[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 1 of 5) Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile

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  1. Prologue
  2. Stop feeling guilty
    1. Guilt#1: Low score in IBPS Written
      1. Reason #1: reliable work horses
      2. Reason #2: Learning XP
      3. Reason #3: CAT
    2. Guilt#2: Insecurity about “Profile”
    3. Guilt#3: Personal issues
  3. Measures to become guilt free:
  4. How to handle Bank interview?
  5. Tell me something about yourself
  6. Food for thought: Why formal dress for interview?


Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile (you’re here).
  2. Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers
  3. Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT
  4. Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews
  5. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned, B.Tech, Engineers and IT Why BankPO?

all those things come later, first thing is:

Stop feeling guilty

  • Many of you have the IBPS BankPO/MT interviews in a few days, but still suffering from guilt, insecurity and inferiority complex because of your written score, bio data, academic profile and other personal issues.
  • As long as you remain guilty- your answer tone and body language will defensive, pessimistic, submissive. The interviewer panel willnot get positive vibes to select you. Therefore, first step is to become guilt free. Let’s check the common reasons behind guilt:

Guilt#1: Low score in IBPS Written

Some random expert on internet predicted that your written score is not sufficient for final selection- citing some previous statistics about final cut offs. So now you’re just spending time inquiring on various blogs, forums, facebook communities “my score is xyz, will I get selected or not?”

I say every score is good score.  And you must fiercely prepare for the interview.  Why?

Reason #1: reliable work horses

If banks had to select candidate just by looking at their written score, they wouldn’t waste time interviewing people. They conduct interview to find mainly two things

  1. ye tikegaa ki nahi?” (Will this guy stay in our bank or not?).
  2. “thik kaam karegaa ki nahi” (will this guy work sincerely or not? )

In short, As long as they get good feeling about you being a reliable workhorse, you’ll get the job- at one place or another.

Reason #2: Learning XP

  • A formal interview with complete strangers gives you better picture of your own shyness, strength, weaknesses, than you’ll ever get by interacting with your friends, relatives and parents.
  • The interview experience will help you prepare yourself better for the next round of whatever exam you’re giving.  that-
    • “I should have prepared more from my graduation topics, I should have prepared more current affairs etc.,
    • I shouldnot have said abc thing in DEF question because it lead to xyz followup question where I fumbled…”and so on.
  • You cannot buy that type of mental conditioning and experience in any other mock interview conducted by anyone- because the real-life stress factor will be absent in such mock interviews.
  • So, Even if you fail in a real interview=> money spent on travel and lodging is not wasted. Because it is a great learning experience that will definitely help you in the next interview for whatever job you’re applying.

Reason#3: CAT

  • Many CAT aspirants give IBPS exam just for ‘fun’ or for career backup.
  • CAT-2013 result will come around 14th January 2014. Then IIMs and various other MBA institutes will start their GDPI round (group discussion / personal interview). Most probably from mid-feb onwards
  • IBPS allocations are to be made in March-April 2014.
  • Now comes the interesting part: Most of the tier-II MBA colleges will declare their final result before IIM final results. (That’s is a loot-technique, if a candidate has given interview in both non-IIM and IIM then he’ll pay the 10-20-50 rupee non-refundable deposit in non-IIM institute for just for “seat-insurance”, before IIM final result comes.)

Similarly, some candidates would have made calculation about which banks they will not get city posting. So they’ll even forfeit offers accordingly.

  • And there will be upward movement in the buffer list / waitlist.
  • How much movement? Well, I cannot predict but my point is: Not all candidates with good IBPS score will finally join the bank. Therefore, You MUSTNOT lay down your weapons and accept defeat even without going for interviews- just because some gyani baba has predicted that final cutoff will be xyz.

Moving to the next guilt factor:

Guilt#2: Insecurity about “Profile”

You’re afraid because any of the following reasons:

  1. After graduation, you’ve spent past 1-2 years in competitive exams, without any success. So, your biodata has “empty” years and no job-experience. You’re afraid interviewer will ask tough question about it.
  2. You don’t post-graduation degree
  3. You’re from some less famous college / university
  4. You’ve poor academic scores in class 10-12- college or you’ve failed in some semesters etc.
  5. You met another IBPS candidate who has higher score than you PLUS
    1. he has done some special banking related course
    2. he has work-xp from private bank.
    3. he has a thick file with plenty of extracurricular certificates.

