[Topper’s Interview] CAPF-2012/ AIR-4: Navdeep Singh Suhag, B.A., LLB, CDS Topper, Haryana

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NameNavdeep Singh Suhag
All India Rank (AIR) in CAPF-20124
Roll No.20457
Age25 years
No. of previous attempts in CAPFOnce
Home town/cityRohtak, Haryana
Work-experience if anyNo
Bio of other competitive exams, including success/failures
  • C.D.S. 2007 (result in Feb 2008), SSB Recommended and Final All India Rank 01
  • Civil Services Mains 2009, 2010 and 2012.
  • PCS Mains of Uttrakhand, Rajasthan and Haryana (result awaited of all three)
Bio of coaching for any competitive exam (if taken)Yes, for Civil Services Mains G.S.- Vajiram and Ravi
Hobbies, Extra Curricular Activities, Achievements
  • Reading Literature (Mainly English Novels and Short Stories)
  • Sports (District Boxing Champion in sub junior category, College Hockey Team in Inter College),
  • Represented School at International Inter-school Competition in Quiz and Debate.
Do you have NCC certificate?No


% in class 1077%
% in class 1277.5%
Schooling (Medium)English
Graduation course and %B.A. History Hon. 55%
Name of college and year of passing outHansraj College, Delhi University, 2007
PGLL.B. Campus Law Centre, Delhi University, 2010
Any professional coursesLL.M. Faculty of Law, Delhi University, 2013 ( 2nd Topper)
HobbiesReading Literature (Mainly English Novels and Short Stories) and jogging


Q. Tell us something about yourself. When and why did you enter in the competitive exam field?

CAPF-2012-AIR-4-Navdeep Singh
I am born in a sports family where my father as well as mother both represented India at International Level in Wrestling and Athletics respectively and my elder brother is also an International Wrestler. I  have done boxing at school and at district level, along with that I always had an inclination towards reading and general knowledge. My family backed me in all of my decisions.

I have been very clear about my goals in life and have been following same with all the support from my family. I got All India 1st Rank in CDS right after my graduation, however, I decided to pursue my higher studies and aimed for Civil Services. Many had commented that it was a wrong decision but I still believe that we must not betray our dreams. My father always say that a person should have never quit and strive till vey end of bout, result is immaterial but efforts are everything.

Since my 11th class I was clear that where I have to go for Graduation and what I have to do after that, tht is why i am preparing for the civil services. I always participated in competitions since school days initially physical later academic like Quiz, Debates etc.

MCQ Paper

Q. List of Essential books and tips for success in the CAPF written exam?

  • For CAPF written exam, as common with other exams, one should first get acquainted with old papers and accordingly try to have firm base and preparation of basic and static topics like History (prefer NCERT of 11th and 12th), Geography (NCERT of 11th and 12th), Art and Culture (NIOS Material), elementary science and technology (With Application Orientation like how and what are its uses, Source:- Mrunal.org and old notes of any IAS aspirant). Practice for Mental Ability Part and those who are weak in Maths need not fear much as not all questions of Maths are tough, so one should try those questions which are easy.
  • For dynamic part like Economy, follow Mrunal.org religiously as you can understand that easily and don’t waste much of your time as in case with most books, newspaper either Hindu or Indian Express (equivalent in terms of coverage), Political and International Events (Newspaper plus Diplomacy Notes of Mrunal.org) and focus on neighboring countries more.

As for tips are concerned, I am of view and with my experience state the following:-

  • Identify from old papers and topics which are going to be your core areas and which you are not much comfortable with, say for example one is very good at GMA etc.
  • Focus on your core strength and concentrate in those areas much more, at same time try not to completely ignore your weak areas.
  • Your strategy should be attempting most questions of your core areas and as much as you can manage of your peripheral areas but no guessing in peripheral areas though you can go for calculated guess in core areas.
  • Your target should be maximizing your attempts in paper.
  • Twenty days before exam just got for revision with nothing new to study as in end only concrete knowledge is handy.
  • Keep you cool in exam hours with eye on time management, remember exam performance also depends how good you handle yourself under pressure.

Essay/Descriptive paper

Q. How did you prepare the Essay, grammar, précis and report writing?

For essay I never looked for a particular book or material but sought advice from a senior who scored consistently good marks in Civil Services Essay Paper. The key to score good marks in essay is writing practice that is to sit and write essays at home and then get them evaluated by some friends or seniors. For CAPF I analyzed the previous topics and focused on reoccurring topic of Internal Security and prepared fodder material in advance.

