[Result] UPSC Prelims 2013 result is out for Civil service and Forest Service

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Finally, UPSC has declared the result for CSAT-prelim-2013 (for both IAS and IFS). Earlier The result system was= you enter your roll number and the UPSC website would tell you whether you’ve passed or not. But this time, UPSC adopted the desi method (uploaded PDF file that contains big list of roll numbers)

I’m uploading the same PDF files on google docs (because UPSC server will become slow as hell for a few days). click on the following links:

  1. Result: IAS/IPS/Civil Service candidates: click me to see result (~15000 selected)
  2. Result: IFS candidates: click me to see result (~1000 selected)
  3. Forgot roll number?Click me but you’ll need registration id

@Those who didn’t qualify

Try again next year with full strength, rectifying whatever shortcomings you had in your preparation. And if this was your last attempt, then my best wishes for all your future endeavors.

Back in 2010, a lady from Chennai committed suicide for failing in prelims, Even in CSE-2012 a guy from Banglore committed suicide. Please remember that setbacks and success will come but life is more precious than one exam, government job, girlfriend, boyfriend or (temporary) nagging of parents/relatives.

I take the liberty of copy pasting a few paragraphs from Mr.Tirumala’s blogspot:

//Start of copypaste//

When I started (UPSC preparation), I always dreamt about what I would do once I am a civil servant. I failed the first time. That’s when things changed. Thereafter, I was more concerned about how to clear this exam than about what I would do once I become a civil servant. The question as to ‘why’ I wanted to be a civil servant was relegated to some back corner of my mind. It was the exam and it was me. Years rolled by. Until this happened. I was too old for this exam and out of attempts.

(So) I am back in industry. My career is progressing well. Biwi and baby are fine. Life has changed. Priorities have changed. And I am moving on.

The job, the workload, project deadlines, cafeteria, cubicle, bitching about the HR policies and the wait for the next weekend. It’s all there. However, there’s one difference. I had the courage to risk it all. I once did. I lost the bet. And I know that I have the courage to build my dreams once more. Brick by brick, I will build. I believe this is my takeaway from this exam, where I didn’t, ‘qualify’…….I spent a lot of time wondering why I didn’t make it to civil services. I thought I will carry the burden of this failure all my life and will never get over this….That’s not so. I moved on, (and) quite well to my own surprise, I must say. In retrospect it looks so stupid of me to even think that I failed. I now look back with a smile…It must have been fun while it lasted. I now work in the field of aerospace with one of the biggest aeroplane makers in world, and I am proud to be an engineer.


//end of copypaste//

@Those who qualified in CSAT 2013

Congratulations. What next?= You’ll have to fill up a separate form for the mains examination known as DAF (Detailed application form)

It will be an online application form, you fill it up, take printout and post it to UPSC, New Delhi along with photocopies of necessary documents and fees.


IAS/Civil Service

IFS (Forest service)

UPSC will upload DAF form on20 August3 August
Last date to fill online DAF form10 Sept.20 August
last date to send printed DAF form to UPSC18 Sept.30 August
mains starts from1st December3rd October
hallticket and Mains time-table2-3 weeks before exam2-3 weeks before exam

For any doubts call the helpline of UPSC: 011-23385271, 011-23098543 or 011-23381125

By the way, Result of Roll Nos.290376, 722998 and 783890 have been withheld on Court direction.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

1,254 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Prelims 2013 result is out for Civil service and Forest Service”

  1. there was a news in hindustan (hindi)newspaper regarding sectional cutoff approach that upsc is going to adopt…..

    1. hey khushi…
      maine bhi aisa suna tha…that upsc will consider some criteria in paper-1…as qualifying then paper -2 will be evaluate,,as lot f candidate do not a gud in p-1…but p-2 ki watt laga dete hain!!!

      1. but i hv read in newspaper of july 2013…..

        1. yaa…agree with u….

  2. Behind every successful story there are many failures…:)

  3. dear frnzs…
    best of luck to selected as well as non selected…we all are sure that ”kal fir se ek naya suraj hoga , kal fir se ek naya din hoga…raahi tha raahi hun,,mujhe to har dagar par chalna hoga!!!!!

