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[CDS/SSB] Tips on Personal Interview and Conference: Dos and Don’ts

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  1. Before the interview
  2. Pre-interview preparations
  3. Interview
  4. Hands
  5. Eyes
  6. Sitting Posture
  7. Interview Questions
  8. Conference
  9. Process of conference

This is the second part in the guest article series by Mr.Ketankumar Patil for CDS/SSB Interview tips.

In the first article, he provided the overview of the various tests conducted during SSB interview phase e.g. PPDT, group discussion, GTO tasks. (click me to read the first article) In this second article, he is providing the tips about the personal interview/conference.

Before the interview

  • Your interviews will start from 2nd day onwards generally. Interviews are taken by president of board, vice president or similar rank officers in afternoon
  • You will be notified by CHM before interview, he will tell you about location of interview and where to enter and where is waiting room.
  • For interview make sure you are in formal attire and well dressed. Don’t ask anybody anything like tie, shoe make sure you carry your own. it makes very bad impression when you both have interview at a same time
  • and don’t give anything to any other person because it may lead to unwanted frustration for you in peak hours of your golden chance and may disturb your attitude
  • so try to be smart and well equipped
  • While going for interview make sure you are wearing chest number and it is properly tied.
  • Use neck tie below the chest number so he can see your chest number easily. And try to wash chest number on previous night but don’t wash out number from that cloth!!
  • When you will be notified about your turn of interview go to waiting room and wait for your turn.
  • There be electrical display where you can read plates like president and vice president
  • CHM will tell you who will take your interview so look towards that plate as your number will flash there you can move towards interview cabin.
  • While waiting for your interview don’t talk with peoples waiting there.
  • It can cause nervous feelings within you because nobody knows what he is going to ask and what are correct response
  • And plz don’t talk to persons who are coming after finishing their interviews. It may lead to difficult situation to you as well as the person.(becoz warning is given in waiting room that don’t stop in this premises after your interview.)

Pre-interview preparations

  • Read your resume in detail
  • Remember your PIQ form
  • Remember SDT (self description test)
  • General knowledge questions
  • Questions about your hobby ,  extra-curricular activity and your place
  • Your friends, family, school, college, Any recent incident related with your hobby,  extra-curricular activity you mentioned in PIQ form
  • Remember your  education, achievements ,work, and try to arrange it in chronological order
  • Iron your interview dress, neck tie and polish your formal shoes and carry handkerchief with you.
  • Don’t carry your mobile, wallet, wrist watch, any sacred threads, don’t fold cuffs, tuck in shirt and make sure your look as gentleman.  Use washed socks.
  • Do carry pen and blank sheet in your pocket(in case of emergency… don’t ask pen to IO)
  • Before going for interview take sufficient water, go for washroom and tell to yourself. You are going to get selected as you are going to speak only true things and you deserve this post as per your performance.

“Being good at interview is skill, which is quite separate from work skill”


  • It will be conversation with purpose. It will only involve only 2 persons IO and you. It is to check your officers like qualities and your nature and personality traits. They will try to search
  • Power of expression
  • Initiative, drive, tact, alertness, self confidence, sense of responsibility , quality of critical appreciation, clear and logical exposition, balanced judgment, ability for social cohesion , leadership qualities, moral integrity, social adaptability,
  • He will look some officers like qualities within you.
  • Planning and organization:-
  • Effective intelligence, reasoning, organizing, expression
  • Social adjustment:-
  • Adapatabilty, co-operation, responsibility,
  • Social effectiveness:-
  • Initiative, self confidence, decision making power, influencing to team, happy nature, resoursefullness,
  • Dynamicism:-
  • Courage, enthusiasm , stamina, determination.
  • He and his team checked you about this qualities on ground and on paper now he will check these qualities when he will interview you
  • This is just like cross checking method. As I mentioned about CHARACTER MAP, It is map drawn by psychologist about your traits and send it to GTO and IO …now this map will be with IO and he will try to check that version while interviewing you.
  • Interview is process very interesting in SSB……knowledge and manners matters with your true behavior
  • I will suggest candidates

“be true to yourself and follow gentlemen behavior in SSB process…success will follow you”

