[Result] SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) result is out, More than 1 lakh candidates selected for next stage Tier 2 (Plus ACIO halltickets)

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update: September-06-2013
Lost Roll Number
Goto this page (for Central Region). Type your registration number and it’ll tell your roll number.

Candidates from other regions, visit your region’s SSC site, there would be similar links to retrieve roll number.
Changing Exam centre for Tier II
It is not possible to change exam center for tier II. Read page 11 and 13 of the official notification, SSC has made it clear that:

1. The Commission will be allot the candidates to the same or nearby centre in Tier II Examination (where they had given Tier 1 Exam earlier).
2. No change of Centre of Examination will be allowed under any circumstance. Hence, the candidates should select the centres carefully and indicate the same correctly in their applications.

Job Profiles: Tax Assistant etc.
Regarding job profiles of Tax Assistant etc. Click me:

@Candidates of SSC CGL 2013 (Tier I), the result has been declared. More than 1,10,000 people have been selected for the next stage (Tier II).

  1. Click Me For SSC CGL 2012 Result PDF on (server #1 Google Docs)
  2. Click Me For SSC CGL 2012 Result PDF on (server #2 Alternative)

^Since SSC server has become slow due to heavy traffic, I’ve uploaded the same PDFs on above two servers.
On an unrelated note: ACIO-2013 halltickets have been uploaded on https://www.onlinesubmit.in/mha/

@Those who Cleared

Congratulations, you’ve to face another round of MCQ exam, known as Tier II (Dates: 28- 29 sept.) Made up of three papers 1) Maths, 2) English 3) Statistics (only for Invigilators)

#1: Maths: (100 MCQs)

  • The Trend Analysis of last three years’ Tier II maths papers, given in earlier article click me
  • Reference/Booklist remains one and same, what matters is lot of practice. Particularly for Trigonometry and Geometry.
  • On a sidenote, you can find some good questions of geometry, trigonometry in the previous CDS papers available on UPSC’s official site.

#2: English: (200 MCQs)

  • The Analysis of last three years’ Tier II English papers, given in earlier article click me
  • The basic booklist remains one and same (as given in previous articles), what matters is truckload of practice. Where to get truckload of practice? Go through old papers of Bank, LIC, SSC and CDS.

@Those who did not clear CGL 2013

Competitive exams are cruel but Perseverance is necessary, there is no place for Devdas-giri after failures. In boxing a fighter is not defeated when he falls, but when he refuses to get up before the count of ten. So, study harder, practice more sums, revise more often, reappear again and success will yours- if not SSC then IBPS, LIC, RBI, CAPF, UPSC there are plenty of exams for you to crack.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

638 Comments on “[Result] SSC CGL 2013 (Tier 1) result is out, More than 1 lakh candidates selected for next stage Tier 2 (Plus ACIO halltickets)”


      1. Sir mil gya hai apka roll no. ?
        Mujhe v nahi mila inform me agar mila to 9779487678

        1. ye central region ka hai…my exam centre was delhi

    2. can you plz tel me how to search for the marks that I’ve got in CGL T1? I’m not selected for T1 this yr& preparing for next yr but still want to know how much I secured…


    1. can you plz tel me how to search for the marks that I’ve got in CGL T1? I’m not selected for T1 this yr& preparing for next yr but still want to know how much I secured…

  2. what do those numbers under CAT 1 CAT 2 and CAT 3 indicate?

    1. it denotes the category in which you r.e.g general,obc, sc etc…

      1. but what is no. (like 4,5,6,7) indicates ?

  3. Against my name appears some alphabets like L N Q K, what does this signify!


    1. cat 1 is sc , 6 is obc, 2 or 4 must be gen and rest are ph, vh, ex servicemen and so on.
      and p3 is onlyfor those who opted for the post of statistical investigator or those who who left the option blank as has been clearly mentioned in the write up notice of ssc

      1. but according to notice of cgle the code 6 belongs to ex servicemen category are you sure about these codes written in your comment

  5. Cleared ….but cut off has been increased by 15 marks…..doesnot this strengthen the arguement of question paper leakage ?