  4. Cleared! Was expecting 260+.
    On perusal of the comments made above, I believe the cut-off to be around 225-230.
    Congratulations to all who cleared. And for those who couldn’t, don’t lose hope is the moral of the story. Aim to score 150+ in paper II and 100-110 in paper I next time. (To be sure, assuming that questions will on a similar pattern).
    Good Luck Everyone (including me)!

  5. i lost my hall ticket for upsc civil serv 2013 pre,and now not getting any info about results pls guide me.

    1. check your email id,over there they sent you roll number for taking he print out.

  6. thank you sir.Don’t clear. My attempt was first. My second paper was low so i didn’t qualify.

  7. Is the link posted ‘3. Forgot roll number?Click me but you’ll need registration id’ working?
    I have been trying since morning, it says ‘Server is too Busy, Please try after some time.’

    1. i have been facing the same problem is there any other way to check out roll number i have lost admit card but have registration number

        1. no one replying I tried too.i guess th link is expired,is there any other way,anything published with name list or something

      1. u might hav written ur role no. inside the box provided at question paper during exam. So find out ur question paper

  8. wrote mains in my first two attempts, failed to clear 2012 and this year prelims.despite reservation i could not make it….i am really poor at aptitude….such an easy paper cud attempt only 52 questions and get 110.

  9. Please could somebody check if Roll No. 204044 is there on the list?

    1. Sorry you didn’t make it.

      1. sir please help me i lost my admit card…my registeration no.is 11316948960…i haven’t written on my ans sheet either…my dob…8th october 1991

  10. Cleared…expecting around 230, obc cat…

  11. I had appread in IAS pre.2013 but not qualified . I want to know my marks obtained in thish Exam. & cot off for PH-1

  12. this article is written by athrava pandey on the behalf of alok pandey

    Dear aspirants, for UPSC CSE think What, when, why & of the news and as mrunal said there is no one who can score 400/400 so, keep dedicating & motivating .

    alok kumar

    BA & MA history hindi medium failed 3 prelims selected in last attempt

    IAS 2006 batch

  13. I had apeared in IAS pre 2013 but not qualified. I want to know my marks obtained in thish exam. plz.tell me procedure & cut off IAS pre, 2013

    1. hi nidhi. Upsc will declare cutoff marks,individual marks and answer keys in may 2014 or so. You have to wait till then. Upsc wont consider any rti in this regard.

  14. i made 220 ..i was expecting to clear pre but couldnt …guys wat u think wat was the cut off for gen


      1. was expecting 230 but didnt clear

  15. Thanks Mrunal for the hard work that you have put in your blogs.Your blog has been a real god sent for many people who dont have access to reputed coaching institutes or facilities.
    I and many other aspirants like me owe my success entirely to you.Had it not been for your simplified and insightful takes on various topics it would have been much difficult for me.With just a modicum of job completed and the major hurdle still lying tall,I and many others beset our eyes on you for further guidance.

  16. Mrunal sir pls come up with the cut off marks of all the category..

  17. hey mrunal sir thanks for yours stuff,i have cleared this pre exam n my 1st attempt without any coaching so please update the main strategy asap and i wanna say that dear all dnt loose hope go 4 next and harder…..

  18. my roll is 323991

  19. sorry i have entered worng roll no . my roll is 329391. please

    1. Sorry, you didn’t make it.

  20. first of all i would take this opportunity to congrats our senior who make it …..as i m preparing so need overwhelm guidance by you respected seniors!!so if u have an important clue let us know ….it’s really great blessing for me & many like me (freshers)….
    once again i wish u all ….gud luck for future endeavour…

  21. I m Failed… I will succeed not immediately but definitely..

  22. There are no grey areas in upsc, U either make it or not..those of U couldn’t qualify have lost it seriously(includin myself) & thers no point in cribbing..for d last attempting candidates I believe U form that 1% of d educated population who knows almost everything abt d world,India give a run to those pseudo intellectuals. Labour never goes in vain,it will help U somwher at any other time. Make the best use of d knowledge u’ve gained in this quest of becoming an ias officer.all d best :)

  23. did sectional ( individual) cutoff take place this year… any body tell me plz….. coz my score was about 70+160 (according to various answer keys available at net) but not cleared….