For précis, I wrote a lot of practice sets which are available in almost all competition books. I was worried about précis as in school I didn’t had exposure to it. But once you start writing it then it comes natural to you after some practicing.

For report writing I just got myself acquainted with basic rules of it and saw format of few reports. It is rather easy as we are in habit of reading newspaper regularly, so I tried to mimic the reports we saw in paper.

Q. In CAPF-2012 Exam, following essays were asked. Which essay did you write in and what key points did you include in it?

  • Emergence of regional parties and its effect on the federal structure of India.
  • Population stabilization-India’s critical need.
  • Migration from neighboring countries to India and its socio-economic impact.
  • The role of technology in coping with challenges to internal security.

As I have mentioned earlier I prepared Security related topic in advance so I chose 4th topic (as listed above). In introduction I started with an anecdote about how use of IR Sensors is making the task of guarding LOC easy now days with accuracy. Then in main body I listed the major internal security challenges in India, ranging from cross border insurgency to Left Wing Extremism along with non-traditional cyber security, food security etc. Simultaneously I linked the role of technology in coping with these challenges along examples from real life and various initiatives by state and center govt.  In my conclusion I tried to underline the fact that technology alone can’t be sole bedrock in our internal security apparatus rather there should be a judicious focus on human element also.

Q. In CAPF-2012, they asked counter-arguments for following, in 75 words. Please provide your answer.

Argumentyour counter argument
(i) FDI in retail in India is a bane for a small trader.I highlighted the positives that FDI promises for small traders:-Single wholesale procurement point for various products at least cost by elimination of middle man.

Quality assurance of the products procured.

It will provide small trader exposure to new and better technology.

Bring new management models and R & D.

Provides infrastructure facilities

Competition will force them to be more innovative which will ensure better results.

(ii)  Control of social media is an anti-democratic proposition.In this I used the concept of reasonable restrictions as propounded in Article 19(2) of our Constitution. As unregulated freedom sometime becomes enemy of that very freedom and democracy itself. In case of social media, the recent example of violence and instigation of violence against migrants from North East in Karnataka, spread via distorted and morphed facts on social media is manifestation of chaos and anarchy which lurk behind unregulated social media.

Physical Test

Q. To pass Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), what preparation did you do at home? Where was your PET held? How was your experience, share some tips.

I started my preparation for PET only a week before actual date as I was involved with my State PCS Mains and then Civil Services PT preparation. I have sports background so I didn’t feel much trouble in getting into shape soon but I would suggest other candidates to at least try all the events in a quick succession so as to stimulate the real test conditions. Otherwise, the officials present there are also very cooperative in the sense that they give time lag between events like 800mt and 100mt.

My PET was held at Basic Training Centre of ITBP, Bhanu in Panchkula District. Ours was first batch of this recruitment. Officials were very cooperative in matters like sending few of their employees to get our documents photo stated in case one missed some. One important thing to be remembered is to furnish all important documents, originals, at time of PET or else you will not be allowed to undertake test.

Take PET as test of your courage and determination rather than physical ability as it is more related to mental toughness. Here it pays more is to be determined mentally in comparison to physical preparedness. So focus on this aspect too while preparing.

CAPF Interview Experience

Q. What specific preparation did you do for the interview? Who was the chairman? Provide the list of questions asked in CAPF Interview. (and if possible, the answers as well). How was the overall interview experience? And any tips for future aspirants.

For interview I paid attention to my subject in graduation and also on all possible questions from Law like recent amendments to criminal laws, developments in Delhi University like Four Year Graduation Programme etc. I also focused on traditional questions like why C.A.P.F. and why CISF as first option etc.

For guidance I read Interview experiences of previous toppers posted on Mrunal.org and few of friends who have faced such interview.

My interview went as follows:-


-What are you doing till now since your LL.M. has finished last year?

Sir my result technically came in February this year and in mean time I was working under one of my Professor Sir for my Ph.D. proposal.

-What is Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights?