    1. Going thru the previous year’s cutoff it was 82, 84 and now its 96.. This year the appearing candidates were not allowed to appear in the paper hence folk those who are are preparing from past one year have definitely scored good apart from the talks of “leakage”.

  6. I opted for statistical investigator by mistake. I have no qualification for this post. I also qualified for tier 2. Does it makes any difference if skip paper 3 in tier 2 examination.

    1. It is mentioned clearly in the write up that those who don’t have required qualification, but preferred as a post need not appear or will not be called to appear. In doesn’t make any difference, you can go for paper 2 as usual. Read the write off fully published in the portal fully.

  7. those who dnt have their roll no.. :(
    please can anybody help !!

  8. what is the meaning of QLY_FOR_P3?
    some one please answer.

    1. paper 3 of statistics

      what about marks?? they have just mentioned names and roll nos

      how do i know if commission has corrected several mistakes in exam and awarded marks in grace??

    2. Saurav… did you got what that mean….?
      are we eligible for all post or some selected…?

  9. what does cat1 cat2 cat3 (with their sub numbers listed there) signify?

  10. My name is in list 2.. plz tell me something about next phase.. Is there will b same tier 2 exam for list 1 and 2 or different


      1. sir i have qualified in cat 1(1) and p3….my name is in list 1….what it means…plz tell me sir

      2. she has got selected for tax assistnant exam only

    2. yes bhavna you have to face both math and english paper in tier-2 but you are eligble only for tax assistant post

      1. MRUNAL SIR ,


        1. yes aarti. Please prepare.

    3. Bhavna ,,same is d case here

    4. it’s mean u r selected only for tax assistant.

      1. does it mean we can’t competate for other posts pls reply as my case is also same as bhavna….

  11. i opted statistical investigator by mistake. i have no qualification for this post. i also qualified for tier 2. Does it makes any difference in tier 2 if i skip paper 3?

    1. i opted statistical investigator by mistake. i have no qualification for this post. i also qualified for tier 2. Does it makes any difference in tier 2 if i skip paper 3?

      1. dude i also have the same problem .plzz let me knw if u get to knw abt it .plzz mail me at [email protected]

  12. I have lost my roll number but My registration id is 51150218659. Please let me know how can I get my roll number. I want to know my result.

    Sagar Singh

      1. I am facing same problem,i had lost my roll no.but that link show only central region cities..and i am from north region.so please let me know how can i get my roll no.

      2. rajiv: can u tel me the find roll no. with registration no. for NWR Region

        1. manish click on sscnwr.org/cgl_tier_1_2013.php?proceed=yes for north west region..

      3. I lost my Admit card. i m from Northern Region. how can i know my roll number.


      5. Roll no. mila kya ?

  13. Thanks…cracked

    1. It’s ok many are cracked

  14. I have lost my roll no. of CGL 2013 , I do have the registration ID , how can i check my result plz help me sir

      1. Can you tell me please how can I find my Roll No. since my exam centre was Delhi, Northern Region for SSC and they didn’t gave link of admit card download like Central Region of SSC.

      2. hi, I lost my roll no and I belong to NWR but the link u gave works only for central region. Do you have the link for nwr?

        1. neha: did u get the roll no. if Yes then kindly help me

    1. download the pdf file and search with your name

      1. yes, but what if there are 2 people with one name? and the roll number u see belongs to another candidate. Isnt there any other way to find the roll number?

        1. no way,,better try next time koi ni hota hai

  15. i dont know roll number,so how to find it because there are so many names which is similar to my name in the list.please


  16. @mrunal sir when will the marks of the cgl 2013 be revealed?

  17. Marks list will be released in a couple of days….:)

    1. Source of the Info??

      1. Every year they are uploading marks like that….

      2. Hey sorry every year it is like that but this year they have mentioned

        “Marks of the qualified/non-qualified candidates of Tier-I will be uploaded only after declaration of re-examination held on 11-08- 2013.”


  19. selected but wat if not eligible for paper 3 statistics

  20. Qualified…. Thank you so much Sir.


  22. I don’t have my roll number how should i get it.I have registration number.Thanks in advance

  23. just a query
    usually in which month selected candidates have to join the concerned departments?
    ssc 2012 final result was declared in feb/2013. so is it may/june?