  • Keep in mind that he needs two way process in this conversation. As you will enter interview room he will welcome you with bright smile and sometimes with shake hand…… so give him very good response…
  • Don’t seat without taking permission and even don’t stand in front of chair.  Try to stand near to the chair . after getting permission thank him with good gestures
  • Non-verbal language is an important part of any interview. Often decisions about you are made in seconds, sometimes before you even have a chance to speak. Since body language is such an important part of communication, it’s important to be aware of it during a job interview. Positive body language can put people at ease and make them feel comfortable around you. This is the best position to be in for your interview and will give you a competitive edge.
  • Here are a few things you should do with your body during an interview:


  • Keep your hands out of your pockets at all times during the interview. Hidden hands often indicate you have something to hide.
  • Beware of over-using hand gestures. It can be highly distracting and take away from what you are saying. Watch your interviewer. If he or she is using hand gestures, you may as well.
  • If you are prone to talk with your hands excessively, practice answering a few basic interview questions at home, before your interview, in front of the mirror to get an idea of how you look and what is appropriate.
  • During an interview, avoid folding your arms because it can be interpreted as a defensive move. Instead, fold your hands loosely on your lap or place your arms on the arm rests, if your chair has them.


  • It’s very important to make eye contact. However, make sure it is natural eye contact and not staring. If you feel uncomfortable maintaining eye-contact for this length of time, try looking at your interviewer’s nose. A smile while maintaining eye-contact is sometimes the difference between a positive body language message and staring.
  • If you feel your eye-contact is becoming staring, it is ok to take periodic breaks, but don’t look down. This might indicate you don’t believe what you are saying and give connotations of submissiveness.

Sitting Posture

  • Your posture reflects your energy, as well as your interest level, enthusiasm and self control. When standing or sitting, do so with a straight back and squared shoulders. Slouching will give the impression you have a negative attitude.
  • When sitting, put both feet on the floor and lean slightly forwards. Leaning back in your chair will give the impression you are comfortable and may be appropriate towards the middle or end of the interview.
  • Sitting on the edge of your chair will give the impression that you are tense and that you feel uncomfortable, so you should avoid sitting too far forward.

Interview Questions

  • As you will seat for interview, IO will ask you how r you? how is SSB board? Do you liked this?  you went for
  • Movie or outing? And he will try to break ice and make you feel comfortable …get relaxed and proceed further.
  • He will ask you about you, your family, your education and some basic information in few question and then he will ask you 15 to 20 question in a one go and will ask to answer these questions.
  • Here we try to divide in 4 phases first is ice breaking
  • It will include which place you belongs to, how is temperature there, famous for, your name , meaning of name,
  • Second is normal questions;
  • What was reason for your low score, how you got chance in drama, team of cricket, how many ways to out a batmen? etc
  • Third is general awareness, problem solving technique and decision making
  • What is arab spring, why you wish to join army, what is happening in Somalia? Rupee sliding down? Who is CAG….some situation he will provide and will ask for solution, ur graduation related questions etc.
  • Fourth is practical knowledge questions or technical questions …
  • Don’t worry … no need to get panic about this… give answer about questions you clearly listened and tell answers in simple and correct. Don’t use heavy words he may ask anything about that word and if you unable to give answer it will lead to bad impression. During interview you must be humble, polite, genuine , pleasant before and after interview, keep in mind don not expose your disappointment or failure via any mean  don’t lose your ground even in tough questions. That’s key to success in SSB personal interview.
  • If you are asked question like why you want to join army? Then don’t go for deshsewa. it is assumed…!! Or don’t tell want to be like James bond. Be real and firmly grounded. Give emphasis on principal qualities, experiences, occupation,
  • Show your enthusiasm by keeping an interested expression. Nod and make positive gestures in moderation to avoid looking like a bobblehead
  • Limit your application of colognes and perfumes. Invading aromas can arouse allergies. Being the candidate that gave the interviewer a headache isn’t going to do anything in your favor.
  • The three best ways to get better at interviews are to practice, practice, and, yep, practice. The best way to practice is in front of a mirror.
  • Close the door, leave your ego outside, and talk about your key points and anecdotes while looking yourself in the eye. You will automatically critique and improve your performance as you go along. When the interview is on for real, you’ll be glad you looked yourself in the eye so many times. You’ll know how you’re coming across.
  • Don’t get nervous in difficult situation, try to solve it. Best solution to solve any problem is fragment it and try to solve it and then apply it for complete. Use your planning, organizing abilities. Avoid giving lengthy and vague answers to questions otherwise he will say “ATA MAZI SATAKALI RE.”
  • So  put yourself at case and establish rapport . your answer should be meaningful , brief, concise and to the point.
  • Make every possible Endeavour to avoid pitfalls
  • And don’t mugup any particular answer because no question will be asked exactly so don’t expect any question. Have determination and plenty of drive. Have capacity to work under very pressure condition. A common mistake that many candidates make is not being themselves. Some feel that they need to fit a certain mold and act accordingly. This will only end up hurting both parties in the end when your “true” personality comes out. You will be surprised how easy it is to detect insincerity during an interview. Thus, it is important to be professional, but also maintain your true essence. When you do this, your sincerity and genuineness will be picked up by the interviewer. This is one of the best  interview strategies to implement, and will go a long way in determining your success.
  • Show you skills, potentials and achievements and be gentle in complete process.
  • Remember IO is very senior person with lot of experience to interview 1000 of candidates so don’t bluff .try to make your interview productive, as it will help him to select a right candidate. Don’t show off things and don’t ask any question to him.
  • Speak in same peach for complete interview. Distance between you and interviewing officer will be more than 8 to 10 feet so don’t shake your legs and don’t do any moves which will give bad impression of your image to him.
  • After finishing interview thank him and close door very gently and don’t ask him how was my interview and give put you hand towards him for shake hand… enter in confidence and leave with same confidence.
  • You too don’t visit waiting room after your interview.
  • (interview will be conducted on any day between 2nd to 4th day )
  • And next round will be at last day this is


