[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category

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  1. Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam
  2. Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Yep, the official cut-offs for CSAT-2012 (preliminary exam) are now available (without having to file RTI!) Because UPSC has revamped their result-PDF generating script. So now whenever you download your prelim mark sheet (2012), it’ll appends cut offs at the bottom of every PDF (Click me for screenshot).
Similarly, mains mark sheet also contains the marks of last candidate recommended for service. (click me for screenshot)

@To the new players:

  1. There is no separate cut off in preliminary exam. UPSC combines marks scored in both papers (GS+Aptitude) and from that combined score, candidates are selected for mains exam.
  2. Marks scored in preliminary exam are not counted in final merit list.

Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam

CategoryPreliminary Exam (CSAT2012)Final (Mains+interview)

anyways, let’s compare this with cutoffs from 2011’s exam. (obtained via R.T.I)

Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

CategoryPrelims(CSAT) out of 400Final (Mains+interview)

As you can see, from 2011 to 2012, the cutoffs for prelims have increased while final scores have decreased.

chart-cse prelims 2011 vs 12 marks
chart-cse final 2011 vs 12 marks

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  1. Shanky

    Yes! Don’t lose cool in the exam hall and go on a blitzkrieg of ticking the “this-appears-good” option. A decent 80 in paper 1 and 120 in paper 2 will click for most of us…IMHO Paper 2 will be more scoring though…What say Mrunal?

  2. suraj

    Mrunal sir,

    I am upsc aspirant. Appeared twice in csm last year appeared in interview but not selected finally.
    This yr could not qualify mains.

    Now, I have been selected in ongc as logistic and transport officer. Should I join that or give more focus on upsc.

    1. Nik

      Suraj ji,

      Only few get such an opportunity. Off course you should join and try to crack the exam while doing job.

      “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

      1. Kabir

        I am really against such practices, joining a PSU or civil service while still attempting other exams trying to get “the better post”.
        It is unethical and immoral that one wastes so much of money and time of these organizations and selection commissions. One keeps getting salary, leaves and other benefits and repays with little work and no dedication.
        While from outside, we are very generous while condescending the “babus” and what do we do when we have a chance?

        1. Prashant

          “Very Well said” I agree with you. Have you ever come across with many Private sector working people getting through while working ? NO , the reason is simple in Private sector One can’t avoid office work whereas all those who have passed UPSC while working as SSC(CGL) have cheated on the exchequer by running away from officer after attendance and using several other techniques. They should have been scrutinized by UPSC panel properly during the interview as to prove that their work was never suffered on account of the preparation.

    2. dinesh

      Suraj sir,

      Why you are feeling like this??you cleared main twice remember that,its not easy..work hard try once again..you will clear it.wish you goodluck

    3. princeaniket

      @ Suraj : its better to join and prepare for CS than to loose this oppurtunity n regret ( may be or may be not), its nothing less than a gud job. dont loose hope n prepare for the best.. :) :) , though its difficult to prepare n work simultaneosly, but not impossible ( i m also a Senior Engg in a Maharatna company yet fighting hard for prepn for CS).

      @ Kabir : its nothing like unethical or immoral, everyone has right to ” Evolve ” ; Rem : ”Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” :) , it depends upon person to person, who will be slected and work in an organisation whether he will act with full efficiency, null efficeincy or not intereted at all. After all a person working elsewhere n then got selected in CS, he vaccates his earlier job n he is placed at one job at a time only.

      1. Kabir

        Yes, it is.
        I agree everyone has right to try for betterment of his own but not at the cost of public purse, do it on your own expenses.

        1. A person’s efficiency and dedication for work will only suffer, if he is trying for competitive examination.
        2. whole procedure for filling that vacancy has to be followed again, there will be a vacancy of that post affecting output by enterprise and increased work for selection commissions; thus waste of time and money.

        1. Rahmo

          Kabir bhai i think man is able of multi tasking unlike monomaniacs. so no offense but i agree with prince ankit. I respect ur attitude bro..! kudos..!

  3. ajay

    Mrunal sir,
    how can the final cut off for cse 2012 for ph -2 (942) category is more then that of general category (936). i think there is some typo error. plz clarify.

  4. dark funtazy

    performance in GS paper 1 will increase by a fair margin because of many factors 1. mrunalomania 2. now GS pre and mains streamlined, so if anyone puts all the eggs in paper 2 will be for a surprise. in short GS paper 1 will decide the entry ticket.