    1. The process takes almost an year to complete. do u knw whether marks of tier1 are counted in final score or not?

      1. yes, tier-1 mark added to final score


      1. thanks Anurag bhai..
        yes there are acute shortage of staffs in every dept.. they should not be late like 1 year..

      2. Dude who told you?? The Final result of CGL 2012 was declared in Feb-2013, and since then only 1-2 deptt. have given joining, others are in process. It may well continue till December and beyond too for some Non Interview posts !!

  24. what are do the columns:
    cat1 cat2 cat3 qly_for_p3 mean ??

    1. DEAR ALL



      1) someone from obc category is ex servicemen
      then in result sheet CAT1 will be 6 and
      CAT 2 will be 3 and CAT 3 will be blank

      2) someone from obc category is Orthopadically handicapped
      CAT 1 will be 6 and CAT2 will be blank and CAT 3 will be 4

      also QLY_FOR_P3 means: u r qualified for stastiscal investigator/compiler post and u hav to appear for paper 3(statstics) if u fulfill the criteria for the SI/Compiler post

      1. thanks a lot for the clarification

      2. thanks. I’ve been worried since last evening about my name being there but all other columns being blank.

      3. Thanks for the clarification.I don’t remember whether i opted for the post Statistical Investigator or not ,but i don’t have qualification for paper 3.Should i now attend for the paper 3?

        1. no u can’t..It is already written in the result that only those can attend paper 3 who hav essential qualification for that..

  25. Respected Sir
    I have cleared Tier 1 with your guidance. Can u pls temme is the marks of tier 1 counted in final score?

  26. Pls tell me what is the meaning of CAT1, CAT2, CAT3?

    Btw I qualified :)

  27. if you have yes under qly_for_p3 is it compulsory to write the paper

    1. No its not compulsory…

      “Candidates qualified for Paper-III for the post of Statistical Investigator/Compiler may note that they should appear in Paper-III only if they possess the educational qualification prescribed for the post.”

      1. Hi srinivas, even i was qualified for tier 1 for all posts , but i had studied BTECH electrical , where i got mathematics-1,2,3 papers in my 1st year but they dont include statistics, i kept my preference for statistical investigator in my option , but now i dont want to write paper3(stastical compiler post)will they cancel my exam if i dont write paper 3 but only paper 1 and 2 or they consider only paper 1 and 2 , please let me know correctly because if it compulsory i will write paper 3 too waiting fr ur reply srinu..

  28. >>In the List 1 after few names a Letter eg. k,w,q etc is mentioned what does that mean?
    >>what does QLY_for_P3 mean , does that person is only eligible for investigator post or all of them
    And what if he does not give Paper 3 and only 2 papers?
    Kindly reply

    1. These random alphabets are also appended in my name, and I don’t know what does that mean? If you got any updates on this, please let me know. There is E appended in front of my name in result.

  29. different numbers like 1 2 6, cat 1 2 3 are written in the result pdf, cud somebody plz explain what that means?

      1 = Scheduled Caste,
      2 = Scheduled Tribe
      3 = Ex-Serviceman,
      4 = Orthopaedically Handicapped
      5 = Hearing Handicapped,
      6 = Other Backward Class,
      7 = Visually Handicapped
      9= unreserved

      1. and what is this cat 1 cat 2etc

        1. If a person is sc or st and at the sametime he is also ph then they will use both cat1 and cat2…like cat 1:1 amd cat 2:4 like that…dont worry much about them…:)

          1. and along with cat 1-2-3 … also yes is written… what is that for?

  30. hii..i am from hyderabad..my name is not in the list..our exam was held on april 21st, 2013..does this include the results of those from southern region as well?? i have serious doubt coz therez no1 with 5115…. series..am i missing something??plz help me..

    1. Yes southern region also included…

    2. deepak what u are using here is the registration id (5115…)not the roll no.!recheck

  31. Can any1 tell me about the TAX assistant job../

    1. What about it? You need to clear a DEST (Data entry skill test) for it after getting the required marks in Tier 1 + Tier 2. Requires 27 w.p.m. typing speed. Carries a grade pay of 2400, in the same pay band as all others. You will get around 20000 in hand (+/- 2000). Next promotion= Senior T.A. and subsequently Income Tax Inspector. (Would take around 7-10 years) !!