You must get rid of all these guilty feelings because:

  1. If banks wanted only university toppers and students with high CGPA, they’d have directly hired from campus instead of organizing exam through IBPS and wasting their own time.
  2. All they want is reliable workhorses who’ll not run away from non-city postings. As long as they get good feeling about you being a reliable workhorse, you’ll get the job- at one place or another.
  3. Time machine is not invented yet. You cannot go back in past and fix those issues. The only way is to move forward in life, is with whatever baggage you’re carrying but without feeling guilty.
  4. (worst case scenario) IF at all they ask you something about “why low score in class 10-12-college?” then, don’t make long stories and excuses. Just summarize what was wrong and then shift focus of your answer on how with age you’ve matured, understood the value of money, career, hardwork and you’re no longer the same lazy person from that is shown in the marksheet.

Guilt#3: Personal issues

You’re feeling loser just because your cousin, brother, sister, relative, neighbor’s kid, batch mate etc. have got high paying jobs. You think that “even if I get this PO job, I’ll be never as successful as they’re.”

You must come out of this loser mindset, because:

  1. 5-7 years from now, all the “career-glamour” will be over (like whatever IAS/IPS/bigger job or degree your cousins and batch mates have got.) By that time, new youngsters will take your place and all your relatives and neighbors will start comparing them and trash talking about them. So, instead of trying to please and impress others, you better pursue the career you’re interested in.
  2. 15-20 years from now, the only thing that will matter is: can you provide for a good education, home and life to your kids or not?
  3. On those criteria BankPO doesn’t suck. It has great potential, people with no IIT/IIM degrees have started career as PO/MT and made it all the way to MD/CMD positions. (More details under “Sales Pitch-Why BankPO” topic in next article click me.)

Finally, Some of you may also be feeling guilty about your looks, height, skin color whatever. Again stop feeling guilty about it. These interviews are conducted to find reliable workhorses for banking sector and not actors for Karan Johar’s next movie.

Measures to become guilt free:

first of all, Stop being in company of idiots, negative talkers, crybabies and pessimistic people. You’ve already met them in library, in coaching class, in online forums. They never study, they just keep chatting all the time:

  1. this time cut off has gone very high “ab kya hogaa”
  2. SSC has changed pattern for CGL exam “ab kya hogaa”
  3. this time UPSC papers were too tough “ab kya hogaa”

These type of dookhi-atmaa (sad souls) infect your brain with their negativity. So, avoid them like hell- even after this IBPS interview is over.

  1. Avoid taking phone-calls, whatsapp messages, facebook updates from college batchmates. They just want to talk for time pass and give you ‘gossip’ of how much salary package they’ve got, who joined which company, who got what promotion, who is dating whom etc.etc.
  2. Because their universe is confined to only those petty things. You’re destined to do something bigger and better. If you keep paying attention to their life and issues, then self-doubt and guilt-feeling will come automatically. Remember what the coach said to Milkha Singh the birds who’re meant to fly high in the sky, should not keep their hearts attached to small trees.”
  3. Exercise regularly. Lazy brain and lazy body always picks up negative thoughts. And by exercise, I mean only two things: running and pushups. After a few weeks, you’ll automatically start feeling good about yourself, every time you look in the mirror. And then self-confidence and positive vibes will come automatically.
  4. In your head, Keep telling yourself “I’m totally awesome.”

How to handle Bank interview?

A conventional IBPS Bank PO interview runs on following pattern

bank PO interview questions

  1. Tell me about yourself (introduction) + followup on personal qs.
  2. A few questions on graduation
  3. then “why Bank PO”
  4. Then a few questions from banking sector.
  5. If time permits, some more questions from economy, current and GK.