  5. chirag

    from 1090 to 936…means papers were hell a lot difficult dis in 2012..with 4 papers of gs in ’13 don’t kw what upsc in store 4 us and 1 thing is sure pub ad papers have been given a very rough treatment ..

  6. abhishek

    well not to be foolish or anything..but then again..just to guess how much should we expect the cut off to rise this year?? say another 8-10 %…??

  7. An Aspirant

    Dear Mrunal,

    Can you through some light regarding minimum qualifying marks in both the papers?? Are Min qualifying marks and sectional cutoff are same?? Please clarify..

  8. Prashant

    I was planning to appear this year 2013 like the last year but in the light new facts emerged ( cut off list marks 209) it does not seem to me attractive to appear this year( even I am prepared). In 2012 prelims I scored 188 hence disqualified. As this is my last attempt , I have begun to get nervous bcz of high cut off list with regard to Preliminary. What are your opinions ? I might retrograde at the last minute.

    1. rohit

      @mrunal…would be thankful if you could share your views in a post..regarding balancing streamlined prelims/mains gs..role of optional..paper2 vs paper1 in prelims..prelims vs mains…sort of managing efforts/planning/time devotion to various sections of prelims and mains..

  9. siddy

    anyone who says just focus on paper 2..is misleading u..people who scored 175 + failed to clear pre coz they cudnt get 30 marks to clear the cut offs…if u score well enough in paper 1..paper 2 will be relaxing and comfortable to finish..
    u know by half time …which goal u have to score..

      1. siddy

        well im not saying its easy..but its not that difficult either…people do score 100 and more …but its about the combined aggregate..cut offs might rise again by 5 or 10 marks..so one has to get 225 to be absolutely safe..paper cant be too tough since ifos candidates are also giving the same paper so upsc has to keep them in mind also..

    1. ias aspirant

      in order to clear prelims how many questions have to be correct in paper 1 and 2 individually

    1. manukoleth

      @Grey Not in my knowledge. It would have already become fodder for cattle or fuel for fire or raw material for paper making[recycling – with the quality of UPSC exam papers I think this is a more probable one].

    2. Mrunal

      UPSC refuses to give mains answersheets to candidates saying comments/marks given by evaluator is ‘third party information’ hence cannot be disclosed under RTI!
      I suggest you ask it under R.T.I nonetheless and keep appealing upto FAA and CIC level.
      See how UPSC has now started showing everyone’s prelim marks and cutoffs- this has happened only because of the sustained RTI efforts of so many people, otherwise UPSC would have continued its secrecy forever.

  10. Greg

    Mrunalji, here is see “Last candidate recommended” marks of PH-II are more 942 whereas General is 936″ what is the logic, i mean how it can be more, i really though for PH-II reserved candidates there will be some relaxation. Please give clarification regarding this.

      1. Vishu

        Hi Mrunal,

        PH-2 is for VH.
        I have two questions. Please help me get the answer.
        1. As per law there is 1% reservation each for the three Cat under PH and why only 4 ppl were selected under VH whereas 10 and 20 for other two cat.?
        2. Even if we consider that only 4 seats were reserved for VH. but here all the four people selected have scored more than general category cutoff and as per rule they should be included under unreserved posts and not under reserved posts. What about the reserved posts then?

        1. kasi

          Vishnu as per my knowledge, those VH guys would have definitely got eligible for posts under General also if they were under prescribed age for General guys. If they are availing age exemption based on [caste reservation + disability reservation(VH] they would have got allotted. Pls, correct me someone if i am wrong.

          1. ASHISH PANDEY

            there may be two things either they have availed age relaxation under PH 2 reservation or they have short listed for the posts under extended Zone of consideration means in some posts reservation given by relaxation in some physical measures just as in ssc cgl post of excise inspector, preventive officer , examiner are alloted to PH candidates by relaxing in physical measure that that of others.

  11. kasi

    Sir, what is this PH-I, PH-II and PH-III. Please someone help, what exactly does that mean. I know it distinguished handicapped but how whether is blind, deaf or orthopedically i mean.

        1. kasi

          Hi Vishnu thanks for your reply, can you pls give source of this information. Since, i saw some wrong pairing from others. Please.