These are intellectual property laws which try to strike balance between the individual’s rights and society’s benefit. One inventor is provided with legal protection for disclosing his invention for a specified period so that society at large can benefit from his invention……..(Continued)

What is actual position of implementation of patent and copyright laws at local police station level? Many police officer of lower rank might say that how and why to register complaint in case of violation of copyrights etc. as they are not aware of such laws.

Sir I don’t have a practical experience of this kind. Though it may be situation due to lower level of knowledge of police personnel but at higher level we have a vibrant IPR laws which are updated recently in 2005 to make them in tune with WTO compliance.

At this chair smiled that you don’t have practical experience of this type.

Member 1

Judicial Reforms needed in India

Judicial reforms need to looked at from structural, functional and behavioral point of view. In structural part we need to over haul the acts, statutes, rules etc. and in behavioral part we need to reduce the adjournment culture………

Why Can’t We Adopt From Other Systems Like Plea Bargaining, Jury Trial?

Sir we are in fact doing this as in 2005 amendment of Cr.P.C. we have introduced Plea Bargaining though for smaller offences, but we can’t go for outright shift to foreign features like jury trial as we have low level of literacy and longer exposure to present system. While talking about our Judicial System Sir we should bear in mind that it caters to 120 million people and hence pressure is also large in terms of absolute number.
Diff between Ordinance and Act

Text Book answers for this. But when I quoted Article 123, he corrected me that its 213, to which I agreed but I corrected it seconds later by saying, “Sir I beg to state that both 123 and 213 deals with ordinance in terms of President and Governor’s power.”

Member 2

Tell about Food Security Ordinance

Sir it is a new right based approach adopted by India to provide safety net for poorest of poor ensuring Food Security with coverage of 50% of urban population and 67% of rural population with targeted PDS system at subsided rates….

Tell about link between Food Security Ordinance and India’s stand at WTO.

I believe that there can be an argument from Western Countries that it is a sort of agricultural subsidies and they will try to weaken case of India as leader of 3rd world countries at WTO negotiations over agricultural issues and trade, as we have taken stand strongly opposed to agricultural subsidies in West. But we may counter it as it is not a direct subsidy as case in western countries.

What is one main cause of pendency in judicial system and its remedy?

Sir this whole line of argument that one main reason is itself wrong as it is cumulative cause of many factors , then I quoted small duration of court hours and long summer vacations along with that there is issue of vacancies, adjournments, cooperation between bar and bench etc.
Member 3

Is ongoing Judicial Activism good or bad?

No sir it is not good because it goes against the separation of power in our constitutional scheme. Hence I have a view that is it is not good for our polity.

Should the powers of CPF be increased, decreased or untouched for their effective functioning vis-à-vis State Police Forces?

Sir the powers of CAPF should be kept same for now as provision relating to CAPF is provided in the Union List entry 2A of Schedule VII and it specifies that they are to aid and advice state police forces and even Supreme Court has said that they are only for this purpose and not to substitute State Police. If we increase those powers that would amount to infringement of the autonomy of State Govts in law and order which is their constitutional mandate. However we can go for better coordination in CAPF and State Police for their more effective functioning.

Member 4

What is methodology u want for your Phd?

Ma’am, I will be conducting a non-doctrinal research which will be of comparative nature. In this I will be comparing, Competition Acts of various countries like US Antitrust Act, EU’s Competition Act etc., their decided cases and legal positions and provisions with that of Indian Competition Act, along with their comparative analysis.

-What were your duties corresponding to your position of responsibility in school?

It was related to distribution of duties among various duty bearing students under House whose term it was, checking on adherence to disciple by students, dress norm, help in organizing events in school and like-wise other duties.

Do you had power of punishment? If no how u dealt with students in case of breach of discipline?

No ma’am I didn’t had punitive powers as such in school. Moreover I don’t believe in punitive punishment as a system of reform rather I believe in persuasion, negotiation and conciliation to drive home any point.

Q. How was interview: normal, stress, mixed? Did they ask any uncomfortable questions, if yes how did you answer it?

Over all, interview was rather mixed as it started with lot of anxiety on my part. But as interview progressed I regained my composure and confidence.


Paper-I: General Ability and Intelligence159
Paper-II: General Studies,Essay & Comprehension079
Written Total238
Personality Test117
Final Total355


Q. How did you maintain the study-mood, motivation and tempo throughout this period? There are ups and downs- phases of mood swings, sometimes boredom and even depression. How did you fight that psychological battle? On an average, how many hours do you study?