  • Conference is process where you will be seeing every member of board in one room and you will be there with them
  • it’s very great experience in life time  as you will meet more than 12 officers in a single room looking towards you, it’s very thrilling moments of life
  • I hope everybody who goes for conference will remember these moments for lifetime
  • I remember a shot from 26/11 where NANA PATEKAR talks to his senior, but here is something different  everybody in ARMY dress and in happy mood to select you.
  • CHM will gather you at a terrace of your board hall. ( I visited Bhopal boards so at other boards it may differ) and inform you about conference. He will also tell you don’t wish anybody than president your greetings to president means greetings to board. So do follow it. He will inform you about series with which they are going to call you in conference hall .
  • here you will be only one person entering in conference hall in front of 12 to 14 officers . Even sometimes he will show all of you actual conference hall so go and guess the area, your seating chair and all that details note in your mind. Feel free to ask any genuine query
  • Complete anything before time. Reach to conference venue before 10 minutes. Do breakfast before going there.

Process of conference

  • They will ask you to come in any sequence so be ready for your turn at any time. CHM will be sitting besides the door of conference hall and where you all assembled there will be screen showing chest number.
  • As your chest number flashes out go and knock the door, enter with confidence and seat by permission and follow same procedure as you did in interview. Wish only to president.  And look towards president.
  • Conference is process of not more than 5 to 10 minutes process. In case it goes on more time don’t show panic signs or victories gestures because you don’t know why they are going for length.
  • Conference is process where every assessor will put his point in front of board and they will discuss about your SSB and traits, personality, loyalty, team spirits officers like qualities, and if psyc. GTO ,IO are agree that you should make entry in recommended list you will get selected and if ur SSB shows some traits which are not required or unnecessary  but keep in mind that if you cant make it with this attempt .go for next attempt.
  • Next process will be presidents address… he will say thank you all for coming here and being very gentle and if you cant make this time do come next time and for those who exhausted with their attempts you can be good citizens of India and best luck guys and he will or another GTO will come and tell you result after your lunch
  • Same bus which bring you all from reporting area will dispatch not recommended candidates. so wish all recommended candidates all the best and ask them mobile number or mail id so you can get some tips for next time don’t harass them in meanwhile there process will go on.
  • And do prepare for next attempt very seriously.
  • My best wishes are alwys with you and I am person who got conference out many times but I believe our army is only institution where my trust is more because of its secular and impartial selection process and so I will reach for SSB next time too.

About the Guest Author

Mr.Ketankumar Patil hails from a very small village Palaskhede Mirache in Jalgaon district of Northern Maharashtra. He has done B.Pharm and PGDBM in operations. In past, he has cleared CDS exam, without coaching and appeared for SSB interviews @Bhopal center.