Since every panel has to handle hundreds of candidates over a span of few week, the Average interview time is ~10-15 minutes. That’s a double edged sword.

good because not good because
  1. Because they don’t ask lot of questions from diplomacy, International relations, current affairs etc. that are not related with banking and economy.
  2. Most of the interview centered on just the standard pattern listed above (introduction, grad, why PO, banking qs).
  3. You don’t have to prepare lot of data for individual topic. Because they’ll usually interrupt you after a minute or two and ask another question.
  • Such short interaction is no good way to measure an individual’s potential.
  • It doesn’t allow you to elaborate your views. They throw a new question within 2-3 minutes and break your chain of thought.
  • If you mess up in the first 3-4 questions related to graduation / banking then it might turn into a stress interview. (Especially for Engg/IT.)

Given this short duration interview, you must prepare certain answers in advance.

Tell me something about yourself

Very common question. The moment you enter room and sitdown, one of the member may ask

“Please introduce yourself. OR tell me something about yourself.”

Experts are divided on its ‘right’ answer:

answer should be only limited to these things

  1. name
  2. place
  3. Graduation. (if you’ve first class or above, then it should be specifically mentioned)
  4. Computer certificate. (If you’ve then specifically mentioned.)
  5. Work-ex if any.
Apart from those details (name place etc.),he should also mention “Why you want to join banking sector.”
Should not mention hobby, family members.Because those things are considered informal conversation. should also mention following:

  1. family members and their occupation
  2. Hobby, extracurricular activity, notable achievement.
  • You can try either way, or mixture of both BUT answer must be at the tip of your tongue.
  • If you don’t prepare this at home, you will fumble during interview and you might forget mentioning some important information.
  • You must also prepare all the routine ‘followup’ questions associated with “tell me about yourself” question. for example
tell me about yourself follow-up question that should be prepared in advance
Myself ____. Or My name is ____.
  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Which famous personality shares the same name as yours. + A few basic biography related questions from that famous person.
I’m from ______.  orI belong to _____.Note: After speaking this, take a little pause so he may ask you a followup question. (Which will be safe than if he asks something from graduation!)
  1. What is famous about your city / town? tourism/culture/business.
  2. Which famous personalities (freedom fighter, politicians, sportsmen, and authors) are associated with your place?
  3. What is the nearest branch from your house? As a customer, how much will you rank ‘nearness’ for choosing a bank to open an account? (and all the other marketing type questions. Like how will you convince someone to open account if your branch is faraway…)
  4. Name of governor, HC chief justice of your state.
  5. what is the GDP of your state (both in % and absolute figure)
  6. Basic census details: education, sex ratio.
I’ve done ___ from ___ college of ___ university in the year___ with ___ class.Notes:

  1. If university is famous but college is not so famous then avoid mentioning college name. Just tell univ. name.
  2. If you’ve blank years after graduation, then avoid mentioning passout-year. (e.g. when you failed in 2-3 competitive exams.) Although he can still find it through biodata but don’t you attract his attention to that unnecessarily.
  3. If you have continuous work-xp right from college passing, then graduation year must be mentioned.
  4. If you’ve first class or above, then it must be mentioned.  If you’ve second class, then don’t mention.
  5. if you have done any course on computers, it must be mentioned.
  1. Who was the founder of your college / university?
  2. Name a few famous personalities associated with your college/univ.?
  3. What is/are special things about the city where you college was located?
  4. What do you think about ragging?  What should be done to prevent it?

(more about graduation based questions in separate article, click ME)

Work XP: For last ___ years, I’ve been working in ____ company as a _____.Note: Don’t immediately start explaining why you want to leave that job. Let the panel ask you a follow-up question.
  1. What does your company/office do? What is the turnover?
  2. Nature of your work, powers and responsibilities.
  3. Why do you want to leave it?
  4. Why do you want to work in bank, when you’re getting more salary in that other job?
Ex-Serviceman.I’m an Ex-serviceman, I served from __ to ___ in ____.
  1. How many commands/division/regional HQ in your service?
  2. Previous chief-Current chief-next chief.
  3. Who won Ashok Chakra this year?
  4. Name a few special loan/account facilities by the bank for military personnel.
(optional) Family: My father is ___.

Mom is ___. Brother/sister is working in ____.

  1. Do you live in a joint family? What are the problem / benefits of joint vs. nuclear family?
  2. If you’re posted in a faraway area, who will take care of your family?
  3. In which bank does your father have account? Does he use ATM or net banking? Have you ever tried to convenience him to use it?
  4. What is the full designation of your father’s job. Why did not you pick his career line?

