[Analysis] SSC CGL Tier 1 held on April-21-2013, download question paper

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  1. Introduction
  2. Maths
  3. Reasoning
  4. General Awareness / GA-GK
  5. English
  6. Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper


  • SSC CGL 2013 was to be held on 14th and 21st April.
  • But 14th April exam was cancelled. Now that exam will be held on 19th May 2013. (Hence it is no longer conflicting with SBI PO exam date.) This is not a rumor. This is given on SSC’s Northern Region website click me
  • This article contains analysis based on two papers of SSC CGL 2013, held on 21st April (KP series and PJ series) click me to download those papersets.
  • Download links for today’s question papers are given in the appendix of this article.


type subtype KP PJ
Basic BOSMAS 1 0
Square root 1 1
Number theory, LCM, HCF, remainder 0 2
algebra linear equation 1 1
quadratic equation 6 6
% profit loss interest rate etc. 7 6
average, ratio average 2 2
ratio 1 2
STD time and speed (Boat, railway etc.) 2 2
time and work (pipe cisterns etc.) 3 3
Geometry Geometry_theory 8 8
Mensuration (Area, volume, perimeter) 3 4
Coordinate geometry 1 0
Trigonometry height-distance 1 1
complimentary angles 2 1
equation /formula based 3 4
misc 1 0
DI Bar, pie, line, table 7 7
Total 50 50
  • SSC has continue the trend of last year (=less importance to conventional questions from profit-loss, time-speed, mensuration etc.) and more emphasis on geometry (theory), Trigonometry and algebra
  • Roughly 2/3rd of the Maths questions are from Geometry, trigonometry, algebra and Data interpretation (DI) only.
  • Although SSC chief remained kept his twitter promise: trigonometry and geometry portion bit easier than last time’s and most of the trigonometry questions could be solved effortlessly by the [Trigonometry] tricks explained on www.Mrunal.org/aptitude
  • Usually DI portion contained only one “case” and 5 questions. This time SSC has given multiple DI cases.


topic Subtype KP PJ
series analogy 3 8
odd pair 4 5
missing in series 15 8
dictionary based test 3 3
subtotal 25 24
coding coding-decoding and matrix 4 3
maths symbol based ops 2 4
subtotal 6 7
arrangement direction based tests 2 4
arrangement (weight/height wise) 1 1
subtotal 3 5
logic Statement-conclusion 1 1
syllogism 1 1
subtotal 2 2
Non-Verbal non verbal 11 8
Misc misc (Venn Diagrams, TSW etc) 3 4
total 50 50
  • Compared to earlier years, SSC increased the number of non-verbal questions.
  • Sitting arrangement (case containing 3-5 question) =absent.
  • Otherwise question pattern/difficulty level similar to previous years.

General Awareness / GA-GK

analysis_SSC CGL 2013 GA distribution

  • As usual, GA section was broadly made up of three parts: Static, Science and Crap.
  • The message / lesson is clear: when it comes to the GA portion of SSC, don’t waste time chasing trivial current affairs. Because static (polity, history etc.) and science, is where your focus should be.
Topic Sub topics no. of Questions
Static economy 4
Polity 3
History_ancient 1
History_modern 6
Geography 4
Environment biodiversity 4
Subtotal 22
Science physics 4
chemistry 4
biology 8
Computer,IT 2
Subtotal 18
Crap Books 1
Persons in News 6
Misc. 3
Subtotal 10
Total 50

In PJ and KP series question papers, the GA and English questions were same (only sequence was changed) hence I’ve given only single column for no. of questions.


type Question no. of Questions
vocab synonym, Antonym 6
idioms and phrases 5
word substitution 7
spelling 2
RC Passages (2) 10
grammar sentence correction 5
sentence improvement 10
fill in the blanks 5
Total 50

Not much to say, follows the usual pattern / difficulty level of previous years.

Appendix: download link for SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) paper

Preparation strategy, free studymaterial for SSC CGL, already provided in following articles

  1. General Awareness (GA/GK)
  2. Maths, Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning, General Intelligence
  4. English Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension
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  1. kindly send me the answer of 21/04/2013 exam.

  2. my score are GI&R -39, QUANT-12,GK-18,ENGLISH-38. is it enough for clearing the cut off .

  3. dude u r awesome thks for the info

  4. Comparing TierI and TierII which is tougher??? I’m expecting 120 odd in Tier1 with minimal preparation. Does TierII requires intense preparation than TierI.?