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  1. vishu says:

    mr mrunal although its good to give information but please don’t let anyone who hasn’t cleared ssb to post this article
    ssb is not upsc interview i would suggest you to please look for guidance from some defense personal
    i am recommended without any coaching and plz mark my words you are spoiling credibility of your blog by posting article of some novice
    p.s. i don’t have any personal Vedanta Mr.Ketankumar Patil

    • Mrunal says:

      On this logic, I shouldn’t be writing any article, because I’m not a UPSC topper and was given only 20 out 200 marks in Mains essay.
      He has appeared in multiple SSBs, volunteered to pen an article. I gave him the platform, if you or any other person has more to add, you’re most welcome.

      • sameer says:

        hahahaha…. it seems mrunal sir is finally fed up of all unwanted comments and decided to answer back…

      • me says:

        i am with mrunal on this issue.he is right.a so called loser vl have more knowledge than a so called winner when it comes to competitive exams.many toppers start a blog to guide aspirants and stop mid way as they have their personal is the so called novice who guides us all in this exam.being a novice doesnt mean u knw nthn

    • Parthasarathy says:

      Hi Vishu,
      Please remember one philosophy said by Swami Vivekananda, IF YOU WIN,YOU CAN LEAD! IF YOU LOOSE YOU CAN GUIDE!..
      Win and lose are part of our life,we should know how to take it.we can be the LEADERS as well as GUIDERS if we take all strides in the right path..

      And,Hi Ketankumar, thanks for sharing this fantastic article and i hope this will guide lots of aspirants.
      All the Best for every aspirants

      • Neeraj kumar says:

        ek accha coach apne zamane me ek accha khiladi bhi rha ho esa koi jarruri nhi hai..

        • Ravinder Singh says:

          Here I would like to give the example of God of Cricket “Sachin Tendulker”. He is an outstanding played, but did you know that he was never a good Captain of Indian Cricket team. This example elaborates everything ….

    • palan says:

      Dear Vishu,

      The article by Mr.Ketankumar Patil is very well written. He has taken care to explain every nuances of the SSB. I myself have cleared this interview from 19SSB, Allahabad. The article will definitely help the aspirants in preparing meticulously for their interview.

    • ajay kumar says:

      vist a page SSB SUCCESS MANTRA on Facebook , it is very useful and helpful

  2. Rohan says:

    Hi Ketan,

    Great Article. Your village is just 20 km from my place (Jamner). Your success will be inspiration for many people in our area.

    Thank you

  3. sunandini sahoo says:

    thanks a lot mr.Ketankumar,for writing another post & providing some extra information on ssb interview .


    • ketankumar patil says:

      yes ….,many points are same at SSB except some physical standards and INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLES difficulty and group task like snake race.. ….men need to cross long jump of 6 feet whereas for women it is hardly 3 to 4 feet….
      that’s the little difference….
      be confident and be yourself….. that’s key to ur success friend

  4. Chetan says:

    Thanks Ketan, Best of luck for the next attempt. This article was very nicely written. Thanks!!

  5. Bhavna Tanwar says:

    I have cleared SSB(women- tech) for army in June 2010. All India 7th rank in computer Science branch .Allahabad centre.. If you have any query u can ask me also…

    • shani says:

      cleard cds tlme abt ur intrvw xprnce…:)

    • Nishant says:

      Hello Bhavna,
      I have been conference out two times in SSB.The only reason i think is my lack of good communication skill and proper body language.Could you please suggest,how to improve myself in this area as it seriously hampers my confidence.

      • Bhavna Tanwar says:

        Hi Nishant.. If your English is not much good dat doesn’t really matter. You just need to improve your body language. Team spirit, Helping others in physical tasks, don’t show aggressive expressions while GD,n starting GD with intro will help you. All the Best

      • ajay kumar says:

        vist a page SSB SUCCESS MANTRA on Facebook , it is very useful and helpful

    • Tanvi says:

      Mam how intense are the physical tests for girls? Like are they really hard to clear for girls?? and if one fails doing them does it mean we automatically get disqualified?

    • mandeep says:

      Hye mam, i am mandeep my ssb is on 6 may,14. What points i should keep in ppdt round to clear it. And how to make story that really impresses gto or is correct according to them.?

  6. Krishan Ajad says:

    hey bhawna, i am continuosly try to clear the ssb from last 3 times.

    2time conf out . But i should n’t take coachong from anywhere.

    Atthis present time,is it would be benefitial for me to take coaching? bcoz i know every process & read so many blog of ssb & do & don’t .

    plz tell me ?

    if you can call me:

    • Bhavna Tanwar says:

      No need of coaching in SSB. If you really need some tips. You can refer Arihant or Upkar’s SSB book.All the Best.