    1. No kishor as mine was 81 and 180….and i cleared

    2. kishor sir sectional cut off tou nae hai many people have confirmed it through realiable sources. combined cut hi jada gae hai most probably .i ws also expecting 238 but cudnt make it(general cdt)

  24. I am 25 yrs old currently.I worked for 2 and half years,left that very well paid job in March 2012.Started preparing on my own with the help of a senior friend/online blogs/coaching material etc.

    I didn’t qualify in my very 1st attempt,scored 230 according to most of the keys.I will turn 26 this december.Despite failure i can motivate myself and take this exam again fr 2014 seriously.But i am in a dilemma should i go for it or look for alternate avenues given the extreme uncertainty/difficulty in this exam and the time factor.
    I don’t want to fail again and be back at square one by the turn i reach the age of 27/28.Though i want to give one more shot sincerely the above factors are weighing on mind a lot.
    What are your thoughts ,any success stories you have witnessed on these lines?

    1. There are lot of sucess story ….but for a safe side appear for SSC CGL-2014.They will give your joining in 2015.So it will be a solid backup in case of any mishappening.

      1. hi rahul… any idea how to prepare for Administrative officer exam on 8th sept .? its by National india insurance company..

    2. Please have a back up… I too got 230-240.. dint clear.

    3. Dude, I too worked for 2 years in a Maharatna PSU. I need not tell the package and all. YOu know its one the best and you have to be in top 200 in GATE to reach this height. Sat at home prepared for csat on my own. Ws expecting 220 ( 65 + 155) . But didn’t clear ( OBC cat). Last year gave IES too. Even there cyut off went far above 2011 and 2010 levels. Now I am in the same boat. One of my friends left BPCL for this. He too didn’t clear.
      Well , there are many like us.
      Now you need to realize 3 things.
      1) Is it worth to leave a 10LPA+ govt. job for this? If yes Go ahead without 2nd thought. If no, prepare again. All the best for GATE 2014.
      2) Since people like us are there and then there are guys who are toiling hard for past 2-3 years in the lanes of jiya sarai, mukherjee nagar, delhi. The competition cannot be comapared to CAT/GATE/IITJEE/NET/NEET or any exam under the sun. Here we have students from all backgrounds while other exams had students from a particular background. Remember how students prepare during board exams and then for Engg./medical entrance exams. You have to be much more hardworking as well as smart working than those else chances are not only minimal, its simply not there.
      3) There is something , which we don’t know! There is really some special trick or thing which is to be discovered. Else you see some people who keep reaching to interview stage and don’t get selected and then are a no. of people who make it in every attempt of theirs. First they get selected in IAAS/IRS then they again appear and get selected in IAS/IFS. E.g. Ruchika Katyal, IAS-2012,IPS-2011. She was undergoing IPS training and even then she qualified IAS again and that too an AIR under 10!!

      There is something which Mrunal sir can’t teach you. And I don’t know what it really is. If anyone of you knows this please share…..

      1. Tum log ko job nahi chhodna tha…I was also in Maharatna….never leave job for preparation of UPSC this is the golden rule…

        anyways…now u prepare thats the only options

    4. dude both of us are in the same boat….u atleast have 2.5 yrs exp…i worked fr only 8 mnths and left in decembr….i turned 25 ths may….cudnt qualify pre in my frst attmpt ths yr….wht shud i do…??



  26. hi

    this is teja, i got 215 iam genera + ph 2 but i didnt clear …what would be teh cut off..for ph 2..pls let me knwo
    this is first attempt….feel like hell….this upsc is starange enemy..unable to fight with him….but may be next time…i will be in the top 10

  27. guys can any body tell me how to check result if roll number is lost


  29. Friends ye maine 2nd time Pre. qualify kiya hai (2012 and 2013). 2012 Pre. clear karne ke baad bhi mains nahi diya socha kuchh janata nahi hun de kar kya karunga . APFC ka interview diya hai , bahut hi kharab gaya ; hone ki sambhawana ekdam nahi hai . Abhi 100-110 din hai eske UPSC (Mains) 2013 me …koi bata sakta hai eski preparation kaise Karen, yaa preparation possible bhi hai kya ? Please reply .

  30. I belong to sc caste and was expecting surely above 195.eventhough i could not clear.can anybody tell me wt was the cut off?

