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[Analysis] SSC CGL Tier 1 held on April-21-2013, download question paper

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  1. Introduction
  2. Maths
  3. Reasoning
  4. General Awareness / GA-GK
  5. English
  6. Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper


  • SSC CGL 2013 was to be held on 14th and 21st April.
  • But 14th April exam was cancelled. Now that exam will be held on 19th May 2013. (Hence it is no longer conflicting with SBI PO exam date.) This is not a rumor. This is given on SSC’s Northern Region website click me
  • This article contains analysis based on two papers of SSC CGL 2013, held on 21st April (KP series and PJ series) click me to download those papersets.
  • Download links for today’s question papers are given in the appendix of this article.


type subtype KP PJ
Basic BOSMAS 1 0
Square root 1 1
Number theory, LCM, HCF, remainder 0 2
algebra linear equation 1 1
quadratic equation 6 6
% profit loss interest rate etc. 7 6
average, ratio average 2 2
ratio 1 2
STD time and speed (Boat, railway etc.) 2 2
time and work (pipe cisterns etc.) 3 3
Geometry Geometry_theory 8 8
Mensuration (Area, volume, perimeter) 3 4
Coordinate geometry 1 0
Trigonometry height-distance 1 1
complimentary angles 2 1
equation /formula based 3 4
misc 1 0
DI Bar, pie, line, table 7 7
Total 50 50
  • SSC has continue the trend of last year (=less importance to conventional questions from profit-loss, time-speed, mensuration etc.) and more emphasis on geometry (theory), Trigonometry and algebra
  • Roughly 2/3rd of the Maths questions are from Geometry, trigonometry, algebra and Data interpretation (DI) only.
  • Although SSC chief remained kept his twitter promise: trigonometry and geometry portion bit easier than last time’s and most of the trigonometry questions could be solved effortlessly by the [Trigonometry] tricks explained on
  • Usually DI portion contained only one “case” and 5 questions. This time SSC has given multiple DI cases.


topic Subtype KP PJ
series analogy 3 8
odd pair 4 5
missing in series 15 8
dictionary based test 3 3
subtotal 25 24
coding coding-decoding and matrix 4 3
maths symbol based ops 2 4
subtotal 6 7
arrangement direction based tests 2 4
arrangement (weight/height wise) 1 1
subtotal 3 5
logic Statement-conclusion 1 1
syllogism 1 1
subtotal 2 2
Non-Verbal non verbal 11 8
Misc misc (Venn Diagrams, TSW etc) 3 4
total 50 50
  • Compared to earlier years, SSC increased the number of non-verbal questions.
  • Sitting arrangement (case containing 3-5 question) =absent.
  • Otherwise question pattern/difficulty level similar to previous years.

General Awareness / GA-GK

analysis_SSC CGL 2013 GA distribution

  • As usual, GA section was broadly made up of three parts: Static, Science and Crap.
  • The message / lesson is clear: when it comes to the GA portion of SSC, don’t waste time chasing trivial current affairs. Because static (polity, history etc.) and science, is where your focus should be.
Topic Sub topics no. of Questions
Static economy 4
Polity 3
History_ancient 1
History_modern 6
Geography 4
Environment biodiversity 4
Subtotal 22
Science physics 4
chemistry 4
biology 8
Computer,IT 2
Subtotal 18
Crap Books 1
Persons in News 6
Misc. 3
Subtotal 10
Total 50

In PJ and KP series question papers, the GA and English questions were same (only sequence was changed) hence I’ve given only single column for no. of questions.


type Question no. of Questions
vocab synonym, Antonym 6
idioms and phrases 5
word substitution 7
spelling 2
RC Passages (2) 10
grammar sentence correction 5
sentence improvement 10
fill in the blanks 5
Total 50

Not much to say, follows the usual pattern / difficulty level of previous years.

Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper

Preparation strategy, free studymaterial for SSC CGL, already provided in following articles

  1. General Awareness (GA/GK)
  2. Maths, Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning, General Intelligence
  4. English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension

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  1. rockstar says:

    in the kp section (morning session) there was a wrong question …….queation no 147-50 first pie chart adds up to more than 100% so it cant be right ??

    • Rahmo says:

      Rockstar bro.. its adding upto 360 degrees… so its ofcourse correct. chk it again once..!

      • rockstar says:

        dude u talkin abt question 144-146, ya thats correct ………but m askin abt question 147-150 its wrong it adds up to 104% ,its the april months salary question where the salary given was RS 24000. jus check it again….

  2. sanat says:

    Can you please Provide answer key and with that what do u feel what will be the cut off for the paper.

  3. mohit says:

    I would like to ask if the question is wrong or the options as they were in the evening shift of the paper held on 21st april 2013 will we be getting the bonus marks ?

