[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part2 of 4): Healthcare, Construction, Textile, Electronics, Plasma, Nano

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  1. Prologue
  2. Healthcare/Drug/Medical related
    1. Good Lab practices (GLP)
    2. DPRP
    3. E-psychiatrist or virtual psychiatrist
    4. Health & Physical fitness monitor
    5. Blood Chemistry Analyser & Compact Portable Mobile Lab
    6. Bacteriorhodipsin
    7. Electro-Active Sensor Fabrics
    8. Biosensors
    9. Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph
    11. Synriam
    12. Lab instruments
  3. Building/Construction related
  4. Metal related
  5. Textile related
  6. Gas related
  7. Electronics/IT Related
  8. Plasma research
  9. Nano Mission


I’m running the Summary of Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s Annual Report 2012-13. This report contains some good material UPSC General Studies Mains Paper 3 Topics:

  1. Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life
  2. Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.

dove comprare Viagra generico 25 mg a Roma Total four part article series:

  1. Agro, EnB, Solar and Water
  2. Medical/Healthcare, Building-construction, textile, metal, plasma, Nano etc.  http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-consegna-rapida you’re here.
  3. Projects for benefit of SC, ST, Women, States and Human resource development
  4. Mapping, International relation (IR), awareness campaigns and awards.

Healthcare/Drug/Medical related

Good Lab practices (GLP)

  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a quality system by member nations of countries of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Concerned with monitoring of chemical/tests done in labs for industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, pesticides, cosmetic products, food additives, feed additives, etc.
  • Because these drug/chemicals/tests may pose dangers to human/animal/environment.
  • To comply with with this OECD’s GLP (Good lab practices), our government setup National Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliance Monitoring Authority in 2002
  • this body falls under administrative control of DST (Department of Science and Technology)
  • If you run a lab and get GLP certificate from this body=> your lab’s test data will be accepted in OCED countries.


  • The Drug and Pharmaceutical Research Programme (DPRP)
  • DST launched this in the mid 90s.
  • for Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives in drug research.
  • for promoting promoting Industry-Institutional collaboration
  • for developing New Drugs in all systems of medicine
  • for creating infrastructure, mechanisms and linkages to facilitate new drug development
  • +HRD

E-psychiatrist or virtual psychiatrist

  • for effective delivery of mental health care in remote areas.
  • by Health Ministry + Tata consultancy services (TCS)
  • net-based, logically linked clinical diagnostic and management decision support system
  • in English + Hindi
  • to help identifying and managing 18 human psychiatric disorders.
  • http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-generico-50-mg-pagamento-online-a-Bologna Indigenously developed, First ever such system in the world.
  • Pilot testing @HP, JK and Uttarakhand states.

Health & Physical fitness monitor

  • Equipment capable of measuring parameters like electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, respiration rate etc.
  • has sensors to measure, display and record physiological information about the patient
  • use? rural/urban Hospitals – intensive care units, operation theaters, emergency and even in Ambulance.
  • Under prototype stage. Currently, there is no cialis generico come funziona indigenous manufactures of Multi-parameter monitors in India.

Blood Chemistry Analyser & Compact Portable Mobile Lab

  • by Amit Bhanagar/IIT with funding from DST.
  • This Analyser supports the analysis of 23 parameters including Haemoglobin count, Blood Glucose, Urea, Uric Acid, Creatinine, Bilirubin, Cholesterol,  etc
  • testing cost: Rs. 120 per person.
  • can test 4000 samples per day
  • Costs ~80000 rupees.


  • Rhodopsin=Fundamental photosynthetic protein in the retina of the eye for vision purposes.
  • They can be produced using bacteria like the Halobacterium Salinarum.
  • Photoactive biomolecules= in great demand for production of optical and electro-optical sensors.
  • Hence Rhodopsins= commercial application. But very expensive at present. Developed countries running secret projects.
  • DST Funding project to source url indigenously synthesize Bacterio-Rhodopsines from purple bacteria.