In the next article, we’ll see the second question: “Why do you want to become a BankPO?” click me

by the way…

Why formal dress for interview?

Copying a few lines from NSA Shiv Shankar Menon’s speech to IFS officers:

A word about dress. Some younger colleagues have asked me why dress so formally and why they could not dress as they chose. The answer is that we normally dress to make the other person take us seriously and to be persuasive, not to express our personalities or look good or stylish, or for comfort.
Like it or not, people judge you by your appearance. How we dress depends on the culture we operate in and the statement we choose to make.

I have a theory about why diplomats, soldiers and bankers dress so conservatively, each in their own uniforms. Notice how the more an occupation deals with risk, the more uniform their dress is? A soldier risks his life, the banker risks your money, and the diplomat deals with the risks of war and peace.
It is in order to convey the assurance that they know what they are doing, to reassure society, the client or the interlocutor that these professions dress in what amounts to a uniform. And it seems to work.
(end of copy paste)

For more on IBPS, visit Mrunal.org/IBPS

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568 Comments on “[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 1 of 5) Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile”

  1. Interview Date: 09-Jan
    Venue: BOI, Noida, Sec-62
    Panel: III
    Members: IV

    M1: Where are you from?
    M1: What is your father?
    M1: Since he is a Magistrate, why did you not pursue LLB? Why banking?
    M1nM2: Why engineering?
    M1: (Interrupted in-between and asked) In which year nationalization of banks took place?
    M1: How many banks were nationalized?
    M1: What is Financial inclusion?
    M2: Since you are an engineer, tell me ‘What is a bank’? Basic definition of a bank.
    M3: Who is the RBI governor?
    M3: How many Deputy governors are there in RBI?
    M3: Who are they?

  2. First of all mrunal sir accept my hearfull thanks to your contribution.

    Interview at :-
    BOI, Sector 62,
    Panel VII, Timing around – 2Pm

    four members were only one of the was taking interest to ask question.
    M1- Hello, How are you?
    Me- fine sir.
    M1- Do u have your lunch?
    Me- yes sir.
    M1- Tell me about yourself.
    Me- answered.
    M1- what your father Do?
    Me- answered.
    M1- So what are you doing right now?
    Me- teaching sir, then cross ques about what i teach and the discussion how many teachers are there blah blah blah.. , i answered all?
    M1- To M2 sir u ask.
    M2- so what you father do? M1 – replied before i can answer that.
    M2- what is digital signature
    Me- sir any signature is being scanned then it is coded.
    M2- how?
    Me- by some software that i dont know.
    M2 to M3 – Now your turn.
    M3(sardar happy one)- what is symbolic function?
    Me- i dont Know sir; mean while M2 gets up and start talking on phone.
    M3- what is education loan?
    Me- sir which a student can take for his higher study.
    M3- Why?
    Me- may be he want to be self dependent or his family cannot afford.
    M3- If he wants to take a laptop and you are the supervising officer for that loan what will you do?
    Me- i will ask him whether it should be education or as a personal loan. (was confused at that time what shall i answer)
    M3 to the panel aap pooch lo aur.
    M4 Denied as if i am some kind of loser.
    M1- ok Mr. Why does NPA hurts bank most?
    Me- Because the bank does not get any thing in return for that investment. (discussion starts what should be done for the defaulters etc,…)
    M1- What is Basil?
    Me- norms set up by Bis ( fumbled was not able to recall the full form) to control NPA, CRAR is the ratio suggested by them in three tier I,II,II.
    M1- Ok that is from my side anyone else want to ask the ques , all of them noded it is ok and said thank you.
    Me thank you all sir, :)

    Interview was good, lasted for less then 10 minutes, just got nervous and fumbled.



  3. Dear Mrunal Sir,
    First of all thank you very much.I have qualified for CWE CLERK -3 interview. In the notification, it is said that bring the ‘Valid system generated printout of the online application form ’ and it is mandatory….But I had lost it after taking print out of it.Now,How to take reprint after filling Challan.You had given LINK to PO answering Mr. Dilip Kumar.Kindly help me out and provide link to take reprint after filling CHALLAN for CWE clerk-3.