  31. I was getting around 220-226, GEN, and couldn’t qualify, first attempt. There are certain discrepancies here- One of my friends, who was getting 250+, GEN , when checked by various keys available in mkt, also couldn’t clear. There are few who cleared on 240-245, and there are some who couldn’t qualify in same range of marks.

    Though there is no possibility of sectional cutoff, as it is exclusively mentioned in UPSC notification that total score is considered. So, is there any possibility of regional normalization of scores or state- wise scaling of scores for candidates,because it is seen that almost all states’ candidates qualify prelims in uniform proportions?

    1. i have similar doubts.something seems fishy.was getting 240-248.worst case scenario-not less than 225/30. didn’t clear. was shell-shocked. they say marks and cut-off would be declared only after final result. what use would it serve then? is there any possibility upsc could declare marks and cut-off through RTI?

      1. They will not entertain any RTI before final result for this year, mentioned in result notification. I heard from some where that they were considering uploading of OMR sheets online after final result, along with scores. Is that true? With such discrepancies in results, the best is to upload OMR sheets online, so that everyone gets what went wrong!

        1. Upsc will get hold f u to do the uploading n scanning of 3 lac candidates answer scripts…if it wishes to publish omr sheets…n if u do d job well it would get u to scan mains scripts too….

      2. I think the cutoff could be hovering around 238 to 241.I see from the comments in this page that people generally above 240/245 have cleared.People falling in 230’s and below haven’t from whatever available keys in the market.So you might have lost closely.I myself scored 230 based on couple of keys and haven’t qualified.

        @RTI ,well they wont do it till the final result releases next year.The problem is that UPSC feels that if they release cut off marks and individual marks now itself,people will ask for OMR sheets should there be difference between what they expected and actually got.Based on that if one approaches court then if court stays the exam or something else, things would be in mess.So they wont.

        Already there is a case in court where UPSC has submitted its explanation on why it can’t release the full details before final result.

  32. All the effort went down, ship lost in the tide……could not clear even Prelims; wanted to join civil services. No hopes now no enthusiam, no joy, feeling extremely dejected.
    This was my first attempt, still I feel whether I should continue preperation or enjoy life as other people without syllabus, schedule, timeline, newspaper, latest updates, mastery on subjects topics.

    Heart Broken :-(

    1. dear, this was your 1st attempt.
      plz concentrate for one more time with
      power full strike.,.,.,
      do well in next aug and hope to see your name in 2015 march final rank.

    2. This journey is like a blind man moving up the stairs, at sudden decides to move back, unaware that he was just few more stairs away to reach the top. Nothing has gone waste, Stand once again , we the aspirants have all the guts to stand against anything in life…

    3. Oh..tejassvi.! How cn u be so much dejected…just bcoz this xam shows u the mirror..accept the fact that some peoples hv in past hd toiled hard thn yu…so they make it..! Rest assured nxt tym is urs.! Me too wz xpecting,, no this tym,,nw all eyes r on secönd attempt..with cgl a backup plan..stay cool, dnt loose hope, hv tht courage to walk along the same routine 4 just another year…

  33. Hey A Student,
    Even if you start with 300 days remaining then also the preparation would look like a big mountain
    and same goes for 100 days. So do ur best and forget the rest should be the motto.

    All the best!

  34. Guys can you please help me narrow down my roll number? I had registered on 27th March and since roll numbers are allocated basis the time of registration. Please confirm your roll number and the time when you registered on the UPSC website for the exam.
    I am aware that losing roll number is embarrassing but help a fellow aspirant out please.

    1. Call UPSC.They will tell your roll no based n registration number that has been sent in your email id.

  35. Mrunal you should upload your precious strategy plan for 2014 CSP. I am just waiting for that also.

    1. yes we r waiting!!!
      please make it as fast as possible.

      thank u.

  36. Scored 207 SC category, didnt qualify. Very dishearted. Referred Answerkey of vision ias

  37. @pratibha…………which video ?