Electro-Active Sensor Fabrics

Wearable strain sensor to measure the kinematic movements of elbow angle / knee angle. Will help in following:

  • Physiotherapist / rehabilitation centre to check elbow/knee angle bending over a period of time or after a critical injury.
  • any research relating to arthritis.
  • sports related injuries / treatment
  • knee replacement surgeries.


  • Biomolecular electronics = intergrates biomolecules with the electronics through a transducer.
  • it uses fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, Organic electronics devices like Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) etc.
  • Result?= the development of biosensors for non-invasive (surgery free) health care, artificial muscles etc.

Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph

Low Cost Wireless Polysomnograph

  • Polysomnography=Method to evaluate sleep quality.
  • Conventional methods use Electrodes, and Respiration belts to measure these parameters.= viagra generico in farmacia senza ricetta pagamento online a Napoli uncomfortable for the patient.
  • This low cost wireless polysomnograph uses Thermal infrared imaging to detect sleep quality=no contact with patient’s body=comfortable.


  • Ayurveda’s terms/principles/concepts are not effectively related to modern scientific biology and medicine.
  • Therefore, DST promotes basic research to proof biological basis of Ayurvedic treatment and thus establish Ayurveda’s effects at international level.
  • with help of full participation of scientists and Ayurvedic experts

Clubfoot Braces

  • for use in children with clubfeet (who have been corrected by any surgical or casting method)
  • for maintenance of correction of deformity.
  • Allows greater degree of freedom+comfort to child while wearing the brace.


(became too clichéd)

  • The Drug and Pharmaceutical Research Programme (DPRP)=for Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives in drug research.
  • under this DRPA=> new anti malaterial drug Synriam developed by Ranbaxy via PPP route.
  • Synriam contains
    • Arterolane maleate 150mg
    • Piperaquine phosphate 750 mg
  • first of its kind, a New Chemical Entity, fully developed through enter indigenous R&D which has reached the market place
  • The drug has been launched for global market
  • Will decrease cost of treatment.
http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ Amphomul by Bharat Serum for Kala Azar
Anaemia DST supporting Directly Observed Home Based Daily Iron Therapy to reduce anemia among young women in rural india
biodegradable polymers
  • can be used for artificial organ transplant.
  • but very expensive.
  • DST supporting project to manufacture biodegradable polymers using microbes, agricultural and forest resources.
Cinnamon Extract
  • herbal supplement for blood sugar management using Cinnamon Extract (Dalchini)
  • introduced in the international market in 2010.
compact liquid nitrogen Plant
  • DST funding indigenous development of low cost liquid nitrogen plant ( 7 liter/hr. capacity)
  • they can be used for Biological material preservation (e.g. sperm banks/ stem cells), food & nutrition, and a variety of small scale industrial application
  • for arsenic detection in drinking water
fungisome for Kala Azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis)
Glycine Max for diabetes
  • In Vitro Diagnostic devices (IVDD)=we mostly rely on imports.
  • new project to get proteins regeants from human biological waste, with help of Monoclonal Antibodies.
  • this will help manufacture Indigenous  IVDD (In Vitro Diagnostic Device)=low cost, affordable.
  • loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technique
  • for the detection of Chikungunya Viral Genome
laparoscopy and hernia
  • EndoXS= “First Indian Disposable Laparoscopy Trocar”. Low cost and disposable.
  • Easymesh= Hernia repair system. Low cost and disposable.
  • Even potential for Export to other developing countries because of the cost advantage.
learning disorders
  • DST formulated a multidisciplinary programme to address and understand the cognitive deficits of Learning Disabilities in 2012.
  • DST also funds of Cognitive Science like Neuroscience, Psychology, Linguistics, Bio Engineering, Social Engineering, Education, Computer technology & Artificial Intelligence etc.
Multichannel EEG
  • wireless interface to a multichannel EEG recording
  • Useful in remote diagnosis and monitoring in everyday situations-out of the lab or clinic.
  • project for indigenous technology for plastic bi-aspheric lenses (PBLs)
  • These are used for indirect ophthalmoscopy of powers 20 & 28 diopters.
  • projects aims for cost-effective large scale production.
  • Advanced Drug Delivery for cancer drugs.
  • TeleOphthalmology solution on iPhone and iPAD.
rodents and beagle dogs They’re used for doing drug trials. DST funding housing, breeding facilities for them.
Savliv patented folklore medicine, for hepatitic disorders
  • for using S&T to increase quality of life for old people. Examples:
  1. Locator and Communicative device for Dementia Patients.  Uses RFID/GSM/GPS technologies for tracking Dementia patients. SMS alert arrived on the care taker’s mobile phone when clicked, gives the location in Google maps also.
  2. a new technique of denture retention using dental implants
water purification
  • DST supporting projects for removal of arsenic, fluoride, salinity and iron from water.
  • brackish water reverse osmosis membrane @Ichhamati  in West Bengal.
  • Silver nanoparticle-based systems for tannery contaminated waters.

