[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category

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  1. Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam
  2. Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Yep, the official cut-offs for CSAT-2012 (preliminary exam) are now available (without having to file RTI!) Because UPSC has revamped their result-PDF generating script. So now whenever you download your prelim mark sheet (2012), it’ll appends cut offs at the bottom of every PDF (Click me for screenshot).
Similarly, mains mark sheet also contains the marks of last candidate recommended for service. (click me for screenshot)

@To the new players:

  1. There is no separate cut off in preliminary exam. UPSC combines marks scored in both papers (GS+Aptitude) and from that combined score, candidates are selected for mains exam.
  2. Marks scored in preliminary exam are not counted in final merit list.

Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam

CategoryPreliminary Exam (CSAT2012)Final (Mains+interview)

anyways, let’s compare this with cutoffs from 2011’s exam. (obtained via R.T.I)

Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

CategoryPrelims(CSAT) out of 400Final (Mains+interview)

As you can see, from 2011 to 2012, the cutoffs for prelims have increased while final scores have decreased.

chart-cse prelims 2011 vs 12 marks
chart-cse final 2011 vs 12 marks

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180 Comments on “[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category”

  1. what is ph1 ph2 ph3 ?

    1. different categories within PH based on disability like blindness, orthopedic, deaf-mute.

      1. sir could u specify which category the deaf comes and mains cutoff

      2. MRUNAL sir … Could you plz give your analysis for IFS cutoff-2013 this year for General catogory.

      3. sir, which catogary orthopadic comes in ?? please do specify…

  2. Sir,
    pleae tell me how many marks are deducted for a wrong answer in CSAT

  3. what is your observation regarding the marking in geography and pub ad. was it little tougher than previous year?

  4. thank you sir, for inform me to analysis cut-off marks 2011 and 2012. i requested to you that send answer of paper-1&2 of 2013.

  5. is there any paper wise cutoff?

  6. 53 in first paper 143 in second paper i belong to obc do i have any chance

  7. 53 in first paper 143 in second paper i belong to obc do i have any chance.

  8. please post your analysis of 2013 prelims and also the expected cut off.I think it was more difficult than prelims 2012 and official cutoff for 2012 was 209.what do you expect this year lower or higher than 209?

  9. Sir, I think,will get cut off around 205 in CSAT 2013(OBC category).
    What is the expected cut off ? Please do let me know.
    Shall I start wit main exam preparation ?

  10. Sir, I am expecting a total of 209 in pre 2013……What is the expected cut off to qualify for mains 2013….?

  11. sir u told dat 209 was d merit of general candidt .now i want to know dat 209 score was minimum score for d call of mains or a one who selectd in final list (mains+int) got 209.i m vry cnfsd since i met my frnd he told dat he got only 198 marks n called fr mains.plzzz tell

  12. i think paper 1 was more factual(history n polity) but trikky also and need analysis like in economy and environment…where options were bit confusing . and paper 2 was lenghty but easy . less pessage more logical part compare to last years papers 2011-12… expected cutoff would not go too far as 198 then 209… it should be in between again for general category also.

    1. As Many candidates who are 1st time appearing in IAS/IFS exam. are having score between 220-240. It does not seem the cut off to be 210-15… It should be 230-235 this year.. BUT it is difficult to cRoss 240 as 60% of 400 is rare phenomena in OBJECTIVE Exam with -ve marking….. More over it is a very standard exam…

  13. Hi Mrunal,
    Can u pl suggest book list for the new mains syllabus???? That ll help new players like me.. Can u pl suggest for sociology optional paper too????