  38. सच हैं, विपत्ति जब आती हैं, कायर को ही दहलाती हैं
    शूरमा नहीं विचलित होते, क्षण एक नहीं धीरज खोते
    विघ्नों को गले लगाते हैं,
    काटो में राह बनाते हैं।

    1. है कौन विघ्न ऐसा जग में, टिक सके वीर नर के मग में?
      खम ठोंक ठेलता है जब नर, पर्वत के जाते पाँव उखड़।
      मानव जब जोर लगाता है,
      पत्थर पानी बन जाता है।

  39. i forgot my rollno……the site which u mentioned is not at all opening please help me out na what to do

  40. Friends .. first Thanks to Mrunal sir for sharing articles, congrats to all who cleared the first hurdle and for those guys who are disheartened now, please listen failures are inevitable in life today or tomorrow, but i keep remembering some dialogues from movies, they act as a self motivation factors for me
    it does not matter how hard you hit, it matters only how hard you get hit and keep moving forward – (movie – Rocky 6),
    its ur dream, you have to protect it(pursuit of happiness). Good luck … and aaj nahi to kal phatte chak lein dein

  41. sir,hai…i have lost my roll num..i did not write in the question paper either..the site which u mentioned its not working….kindly help me…my reg no.11316948960…date of birth 8th october 1991

  42. One of my friend expected 210(OBC) in last CSP-2012 exam. He was gutted that he couldn’t clear. But when he got the copy of his OMR through RTI, he realized that he had misread/miscounted most of the options. So its important to be patient and wait for the copy if one is really confident. He has cleared this time though. :)

    1. Are you sure we can fetch OMR sheets through RTI?? I don’t think UPSC allow that, because I heard that they burn the OMRs immediately after Prelims results. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  43. cleared , my score was 305
    abt the cut off, its 239 , source very authentic( could not mention here) u may take is as direct from horse’s mouth.
    category cut off not known as i didnt ask HIM about it.
    best of luck to all

    1. Come up with Anonymous name and mention your ‘authentic source’, otherwise we have reason not to believe on rumors.

      1. do u believe she got 305 when she use “could’t” in spite of “can’t” she is fake.

        1. k in dat case i wil just say ki ” Don’t Believe”
          but from your comment i can make out u arnt in honey.. srry if m wrong.

      2. just wanna say – plz come back to this post when the official cut offs are declared. i cant mention the name dude.. so better to forget this post and keep guessing the cut off. i cant help dear.

    2. hi neha, can you share your strategy and refer books for GS1

      1. where do u belong from? in case u r in delhi then u must buy Sriram Ias material of Economy n polity ( laxmikanth too is good ).
        currents: The hindu( though there wasnt any current question this year but be prepared for ur mains)
        Ecology : NCERT
        History : NCERT ( Ancient and modern ) , Bipin Chandra Struggle for independence (must read) , medieval-art n architecture of several dynasty ( i didnt read anything abt any wars or any specific ruler in medieval n will suggest to skip this part as its not easy to remember too )
        geography – NCERT , GC leong , keep refering to atlas (india physical)

        hope it will be enough to get you 120-130 comfortably if you read systematically

    3. Hi Neha,
      Kindly share ur sources of study for all the subjects of paper 1 and practice sets of paper 2.. would help us to buck up..

      1. please refer to the above comment
        about paper 2 , career launcher test was good, the questions there was tough and i could never attempt more than 72-73 there in test but the upsc paper was cakewalk for those who gav CL test, for the frst time i comfortably attmptd all the questions and scored 178 in paper 2, 3 questions were wrong due to my carelessness but this gonna happen with everyone but 180 + was easy to score there if u r in practice.
        hope you find it helpful.

        1. @neha.. ca n u pls tel d strategy for paper-2? which books to refer? esp. in quant? hw did u manage such a high score? hw much tym 1 should devote for paper-2 e’day?

          1. Bolaji.. You should practice from R.S.Agrawal book for aptitude & Read newspaper daily to improve your comprehension.

          2. quantam CAT book is good, dont go for any exercise just solve the examples n read the text before, make sure you solve them again before exam ( about a week before exam). the chapters related to Functions, log, u sud skip, if u wan chapter wise details thn plz let me kno, wil b happy to help.
            paper 2 need sm practice, join CL test series it will b enuf for ur practice, evaluation, confidence building ( alwz strive for rank there in test ) . paper 2 dsnt need any daily practice, but watever tym u r devoting there that sd hav jst 1 motive to find out where r u lagging behind and then overcome it, never ever use calculator ( use vedic maths- quantam CAT is good in that too).
            reasoning – think over it, find a easy way out, no teacher can teach u reasoning beter than u urslf.. i gav sm tym here n formulated sm fail proof tricks which saved my time in reasoning question by almst haf n 100% accuracy.