Lab instruments

Microelectrode arrays
  • For detecting biological samples, bio-molecules (e.g. dopamic), toxic wastes (lead, cadmium etc), Industrial effluents in ground water etc.
  • can detect samples even in ultra-low concentration.
  • by IIT Madras
  • this product is not readily available commercially even in foreign market=export potential.
glove box
  • A state-of-the-art inert atmosphere glove box system
  • for doing experiments on organic, inorganic and composite material.
  • testing @IIT Guwahati (designated as Center for Organic Electronics)
Magneto-optic current sensor
  • based on Faraday effect
  • to convert optical power to electrical signal and pass on to a laptop for processing
  • helps measuring magnetic flux density measurement in high EMI environment
Long Pulse Gyrotron
  • this instrument has application in nuclear fusion and plasma experiments.

Building/Construction related

3 aims 4 areas
  1. sustainable
  2. energy efficient
  3. cost effective solutions
  1. Housing,
  2. Roads and Traffic Engineering,
  3. Bridges and Fly-overs
  4. Civil Construction Materials.

Let’s check some progress supported by DST (Department of Science and Technology)


  • A new material in Civil Engineering
  • energy efficient.
  • From farm soils, using Charuzyme microbes.
  • Semi-automated brick molding machine with capacity of 10,000 bricks per day.


  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) panels/ IIT Madras.
  • These panels made from processed phospho-gypsum (recycled industrial waste from fertilizer industries).=ecofriendly.
  • Minimizes the use of cement, steel, river sand and water=sustainable Development.
  • Cheap in price+helps rapid construction = Affordable Mass Housing.
  • projects to upgrade glass quality to meet international standards.
  • These Glasses have low thermal expansion, high durability, donot crack easily.
  • Kota stone= in Rajasthan
  • Kota Stone units generate huge amount of waste in the form of broken pieces, dust and slurry= pollution.
  • project to use kota stone waste in Flooring and wall tiles.
  • U.S.-India Joint Centre for Advanced HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and lighting technologies, Thermal comfort etc.
  • to monitor the physical parameters of building using wireless technology
  • helps in disaster preparedness, testing structural strength of building.

Metal related

gas furnace

Gas furnace
  • for rural artisans doing metal work.
  • uses LPG instead of solid fuel (wood, coal etc)=>reduced emissions
  • Better control of the heating rate through easy regulation of LPG and air flow.
  • No need of electricity for operating the furnace except during start-up.
  • tested by IIT Delhi.
  • Continuous Induction Furnace (CONTIFUR) Technology
  • Technology for Production of Steel
  • Utilizes ore waste, non-coking coal for steel production =conservation of resources.
  • Pelletization=process by which iron ore fines converted to spherical balls.
  • usually human supervisor monitors this process by manually observing the size-shape of those balls=chances of error.
  • Eye on Pellet= indigenously developed instrument with camera. It monitors the pellet size, helps the supervisor.