  14. Some says that Paper I was easy this time, but it is not like that,instead it was more tricky then previous year’s pre. Also Paper II this year was more lengthy then previous one

    So Expected Cut Off should not be more than 200(GEN)180(OBC)and 170-175(SC)

    1. yupp m agree wid u ..so don’t bother for cut off dude juss move ahead for mains..preparation

    2. cut off last year se down hi jayegi
      paper 1 was not as easy as scaremongering is going on
      take any question in paper 1 and it is quality one
      paper 2 no exception,no. of quant questions in comparison with last year was more that will have a pull-down effect on the cut off

      1. WHAT about IFS for General catogory cutoff. Is there a relation between IAS and IFS cutoff..

  15. Sir, what was the lowest score in written to qualify for interview last year?

  16. I think the questions were very tricky for GS and CSAT was also not too easy, hence cutoff should be around 200.
    Those who are getting no between 195-205 should start preparing for mains..
    best of luck.

    1. Paper 1 easy but was tricky too. N paper 2 ws lengthy So the cut off would not b crossing 205 for general.Plz comment.

  17. cut off would be around 200 ,+-2

  18. i am expecting my score between 190-200 will i get a call for mains i am for general catagory please tell sir

  19. The paper I was tricky….questions like attorney general and others were confusing….Paper 2 lengthy… Cut off will be 205-210…gud luk!!

  20. I think 200+was difficult this time…how some one claims 350+ in some other blog…that’s rubbish and only “Tukkka Magic” can do that when options and questions itself took time to analyse. I am also very afraid of overall inflation of marks by TM. But some of my frend wid serious preparations says ….200+ was not very easy.

    1. consider 3 factors-
      1. number of students appeared- most were 1st or 2nd timers..
      2. Options in paper 1 was tricky.. Try same questions at home, they wil seem very easy, but in xam its different environment. And teachers of coaching classes should not comment on paper difficulty, its student who give xam..

  21. sir,what will be the cut off marks for 2013 prelims?????

  22. Hi Mrunal,

    It is humble request to you, and i am a bit tensed regarding pre-2013 so requesting your response, and at the earliest too. Thanks.

    1. If i calculate my score to the worst (considering doubtful answers as wrong), i am getting 58 marks in paper 1 and 155 marks in paper 2. What are my chances?
    2. More tension is due to less marks in paper 1, as I am not sure if I will qualify on so less marks in paper 1 even though m getting good in paper 2.

    Please clarify my doubts and should i start preparing for mains??

    1. can anyone please help me with my doubts???

      1. Dear Mr. Singh
        Never think about cut off. If your inner heart says u vl clear unequivocally u can start preparing for Mains, but dont belive in external heart, it will cheat you by acting on others words, so believe in your inner heart it will never cheat you. All the best for Mains…..

  23. If you respect mrunal please dont discuss cutoff here…
    OK lets start discussion… how to prepare for GS 4 for mains..can anybody guide me who are not interesting in cutoff discussions.

    1. Yeah even i need some tips…

      Broadly if u luk at the GS main syllabus, barring a few topics, they have elaborated the details of the various things which they used to ask earlier….

      So, questions from these areas shud be of similar nature as earlier…

      I guess newspaper becomes a critical thing this time…

      Plz suggest regarding world geo and world history portion…

    2. Dear friend,

      Ofcourse i respect Mrunal, but that doesnt mean i cant request him to clear some doubt of mine, as it will help me start preparing for mains exam and concentrate more, since waiting for the results will be a waste of time.
      If u have any idea about the cutoffs (individual and total), requesting you to share the same. then we can move ahead to discuss strategy for mains. my best wishes to u and all other aspirants.


      1. @Subhash: i think ncert+gs manual will do for world geo and for world history ncert+some material suggested by mrunal will help.

        @ Singh: I didn’t mean you only yaar..i was telling to everyone…dont waste your time start preparing for mains (aaj nahi to kal mains to dena hi hai ;) ). there is no individual cutoff so dont worry.

        anyone plz guide me for GS-4

  24. hi i m from obc and i scored 194 if there is any chance for main

    1. Which answer key have u checked ur answers with???


  26. Hi,

    I belong to GC, my score of both the pprs together is 216.
    Could you pls give some idea,what would be the cuttoff for GC.
    Your suggestion will help to take further decision

  27. Mrunal bhai,

    There was a question last time on Patharughat which was Current + History

    If u have any list of such non famous places which were in news recently plz do share them.