  4. Sumit Somwanshi says:

    i attempted 180 questions n might get 110-120 score…i m in open category…will that be enough?…n mrunal sir can u please upload answers so that i will get my exact marks..

    • Priyanka says:

      I guess u’d score more dude…
      180 is very gud(obviously if u’v marked them carefully rather than randomly)

      • farooq says:

        hey… congratz yaar 120 mein to income tax tmko mil sakta hai…. work hard for tier 2!!!!! all d bst!!!

  5. raghvendra chouhan says:

    lot of thanks yar ……………..

  6. Mohan Vamsi says:

    What is the expected date for results???

  7. Rajesh says:

    how to prepare for gk???

  8. Rohit Jagtap says:

    Very important question raised by mohit… aparently, the options provided for 1 question were wrong… will we get the mark for it even if left unattempted ?

  9. md arif says:

    Sir,mine was in evening shift,questions were too tough compared to morning shift,how ssc can do such kind of discrimination?U plz do something,specially in mathematics,plz help us,I just did 15maths

  10. Deepak Singh says:

    how many question sets were there in CGL exams? I’ve heard of 10 sets in total. 6 in morning session and 4 in evening. is it true?

    • Mrunal says:

      In 2012′s tier-I, they had used 4 sets for morning shift and 4 sets for the evening shift.

      • Deepak Singh says:

        sir, were the questions same in each set in same session and only arrangement was different? i’m asking this because 2 of my friends had their exam in morning session yesterday and the questions were completely different.

  11. honey says:

    will each section have individual cutoff ?

  12. shyamolendu chakraborty says:

    thank u for dis q paper

  13. TAHSIN says:

    please send me the ssc cgl question paperset held on 21st april.

  14. rahul says:

    hi… paper was a little bit tough.. mine is mrng shift.,and in d paper (code:333pj3) there was 5 questions wrong… and in d aftnoon section also there r some wrong questions.. i never seen such a wrost exam conducted by SSC, in quant section it seems that the examiner just copy the di part from somewhere else.,i can prove dat, cant even they prepare di for self, r cant do copy work properly… shame thing 4 great ssc board…

    • Max says:

      same here.even i have got the same paper (code:333pj3). reasoning was little bit time consuming. attempted 100 but is confident about 90 only. What will be the cutoff for category?

    • kapil says:

      Dear, then, the benefit of wrong questin will be given to only tose who attempted or to all the candidates, because , my set was also 333pj3, 5 ques qre wrong there.

  15. TAHSIN says:

    thank you for sending me the from this link i am not able to see the questions.please send me in pdf form if it possible.

  16. dhanjit choudhury says:

    m gonna score 109……

    • Fanish says:

      Hi Dhanjit , Though I did not appeared in the exam but I solved as one friend requested me to do so.
      I am getting 194/200 But I took 2hours and 40 minutes to complete the test. And I am quite out of touch with maths that which costed me a lot of time. Further I have never practiced any reasoning problems , which might made me took lot time.

      So point is that there may be some one who can get 200/200 in 2hrs time.

      • Pavan Gupta says:

        Dear Fanish,

        Just go and write the exam one , any competitive exam ok n u will cm to know what is the difference between writing an exam at home and a real exam center. I had a friend who also used to say the same i have solved this much question of this paper then i asked him to sit in any exam , means any competitive exam n believe me he didn’t clear the cut off , of that clerk exam. So stop posting such stupid comments , and if u r enough intelligent then dont waste your time buddy Give Cat , and score first rank and get IIM-A n make ur lyf great :)

        • Shashank says:

          Dude,who told you that scoring 1st Rank in CAT gives you an entry pass to IIM-A !!
          I scored 99.53 in CAT’11 with all sectionals above 98.5,still NOT a single IIM call barring new IIM’s…

          Now i am preparing for UPSC !!!
          Zale par namak mat chidka karo bhai …

          No personal vendetta as such..chillax !! :)

          • SUMIT says:

            @SHASHANK: oh plz dont fool ppl here, r u in speaking in ur senses???

          • Shashank says:

            @Sumit- Probably,you haven’t taken CAT in your life,thats why !!
            I don’t blame you for this…
            CAT is NOT about how competent you are in the exam..its all about how many you got in your 10th & 12th.!!

            If you are below 80% in your HSC/SSC even if you get 100%ile its means NOTHING to IIM’s !!

            Take CAT first & then blabber here dude..!! :)

          • मनु झा says:

            lol, Past hurts always , said someone.
            he probably has never given CAT and hence does not know.