  4. Interview at UBI,Bhubaneswar,time-1pm..my turn came at 5pm

    There were 4 members,the leftmost was only observing from beginning to end.just asked one question.

    M1 tell us something abt urself?
    I started wis the usual my name is…etc..
    He said no no we are not interested in that,tell us something abt ur family,ur highest degree..

    So I told nd M2 was noting it all down on a paper.
    M2- ur marks? Thn noted it down.

    Times of india group publishes what all newspapers?
    Who owns the group?what is the name of the company?
    Who owns indian express group?who started it?

    M2: what is the difference between translation and retranslation?
    M1: what do u have to say about radio in today’s time?
    What is the name of the govt’s radio channel?
    where is the office situated in New Delhi?
    There was a very famous anchor with a deep voice?what was his name?

    M4: the observer woke up suddenly and asked, what role will you play if the bank organises a function?

    M3: why were banks nationalised?

    What is social banking?

    Tell me the meaning of this phrase Rome was not built in a day .

    And they adked one or two more questions I don’t exactly remember.

  5. why were banks nationalised,cm of states,chairman and cmd of some banks ,bharatiya mahila bank,mutUAL FUNDS

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I know it may sound weird but it would be really appreciated if people can give me answer to this. So here goes my query…

    I know my interview for PO has gone well and might ultimately end up in some bank or the other. But i want to join in clerical cadre for which the interviews would start after the allotment of PO’s. The reason for me joining in clerical cadre is I really would like to give a go at Civil services for 2015 and presumably working as a clerk would atleast give sufficient time to prepare which would not be the case if i join as a PO.

    My query is when i go for the clerical interview the definite question which would be asked is Kya aapka PO mein hogaya? If i say yes, they would reject me in clerical for obvious reasons and if i say no the next big question would be WHY?

    So i need an answer for this “WHY”. Hope people over here understand my anxiety.


    1. The perfect answer for ‘WHY’ would be the same which you have mentioned above….just be true and the rest will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @McCullum: Is it not the case that a bank would select a candidate with an expectation that ” Ok this guy would survive in this sector for a long period? ” and by saying that right guys i would serve you for few years and when my turn comes i will show my back and leave is definitely not an answer they would digest atleast in current situation. I appreciate your input but what i feel is there is a thin line between satisfaction and apprehension(lol). I have a gut feeling that is the million dollar question that i have to face.

    2. @brendon
      please erase some myths from ur mind such as clearing civil services while working and u will get tume in clerical and nt in po.
      only ho branch postings will give u less time as a po and u will nt get ho posting at the time of joining u will be posted in rural areas
      hence my advice is that u should go with po and regarding ur query of clerical just say that u got less marks in either exam or interview

      1. @ satya @ Brandon @ Mrunal , What are the working hours for a PO ? As I have been visiting only private banks so I am not familiar.
        Secondly, Isn’t it possible to take out 4-5 hours daily for studies if anyone want to pursue CS.
        Thirdly , Are there problems relating to issue of NOC by banks for appearing in CS exams

        1. in ho 10-atleast8 and in rural areas 10-6 and normal urban branch 10-max7
          fetching of study hours depends on u andone month before Prelims to Maine u will have to take medical leave
          there is no problem with noc

      2. What are the normal working hours as in by when you can be back from office?

      3. @Satya: Thanks for your reply buddy. As i was not aware of the timings and the working, just trying to clear my doubts in any which way possible. However, i have come across two guys(different portals) where they worked as clerks and cracked civils. So i was thinking if this is the right step for my pursual contrary to working as a PO where the things go little tougher.

  7. Hello Sir, i cleared IBPS clerk 3,but have lost my application form .How can i reprint it,as it is important for interview. Pls help

  8. i talked to others candidates also and i came to know that marks have not been asked by every candidate. i think that they are asking marks only from those candidate who they want to select. i mean all know that this time cutoff marks are very low and interview has great impact. so may be this is reason.

    1. I think it depends on panel. some panel are asking and some nt
      and this time they don’t have marks with them as last year

    2. Even they asked me once at the starting, and finally at the end once they appeared convinced to me. So i think its only when they care that the candidate should be on merit.