      1. Bakwass job hai,,anyways thanks chaudhary bhai for information :)

        1. No problems. But why did you find it ‘bakwass’?? People ranging from Bank PO to Software professionals vie for it. Acc. to some it has moderate workload and ideal for studying alongside for further exams !!
          But that is for you to decide. ATB

          1. Chaudhary Saab aapne apne naam ke agay saab kyon lgaya hai? Kya aap lal butti wali gadi me paida hue the

          2. Hi Choudhary Saab.. I would like to Know one thing.. I am a Cat1 Person and My exam was not that great.. I could answer only 30 questions in Maths and I wrote my english very well.. at present i got through ICICI PO and i have to go on Feb 1st and if i go there it is very difficult to come out of that… I am waiting for the results of tier 2 which will decide my life.. I love to get into any SSC Post but im unable to decide what to do…do you know when will the results be out?? I am eagerly waiting for it… and one more thing.. all the tax assistant posts will be for only the ppl who are qualified for the tax assistant or all the ppl in list 1 and list 2 will compete for this post?? Please help Please and more over how many ppl will be selected for the post??? Please help…

  32. Thanks Mrunal. I got through :-)

  33. There are some letters written against my name in the list. Eg. L N Q K, what does this signify? Is there a legend available, so as to what these alphabet means?

    1. Hi Rahul,
      I have posted the same twice here thrice at Pagal guy.com
      no replies so far.
      This is the only issue bothering me right now although congrats as we do are selected.
      Please let me knoe if you find out what this means.
      mail me at –
      [email protected]

      1. Thanks a Lot Mrunal Sir for the Reply,
        I suspected this but my concern is that since this list is for all posts ,why specifically few codes are mentioned against the names of some candidates.
        It will be really helpful if you find this out and let me know,

        [email protected]

        1. Jitna mrzi khilao yeh papi pate bhrta hi nahi hai

      2. Dear Mrunal and SP
        Thanks for the reply. Seeing those letters, the usual suspect was indeed the codes for the job positions. The puzzling part is as SP put it rightly, that they have been typed against our names while not against others. Also the letters against my name do not match the preference order that I gave at the time of filling up the form.
        I hope u understand my confusion.

  34. which one is better: SBI PO or SSC job

    1. 1. rank/designation, future prospect, salary, no UPSC preparation => SBI PO > SSC
      2. UPSC preparation, cool life => SSC > SBI PO

    2. even for 1 SSC >> SBI PO

      Here you get power and money, reputation, 2nd promotion is Asst Commissioner of Income TAX (for income tax) Class I gazetted officer. I have seen so many people leaving bank PO with the latest being 3 years into SBI PO and joining SSC but not seen the other way round. This is govt job. SBI PO is semi govt. One gets to the post UPSC selects after second promotion. Through MEA will get IFS though after 15-20 years. The reputation and power can no way compared with SBI PO.

      1. I second you.
        During startup one might get less salary than SBI PO but in the long run “only salary” doesn’t matter as i have seen people leaving jobs for posts like Income Tax Inspector after having work ex of 3 or more years where pay is already around Rs 45000.
        Also almost all of these jobs(except CBI & few others)are 5 days work-typo so u get moreof “just-me” time.

        Anyways the bootom line is what matters more to you.
        “Every individual differs from the other individual thats why he/she is an individual”

        Congratulations people for clearing Tier I and all the best for the next round.
        Thanks Mrunal..you rock

      2. @ whoever,
        The preference may vary from person to person.Who said MEA assistant would become a part of IFS after 15-20 years?One may get handsome amount as salary after some years,but no one from the stream would get such recognition.
        By the way,I was the topper for the MEA assistant post (SSC CGL-2011,overall AIR–40 ),and I chose not to join.I even queried extensively about the post (visited MEA headquarters itself)and decided so.Reason was UPSC preparation as well.

        1. why didn’t u join ? u said- upsc preparation ‘as well’..means there must be some other STRONG reasons ! Would u mind to share them ? what r you doing at present ? any other job ? by the way, searched for your name in the 2011 CGL marks list ! found out that u had had awesome score in both English & Maths paper ! # RESPECT!

