[Result] SBI PO Written Exam (Phase-1) Result released, Group Discussion & Interview starts from 3rd July

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IAS Mock Interviews
  • The written test of SBI PO was held on 28.04.2013. Now, SBI has released the list of successful candidates. (Unlike UPSC which takes months to declare any result.)
  • The roll numbers of successful candidates, available on in this PDF (click me to Download)
  • Congratulations to those who passed.
  • Those who could not make it in the list: there is more to life than just one exam so, don’t be a Devdas, prepare for the next competition exam and or whatever other career backup plans that you have.
  • 18th June 2013: from this day, successful candidates can download their Call Letter and Bio-data Format.
  • 3rd July 2013: from this day, The Phase II (Group discussion and personal interview) will start.

Importance of GDPI?

As per notification,

  • your written marks (out of 250) are converted to out of 75
  • and marks secured in Group Discussion & Interview (out of 50 marks maximum) are converted to out of 25.
  • The final merit list is arrived at after aggregating converted marks of Written Test and Group Discussion & Interview out of 100 for each category.
  • =As we can see, Written weightage =3/4th and GDPI weightage is just 1/4th.

But ^that should not lead to any laziness on GDPI preparation because notification further says:

  • The qualifying marks in Group Discussion & Interview will be as decided by the Bank.
  • The candidates will have to qualify both in Phase-I and Phase-II separately.

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486 Comments on “[Result] SBI PO Written Exam (Phase-1) Result released, Group Discussion & Interview starts from 3rd July”

  1. anyone have any idea of result date ?

    1. by the end of this month

      1. u sure dat results will b out by july end??

        source of info?

        1. source : one who organized document verification at hyderabad

          1. Thankyou Ajay

  2. I had my interview on 16th July 2010 at Bhopal, 11:00 am onwards. There were 6 people in total out of 11 (Why people remain absent for such an offer is way out of my reasoning.)The document verification went for 1 hour or so & I was grilled why I don’t have a French beard currently while my photograph has one .Anyway apart from this ridiculous reason, the checking was smooth

    My GD topic was “Whether MNC are DEVIL in disguise” .It was a fairly good topic & I put forward points like Glocalisation , World class corporate practices like 360 degree feedback & flexible working hours .Also I talked of Indira nooyi etc. . After this in final 3 minutes, there was an argument regarding third class treatment of Indian talent by MNC’s .Everybody put their points again, I asserted that MNC’s are invariably Profit motive institutions & will always look for maximization of profit vs. liability.

    After this immediately interview begin .I was second in number .Some questions that I could remember are
     You have a very high salary at your current company (I’m getting 45 to 50k in hand at Infosys, currently), which is also your first job then why do you want to leave it?………………I replied about long bench period & global slowdown which may result in pink slip, also about nature of work being more of technical when I was expecting functional roles.
    One of them asked me how will I manage to live in tier 2 & 3 cities as I must have been accustomed in tier 1 cities ,is anyone of your relatives is in Bank. Before I could reply, the adjacent interviewer said that Hid father is a bank employee

    Then the firing began
     What do you mean by God particle ?What does it signify ?Where was It found …….I gave correct answer of all the question except LHC location He replied it is in Geneva
     What are the reasons for current degradation of Indian economy? I said that it is more interlinked with global business as a result we are expecting effect ,they were not convinced & said to articulate more specifically .I replied single digit growth in mfg,agriculture being sidelined for tertiary industries ,pace of reforms being slow & service sector being depended upon other sector & global economy .He asked what about inflation ?I said inflation is more or less resulted from above factors only
     The question’s shifted ,next one asked me What do u mean by Hedging ?I replied .He asked Name some tools ?I replied Gold in nervousness .He asked What about options ? I corrected myself then by giving correct def of option .He asked what about forwards ,I replied derivative definition by mistake ,however on chided ,I quickly corrected myself & gave correct def of Forwards ,Futures & Derivatives . He asked me then what do u mean by alpha-hedging, I replied in no as I had not studied the term during my MBA-Finance & had no idea.
     The next one asked me what you mean by speculation. Is speculation good? I replied that betting should always be used for risk management & not speculation. He asked has RBI took any steps to control it. I replied for next 6 month RBI has put a ban on foreign exchange speculation & derivatives trading
     The last ne than asked me what do you mean by Reinsurance ,I replied I cannot recollect .He then asked how many type of insurance are there .I replied Life& Non-life .He then asked in which one will accidental insurance come ,I said that Non-life .After that he said I can go now
    Overall the interview was much better than last year SBI .Even if I’m not selected at least I’m satisfied that I was able to make a good participation
    I believe ours was the last batch from Bhopal.