    • ajay kumar says:

      do not go for any coaching. coaching institute people themselves are not well trained. All the books referred by Bhawana are written by non-professional writers. No book is written by any professional and competent assessor, rather by people who have failed or passed in SSB. If you qualify SSB it simply means that you have the aptitude to pass it or there are some other factors which have contributed in your success, but this is very clear that you do not have the aptitude to become the assessor in SSB. now let me talk about other factors which heps in your passing the different stages of ssb…….in stage one there is pressure on the the ssb boards from ministry of defense that when you are getting high reporting of candidates then why you are not retaining them for stage 2. but let me share my experience with you being an assessor for 4 and half year, the stuff which is coming to SSBN’s is of very low quality.Candidates even can not qualify even stage 1 exam but due to the pressure of Min. of Defense candidates are retained in high numbers. Another factor is the Promotion greed of Commandants (Major General), by making selection system little lenient they can select more candidates and project in comparison of previous commandant that during their leadership ssb has selected more candidates. The 3rd factor may be , when psychologist/GTO/ IO finds that out of 12 or 15 candidates no body is going to qualify then he may pass one or two who are border liner cases.

      • Bhavna Tanwar says:

        @Ajay Kumar He asked me what i did.. why are you taking it to heart?? May be you are right but you should not interfere others conversation.

        • ajay kumar says:

          not at all and i have been an assessor in SSB and i can qualify any day i decide but i served as equal to a Captain, so i am not allowed to appear. do take care of you……………

      • Bhavna Tanwar says:

        And you Please try to give an attempt in SSB. You’ll know how easy it is.. SSB is one of the best selection procedure of our country. It does not compromise on quality ,may it be number.

        • ajay kumar says:

          please do not tell me i have assessed more than 2500 candidates in SSB. i served in SSB and i do have a certificate of the assessment given by Maj General M.P. Singh in October 2010. So beta you are feeling little bad… not feel so……….may God bless you

          • Nirupam Ranjan says:

            excuse me pls.
            let me inform u that the book SSB Interview published by Arihant is written bu Dr (Cdr) N K NATARAJAN.

          • Nirupam Ranjan says:

            After reading your excerpt i conclude the following
            1.anyone who gets selected is only because of the shortcomings of his rivals.
            2.its more of a rejection process than selection process.
   candidate is fit enough to be selected on their merit.
   officers have to compromise to a large extent to select the candidates,always.
            5.being negative in approach & not giving due credits to the candidates earns u an assessor’s chair in the prestigious SSB.
            May God bless us all.

    • ajay kumar says:

      vist a page SSB SUCCESS MANTRA on Facebook , it is very useful and helpful

  7. akash singh says:

    Hello all,
    Can anyone tell me when the ssb for feb 2013 will be. Held??? Whether I will be. Notified via email as I have cleared the written exam…..

  8. Siva shankar KM says:

    Dear friends,

    SSB needs no preparation actually… It depends on OLQ, If you have it, “YOU ARE IN” otherwise “you are OUT”.. I have failed 7 times in SSB but cracked civil services this year…

    Give it a try with best preparation… It is a good experience… Even if you dont get recommended atleast you will not feel guilty for not preparing well..

    All the best!!


  9. Ram says:

    Great post Ketankumar!! According to me SSB’s are mother of all interviews. Those 5 days you are treated as real men, given the same respect as an officer gets. The things you learn in SSB’s is some thing that will last forever. Its not about getting recommended, its about the personality changes you get in yourself after coming out of the selection center. Cross culture adaptability, responsiveness, adhering to time the list goes on. I personally have given more than 10 SSB’s in different entries and forces, but didn’t recommended. As quoted earlier above, IF YOU WIN,YOU CAN LEAD! IF YOU LOOSE YOU CAN GUIDE!!

  10. monicabhishek says:

    im reading indian economy by ramesh singh in page s given that governments announcement of higher rate of depreciation will boost the sales of goods..can any1 explain hw it s does??

  11. ketankumar patil says:

    all the best friends……
    thanks a lot for believing in me MRUNALBHAI and giving me chance to contribute to this work
    ( thanks to parth,neeraj,sameer,rohan,sunandini,CHETAN,RAM and my dear friend VISHU ,with all readers of this blog)
    it will b my pleasure to help u ….

  12. honey says:

    sir i cleared LIC AAO….written
    PLZ PLZ help and guide for the interview.
    how to prepare , what to study..etc.