        2. bhai plz guide regarding strategy for maths paper .
          time management in maths paper…mera maths paper time me pura nahi ho pa raha hai…kya karu ????

          1. OMR sheet me gole bhrne me time waste mt krna. Iske bjai questions solve krte rehna.
            (Chalo, thoda to competition kum hua)


        4. *****Some Unknown Perk of MEA Assistant*****

          1. If you want Foreign Posting then you will get Foreign Posting, it totally depends on your own choice, there is no any compulsion by Ministry. You can spend whole life in New Delhi. If you have a jack/link you can also get home posting in R.P.O (Regional Passport Office)

          2. Salary- There is normal salary package i.e. Rs.37,000/- when you are posted in Headquarter. In Foreign Posting you will get US $1800- US $2900 [Rs.1,10,000 to 1,70,000 ] Foreign Allowance + Current Basic (Rs.17,140 for New Joinee) + US $ 400- US $600 Other Allowance (such as heating or cold allowance)

          3. Medical- When you will be posted in abroad you get elite class medical facilities for yourself and dependent family members. For Example- Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore.

          4. Promotion Prospective- Assistant to Administrative Officer in 5 years (If you clear Departmental Exam) Otherwise 8 years. Administrative Officer to Under Secretary(IFS) 8 years. Under Secretary to Deputy Secretary 8 years. Deputy Secretary to Director 6 years. Director to Joint Secretary 4 years. In small countries Director will be posteted as a Head of Mission ( Consulate General of India) Joint Secretary is a Ambassador level post.

          5. One of the Best Benefit-Assistant is IFS(B) Cadre post. When you become Under Secretary you will get IFS Cadre and UPSC will allot you a batch year, thereafter you can call yourself IFS Officer.

          6. An Under Secretary is entitle to get a one Servant Service when he is posted abroad. Either he can take a servant from India or he can hire from abroad. All expanses will be incurred by govt. such as air fair, medical expenditure.

          7. After joining your first posting will after 1.5 yrs. Foreign Countries are divided in 5 categories i.e. A+, A, B, C, Hard C. In Super A category there are New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Wellington, Geneva etc. In A Category London, Paris, Madrid, Mexico City, Tokoyo, Berlin Etc. In B Category there is Shikago, Warshaw,Zurich,Helsinki,Copenhagen,Vienna,Munich,Melbourne,Sydney,Auckland,Stockholm, Moscow etc. In C category there is Thimpu, Kuwait, Manila, Bangkok, Hawana etc. In Hard C Category there is Kabul, Damascus, Kandhar, Mazar-e-Sarif etc.

          8. You get Foreign Posting for a period of 3 years, there after either you will return to Headquarter or you will get transfer in other country if you want so. In Hard C countries there is only 1.5 or 2 year posting period. You can carry your Car or Bike with you when you get posting abroad, and your are also entitle to carry1500 Kg Luggage.

          9. Accommodation- In Headquarter you will get Type-III GOVT Quarter. MEA has its own Quarter in Dawarka, New Delhi. There is no waiting list like other ministries/department where 6000 thousand pluse waiting list (it will take approx 7-8 years). In MEA you will get quarter after completion of one year service. If you have alraedy completed one year govt service in other department, you will get your quarter with your joining. In foreign posting government provides 3 BHK fully furnished flat where all household things are available such as A.C, Refrigerator, Sofa, Bed etc. so there is no need to buy daily use things. Inadvertently if you dont get Govt accommodation on time then you are entitle to get accommodation in Five Star Hotel with your entire family.

          10. Child Education- In foreign posting your child will get education in world’s best university such as Cambridge University, Howard University, New York University, American InterContinental University, Hult International Business School, University of Notre DameRegent’s College, Regent’s Business School, European Business School London etc.

        5. Good to know that you were one of the 2011 toppers of SSC. Congrat !

          So how do you look back to that decision now in 2013 ? Just curious. Don’t mind.

          1. @Whoever,

            I wants to know one thing,that i have knowledge of German Language,so in case if i selected for MEA,will this knowledge of mine beneficial???