  9. my interview was on 4 jan…Bangalore at 1pm

    i entered into room with smile and wish them happy new year. there were 4 members. they all were looking very warm and friendly.
    M1- where r u from
    i told
    M2- then why you filled your form from here.
    i explained reason
    i did mass communication in journalism. so one of members told other about my background and both smiled.
    they asked what you did after graduation i told i was in job.
    then they asked about priority sector… what came under this and percentage of agriculture…
    i answered.
    then they asked about types of account and difference between saving and current account.
    i explained.
    one of the panel member asked about number of nationalized bank in my native place. i said sorry
    another member asked about main function of bank. i answered
    then they asked about wor profile of PO i explained.
    one member asked 2-3 question which i had no idea so i said sorry
    then they asked how my previous job experience help me in banking sector i explained.
    then they asked current female cm. i told. after that they said me all the best and offered sweets.
    i thing i want to add they asked my number in written marks two times and noted down. my marks is 63 only.
    i am satiesfied with my interview but dont know how they would mark me. hope for best

  10. clerk 3 marks are out. my number is 109 , karnataka

    1. mine are 108. hoping for a very tough competetion for us

  11. clerk 3 marks out

  12. My Interview was held in Bangalore, Syndicate Training Centre.
    The Board Members were very cordial.
    They asked about why I was to leave my current job. Most of the questions were GK based like who is the current vice pres. of India. How is the president of India elected? what is NABARD. what is its function? what is priority sector lending? What is Bank rate. How much is the rate now. what is the full form of ipo?

    A scenario based question like a VIP customer coming to bank. he is good friend of yours. that day the server crashed but that person need money immediately 25K. What will you do?

    I could not answer this questions properly on Recurring Deposits, Inflation rate today, how RBI controls the foreign reserves. What is balance sheet.

  13. BOI, NOIDA, panel 10, jan 10.

    M1: How did you reach here? (explained in detail from 15 min walking to metro station to boarding deboarding metro and finally auto pooling..!)
    M2: you should have taken a richshaw instead of walking..( i told them that i prefer walking and moreover i had ample amount of time to reach the venue, so i utilised it by walking)
    M2: You should have asked your father or brother to accompany you..(as if i were a kid and would fall in their trap. I said that i am an independent girl and can manage and blah blah..
    M2:What all changes have Delhi seen in past 10 yrs except the political one..!!!( i answered about the infrastructure, metro, BRT and ol..)
    M2: what do the people of Delhi usually do for their livelihood..( explained that business and service class exist simultaneosly in Delhi..)
    M4: What about Agriculture. Why don’t they do this..( And i reflexively answered ki sir delhi me rehne ki jagah nhi h, agriculture kaha se hogi.. They all laughed..very hard..!!
    M4: Why your hometown is famous.
    M3( he was resembling Shakaal, ditto..): observing me
    M4: What do you know about banks( definitiom, functions etc..)
    M2:What is base rate, who decides base rate, what are RRBs, why they were formed and two three more
    questions(answered each and every question)
    M3: still observing.
    M2: what is Autism. How it is diagnosed? Can it be diagnosed in the newborns..( don’t worry these questions are from my graduation background and i enjoyed answering them.
    M4: One of my relatives has problem in his right leg, he can’t walk due to fear that he might fall. How you will manage it..( i explained the management without taking any consultation fee:P)
    M2: can you give us the names of the institutions working for differently abled people, providing day boarding etc. He wrote it all. Then finally said even i want to work in this field, sort of social service..!!
    M3: finally.. Neetu, don’t you think you are better suited for medical field and you should not come to banking sector( i told them about my qualities, what my discipline has taught me like PR skills that can be used in banking sector, i can deal with people of various temperament easily which we usually see in banks on day-to-day basis etc etc.)
    M4: What is Swablamban.( answered)

    fianlly said you may go now and i thanked them with a badi wali smile.