    1. hey Ayushman sir congo for ur selection SBI PO… I have some confusion about cut off of 2013 paper…. they mentioned that objective paper cut off is 80 and desctiltive cut off 20… but they called only those candidates for GD and interview who got more than 151 marks out of 250….. how is it possible??? plz can u explain.. im tense. my exam is on 22 june, 2014… plz sir

  3. any body having any idea when will the interview and overall result will come

    1. Results will by published by the end of August.

      1. source of info frnd??

  4. i have passed sbi po written, lic aao written, uiic written and denabank credit officer written and the intrvws of sbi po and dena bank have also gone well so m fcng bit problem in selecting the orgn. to work with so kindly guide me mrunal sir.

    1. first of all congratulations for clearing all the examinations. i think sbi po and lic aao are better than dena bank credit officer and uiic respectively. between the two i.e. sbi po and lic aao, i think u should go through the following article posted by mrunal regarding the powers,perks and workload of lic aao and its comparison with sbi po.


      i hope this will help solve ur dilemma.

  5. Dear SK thanks for sharing your interview.
    “why do you want to join banking sector after doing b.tech.”
    did you prepare for this question?
    please provide some nice answer. thanks

    1. actually i am preparing for civil services. this is my third attempt. i have appeared for the sbi po because of the good profile and salary. i have not appeared for any other banking exam.
      my answer to this question is ” i want to join govt sector as i can make a deeper impact on the society by being a part of the public sector.currently i am preparing for civil services. i have appeared in technical exams but failed so now i am trying for banking job.”
      this is a very candid answer. i don’t try to hide anything, in fact i have mentioned it in my sbi form. they have asked me this question in assistant commandant interview in upsc.
      so honesty speaking i need a good govt job as of now, but my prime target is civil services. and by the way, the prospects of growth in sbi are great so even if i fail in civil i can easily pursuit a future in the banking sector and i will still have a lot of public dealing.

      i hope this satisfies ur query.

      1. you can mention about the other exams u have given. this will not affect ur interview. those people are mature and they understand that unemployed persons fill every form that come up their way.
        but if u r working anywhere and want to switch job then u better come up with an explanation. they may even ask questions like” how will ur job experience come handy in our organization?”
        i always tell beforehand that i am preparing for civil services and am out of touch with my technical subjects for quite some time. i have given this answer in 2 interviews and though the result is awaited but they seem to have accepted it. so just be honest.

        1. thank you so much….
          this really helped me a lot.
          i hope i justify myself in my interview.

  6. When is the result coming friends?
    do they have separate cutooff in int +gd

  7. m doing cs & in 1 group but didnt clear it even after 2 attempts,& also preparing for rrb/ibp po to get job first,can u tell how to study or schedule of preparation.how many hrs i hv 2 study in both these fields to clear it in 1 attempt .my xams for cs in dec.2013.plzzzzzzzzzz

  8. result out guys….i am in….
    thanx to u mrunal sir….congratulations to all who are selected…i got the new delhi circle.

    1. Hey, when was it published and where ? Please provide the link.

  9. yaar it was there a moment ago….but i don’t know why they have removed it…i have the pdf of selected candidates. how to upload a pdf here???

  10. Is it official ? I think,you can’t upload unless you are the host! Copy paste right here. Please.

  11. yaar i have uploaded the file ….download it and check ur roll no. and let us know…ya it’s official ..i have downloaded from their website.

    1. I’m in. Thanks S K. circle ? Result is yet to be published on the official website. So will have to wait till then.

  12. I m in as well…Bt how did u get da circle name..it is nt mentioned anywhr

  13. My roll no is there…but there is no link in the sbi website…where did u get the link from ?

  14. congrats bro……
    yaar both the links were there in the site…..but now the links are not available.there is another link for downloading call letter. facebook group have uploaded both the links…check out the facebook sbi page, my friend has just checked his result through that link.

    1. Sorry but i cant find the link other than the one you have provided . Can u please share the link for finding out the circle?

      1. it’s there on the website now…check it out….best of luck!!!!

    2. SK did you get any mail from sbi regarding selection .I am selected but did not got mail
      plus further now what we need to if you could tell me

      1. yes i have got the sms and the email.the email consists of the call letter only and no additional information is given. yaar i don’t know much about the process. i think they will let us know about the further communication.

      2. yes i have got the sms and the email.the email consists of the call letter only and no additional information is given. yaar i don’t know much about the process. i think they will let us know about further communication.