          2. Excellent ! just one thing … would you mind to share the source of ur info. ?

  35. sir i am selected for tax assistant if am score good marks in tier 2 is that any chances ssc consider me for other post

    1. swapnil aise swapn mt dekho

  36. @all
    please suggest a good book for tier-2 (practice set).
    is kiran prakashan book good?

    1. yes its very good, i just wish the paper quality could have been bette

  37. Is it possible to change the exam center different from that of Tier 1?

    1. me to want to change centre :-(

      1. not allowed

    2. Yes u can go to any exam center, in any state, although ur paper will be cancelled.

  38. Congrats to all who cleared

  39. hi……. i m nitin i lost my admit card and only have registration id with me can any body tell how i get or know my roll no..

  40. i lost my admit card and only have registration id with me can any body tell how i get or know my roll no..

  41. Please also add an option of date and time if possible when comments are published. It would help in knowing when was some comment published.
    Sometime I am confused if it today’s comment or very old.

    Thanks in advance & keep up the good work of inspiring billions. Mrunal your rock…….


    1. @ ANCHAL – it means you are eligible for tier 2 so dont worry and start your preparation for the next round All the best :) those who have “Yes” in front of their name are eligible for the post of statistical investigator for that they have to give an extra paper 3 .

    2. It means you are not selected to Statistical investigator which you might not have applied for.

    3. Anchal, it means that unfortunately u belong to general category (a category which sometimes seems to be a minority group requiring reservation urgently)

  43. I am dumbstruck to as to have not found my name in the list.I was getting 134.5 as per official keys with decent sectionals.Is there any way by which I can ask for a rechecking of my marks? I am at total loss coz this was my first and last attempt(27yrs).Any suggestions are welcome.

    1. You are found as Using Unfair Means by SSC.Brother,it happened with one of my friend as well.Now you should just remove yourself from this SSC & hide.Otherwise they will spoil your life by doing criminal case.

    2. Go for RTI online.!

  44. cleared for 2nd tym…hopefully will be this tym luky..:D

    1. U’ll clear it for 3rd time also, I’ve faith in u

  45. @Nitin – don’t worry bhai whenevr the admit cards of tier 2 uploaded you only have to go to our regional ssc zones website and by filling your name and date of birth you can be able to download your admit card all the best :)

  46. @ ANCHAL – it means you are eligible for tier 2 so dont worry and start your preparation for the next round All the best :) those who have “Yes” in front of their name are eligible for the post of statistical investigator for that they have to give an extra paper 3 .

  47. Hi i have lost my roll no but i have my registration no. i cant check my result because there were many names
    similar to mine. plz help what i need to do…

    1. those without roll no. and finding it difficult to access the result, do this. open the result in adobe pdf reader. once opened, from the menu bar on top, go to edit and go to search. in the search box enter your name and press enter. wait for a while. finally, your name appears highlighted in the result. all the best.

      1. there are many names similar to mine name. so its not helpful. please suggest some other way..

        1. press cntrl+f, put ur roll no., press enter. This technique worked for me

    2. Check ur region’s website. Probably u may find few names smilar to yours.If it still doesnt workout, wait for the hallticket copy.

  48. To All ‘ Not Qualified ‘

    Mera bhi nahi hua !

    Thodi si devdas wali feeling to aati hai, aani bhi chahiye, lekin soch ke tension me aa jata hu ki abhi devdas banoonga to aane wale exams ki taiyaari kab karunga …

    Moral of the story : Result nikal chuka hai jin logo ka nahi hua, Rone Dhone se koi fayda nahi ssc wale list change thode na kar denge.

    1. Bhai.. Take a Salute from my side !! :)

      1. @Rahul Hajaro sal to mar chuke ho muft ki ab uthan ki bari aayi hai to fir kyun jal rahi hai.

        1. Isi ko bolte hai “”Ek toh chori, upar se seena-jori” :)

        2. @ Sonia Madam Jiii,

          “Hazaro sal tak mar chuke ho muft ki ab uthhan ki bari aayi hai to fir kyu jal rahi hai”
          – jis film ka dialogue hai wo film bhi flop ho chuki hai aur dialogue bhi

          Morally to tu bhi oppose karta hoga iss discrimination ko par lalach hai ki jaati nahi, kyu sach keh raha hu na ?