  13. doll says:

    Yes It’s true that depreciation often done voluntarily in many countries so as to make the exports better competitive in the international market take the example of China which devaluated its renminbi to stay ahead in the sale as well to get much of the foreign exchange
    Eg if 100 kg potato at earlier exchange rate cost 100 rupees because of policy of depreciation the other country can get it say 80 rupees then dis will definitely push the demand for the goods and ultimately there would be more sale of goods
    I think dis would do the needful

  14. kamal says:

    thanks sir, plz share the direct recruitment selection interview tips

  15. kamal says:


  16. SANJAY says:


    i have received a mail from SSB centre, allahabad to Report for SSB (cds-1, 2013) on 11th august, but i hav 2 appear for another on the same day in delhi which is equal important for me.
    Will it be a good idea to appear for ssb in absentee batch on 19 th sept, 13?
    There are apprehensions dat absentee batch is just formality, chances of selection r least.
    Is it true? Plz guide me.

    • PATIL says:

      dear friend….ur apprehensions r true.. never attend SSB in d absentee batch.. i was very confident of getting screened, in my 2nd attempt..but i was out.. reason??
      normal batch: 10-15 per group
      absentee batch: 40-50 per group.. my whole group was washed out..not oly mine.. all repeaters group were washed out..oly 20 freshers were screened in..@ ALLAHABAD SSB

      statistics in d absentee batch which i attended:
      total: 850 candidates

      fresheres:250 rest were repeaters..


    • ketankumar patil says:

      this is my original comment…..!!!
      decisions is yours dear……..
      if u read first article about SSB on same bolg….. u would get proper idea…..
      i will say prioritization of options is needed…… think and decide what is most important ..and go for it…
      and SSB process is same at absentee or regular …..!!!

      • SANJAY says:

        thanks for ur comment.
        I have posted a comment earlier separately

      • SANJAY says:


        i just wanted an assurance that there is no discrimination with the candidates of absentee batch.

      • PATIL says:

        ha ha..:) der can b 2 PATILs.. m not faking d reply of kk patil..m BOLAJI PATIL..ex-student of SAINIK SCHOOL..dats my personal experience…the thing is ur chances of selection r bleak in absentee batch..and i bet der is difference in normal n absentee batch.. it says clearly in SSB letter itself dat ‘it is advised and expected dat u avail of d opportunity with d ‘REGULAR’ BATCH..’

  17. Ram says:

    Sir is it ok while going to cds interview to have attested copes our certifcates rather than the orignal.will they allow us?

  18. ashok nehra says:

    yes, they will allow

  19. SANJAY says:

    the thing is, as i am getting a second chance to appear in ssb in the absentee batch which is not applicable for the Other exam i want to appear for on 11th aug., so i want to utilize it.
    The nature of ssb is so unpredictable that i can completely rely on it, so i hav to keep back ups ready.

    In your previous post, u mentioned that ‘if i hav it in me, they will find it’ whether its reg. or abs batch.
    So i hav decided to go in the absentee batch.

  20. Maharastra says:

    When i was in SSB Group Discussion in Stage-I people sitting idle in our group was recommended for further process,
    I want to know on what basis those persons(who are sitting idle) will be recommended ?

  21. Jayant says:

    hello frnds..had nyone recieve call letter for ssb of cds 1 2013 yet?

  22. PATIL says:

    WTS d issue b/w REGULAR N ABSENTEE BATCH??/:)

    REGULAR BATCH: if u hv it- they ll c it = no issue.

    ABSENTEE BATCH: even if u show it- they cant c it..!!

    after all its ur wish friend, do wat u like.. i just compared my personal experience of regular batch(NDA)..absentee batch(CDS)…. all d best..:)

  23. PATIL says:

    @KK PATIL.


    • ketankumar patil says:

      @BOLAJI PATIL..ex-student of SAINIK SCHOOL
      greetings of the day…
      dear i attended absentee as well as regular batches
      ….. its misunderstanding that they cant c it?when u go for absentee….. its psychological burden we carry with us and that’s called as “prejudiced mindset”
      and yes there can b two or many patils… but i wrote to avoid confusion of person who was asking question…
      best wishes to all forever….

  24. Jayant says:

    can anybdy tell me abt the cds 1 2013 OTA ssb dates???..plz

  25. ajay kumar says:

    brother i have submitted few posts above …………please see at lest once

  26. ajay kumar says:

    please please, see….above posted few sentences those are really helpful for you……………..