For this I must say one has to indulge in battle against one’s own self. You should form a schedule and stick to that for your preparation. However, it is easily said than done so over one should develop his or her own habit of studying, starting lightly then increasing work hours. There is no need to restrict into specific criteria of so and so hours of study. In fact study is like practice or performance in sports or says endurance which needs to be cultivated over a period. If one forces himself/herself to sit for particular set of hours that doesn’t really guarantee performance in studies. Hence my suggestion is to discover your own pace of inculcating knowledge and retaining things that u have studied.

I do make point of what I study daily to complete my daily target which I fix that morning only and in case of time wastage on any day I let my guilt feeling take over things and recover the waste time next day. Respect time that is crucial and it never comes back and no matter what even an hour should be considered critical where it counts. But yes do party out regularly as it is equally important to rejoice and recoup your energy. As it is said in Army, “we work hard and party harder.”

Civil Service?

Q. Did you appear in Civil Service (Mains) 2012? If yes, share the experience, marks, what Essay did you write?

Yes, I had appeared In CS (mains) and unfortunately could not clear it. I wrote essay on PPP and score 102 marks in it. Experience was not very encouraging though I find GS paper 1st easy and have score 220 marks total in GS, with 126 in Paper 1st.

Service Preference

Q. What was your service preference order (CRPF>CISF>SSB etc) and why did you pick up the particular order?


I had consulted few seniors and friends, regarding choosing service preference, who have certain exposure to CAPF and then decided to give this particular order of choice.

Career Backup

Q. If you were not selected, what was your career backup plan?

As career back up, I was always clear that I would go for academics and research. I find teaching satiating in regard of contribution to society.

Even now I have to take a final decision on joining this service which will definitely be contingent upon my performance in exams that I have given or in process but certainly this result has boosted my confidence and also provided with a splendid career choice with me.


Q. Through this journey and success, what wisdom did you gain about competition and life? What is your message to the aspirants?

I must tell my fellow aspirants that you should take your preparations in a very objectively and organized manner. But at same time we should try and understand the very fact that one can’t control the outcome of everything including exam result itself.

Most of us believe, especially in beginning, that if we work hard we will surely get success but life is not so always so methodical and expected. So we should be content with our efforts and not try to link them with outcomes and result, manifested as Nishkam Karma Theory of Geeta and ‘Duty for sake of Duty’ of Kant.

In above context I would like to quote from The B.Geeta (shared with me by a dear friend), when Arjuna asked Lord Krishna that why should a person not look at fruits of his efforts?

The answer given by Lord Krishna, with simple example, is worth considering especially for aspirants. Lord Krishna replied, “You will agree that this world considers you a par excellent archer, suppose that one day you got for hunting in forest and set target on a deer grazing at a distance, now in this situation you have control over what, it is on your eyes to focus better, on your breathing to lay still while targeting, focus of brain and your experience as an archer. However you have absolutely no control over that deer which is your target and if it decides to shift/move a bit as you shoots arrow, you will bound to miss. Hence a rational man should control only those things which are under his control and should not try to control the outcomes which are beyond his domain.”

Hence that is why an aspirant should only focus on his/her efforts and leave things which are beyond his/her competence, as result is contingent on many factors which are beyond our comprehension. So have courage and will power to take defeat also.

Credit: Friends/family

Q. Behind every topper are many people who stood by him/her during those uncertain times when he/she was merely an ‘aspirant’. Would you like to tell the world, who were those people in your case? Any specific incidence that you would like to share with the readers?

I would like to underline the fact that each and every human being is product of his/her socio-cultural milieu and his family and friends influence him/her a lot. In that sense I believe that I am lucky to have unconditional support from my family. My father always encouraged me to go after my dreams without putting any fetters of career choice, job security etc. Whenever I was down or disheartened which was more common in initial days, I found my family behind me. My mother being a sports person is in fact more mentally tough then I am and been always encouraging me to go for best.

In regard to this exam I would like to share an incident. I was given temporary rejection for being overweight by 9.5 kg and filled an appeal. During intervening period I had my Rajasthan Mains so I couldn’t go for physical workout much, so I lost weight simply by starving myself and not eating anything except water melon or citrus fruits for a month, which is indeed frustrating. It was my mother who encouraged me to sail through; despite her maternal love and care she ensured that I remain steady in my course of weight reduction. Finally I reduced 11 kg with minimum physical exercise.