  12. Dileep Krishna

    The Decrease in final marks was the out-come of the change in prelims… Many are ignoring the GS and clearing the prelims with the paper2.. Paper cutoff has to be introduced :)

  13. jeevan

    hi mrunal, thanks for all the info provided…my friend who is an obc candidate secured final score of 911 marks and dint get selected..cud u explain hw cud her name not in the final list?

  14. J P SAIN

    Mrunl Sir,

    When I tried viewing my marks of CSM -2012,I entered my roll number and then its asking for password….When I tried for registration,It’s coming like you are already registered….Please help me out..

  15. chakamk

    last year the 2nd paper was much easier than previous year’s( there was no maths and only petty logical reasoning) and gs was of similar difficulty level. hence the difference.

    1. sameer

      no dude shivam you have to appear in both the papers otherwise you will be marked absent, dont take too much tension of exam focus on your strong points and do well. Best of luck……

    2. nmrata

      whats d use o ansin jus one paper……gettin 200 outta 200…almost impossible….and even if u manage to get…..cut off myt not be 199. u wil jus waste one attempt.

    1. dark funtazy

      yep shivam if you can score all the questions correctly you can skip paper 1. it is actually a cool thing to do which will herald you as the Napoleon in civil services prelims

  16. bhai

    the cut off depends on the paper difficulty.so mains was difficult and prelims was probably easy. so the prep has to be above avg to clear the exam.come on 12000 out of 260000 who appeared were selected so the marks for pre has to go up.but eventually has to be on the difficulty level

  17. akshay jadhav

    hello sir i am m.pharmacist and i want to give an upsc exam in 2014 for this i started preperation from jan.2013, but sir i cant understand which kind of optional subjects i can choose bcoz there is no any subject quite related to pharmacy.so please guide me for this.thanking you

  18. chakmak

    mrunal sir ,

    i am new to this website but already a fan. I appeared for mains last year and failed (miserably).While i know my shortcomings in writing answers what appalled me were extremely low scores in Pub Ad. It seems like a targeted assault by UPSC. What do you suggest. Should i change my optional this time . My other optional was geography but it never inspired me. i am thinking on philosophy. What would u suggest.

    Thanks in advance

    1. चन्द्रदॆव्

      Call @ upsc helpline no and provide them name ,fathers name, DOB. They will searchout ur roll no. Or u can send email to upsc.

  19. Pragya

    i filled IAS application form with general category…recently upper limit for creamy layer has been upgraded..now i fall under OBC category..Can i avail the benefits of OBC category this year…

      1. nishat

        guys don worry, cut off won’t go beyond 200 this year.( I hope so)
        When new CSAT pattern was introduced for the first time, many guys dropped their plan to give their attempt that year & they decided to prepare CSAT thoroughly before their next attempt(2012).So all those candidates who din give their attempt in 2011 gave their best shot in 2012.
        That’s why 2012 cut off has gone beyond any guesses (209).
        This year is a golden opportunity for aspirants. Many of those (4th or 3rd attempt wale) won’t take risk this year coz of change of pattern in mains. So Cut off of prelims would certainly not go high & moreover, this is the only year when UPSC is giving you full 6 months before mains.(Mains are in DEC)
        Otherwise, Mains are conducted in 4-5 months. Best of luck.

  20. Praveen

    I want to know how to calculate negative marks in IAS prelims, Plz tell the procedure and help me.

  21. ram

    i had written civil services prelims 2012.i forgot my hallticket number.How can I retrieve hallticket number so as to know my prelilms marks?

  22. Good !!!

    This is all anxiety…. To answer this situation… There’s something from “Geeta”
    —-karm karo… Phal ki chinta naa karo—-
    : it simply says do your job without expecting/bothering about the outcome , as outcome is not in your hands , as you can study but can not be control of its outcome of your choice.
    we always celebrate success and are sad when meet failure …..because for us outcome is ‘most important ‘ …life of outcome is very short …if you get first rank u will be happy for few hours to couple of days , same way if you failed …you will be sad for few hours to few days …but look …you worked for one whole year …and the outcome was always on ur mind so …did you enjoy the hours n days n weeks /months put in performing a job …say studying …we do not enjoy the ‘effort’ put in for whole year , we do not respect the work put in.

    So in bangalore lingo!!!!! — chill maadi (maadi – karo)
    Best of luck…..

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