          • Anurag says:

            What shashank told is correct..unless you dont have any reservations,its difficult to get call letters from IIMs use of getting even 99%;le

          • Anurag says:

            Even God can’t help ..Blame u r govt for all those provisions created…my frnd scored 99%..but even he has to join a private institution in Delhi…

          • md arif says:

            @shasank,bhai its quite strange to heard that after getting such good marks U didn’t get any iim calls,but U can use that score in getting some other b schools like,mdi,fore,lbs,kj sonata,etc.y U seated that score,U R rgt that getting 99percentile is of no use..but ur hard work will not go in vein..

      • shilpa says:

        @Fanish, u r saying u took 40minutes more to complete the test. i wud say- u took ATLEAST 55 mts more to complete it. bcz when one is writing actual exam, there r few other things also which take the time like- filling answers in OMR sheet, signing at different places,putting ur thumb impression etc etc – all this in just 2 hrs..

        • Rahmo says:

          comparing ur score with 55 more minutes is absolutely ridiculous..!! getting max done in less than 2 hrs is the purpose of such an exam…. @ Fanish no one will score more than 150-160. am sure.

        • Fanish says:

          You may pointed the right thing , I didn’t marked answers but wrote the proper solutions. i did not used tricks like putting values and getting answers but proper solution.
          Any ways May I took a lot time.

          • Anurag says:

            You may be very smart dude..agreed..but apne app ki taareef achi nahi lagti…if other praises you ,then its good…chill :) ..dnt take my msg wrong way

      • dhanjit choudhury says:

        you r a born genious sir….. but m not na….my priority was jst to clear the cut offs for the pre, and i cant do better den dat in 1 mnths tym, and the marks m laggig behind i will make it up in tier 2….

        • Fanish says:

          Dhanjit , yaar I don’t know that how much can be done in real Exam situation , even One of my friend , who got rank – 3 ( in CGL /2011) told me that This cant be repeated in real Exam situation.
          I am not into SSC, but sometimes I visit CGL articles too at Mrunal. I just posted that to make you go for the kill. And I like you and HK here , I wish success for both of you.
          I am sorry to everyone get tossed , But I dint lied. I assure you this can be done.

          • Ruskin says:

            I am wondering how could you score 194/200 with such a grammar as yours when a separate section of English does exists.
            Btw Wren and Martin can be a good start. Booooom !!!

  17. TAHSIN says:

    please send me the questions in pdf form if possible.

  18. Sanket says:

    @Mrunal can we get to know the cutoff scores category wise for the tier-1 exams last year??

  19. ansh says:

    respected MRUNAL SIR please tell me.. is there any sectional cut off inSSC CGL 2013 TIER 1… please reply as soon as possible … and mrunal sir you also provide answer keys for all sets

  20. Sanket says:

    Normally what time is taken by SSC to declare the results of tier-i???

  21. ashish says:

    mrunal sir….. now tha next round of ssc cgl in on 19th MAY….and yesterdays exam consisted GEOMETRY question……so……just like u provided TRIGNOMETRY ARTICLES….WOULD U PROVIDE ARTICLES ON GEOMETRY…????

    • AS says:

      Next round not before July 21st. May 19 is the postponed date for Tier 1 scheduled on April 14.

  22. ashish says:

    mrunal sir….. now the next round of ssc cgl is on 19th MAY….and yesterdays exam consisted GEOMETRY question……so……as u provided TRIGNOMETRY ARTICLES….WOULD U PROVIDE ARTICLES ON GEOMETRY…too????

  23. SATHYA says:


  24. Arunkumar says:

    Section wise cut off mark for obc would be 70 – 72… Since the paper was tough. . Any comments guys? And anyone from chennai?

  25. Deependra says:

    Mrunal Sir,

    Sir, I used HB pencil to fill the answer sheet so will it be evaluated by ssc or my candidature is at risk…?

  26. sammy says:

    if anyone having evening shift paper please upload it..

  27. sammy says:

    if anyone having evening shift paper den plz upload it


    1. Please provide SSC CGL -1 practice papers as per paper dt. 21-04-2013 and it’s detailed solution.
    2. Please provide short strategy for SSC CGL exam of 19-05-2013.
    3. Please provide answer key of SSC CGL-1 dt. 21-4-2013 & Detailed solution.

  29. arpit says:

    great work sir..thanx god bless u

  30. deepak belwal says:

    sir can u provide the answer key …..

  31. amit says:

    ANSWER KEY????

  32. vivek giri says:

    sir as their is news flashing that ssc cgl paper held on 21 this sunday was leaked by some culprit so is their any chances for cancelling the whole exam…please reply

    Thank you

  33. JAYARAJ says:

    Whether there is sectional cutoff for Each section in SSC CGL…..?? please somebody answer

  34. Mukund says:

    Is there any way by which we can change the job preference filled in the application form of SSC CGL? I have read somewhere that SSC asks candidate to fill the job preference again during the interview process.
    Please let me know if i can change the job preference any how.