          3. newspaper widen ur vision which makes it easy to grasp the passage. but still i believ that RC comprises of several skills- speed, comprehending and above all findding answer.. 1st 2 need practice but the last one n the most imp part need an altogether different skill. try reading any critical reasoning book for GMAT, easily available for download . this wil be of great help.

          4. @ROHAN.. thanks buddy..

          5. @rohan & @neha.. rs agarwal? or objective arithmetic? or quantum CAT? to begin with tel me oly 1 book that i should rely on? my problem is i take little longer tym than usual in solving math problems.. to add to this agony i have a preconceived notion dat math is difficult most of d tym.. right frm my skul days i never practiced it.. bt nw i want to overcome my weakness..i want to start it frm scratch..
            1.would it be better to start with NCERT 7th-10th(selective topics oly) and then move on to ‘FAST TRACK OBJECTIVE ARITHMETIC’?

          6. @neha..thanks for ur detailed strategy on paper 2.. i’am pretty confident in reasoning & RC but on seeing a quant problem i start doubting whether i would get a correct answer :(.. this was my first attempt..
            i did self study and practiced from TIME material.. i lost interest over a period of tym..esp jus before xams,i totally left practicing quant problems fearing dat i may not get that answer correct and it would bring down my morale..

            seeing my attitude toward math..do u think i should be joining some institute for PAPER-2 and hone my skills or starting with basic maths and change in strategy will do?

        2. my expectations
          PAPER 1- 85-90

          PAPER2- 110-115

          1. hey u cleared?

          2. seeing the condition u r in i would say don’t take any further chance on quant n join any classes for the same.
            regarding the book – i myself read quantum cat n have no idea of other books mentioned above, they might be good too but as of now i lack any info abt them.

    4. neha any idea about IFS cutoff??
      i cleared cs bt not ifs !!

      1. sorry no idea , as i said i didnt ask the person any thing more than general CS cut off.. will update you if i get to know anything about it, but as for now -sorry dude!!

      2. around 280 (40 marks more than IAS)

        1. about 219 selected :P about 20 marks less than YOUR IAS – General Category – roll 045590 .. dumb idiot stop boasting . prepare for mains.

          1. What rubbish !!! Miss Neha,cut-off of IFS is much more than that of IAS……

          2. It’s easy to tell one idiot or anything……But see the facts around you as well.I have qualified for civil services but I couldn’t qualify for IFS despite scoring around 260.Similarly two of my friends are out of IFS despite being in 260-270 zone.And you are talking–219 for IFS? lol

          3. @ naveen , m sure u mean Miss Neena

          4. but i dunno hw this has happnd with u as in my circle i have a frnd who cleared IFS pre but not the civils. hell out of confusion. i dnt have any official figure so i wont comment over it

    5. hi neha,
      i m susmitha.
      can you able to guide me for prelims 2014
      i wrote prelims 2013 i got (90 in paper1 and 125 in paper2) but still i didn’t able to clear prelims please guide me for prelims 2014.

      thanking you

      1. give me ur email id susmita. your score in paper 1 is good even 90-100 was mine target too while appearing but as the questions were easy i made it to 127, but in paper 2 u can improve alot.
        where are u from dear ? i need to kno so that in case u frm delhi i can tel u wat u buy n from where u wil get this.
        best of luck

          1. k dear will mail u soon, these days m busy with my mains, but will certainly help u

        1. Hai Neha,
          I scored 166 in paper 2 but only 54 in paper 1. Regardless of heavy preparation, i still couldn’t do on environmental part . Help me for that environmental part.

          1. this year the envt questions were quite easy n were direct from 12th ecology ncert book barring a few.
            for ecology i suggest 12th NCERT- its not a big one u can finish this overnight or in a day of not overnight.
            beside this i read UGC envt book, the book it vast as its full of repetitions, but it add value to ur preparation as NCERT doesnt carry much of info as this book does.
            n just a month before exam u sud buy any book which covers every contemporary items in ecology- all frameworks, conventions, ecological incidents etc ( these books are dairy sized book n hrdly more than 100 pages)
            keep a track of newpaper too – lion tailed macaque was in news in december n so was in pre question.