    It will be very helpful.


  28. guys…it time to move ahead….ab mains to likhna hi hai, iss saal nahi to agle saal….so, no point discussing over this…UPSC ke haatho me hi ab sab kuch hai…few questions can bring the change in the result…aur kuch sawaalo me doubt bhi hai…different coaching different answer dete hai…to ab sab UPSC par hi chhor do dosto..prepare for mains…

  29. Sir what would be the cutoff marks for ST category in CSAT Pre 2013.

  30. Sir I m getting 250-255 marks with General Catogory. I have applied for IFS only. Could u plzzzz tell me the CUT OFF for IFS 2013.

    1. you will get in

  31. expect
    ed cutoff for csp 2013 gen 205/210;sc 180/185;st 175/180;obc 190/195: for ifs 200 gen,sc 170/180 :any doubt call 08826270175

  32. ifs 2013 gen 185;sc 150 ;st 155;obc 160-165

    These will be expected cut-off

    1. Mr. JAtin ji Could u give me your contact number plz. I want to ask a few things

  33. please describe the categories of PH
    ph1 ?
    ph2 ?
    ph3 ?

  34. Sir, I myself is frm IIT Delhi. Many of my friends ( 6-7) who are from IIT Delhi are only preparing for IAS with one of the science optional. BUT as the news fr IFS came about having a prelims exam they ALSO filled for IFS.
    NOW they are having scores of 250-270 range. I m worried if around 1000-1900 candidates have fille the IFS OPTION also. THEN CUTOFF might be higher like in RANGE of 240-260.
    WHAT u say ABOUT THIS ……..

    can still it be around 200-210…..

  35. Dear sirs, I would appreciate YOUR views if u explain about just 1900 Science Candidates having scores between 240-270 out Of 1.5 lakh Science students ot of them Many are IITians…..

  36. mrunal sir…. plz help me… i was a general candidate at the time of applying upsc.. now after d changes made in ‘creamy layer income limits’ i am eligible to avail the benefits of obc category.. i get around 205 marks..its not enough for a general candidate to get through prelims..but enough for a obc candidate, right ?? Am in trouble.. :(

  37. Thank you sir


    i am ph candidate so can you tell me about for reservation quota in upsc exam..

  38. I had appeared in ias pre 2013 but not qualified. how can I know marks obtained by me in this exam. and cut off for PH-1 plz. tell me.

  39. what is the difference between PH1,PH2 and PH3.

  40. sir, please send art and culture notes for cse

  41. pls send me the vacancy of post of ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in computerscience/information technology

  42. sir i m score in uppcs prelims paper one 143 nd paper 2 162 so wht u thing i m paseed this prelim exam nd wht is the last cutt of of uppcs pls reply 9555666174

  43. Dear Sir,

    will you please give brief information about Reservations & Benefit for PH candidates. Is there any minimum requirement for these candidates.If a candidate belongs to OBC category how it will get this benefit.

    please provide information regarding this matter.
    Waiting your reply.


  44. What is the max score for IAS whe the intetview is only optional i means attend interview but not affected.
    what is the point where i am safe for IAS Without interview.

  45. please describe the categories of PH
    ph1 ?
    ph2 ?
    ph3 ?

  46. sir i am colour blind, am i eligible for IAS IPS IFS ?

  47. what is ph1 ph2 ph3?

  48. cutoff was 240+-5.Most people predicting low cutoffs are dumb here.They are ubderestimating the intelligence of youth in india preparing for CSE..Crowd from IIM/IIT/NIT/Engineers/SSC all are getting 170+ in p-2.Now the dumb humanities will always think that such scores are unachievable as they themselves cant score in their entire life.

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