        3. Dear ‘Rahul S/O S’ Bandhu I have countless “reserved-category” acquaintances, and some of them known personally to me, who come from 3rd generation Govt/PSU working parents. Where do you see ki “unki hajaron saal maari gayi hai??”

          P.S- I am not against reservation. Although it should not be extended on sole basis of caste. The downtrodden may belong to any caste whatsoever. If the concept of CREAMY LAYER can be followed for OBC why not all?


        4. Dear “Rahul S/o..” Bhai I have many ‘reserved category’ acquaintances and friends whose parents are 3rd generation PSU/Govt. employees. Where do you see that “unki hajaro saal maari gayi?”

          I am not against reservation, but it should benefit the deserving candidates only. There are many downtrodden in the General category too ! Caste should not be the sole criterion for reservation.

          P.S- If CREAMY LAYER can be followed in OBC why not in all others too??

    2. I truly agree wid u… Bt nothing cud be done.

      1. We can do alot… instead of criticizing reservation.. criticize loopholes in holes in reservation..
        We need to change our mindset…

    3. That too when most of those cleared would be from the creamy layers, if only our dear politicos had the sense of putting up this criteria for SCs and STs. I’ve never understood why a bank manager’s or govt secretary’s or university prof’s children would require reservation to clear exams. Simply beats me! So much for inclusion, this stupidity is excluding those who really need affirmative action.

      1. bro what about OBC……?
        reserved for 27%
        very much more than sc/st then why you dirty people blame only sc/st…..tumhare jaise log shirf puri lyf bhokte aaye ho or bhokte hi rhoge…

    4. Bhai 100 Likes for your Comment .Par koi Hamari Sunega nhi sabko apni apni Vote ki Chinta he !
      Ek baat to SC/ST/OBC walo ko dhyan me rakhni chahiye ki …unhe unke Hardwork ka Credit nhi milta .Unhe Open Category se aakar Exam deni chahiye .Jab Koi Naya Banda milta aur bolta he ki usne Competitive exam pass kiya he to ….sab se pehla Question Recieving End wale ke Dimaag me yehi aata he ki kahi ye Banda SC/ST/OBC se to nhi he :)

      1. bhai agar reservation khatam bhi kr de toh bhi tera khin nhi hoga kyon ki tere jaise shirf bhokte aye h or bhokte hi rhenge ye reservation sadiyo se chalta aya h or chalta hi rahega tu logo k cmnt hi like krta rahega life time

      2. try to explore the country first.. people who belong to SC/OBC/ST cant get the jobs in private sector. They dont have any reservation in pvt. sector. What they have is only they can apply and fit themselves for public sector jobs.And you cant say ki candidate ka selection hua to isi category ka hoga. general wale jalte hain jab sc/st/obc walo ka selectn hota hai. Employment is not only for general category people, so you shud undrstand the need of sc/st/obc people.

        1. Job Lena hi he to Race me Jeet kar lo na…..Puri Zindagi Khus Rahoge ! Is tarah Reserved Category se Job Lekar Kya Khusi Milegi :)Scholarship bhi lo aur Cut off Marks ki Bejetti bhi karo :)

          1. Yr tum jaise log bate krte hai kam km krte hai yr study kro aur sb chodo
            Ab ky mt sochna ke main gen. Nhe hon.

      3. But reservation benefits are being taken by only 5-10%among sc/st ..if politician focus on remaining 90% ..they will surely get more votes..

    5. Rahul..full sympathy with you for being unfortunate in ssc tier 1.Better luck in future.
      Now regarding your comment wrt cut off..”SSC ko meri mahtvpoorna salah..” wala
      pehli baat to yeh ki this is not a forum to address SSC…
      secondly…i totally agree wid you that there is something terribly wrong with reservation criteria but then that won’t change a bit by you bringing out your frustration here. haan ye zarur ho sakta hai ki it may offend someone from category.
      So its my humble request to you as well as to everybody else here that please lets not fight with each other like this,because if we keep on fighting like this then how this so called “social divide” will go out from our society.
      ALL THE BEST Buddy.

