[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category

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  1. Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam
  2. Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Yep, the official cut-offs for CSAT-2012 (preliminary exam) are now available (without having to file RTI!) Because UPSC has revamped their result-PDF generating script. So now whenever you download your prelim mark sheet (2012), it’ll appends cut offs at the bottom of every PDF (Click me for screenshot).
Similarly, mains mark sheet also contains the marks of last candidate recommended for service. (click me for screenshot)

@To the new players:

  1. There is no separate cut off in preliminary exam. UPSC combines marks scored in both papers (GS+Aptitude) and from that combined score, candidates are selected for mains exam.
  2. Marks scored in preliminary exam are not counted in final merit list.

Cutoffs for UPSC CSAT-2012 Preliminary Exam

Category Preliminary Exam (CSAT2012) Final (Mains+interview)
General 209 936
OBC 190 911
SC 185 870
ST 181 864
PH-1 160 858
PH-2 164 942
PH-3 111 802

anyways, let’s compare this with cutoffs from 2011’s exam. (obtained via R.T.I)

Comparison of Cutoffs: 2011 vs 2012

Category Prelims(CSAT) out of 400 Final (Mains+interview)
2011 2012 2011 2012
General 198 209 1090 936
OBC 175 190 1059 911
SC 165 185 1023 870
ST 161 181 1009 864
PH-1 135 160 1008 858
PH-2 124 164 1047 942
PH-3 096 111 0911 802

As you can see, from 2011 to 2012, the cutoffs for prelims have increased while final scores have decreased.

chart-cse prelims 2011 vs 12 marks
chart-cse final 2011 vs 12 marks

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180 Comments on “[Cut-offs] UPSC declares official cutoffs for Prelims CSAT 2012 for SC, ST,OBC,PH and General category”

  1. hello sir i am m.pharmacist and i want to give an upsc exam in 2014 for this i started preperation from jan.2013, but sir i cant understand which kind of optional subjects i can choose bcoz there is no any subject quite related to pharmacy.so please guide me for this.thanking you

  2. Thanx mrunal… u rock buddy

  3. I wish all my fellow brothers and sisters.. All the very best for upsc 2013.

  4. mrunal sir ,

    i am new to this website but already a fan. I appeared for mains last year and failed (miserably).While i know my shortcomings in writing answers what appalled me were extremely low scores in Pub Ad. It seems like a targeted assault by UPSC. What do you suggest. Should i change my optional this time . My other optional was geography but it never inspired me. i am thinking on philosophy. What would u suggest.

    Thanks in advance

  5. sir, u r doing great work….god bless people like yours

  6. approx how many candidates r appearing 4 d exam?

  7. join kar lo…..koi kam nahi hai…. u get a lot of time 4 preparation…..
    i am in ongc…

  8. thankyou sir

  9. Mrunal, please upload strategy and booklist for new mains pattern.

  10. Sir,

    I have eventually shredded my admit card.Is there any way to get roll no. of Pre 2012 now?

    1. Call @ upsc helpline no and provide them name ,fathers name, DOB. They will searchout ur roll no. Or u can send email to upsc.

  11. thanks a lot mrunal…sir..

  12. Thank u sir…

    Dear friends ALL THE BEST…

  13. i filled IAS application form with general category…recently upper limit for creamy layer has been upgraded..now i fall under OBC category..Can i avail the benefits of OBC category this year…

  14. Hell Sir…. I am little confuse abt the cutoff. Is the there any cutoff of indivisul paper??

  15. Is baar to lag nahi raha ki Prelims bhi qualify hoga :-(

    1. dont lose hop… just try ur best !

      1. Thanks bro..

    2. ha ha sahi bol rahi hai same feeling aa rahi hai

      1. guys don worry, cut off won’t go beyond 200 this year.( I hope so)
        When new CSAT pattern was introduced for the first time, many guys dropped their plan to give their attempt that year & they decided to prepare CSAT thoroughly before their next attempt(2012).So all those candidates who din give their attempt in 2011 gave their best shot in 2012.
        That’s why 2012 cut off has gone beyond any guesses (209).
        This year is a golden opportunity for aspirants. Many of those (4th or 3rd attempt wale) won’t take risk this year coz of change of pattern in mains. So Cut off of prelims would certainly not go high & moreover, this is the only year when UPSC is giving you full 6 months before mains.(Mains are in DEC)
        Otherwise, Mains are conducted in 4-5 months. Best of luck.

        1. “Full 6 months before mains” part is really motivating…thanks man HOPE IS ALIVE :-)

        2. looking legitimate.. thanx bro :)

  16. Dear,
    I want to know how to calculate negative marks in IAS prelims, Plz tell the procedure and help me.

  17. i had written civil services prelims 2012.i forgot my hallticket number.How can I retrieve hallticket number so as to know my prelilms marks?

  18. Sir, please upload/post the material/Strategy according to new pattern.

  19. This is all anxiety…. To answer this situation… There’s something from “Geeta”
    —-karm karo… Phal ki chinta naa karo—-
    : it simply says do your job without expecting/bothering about the outcome , as outcome is not in your hands , as you can study but can not be control of its outcome of your choice.
    we always celebrate success and are sad when meet failure …..because for us outcome is ‘most important ‘ …life of outcome is very short …if you get first rank u will be happy for few hours to couple of days , same way if you failed …you will be sad for few hours to few days …but look …you worked for one whole year …and the outcome was always on ur mind so …did you enjoy the hours n days n weeks /months put in performing a job …say studying …we do not enjoy the ‘effort’ put in for whole year , we do not respect the work put in.

    So in bangalore lingo!!!!! — chill maadi (maadi – karo)
    Best of luck…..

  20. what is ph1 ph2 ph3 ?

    1. different categories within PH based on disability like blindness, orthopedic, deaf-mute.

      1. sir could u specify which category the deaf comes and mains cutoff

      2. MRUNAL sir … Could you plz give your analysis for IFS cutoff-2013 this year for General catogory.

      3. sir, which catogary orthopadic comes in ?? please do specify…

  21. Sir,
    pleae tell me how many marks are deducted for a wrong answer in CSAT

  22. what is your observation regarding the marking in geography and pub ad. was it little tougher than previous year?

  23. thank you sir, for inform me to analysis cut-off marks 2011 and 2012. i requested to you that send answer of paper-1&2 of 2013.

  24. is there any paper wise cutoff?

  25. 53 in first paper 143 in second paper i belong to obc do i have any chance

  26. 53 in first paper 143 in second paper i belong to obc do i have any chance.

  27. please post your analysis of 2013 prelims and also the expected cut off.I think it was more difficult than prelims 2012 and official cutoff for 2012 was 209.what do you expect this year lower or higher than 209?

  28. Sir, I think,will get cut off around 205 in CSAT 2013(OBC category).
    What is the expected cut off ? Please do let me know.
    Shall I start wit main exam preparation ?

  29. Sir, I am expecting a total of 209 in pre 2013……What is the expected cut off to qualify for mains 2013….?

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