Eye on Pellet

Textile related

Membrane separation system
  • for textile industry to reduce pollution by recycling developed at Synthetic & Art Silk Mills’ Research Association (SASMIRA)
Table Top Light Fastness Testers
  • Light Fastness Tester = used to determine the color fastness and degradation of textiles and dyed material against sunlight.
  • Table top light fastness testers =small, portable, handy and accurate.
  • by Synthetic & Art Silk Mills’ Research Association (SASMIRA)
E-pick Counter for powerloom
  • Normally, in any powerloom, the manufacturer will come to know about the production quality only after 2-3 days i.e. after removal of fabrics from the loom. = not good for quality control.
  • The E-pick instrument will provide online details related to production of machine and defects in fabric to the user on real time basis

e-pick counter for powerlooms

fabric friction tester

Fabric Friction Tester
  • instrument is designed to simulate the movement of human fingers over fabric to sense the roughness/smoothness/slipperiness
  • will help in textile quality control.
  • by IIT Delhi + Department of Textile Technology
Fungi-dye dye production from selected micro fungi Curvularia, Phoma, Pestalotiopsis

will help in industrial textile dyes.

Gas related


  • Handheld portable methanometer
  • display the methane gas concentration
Portable gas mixture analyser
  • portable sensor collects gas data, forwards to laboratory via internet=>chromatography machine at the lab, analyses the data and finds gas mixture composition.
  • this will provide a reliable result within a few minutes whether any toxic gas is present or not inside the manhole and if so, it will alarm the workers.

Electronics/IT Related

Next Gen Networks
  • joint collaboration between India and UK
  • Phase 2 started from 2012 mainly concentrating on three broad areas i.e.
  • Heterogenous Wireless Access Networks (HELNET)
  • Application and Services
  • Core Networks Systems
Modular Tablet PC
  • by two young IITians- Sh. Rohan Pandey and Sh. Rohit Rathi.
  • Their Tablet PC is differentiated from other similar product in the market as it integrates ZigBee along with WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G.
  • designed like a book: and it has 2 displays, one in front like a Magazine and another on the spine to show secondary information.
  • cost Rs.~12000
  • Organic light-emitting devices  (OELD)
  • Use? next generation of flat panel displays. Wide viewing angles, high color contrast, and low power consumption as compared to LCD displays.
  • waste from electrical and electronic equipments (WEEE)
  • DST helping Life cycle analysis & strategies to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste.
  • Biometric Based Unique Key Generation for Authentic Digital Watermarking.
  • Low temperature Co-fired Ceramic
  • useful multilayer ceramic fabrication technology
  • for compact multilayer circuits, 3D microwave circuit and packaging of such devices.
Eko: Branchless banking
  • Branchless Banking
  • Eko= low-cost payment infrastructure to enable instant small value financial transactions over a mobile phone.
  • Eko uses existing retail shops, telecom connectivity and banking infrastructure to extend branchless banking services to the common man
COMET simulator
  • Virtual Reality based skills training SIMULATOR
  • for skill development of maintenance technicians across industries, particularly aircraft and defense equipment.
  • National Centre for Aerospace Innovation and Research (NCAIR)
  • setup at IIT Bombay in collaboration with the Boeing Company.
  • for design and development of commercial scale aviation technologies, alloys, materials.

Plasma research

following plasma processes are environment friendly, eliminate the use of hazardous chemical/machineries.

  • eco-friendly plasma system to coat brass articles.
  • eco-friendly protective coating for wood crafts using plasma treatment
Tyre Plasma tech for cutting machinery in tyre industry.
Wool @Kullu, first industrial scale system is the world for Angora wool processing using plasmas.

Nano Mission


  1. promotes basic research
  2. develops infra
  3. HRD (M.Sc./M.Tech in Nano Science & Technology)
  4. collaborates with international agencies/foreign countries
    1. PETRA/FLASH projects with Germany
    2. Beamline project with Japan

Some achievements:

  1. Nano drug delivery systems for
    1. Treating bone-disease in women.
    2. delivering anti-retroviral drugs to HIV infected cells;
    3. colon diseases
    4. cancer cells
  2. Jasad bhasma: Used as antiseptic. And Nanotech will increase its therapeutic effect.
  3. Gold nanoparticles can be used to catalyse organic reactions.
  4. FA-SPIONs: Folic Acid Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. Help in cancer treatment.
  5. nano structured electrode materials for increasing life of lithium rechargeable batteries.
  6. Graphene based Nano composites=water purification.
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