My brother is my personal source of inspiration and epitome of hard work. I look up to him for motivation and always find him encouraging me not even in preparations but also for life as such. I owe a lot to my brother for my self-confidence and will power.

I also like thank my seniors and friends for guiding me through all my endeavors. Their wise counsel has helped me throughout my span of preparation.

Marketing Propaganda

Q. You are well aware for the sacred-golden-unwritten rule of conducting toppers’ interview= The last question must be about self-marketing. So, Did you use Mrunal.org for your preparation and if yes, how did it help you?  And you can even reply “No”. I’ll publish your answer as it is.

I indeed used Mrunal.org and it was helpful in more than one way. I referred economy, science and tech, diplomacy notes of Mrunal.org and also took insight into PET experience shared by previous toppers.

During interview preparation I took help of Mrunal.org in terms of inputs from fellow aspirants and sharing of interview experience by others.

The most important and striking USP of Mrunal.org is simplicity and conceptual clarity it provides, that too in terms of a lay man, especially in case of tough and twisted economic topics.

I recommend fellow aspirant to use it for their own preparation and derive benefit out of it.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

84 Comments on “[Topper’s Interview] CAPF-2012/ AIR-4: Navdeep Singh Suhag, B.A., LLB, CDS Topper, Haryana”

  1. Buddy i must say you are an inspiring person. Though you did not clear CS(M) but you are much better than many of those who have made it to final list.
    Hope to see you wherever you always wanted to be.
    Good luck :)

  2. Very motivating interview,you rightly remarked that hard work not always pays,but consistent efforts to achieve your aim always make you a better person for rest of your life.
    navdeep are you the same person who lost his cellphone while coming to delhi for remdeical?

    1. Thanks for your observations dear. My re-medical was on 27th June which was extended to 28th June but I don’t remember of losing my phone on the way.

      1. hello bro how r u…where r u now a days

        1. Well I am fine Surendra and currently I am staying in Delhi, you tell me how is life??

          1. bhai ji what r u doing, no ph no or social site???
            my no is 9582236731

          2. how r u bro, i need ur help for guide competitive exam for my friends if possible tell me or give me ur no

          3. ND Sab Jai Hind!!! It has been years Now I was looking for you Bro. where are u posted now i am there on FB.

      2. ND sir congrats :) was just searching for ur name randomly and came across this interview :)

        Hansraj Hostel Junior

  3. “PCS Mains of Uttrakhand, Rajasthan and Haryana”

    How can one he appear for 3 different states (mere appearance is possible) but in order to get post, he should be having domicile of 3 different states, which is not possible, and is even a civil offence.

    1. Dear friend

      Anybody from any state can appear in any state PCS exam all over India,it is not needed to have domicile of particular state in order appear in particular states PCS exam and its not a civil offense but your fundamental right.

      If he got selected he will get the service without facing any issue, But yes it is true that STATE PCS interview boards give preferences to their own state candidates But still if you perform better in written exam they cannot stop you getting a service.

      I hope it will clear some of your misconceptions about state PCS exams.

    2. you can compete for general category post in these state,first clear your concept then reply Mr. Sudhir to any thing. Navdeep you are awesome.

    3. Read fundamental rights again especially right to equality.you will find a clause in it i.e equality of opportunity in matters of public appointment…understand it my friend,your argument will be void

    4. Dear Sudhir, I feel that you need to work on your polity. For your reference I am stating the relevant provision of supreme law of land ‘The Constitution of India’.

      Article 16- “Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment:-
      (2) No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for, or discriminated against in respect or, any employment or office under the State.”

      Though states can impose conditions like language paper eg Punjabi language compulsory paper in Punjab PCS, but all three states I mentioned are Hindi Speaking States. In any case, if some body denies you to appear in any of states or file a case of ‘civil offence’ for want of domicile then contact me, I will argue your case that’s too for free…

      1. Dhek kar likha ya pura yaad tha:-P

  4. sudhir u r sick bahar niklo aur duniya dekho, their is no requirement of domicile

  5. Read fundamental rights again especially right to equality.you will find a clause in it i.e equality of opportunity in matters of public appointment…understand it my friend,your argument will be void

  6. “You only live once,but if you do it right Once is enough”

    This is all what i could learn from you Mr. Navdeep.
    You are truly an inspiration to millions..
    I wish all the success for You..
    Good Luck !!