          2. hey neha .. which ecology book u read …as far as i know there is no ecology NCERT available … if there is one .. plz guide me from where to get one..

          3. last few chapters of 12th ncert biology is basicaly Ecology, we use to get xerox copy of those as a separate book in delhi. that is the one m talking about

          4. okkk… i have already crammed that thing in class 12 .. i had both maths and bio… scored 98 kin bio in boards…thanx..neha …

        2. pls mail the necessary things to me as well.. [email protected]

          thank you for taking your time to reply.. ur socially conscious and concerned.. u deserve to join LBSNAA.. all the best for mains & interview.. god bless you.

          1. thnx bolaji!! honour is all mine. k wil mail u too but just gimme sm time
            thnx again,

        3. hii neha this year i am unable to qualify prelims my score was 78 iin paper one and 153 in paper 2…….cn u pls prvde list of material tht i shld study fr nxt year…..
          and al d vry bst 4 ur mains
          mine id is [email protected]

        4. ok thank you so much

          1. all the best for main exams

          2. Are you from IIM?

          3. @ NEENA : m not sure u asking me or sushmita, bt in case if u asking me then no dear m not frm IIM.. m jst an engg from domain of IIT .

    6. sushmita , shani n bolaji – plz check ur mail hav sent u the plan a minute before from my frnd’s id ( privacy issue). this is how i prepared . hope u find it helpful

  44. For all those who cleared, kindly share ur strategy.. Even I have been reading ncert tmh blah blah.. but second attempt man.. again screwed..

  45. If there is some soul here who is working in SAP domain in any of the MNC’s in Bangalore, please please mail me ur details to [email protected].. i have a break in career and thats for UPSC.. 2 failures in prelims and now I dont wanna risk it up anymore.. kindly help out..

  46. Mrunal sir do you have any statistics regarding IFoS. People who just clicked IFos option in application and got good marks had cleared prelims for IFoS. but real aspirants of forest service ,given a time of three months to prepare for prelims, might have failed to clear prelims. i doubt how many guys who cleared prelims IFoS have yet to choose their options??? UPSC could have made to apply for IFoS in a different application with some fee so that non serious candidates could be eliminated from applying for IFoS. Now it looks like a serious candidate who clears the prelims will definitely get into service…

  47. Mrunal Bhai , last tym ki tarah iss
    baar bhi PRE CLEARED ho giya !
    But mera MAINS ni nikalta ,
    Flunked in mains in 2012 …
    Bhai , without coaching study kar ra hoon
    Tum apni MAINS ki strategy bta do
    Nhi toh meri iss baar bhi lutiya doob jayegi !

  48. Mrunal Bhai , last tym ki tarah iss
    baar bhi PRE CLEARED ho giya !
    But mera MAINS ni nikalta ,
    Flunked in mains in 2012 …
    Bhai , without coaching study kar ra hoon
    Tum apni MAINS ki strategy bta do
    Nhi toh meri iss baar bhi lutiya doob jayegi !

  49. i failed.first attempt completed college 2012 sat home self study my trainer mrunal.i dnt have the money to join coaching neither do i intend to.for all those who passed and those who vl make it as ias ips irs whatever pls make this country proud.for all those last attempt heroes who missed it.we knw that u love this nation too much that u didn want to leav the game.these guys will lead the country to a greater height carrying ur legacy and love forward.and for us who didnt make it this time and have attempts left.”We are coming behind u to mussourie soon” mission 2014

  50. This was my 2 attempt.I am an SC candicate, didn’t qualify prelim this year also should be getting around 215. Was absolutely sure i would get through not for one second didn’t thought otherwise.When result came out my first instinct was to die.Even planned it would die in my car connecting a pipe to the exhaust.
    But i didn’t.
    I promise you this i would be getting in top 100 next year.

    1. Plz get help from a psychiatrist….had u put dat much brains in the papr u cud hsv passd,..upar se sc…u truly r a fool…plz refrain frm sharin suicide tricks here…

      1. The prejudiced comment above could be a reason for suing the ‘wise advisor’ with reference to the assumption of SC being fools. Open your mind to the real world “wise guy”.

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