      1. Apna ‘luck’ apne paas rakhiye sahab,hum mehnat karne wale log hai haa thoda samay avashya lagta hai…
        jaha tak salah likhne ki baat hai, sorry bro, you are not the paramount authority to grant me permission so as to where should I write my view or whom should I address at which platform… Bind yourself with your strict regulations, try to spare me..

        Aur haa, I am not frustrated ( I am still laughing at your comment ! ), and yes, it may offend someone from category ? Did I abuse anyone ? If someone is getting free benefits just because of his name (not on financial basis) and I and others are enunciating it then where does this ‘offence’ thing comes to the picture ?

        Do not divert the basic idea by terming it as an ‘offence’

        All the best to you too …

        1. May God keep you laughing always:-)

          1. There used to be a time when competitive exams were attended by candidates.
            Now,It is no less a battle,competition has become severe.We all are warrior.
            Your competition is against those whose potentials are also not known.
            So cut off prediction does not make any sense.
            The only thing which can be done is to give your best and always
            belief in this statement
            “I don’t know whether I am the best or not but I know
            very well that I am amongst the best”.

            All the best for those who have cleared and Best of luck for those who missed!!!

          2. Yes Bittu I know that u r not the best but I also know very well that u r not amongst the best.

        2. I belong OBC category, But i m totally against reservation on the basis of Caste. Economic backwardness should only be the basis for reservation in govt. job. Although reservation criteria on the basis of caste was good in at time of independence bcoz of our society’s behavior towards those who belong to lower caste. But in current scenario those type of discrimination exist only in some backward region like north east state, and some south east state or mostly in villages. Therefore in my opinion reservation on the basis of caste should be abolished from metropolitan cities or more developed region. But adopting different criteria to different region will create more problem in society ( in form of strikes, political parties etc.) that is why our govt. is continuing with this current reservation system, which has more pros than cons. But in future we may say change in constitution.
          Now on SSC CGL result issue it is not there fault that gen < reserve category , becoz rules states that if res category candidate scores more than general cutoff then he/ she should be treated as general category. And co-incidentally my name is too Rahul ,

      2. hi Rahul & Mr No offence
        i thought it was very important for a categoried person to comment on this.I absolutely agree with Rahul that the reservation system has completely failed us both, reserved & unreserved. And it needs a whole lot of reforms.But there are certain sections of societies who really need upliftment, it is just another thing that right people are not getting benefits.
        For that we have to be the part of the system to cover these loop holes. I know we will to do it together.
        i appreciate the views of Mr No Offence.

    6. i m in ur category bt dude we knw dis reality since long…so better put hardwork inspite of blaming others on ur failure..we all knw tht we hv to score more marks thn reserved catg…so u must be lacking somewhere in ur efforts…..

      1. dis reply is for failed ssc n i like ur pt mr. no offence…nice thought …social divide is created by us n cud be remove by us only…..

    7. Rahul Bhaai,,baalak ho abhi tum thoda polity,history bhi padho,,kaam ayega constructive views dene mein abt society nd reservation,,,though i m in general category,,this is jst a feeling of jealousy on ur side,,agar unka reservation kraakey open competion hoga unka toh hoga ya nahi tumhara phir bhi cutt off ni niklegaa iss attitude se,,phir kissey jalogey

      1. I want to add: sociology -NCERT 11 and 12- I’m sure if you read these books (with little chance)- your views will be changed

      2. @pm
        You and your bogus saurav’s comment, read first line nothing notable
        Advice : GROW UP
        Thankyou and all the best for your tier ii, you need luck though !

        1. therefore i called it- “little chance”
          god bless you.
          dont eat chicken and dont drink wine.

          1. Will that make everything fine ?

          2. Rahul bhaai all d best to you too for upcoming exams :)
            ADVICE-Just focus on ur study nd have competion with urself

          3. Rahul, ek advice meri trf se bhi – apna sir (head) truck ke tyre ke neeche de dena. fir dekho kaise dimag me bhra sara kchra bahr ata hai. Ur welcome

    8. Bittu,,,bhaai have some calmness ,,;)

      1. Just kidding P.M bhai

        1. Ha ha ! Anything else bitch !

  49. thankx @ mrunal sir for ur guidance

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