  27. ajay kumar says:

    do not go for any coaching. coaching institute people themselves are not well trained. All the books referred by Bhawana are written by non-professional writers. No book is written by any professional and competent assessor, rather by people who have failed or passed in SSB. If you qualify SSB it simply means that you have the aptitude to pass it or there are some other factors which have contributed in your success, but this is very clear that you do not have the aptitude to become the assessor in SSB. now let me talk about other factors which helps in your passing the different stages of SSB…….in stage one there is pressure on the the SSB boards from ministry of defense that when you are getting high reporting of candidates then why you are not retaining them for stage 2. but let me share my experience with you being an assessor for 4 and half year, the stuff which is coming to SSB’s is of very low quality.Candidates even can not qualify even stage 1 exam but due to the pressure of Min. of Defense candidates are retained in high numbers. Another factor is the Promotion greed of Commandants (Major General), by making selection system little lenient they can select more candidates and project in comparison of previous commandant that during their leadership SSB has selected more candidates. The 3rd factor may be , when psychologist/GTO/ I.O. finds that out of 12 or 15 candidates no body is going to qualify then he may pass one or two who are border liner cases.

    • debashis panda says:

      ur posts very well depict dat hw obsessed u r..i pity u mr kumar n i cn guess abt ur affliction vch frcd u 2 project urslf wid dnt masquarade to dupe others..if u wnt2
      help others n 2 chnge d whole sys join politics..dats wer u r gud at…

  28. ajay kumar says:

    never do emphasize on OLQ’s. when you know about these 15 Officer Like Qualities then you do mention them in your all three tests, it simply conveys to all assessors that you are a badly coached candidate. So i would suggest you never do even think about the OLQ’s. i further want to tell you that coaching institutes misguide you so do not go to the coaching institute. OK let me ask a question that, have you anyone ever seen a coaching institute run by a civilian psychologist of SSB. An army officer has a tenure of just 2 and half a year in SSB and then they get posted out of SSB but a Psychologist has a tenure of 30-35 years. These Psychologist posted in SSB’s are civilian Psychologist who are recruited by DRDO’s DIPR. Defense Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR)is the nodal and training agency for the theoretical training of all 3 assessors but a GTO who does not understand any thing about psychology exam of ssb starts teaching Psychology and Interview; and similarly an IO starts teaching GTO and Psychology technique. this is really manipulation and cheating. On the other hand a civilian Psychologist who has 30-35 years of experience of SSB does not open an academy. All the three techniques of SSB are based on Psychological principles, and a GTO or IO does not has any psychology degree in graduation or post-graduation. what they do do to impress candidates after getting retired they do BA and MA psychology from Open university or course. I would not name anybody but i know one of the biggest coaching institute of Delhi, whose owner took Voluntary retirement because he was apprehensive that court martial proceedings could have been stated against him. and today he gives franchise of his coaching institutes and travel in Mercedes. So the coaching people are cheater and manipulative throughout the life, they claim to be your mentors. so please do not join any coaching institution. i am at present an assistant professor in Gargi College Delhi University in Applied psychology Department, and have served in SSB for four and half years and then i resigned from the job as i never wanted to do a repetitive and boring work as you throughout your life are checking the psychology dossiers written by candidates. Almost same stories on BDO, Social work, NGO, and Gram pradhan, same WTO responses…………….etc for contact you may write [email protected]

  29. Prashant M. Padol says:

    Thanks !

  30. shailesh bhatt says:

    brilliant effort mrunal sir!

  31. harsh says:

    Army has the worst selection procedure and age old imperial practices….they don’t know how to attract and retain talent…don’t go for it, a person of below average mental level and above average mental level are treated equal and trained to follow orders mindlessly. Waste of talent and resources.

    • harsh says:

      They will have to change the old age practices of selection, make way for some aptitude and other tests and get rid of that 4-5 day SSB schedule, Army is a great institution with an equally great purpose. For such an institution to work efficiently we need smart and talented people who can surely be selected in a better way than the present.