  15. So so soooooooo happy…Indeed da best thing dat has ever happened to me…Got Mumbai Circle…

    1. i am also selected and i also got mumbai circle
      did you get any mail from them?? if you could tell me

      and what further now we need to do

      1. Mee too….Mumbai Circle….

      2. I have received a mail that confirms my selection..Jst wait for them to make u a call or maybe dey might upload something in da website….

  16. Friends the final result of SBI PO is there on the website http://www.sbi.co.in
    n yes I AM IN…Thnx alot to Mrunal Sir.RESPECT!!

  17. North East circle wala koi hai kya bhai? ;-(

    1. I got NE circle …what about u ?

  18. Hai friends! I’m IN . Also congratulations to all who are in.I was allotted HYD circle.I’m from A.P

  19. I am also in -HYD circle

    1. good evng madam

      i have given my GD and PI in hyd
      did well in gd but little worried about my PI
      worried about FINAL CUT OFF for GDPI
      please help me out
      what was the last time cut off for selected candidates

  20. In. Allotted chandigarh circle. Thanks Mrunal for the help

  21. I am in too got new delhi circle………

  22. Bangalore Circle but not joining

      1. wished to b in delhi circle, n abv all i wanted the result to delay.. cant join before UPSC mains

    1. Have u joined Neha or anybody who has joined mumbai circle?

  23. i am in. Lucknow circle. if any one also there. mine contact 9456137746

  24. selected !! chandigarh circle but not joining
    Going for ias mains wholeheartedly :)

  25. I’m not selected :((
    will there be any 2nd list?

  26. can anybody tell me the cut off of paper in total and section wise separately…

  27. Are these circle fixed or can be changed after joining?

  28. I got ahmedabad circle but i didnt even opted for it…..:-(:-(:-(….ye kya ho gya. hw cud this b posible?

    1. This is all india service. So be ready to post anywhere in the whole country

  29. can u ppl tell me the no. of hours you ppl use to study in a day.. ?

    1. Hours don’t matter . Study when you can and where you can . I work full time and manage a home . Hardly 1.5 hrs a day to prepare. Still by God’s grace , managed to clear.

      1. then i must say u are brilliant…

  30. hey Ramraj i am not marketing for mrunal………please have some respect 4 the man u cheapo….. I am sure mrunal would never want fake publicity…… Roll no. 1110022288 dob 15/12/1987 u can confirm and also confirm that i am selected as PO alotted CHandigarh circle joining on 16th sept at sblc hyderabad……

  31. Sir in my result of SBI PO , i am qualify in all section but got o.o (Zero Marks) in descriptive paper, and many of my friends got zero in same, i can not understand how it is possible. either the have not check the copy or some error in result, what can i do now ,

    1. Same here ….Himanshu….
      Sir please clear the reasons behind this..

      1. other than sectional cut off have u clrd over all cut off too?
        for ppl nt cleared over all cut off they dont even read their descriptive paper

  32. in GD for sbi po exam topics are given in advance or given at the spot

    1. basically on the spot and u will be given 5-15 to think over the topic.

  33. gd pi topics are given on spot.

  34. Hello All,

    Why do you waste all your life in searching for jobs ?

    You will get job and will earn money. You will save money single-single panny and will pay taxes.

    Join Politics else do not give vote to others to enjoy their lives….

  35. Hi,

    Guys can anyone give me more details about the character certificate, should I get one attested by a gazetted officer ? I checked the documents that i have, i was issued a character certificate when i cleared 12th exams, would that suffice ??
    Additionally, i have changed my name recently so there is a difference in the name on marksheet and some id proofs, i have paper ads for name change. Please advise, Thanks in advance.

  36. Can anybody here guide me about sbi po preparation plz.what and how you have read to pass it successfully.plz help me out.

  37. hi.. heartly congratulations to all of you guys got selected.

    i have appeared for sbi po 2014. Want to know till when will be the results of written part will be declared. Also, interview date expected,. any idea..??
    Have gone thru various websites and got to know that results will be out in third week of august 2014. pls help me out with after how much time they use to take interview.
    also, pls pls…… help with how to prepare and what to read for interview?? MBA Marketing is my academic background.

    Waiting for ur reply!!

  38. i hve qualified sbi po phase 1 2014 PO xam and now i need knowledge about GD and PI…
    Pls help in perparing for GD and PI……
    I m an MBA in HR and marketing
    waiting for ur reply…..

  39. Frnds sbi po exam 2015 is coming near anyone knows the expected cutoff of phase 1 prelim ,for ex sc,gen,st,obc

  40. I qualified phase1 but not phase 2. Will i be posted in bank job??

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