  7. Hi Navdeep, it was really an interesting & motivating reading your story. My wishes for the best times to come. I too appeared last year in this exam but unfortunately i couldn’t make it. You ve scored really good in 1st paper. Eventhough i too ve read polity, history and other static parts. There were some some questions which i ve found difficult to solve such as the question of baroda, state reorganisation, pil, major movements in 1930 to 40, some UN & international rights related questions, and then statement related questions. All these questions were very uncommon & confusing. Even i tried getting answers from different source including our murnal’s blog but no perfect answer was there. Handful of questions murnal also said debatable. It was not to say that all the questions were tough but i want to know how you read these topics and managed those questions. It will be of great help if you share this with me as im going to appear this time also. Thanks.

    1. Navdeep, please answer above ! I am too confused with above problem !

    2. Dear friends, I would like to answer your queries one by one:-

      1. Going by questions of 2012, there is general trend that straight questions are very few except G.M.A. based questions, so questions demand understanding and then application. So if you are very through with traditional areas like Polity, History and Economy u will score good marks. Eg in PIL questions u shd be aware about its basic nature like it dilutes Locus Standi as it allows any one to file case with out any need to have suffered any injury. In this question last options negates it out and hence it is correct answer choice.
      Hence u should not only know PIL but also understand the meaning of each option given.

      2. Don’t focus on extra tough questions like that Princely States Ques etc but focus on doable part like Polity, History that too with medium toughness level, G.M.A.

      3. In questions like that of States Re-orgn please try out the elimination process and use a little bit of calculated guess.

      4. Till now people only rote learn the provisions of constitution, Economics or say history but UPSC is now giving analytically Questions where u can infer something from ur knowledge and then apply. Nothing can provide u with ready made answers for type of questions asked by UPSC.

      5. Also focus on IR and diplomacy area as these are also marks fetching with direct question based on your current affairs approach.


      1. Thanks a lot for addressing my question. Got some ideas. Sorry for the delay in responding to your reply. Good luck & my best wishes for your future…

  8. Ignorance is bliss .. But for aspirants its a crime Sudhir

  9. god bless u navdeep singh … :-)
    I am back from Hong Kong, shall call u tomorrow and lets catch up this week sometime.

  10. Navdeep Your marks in the essay paper 102 and gs papers(124+96)are respectable.what were ur optionals where I suppose u failed to make the mark.With an impressive record as yours what were the optionals and their marks.kindly reply………

  11. Congrats navdeep.
    hum physical test mei mile thei. long jump mei reject Ho gya tha main…evening k time mei jab long jump hui thi…


    1. Manoj jee, there are some white spot on my skin ..could i qualify medical or not plss reply..

    2. Thanks Manoj, hope ur preparations are going on well for Civils….

  12. Dear, brother (Navdeep)i am a cpf aspirant for 2013 its my first and last attempt.I am from Gohana(sonepat)I want to take consultancy from you please give your mobile no.and email id.Brother i will be highly thankful to you for this.

  13. Navdeep dear congrats :-) we met in Re-medical and in ALS (mock intrview)…my rank is 85.

  14. Navdeep dear congrats :-) we met in Re-medical and in ALS (mock intrview)…my rank is 85…..force allotment kab tak ho rha hai.

    1. Hi Dubey, I remember yaar and congratulations on your great result… Anyway I can’t say for sure about allotment as last time it was in Feb. when result came in Oct-Nov. I will be displayed on site of CRPF as it was exam coordinating force this time. Rest I will let u know regarding any update on this issue.

      1. hi navdeep, dear ths year i appeared in cpf exams , and did well in both of the papers. but i am scared due to other reasons. Actually i am concerning about the paper 2 roll number coloum, there was no space for roll number coloum for students. it was in examiner’s coloum, tell me was necessary to fill roll number in paper 2, although i signed on a sheet that was carried by examiner, on which he was asking to put signature, roll number and booklet number. help me brother about that

        1. Hi sorry for replying late but i think you should talk to UPSC Facilitation Counter in this regard. I don’t have previous experience in this regard.

  15. hiii dear. How r u??? if still following this page then reply. wanted to talk to u.