    • anonym says:

      i agree..i qualified NDA in 2010 n got trained..its just waste..shit..nothing else..if u have talent..dont waste it joining defence forces as i did fantasized by uniform n

    • Ankita says:

      Because of these so called ‘imperial practices’, army is the most disciplined organisation of the country. These practices are required to get the best in the system and that ‘SSB interview’ you have to go through, well that checks your EQ and IQ both..
      If you don’t have it in you, I suggest you keep your 5 km radius from the place…

    • ajay kumar says:

      vist a page SSB SUCCESS MANTRA on Facebook , it is very useful and helpful

  32. ajay kumar says:

    Dear Student,
    it is not a very simple thing to tell about SSB in few lines and in few hundred words. It needs a deliberate and extensive discussion on number of topics of SSB and psychology. Psychological Tests and Personality assessment are based on a proper theory and hypothesis. SSB has technicality that is involved in it and let me justify it that it requires 2 to 3 days to get into the stuff. Actually speaking till you don’t know what is Ambiguity in Psychological test, what is the meaning of Apperception, types of responses in WAT (like observational,cliche, factual, incomplete, blank,suggestive and many more), what are motor and premotor in SRT and what is the logic and the role of insight in Self-Description, you can not be sure of your success. These are only few aspects on which it is justified that it has technicality………………….
    For Contact
    Ajay kumar
    Ex Psychologist from DIPR, i.e.Defense Institute of Psychological Rresearch (DRDO and ARMED FORCES)
    Ex Assistant Professor from Gargi College, D.U.
    now PCS(A)…..and posted as District Social Welfare Officer Muzaffarnagar, U.P.
    09999600826, 09457290028

  33. Baljitsingh says:

    i like this instruction by ketan sir…
    now i m selected for ssb from university entry scheme
    at bhopal,,, i want to know that very fluent english is required over there???
    or they are very concentrated on our english??
    or they required physical fitness??
    means in which they focus??

  34. Baljitsingh says:

    i like this instruction by ketan sir…
    now i m selected for ssb from university entry scheme
    at bhopal,,, i want to know that very fluent english is required over there???
    or they are very concentrated on our english??
    or they required physical fitness??
    means in which they focus

  35. ketankumar patil says:

    @ balgit singh
    thanks a lot for reading it out…..
    not fluency but good English is needed ,
    and about physical fitness do read first article given by MRUNAL sir and check criteria given… but no special fitness required…(no need to have six packs !!!)
    do read all articles once ,friend all your doubt come to end…still worried have a word here…..
    all the best for SSB and forever

  36. SAURABH TIWARI says:

    Thnakss a lot sir…………

  37. Basu says:

    Thanks a lot :-) Mrunal Sir.

  38. sourav says:

    sir it is necessary to talk in english in group discussion

    • ketankumar patil says:

      NO such need to talk in english…whenever possible u can switch to english meanwhile u can use hindi…
      carefully listen to GTO and IO….

  39. pradeep says:

    Hi ketan Sir,
    Thanks for your blog, it gives a lot of information for me. actually i am going for ssb interview on 9th feb. but i want to know that is english speaking must during the interview? because my english is not so good. please reply as soon as possible sir.
    Thank u very much.

  40. Vidya sharma says:

    thank you for those tips. there is a forum by name of which I think will be useful for all those who want to practice ssb tests with other aspirants like me.

  41. SHASHIKANT says:

    i have my ima ssb interview on 30 march but i have not receive interview letter .what will i do?

  42. shardul sharma says:

    Sir i really apretiate what u have ia very
    And motivating
    I hav also givn ssb bhopal and also a confrence out by the saem reason…)as i belive) ..i gave an uneffective interview….at the end
    i thanks u for imformative article………vande maatram :-)

    • ketankumar patil says:

      @shardul Thanks a lot dear….
      ou can take efforts again if u have nt finished age to apply and get success.

  43. gaurav says:

    Sir i think i have scored very close to cutoffs ( cds 2014 1st written cleared)…is there any hope???

  44. Nitin kakkar says:

    Thanks mrunal and ketankumar patil for this article , it is very well written and very helpful for me !!

  45. Vandana says:

    Clearing CDS written is very easy but SSB part is little frightening. I got screened out and now again have SSB in probably December as dates are not announced yet. Nobody can tell what are they actually looking for. The person you might think will get through may not get selected and the other you thought won’t may get selected.

  46. Sunil sharma says:

    Sir, it will b my first attempt for ssb at i want to know that why a number of candidates get out from conference…is this depends on the whole procedure of ssb like gd,group task would like to tell me whats the main reason of conference and screening out candidates??…and tell me about the ratio of recommended and failed candidates…plz….its urgent coz 17 days are left for my ssb..

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