discrete). Sampling Theory – Concept of population and sample; Parameter and statistic, Sampling and non-sampling errors; Probability and non-probability sampling techniques(simple random sampling, stratified sampling, multistage sampling, multiphase sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling, purposive sampling, convenience sampling and quota sampling); Sampling distribution(statement only); Sample size decisions. Statistical Inference – Point estimation and interval estimation, Properties of a good estimator, Methods of estimation (Moments method, Maximum likelihood method, Least squares method), Testing of hypothesis, Basic concept of testing, Small sample and large sample tests, Tests based on Z, t, Chi-square and F statistic, Confidence intervals. Analysis of Variance – Analysis of one-way classified data and two-way classified data. Time Series Analysis – Components of time series, Determinations of trend component by different methods, Measurement of seasonal variation by different methods. Index Numbers – Meaning of Index Numbers, Problems in the construction of index numbers, Types of index number, Different formulae, Base shifting and splicing of index numbers, Cost of living Index Numbers, Uses of Index Numbers.

  46. AS says:

    Yet to find even a single candidate who is taking that exam :D

  47. Neena says:

    Hey, dont taunt me .. I might live upto the challenge :P
    How have you been?? Surprisingly TOO QUIET… I wondered if ASpedia servers were down :D hehehhehehe

  48. AS says:

    Challenge? Not much, because you are not having centre in Dehradun or Jaipur :P

    Servers show limited activity when clients are sleeping!

  49. Neena says:

    ohh.. really what makes you think, I would want to get out of the sanctity of my home, relinquish the comfort and luxury – just to wander out in the sun and to give a STUPID, useless exam (headbang)…. So, its a HERCULEAN task for me!!!
    On a different note – what is your know-how about Cars? My parents are planning on gifting me a sedan coming B’Day – but its stupid Sunny – darn slow car that takes 13 seconds to hit 100!!! But others arent that fuel efficient.. Come on India — what happened to that fuel efficiency bill, isnt that supposed to save billions in exchange as compared to stupid advisory to turn off the engine on red lights!! And FOR GOD sake they should limit their lips on such frivolous ideas… DO they ever get stuck on a red light? Bozos always using the RED BEACON to avert such nuisance!! Everytime you waste an ephemeral second on a Red Light — you can go deaf from the LOUD horns HONKING and everybody cussing for you to be a moron and so on (heheh I rhymed here)…. I sometimes wonder if they ask Kindergarten students for such “ingenious” solutions. I mean really? Closing down petrol pumps will save fuel — like our cars will run on water or go on diet as poor people do in absence of dinner. wont that actually waste time, precious productive office hours wasted in queuing up at gas stations!!! Imagine being late for a board meeting cause your chauffeur wasn’t able to fuel up the car at night! How would that sound to a foreign client…..

  50. Will says:

    Hey, why my posts are awaiting moderation by author??

  51. AS says:

    I don’t think normal comments are moderated here! Never experience something like that, published instantly.

  52. AS says:

    @Neena ohk. All the best for other two papers :-)
    For me, The-last-week-before-exam syndrome has already set in. So my mind has entered hibernation state. Maybe will reactivate after reaching Jaipur :D

    Sorry, no ideas about the other topic.

  53. Neena says:

    the comments awaited the sanction for a WHOLE day :P
    maybe some limit on number of posts by a user- might have took me for some spammer :D

  54. AS says:

    Maybe because you are making very few posts these days :P

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