    1. yes..tier 2 is definitely gonna be different and more difficult.
      The questions in maths would be time consuming and some would be a lot tougher than any question seen in Tier1.
      The scope of questions in english would be wide. More topics would be covered like diret/indirect speech, active /passive voice which are generally not found in tier 1.There will be more no. of questions from antonyms/synonyms/one word substitution which would definitely make it tougher ‘cuz grammar is supposed to be the easy part.
      So u definitely need to be prepared and you need a lot of practice to score well in maths.
      All the best.

  5. Expected cutt off… Maths portion ws too difficult in evening shift exam

  6. have u compared maths part in morning shift and evening shift … ??? there is a wide difference between the difficulty level of these two …..???

    just check it yourself and judge…

  7. maths section of 2nd shift was difficult and lengthy

  8. guys….frst hurdle cleared ….
    now how to face Tier 2???

  9. Dear Everyone
    koi mujhe batayega ssc cgl ke liye best coaching koun si hai
    please everyone

  10. hi guys..
    what is the cut off marks for tier 1?
    i am general candidate..
    i hardly get 85 marks..
    whether it is good score or not?
    Please answer me./..

    1. its ok venkatesh, going by the past track record cut off for general remains 80-82.

  11. frnds, i attemted 100-105 questions. my category is obc, can i pass tier 1 exam in this year, rly pls

  12. Hi,

    Can anybody provide the keys or any links to answer keys for ‘KQ’ series question paper held on 21st F.N.

  13. peoples are scoring so high….wil cut off still remains same around 80-90?

  14. Kindly publish the keys in ur website.S.S.C. will take a huge time to publish it. Because the second phase of tier 1 is to b held on 19th May. Besides the present chairman seems to b indifferent to take any appropriate and prompt action.Perhaps THOSE GOOD OLD DAYS OF SSC ARE GONE.

  15. am expecting 95

    1. U may be selected to appear in Tier-II

  16. am expecting 95..wht are d chances? Peoples are scoring highr marks

  17. Hi Mrunal,

    Please share Answer Key and Idea of Cut off this Year :)

    # Respect For your work
    P.S. You will be glad to know Even Infosys Guys are discussing about your site on their employee public portal:) Keep It Up Buddy:)

    1. Yep.. Astounding work.. Thanks a lot man.. :)
      You’re the best..

    2. TCSers following as well…
      Keep up the good work!!

      1. HP Guys also :) #RespectForYourWork

        1. great work mrunal

          sir,,thank you for your guideence

  18. Hi freinds,
    i had forgotton to bubble my test form number but i wrote the number in the boxes provided in the sheet.will they consider my omr sheet or not?

    1. @chandu
      May b u will b in trouble ,reason- computer only reads the darken bubble.if possible call the ssc helpline no.

  19. forget about cut off guys,make better ur tier 2 by practising. :-)

  20. how to prepare for tier-2 exam and cut-off of tier 1 366SH6

  21. sir, i forgot to fill test form no. In the omr sheet in yesterday exam what will happen on this?

    1. no doubt at all.. it wil not be accepted …. try next year

  22. thanks sir

  23. plzz upload the evening shift paper also … thanks in advance

  24. need a help ppl.. Can anyone tell me whether do we have to get attestion in the photocopy of our ID card for SBI PO?
    Thx in advance

    1. I don’t think its anywhere written to get photocopy of our ID card attested.
      Where did u read?

      1. hey manuzha, yes we need to take one attested photocopy of our ID, and 2 photographs also similar to the one which appears on our admit card.
        i read smwhere in the instructions only.

        1. No need of attestation ly photocopy

        2. no need 4 d atteested one

      2. attestation required only if ur photo is not clear in admit card…..otherwise take an ideproof(original) with u to show it to examiner….Although in the hall ticket its written u have to tAKe 4 photos….only 1 is required to stick in the examiners admit card copy

  25. hi frnds…..for general category cutoff will be between 87 to 90!!!!


      @raghunk but sir plz enlighten us a bit about this what can be possible now


      @kshatria_verma not such isolated cases should lead to cancellation of exam. ssc should continue with post exam analysis n detect such cases
      Hide conversation

      a few seconds ago · Like


  26. what is no of vacancy this year???

  27. is it true news that ssc cgl paper is leaked???

    1. Yes, ab kya hoga??

  28. plz upload the other sets of paper too.

  29. thank u for question paper

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