  35. Abhijit says:

    Confusing question from General Awareness -

    Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development-2012 was awarded to :
    (A) Sunita Williams
    (B) Chanda Kochhar
    (C) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
    (D) Tereza Fajksova

    When I searched it in Google, I found 2 answers. According to Wikipedia, it is ‘Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’, President of Liberia i.e., option D.
    But according to, GK Today magazine and, the answer is ‘Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’ former President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, which is not in the option.

    Now tell me, what is the solution for this problem. Who is wrong? Is it Wikipedia, SSC or

    • Abhijit says:

      *Sorry, it is option C for ‘Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’.

    • मनु झा says:

      Silva got the prize in 2010 but he Received the prize in early 2012 an Ela Bhatt won the prize in 2011 and Received the prize in 2012 nov/dec.
      Receiving the prize late is because of our super awesome Central govt and other correspondent employees and somewhat responsible is our beloved Current Acc Deficit.

      1)SSC is not wrong.
      2)Journalism is a tricky profession.

  36. shilpa says:

    @yogesh: thank u so much for sharing the info (copy pasted below frm ur comment)
    CAN U PLZ TELL ABT SBI PO 2010 highest marks also? as of now, we know lowest only to get thru which was 110.

    copy pasted:
    Reply to this comment
    rank tier1 maths english interview total
    1 134 158 169 62 523
    2 127 180 141 66 514
    3 133 161 157 62 513
    4 141 151 155 65 512
    5 136 133 172 70 511
    6 135 150 158 67 510
    7 136 172 166 36 510
    8 151 141 160 57 509
    9 148 137 176 48 509
    10 132 165 155 55 507
    11 133 154 154 65 506

    • Shashank says:

      Some pointers:::
      1) 110 was the minimum cut off in SBI PO 2011 (written),Group discussion and interview cut off were 10,10 respectively.

      2) Final cut off was 56.25 !! That means to be on the SAFER side one needs to score 150+/250 in written.

      3) Just passing with 110,120 marks in written is of NO use coz a guy with 110 CANNOT cross the overall cut off.MINIMUM marks to GET over the FINAL line would be 150+ in written..!

      Hope this helps !!
      All the best !!

      • love shandilya says:

        thnx shashank 4 providing info but please clarify 56.25 cutoff for general?? or general need higher than tht

        • Shashank says:

          Yup !!! Bro
          56.25 is for general candidates…

          btw 56.25 corresponds to 155/250 marks in written and 20/50 marks in GD/INTERVIEW stage…!! :P

    • anil kumar says:

      @SHIPLA JI,



  37. siddharth says:

    how to prepare for deputy field officer=gd exam.

  38. Shivangi says:

    what will be the cut off for ssc tier1….i attempted only 116 question out of which i can only get 82…please tel me the expected cut off,this was my second attempt in ssc ..i need to crack this tym.

  39. SAURABH SYAL says:

    my cgl exam is on 19th may. guys. all r saying that posponed exam of cgl will be more harder now.isn’t it?

  40. DURGESH says:


  41. Santosh kumar behera says:

    kindly send me the answer of 21/04/2013 exam.

  42. Sanjiv says:

    my score are GI&R -39, QUANT-12,GK-18,ENGLISH-38. is it enough for clearing the cut off .

  43. rahul says:

    dude u r awesome thks for the info

  44. krishna manohar says:

    Comparing TierI and TierII which is tougher??? I’m expecting 120 odd in Tier1 with minimal preparation. Does TierII requires intense preparation than TierI.?

    • SharmaB says:

      yes..tier 2 is definitely gonna be different and more difficult.
      The questions in maths would be time consuming and some would be a lot tougher than any question seen in Tier1.
      The scope of questions in english would be wide. More topics would be covered like diret/indirect speech, active /passive voice which are generally not found in tier 1.There will be more no. of questions from antonyms/synonyms/one word substitution which would definitely make it tougher ‘cuz grammar is supposed to be the easy part.
      So u definitely need to be prepared and you need a lot of practice to score well in maths.
      All the best.

  45. Puneet says:

    Expected cutt off… Maths portion ws too difficult in evening shift exam

  46. PS says:

    have u compared maths part in morning shift and evening shift … ??? there is a wide difference between the difficulty level of these two …..???

    just check it yourself and judge…

  47. PS says:

    maths section of 2nd shift was difficult and lengthy

  48. Ishan says:

    guys….frst hurdle cleared ….
    now how to face Tier 2???

  49. Pratham says:

    Dear Everyone
    koi mujhe batayega ssc cgl ke liye best coaching koun si hai
    please everyone

  50. venkatesh says:

    hi guys..
    what is the cut off marks for tier 1?
    i am general candidate..
    i hardly get 85 marks..
    whether it is good score or not?
    Please answer me./..

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