    1. hi is it same payal from rohtak ??? if yes then plz reply here

  16. hi everybody.
    i was just browsing for an answer to this question and came across this page, full of ambitious people. can anybody throw a comprehensive answer to this topic.
    Emergence of extra constitutinal factors and their effects on the working of federal system of India

  17. Hi friends ..i m aspirants of cpf 2014..exam .plz giv ur suggestion about preepratio..is coaching s better option..or self study…nd if coaching..thn which one is good..in delhi mukhargee nagar…plz rply ..i m in dilema…………………………………………….

  18. hello brother i am of cpf aspirant2014 exam plz give me idea how to prepare for capf self or coaching and tell the particular book for refrance or essay also plz brother

    1. Sorry Brother

      I am extremely sorry that couldn’t guide on time. It was my last chance at Civils so I gave my full attention to that and because of that i m not able to spare time for u. Anyway I hope u will clear written with ease and when ur physical or interview come up I will be glad to help you.


    2. how about result Rohit ?? Hope u made it into list of sucessful candidates

  19. hi brother.can you tell me how i prepare my civil service study.now i m bsc 1st year zoology student.

    1. Dear Priyanka
      It’s good to hear that you are concerned about civil services at such young age. Anyway right now u must concentrate on reading Newspaper (The Hindu or Indian Express) and also a standard magazine like Frontline. U must grasp with in an year all the basic happenings around and if possible learn to make notes from paper. Afterwards U should initiate reading NCERTs.
      Keep in touch and feel free to ask any query….

    2. Hello Priyanka hope studies are going on well???

  20. mativational interview i m 2014 aspirant

  21. whether u take any coaching from institutes???

    1. yes i did take coaching, but not precisely for CAPF but for Civil Services

      1. hi..brothr i am going for ssb this february..
        i need your help
        would you please give me your gmail id so that i can contact you..

      2. hi navdeep..
        coaching from ALS for capf will be beneficial.???
        do reply

        1. Dear frd I can’t really say in this regard as I haven’t took coaching from there, I think u should ask somebody who has taken it from there.

  22. Hi Navdeep
    Nice to see ur achievements and i think u r the same whose father (uncle)runs Durga Hostel in rohtak.

    1. yes Pankaj u have identified it right I am indeed same person.

  23. hello! Navedeep sir,i have one question in my mind….how to write report??? Is there any particular format in CAPF (AC).please sir tell me….thanks in advance

    1. For report writing refer any standard grammar book or u can see it on google search even, Format is impt but content is more critical in ths regard.

  24. Hey everyone!
    I just wanted to know has anyone gotten their joining letter for foundation course at Tekanpur?
    Do you have any idea when we will get them?

    1. hi

      I haven’t received it yet….

  25. i filled form and DAF as OBC but now i get to know that i come in creamy layer ….what should i do.. if anyone know, please help!!!!!…getting tensed

  26. sir please tell what should i do now…they will ask for OBC certificate during PET then what should i do??

    1. Sorry dear can’t help you on this as I don’t have a clue of this

  27. Respected sir…
    please suggest me best English book for cds preparation…please..

    1. Hi

      I would suggest you to go through CDS preparation strategy of Mrunal and from there you could gather it. Personally I didn’t refer any english book as such and sat in exam with my traditional knowledge. I won’t suggest you this and it is better if you can get hold of a good english book and prepare well in advance.

  28. Sir .. The biggest obstacle that’s frightening me is y past academic records …. I wasted my plus 2 with 56% mark only …. Do I have any chance for getting selected in IMA ??? I am serious about my goals now …

    1. Hi Sahani

      In any interview academic record does matter as it points out towards sincerity among others things like intelligence etc. However in army they will ask you for sure during personal interview in SSB reason for low marks and u can justify with an honest answer. I hope this thing won’t be too much a handicap for your success provided you work hard now.

      All the best

  29. Hi suhag Sir,
    Appearing for CAPF interview on this 24th June.
    Educational Profile: B.Tech (CS) and MBA(Finance). Sir after my MBA I am solely preparing for civil services which has created a gap of 1 year in my profile. So would it be right to admit it infront of panel that during this period I was solely preparing for civil services? Will it have some negative impact?
    Further sir will it of some help to join some classes for interview? If yes then which one you prefer?
    Kindly do put some light on other important points related to interview?

    1. Dear Manvendra

      I would suggest you to go for any mock interview with any friend or group of friends or any professional institute. This is just to boost your confidence and bring out certain small mistakes.

      Classes for interview won’t be of much help as I presume you are already preparing for civils hence would be in touch of current affairs, as at most these classes can only give you current material. Apart than that I don’t think they can tell you more ( some do’s and don’t in interview)

      Read interviews of previously selected candidates..

      Yes, you should definitely prepare probable questions from your DAF:-
      1. Home state, district, parents etc
      2. Your academic background of graduation and post graduation (in fact it is be for sure there)
      3. Hobbies
      4. position of responsibility ( your psychologist in board will definitely ask you on this)
      5. Work Ex if any
      6. Definitely read that day’s paper especially HT or Express
      7. Try and speak in English if you can, if hindi medium still speak some bit of english.

      I am certain if you put a little bit of hard work than you will score very good marks in interview.

  30. Sir what was the average marks awarded in CAPF-2012 interviews? Any estimate. How much marks can one expect for an average interview?

    1. Dear Manvendra

      There is no such thing that average marks, I mean if you will read other candidates of my batch and their interviews score here on Mrunal you will see that there is vast variation in marks of interview. Some are getting above 120 and others are below 100 also even in top ten ranks. So prepare accordingly, without having a preconceived notion as such.

      And in regard to your query of gap year, you can honestly say that i was preparing for competitive exams rather than sole civil service exam. Its a candid admission but u should also prepare for supplement questions like why not private sector and so on…

      All the best for interview

  31. Suhang did u get official letter or any letter within 30 days of publication of cpf results
    do upsc sent any letter after publication of final result

    1. Hi Mr Avinash there is no intimation from UPSC as such, it will be from the service that have been allocated to you. A service allocation list will be published by coordinating force like in my case it was CRPF and after that u will receive an intimation. However if there is need of any document which u missed at time of interview than it be so that UPSC will send u letter asking you to submit the same.

      1. Hi Navdeep. Are u joining cisf? Got letter? Share ur no with me as we have cisf WhatsApp group, so we can remain in touch till we join..

        1. Hi Nimish, first of all let me congratulate you on receiving call letter. Yes dear I also got call letter. But I am selected in Haryana PCS and also joined here . So I am not keen to join CISF.
          But all the best for you and our other friends for training…. I will mail you my no. if u could let me know your mail id.

          1. Congratulations for the selection bro.. For what post you’ve joined there in haryana? All the very best for your future pursuits.. My email Id is [email protected]

  32. what is the dress code for PET ?

  33. hi sir , what was your marks in cds.

  34. I am preparing for both CPF and CDS…nw in SY BSc….this Nov 2015 I had CDS exam and in July 2016 CPF exam…which book should I refer for CDS and CPF ..
    I had following books
    arihant pathfinder CDS
    rs agrawal CDS
    lucent GK
    last 10 years solved paper of CDS & CPF.
    polity laxmikant
    geo Indian by majid Hussain geo physical by khullar
    CSR and PD monthly magazine
    history by bipin Chandra

    reply navdeep singh bhai

  35. navdeep sir …tell me preparation books and study material for assistant commandant ….sir if u have any good material plz send me on my id i shall be very thankfull to u sir …….plzzzz help me ….i want to join armed forces ….thats my dream…..

  36. hey brother, how r u? i am very glad by ur interview and ur opinion. bhai i m a impatient boy n it effects my studied alot. so please give me a rply to control my anger and to focus more in defence exams.

  37. Defence job is my one nd only dream… i want to CAPF AC OR CDS qualify… how to qualify this exam??? How to prepare myself??and which books are best for those examination??

  38. sir cds ki tayari kaise kare kuch best tips bataye taki cda qualify ho jaye aur dilli me kaun sa coaching better padega pls sir reply kijiyega

  39. dear sir please hame batye C.D.S. ki tayari kaise kare mai bhi kuchh karna chahta hu mai 12th ka exam deye hai aur sirf C.D.S ki tayari karna chata hu plezz.call me sir 8541010047

  40. Hi ND ,
    What a surprise !! I was searching my friend from school Navdeep , and found you.
    Great to see your performance and achievement.
    Wish you luck buddy.
    Though this interview seems to be a old one but still I hope my wishes reaches you.

    Wish you all the best.

    Pankaj Joshi


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