    Overall had a very good experience, interview lasted for dot 15 minutes. And the panel was very cordial.
    Just be confident and most importantly wear a smile..(but don’t exaggerate it..)
    Good luck

    1. @neetu
      mine was also with the same panel on 4 one of them was lady and one was ayoung person around 33 ur interview is gud wat is ur score

      1. In my panel all were males.
        My score is 89.


  15. Dear Mrunal Sir,
    First of all thank you very much.I have qualified for CWE CLERK -3 interview. In the notification, it is said that bring the ‘Valid system generated printout of the online application form ’ and it is mandatory….But I had lost it after taking print out of it.Now,How to take reprint after filling Challan.You had given LINK to PO answering Mr. Dilip Kumar.Kindly help me out and provide link to take reprint after filling CHALLAN for CWE clerk-3.I just checked,I have got 91 marks.I M FROM MAHARASHTRA & OBC. ANY CHANCES FOR FINAL SELECTION.? How much marks,I have to secure in interview..?

  16. pls tell me when will the results of ibps interview will be announced as i really don’t know about the next procedure

    1. same query here can somebody please tell about the further process in IBPS PO after the interviews? when will the results come and how these allotments will be done and how will anyone get a job through IBPS, do we need to fill seperate forms again for the banks upcoming vacancies,,????

    2. min 10 day after completion of interview ie 13 Jan and u have nothing to do just wait for result

      1. @satya r u sure?

        1. @aanchal last year to 10 din bad aya tha so this year also we can expect the same

          1. @satya what will b d cut off any idea? Actually I got only 61 in general but I think interviewrs were quite convinced and dey also asked my marks at the end and that is something bothering me a lot

  17. UBI,Kolkata,Jan 6

    M1:Tell us about yourself.
    M1:Why Banking?
    M1:Tell me something about RBI,its functions and why banks were nationalised?
    M1:What changes took place in banking sector after Independence?
    M1:What aspect of banking do you like most?(I replied Rural banking)
    M1:If you are posted at a remote place in Nadia as a branch manager,what steps will you take to bring about financial inclusion?
    M1:What is SHG?Why women are favoured more than men,while granting loans to SHGs?
    M4:What is a balance sheet?
    M4:What are the types of account and the differences between them?
    M4:If you want to withdraw money from FD account,can you do it before maturity period?
    M1 & M2 told me that we are giving you a suggestion,if you want to go to the top,you have to be rough & tough,just like WB election commissioner Meera Pandey!!! You have to be knowledgeable and do your homework well.(I said,yes sir with a smile!)
    M1:All the best,you may go now.
    M2:God bless you
    I thanked them all and went out.
    Interview lasted for 15 minutes.One member didn’t ask anything,kept smiling all the time.They used both hindi and english.
    Panel was very cordial and supportive.
    So,be confident and optimistic.
    Best of luck to the aspirants.
    And,a BIG THANK YOU to MRUNAL SIR,for his brilliant posts!

  18. i dint qualified for clerks i got 107 marks just missed it by 2 marks as overall cutoff was 109 , zone applied is Bihar. i guess every state has different cutoff score.

  19. PATNA 10th January, PANEL I
    Interview reporting time time 8:30 AM, documents verification completed around 10:30 AM, interview started around 12:10 PM, lasted for 10-15 minutes approx.

    Qualification, pursuing MBA, B Tech (EEE) in 2010, fresher

    After wishing for God noon, I was asked to sit down, I thanked and sat down.
    Panel consisted of 4 members, all male

    P1 to anshuman ji, aapke papa kya karte hain?(what your father do)
    P1 wo kaha rahte hain? (where does he live)
    P1 aap yaha patna me kya karte hain? (what you do here in Patna?)
    P1 aapke bhai kya karte hain? (What your brother do?)
    P1 aapne padhai to ki hogi? (You should have studied?)
    P1 aapne kya sikhsha li hai? (what have been your education?)
    P1 ok, to anshuman ji, Radar ke baare me aapne suna hoga? Give full form of RADAR
    ME SIR maaf kijiyega, I could not recall. (maine socha mera dabba gol)
    P1 Fir kya baateing kare aapse? Current affairs aur banking hi bachta hai. (What should I ask now, only banking and current affairs left?)

    ME Sir, I’m pursuing MBA from HR and Marketing. (Indicating that you can ask me from there)
    P1 ha ha ha, lekin mujhe to HR aur marketing nahi aati, bekar me iss field me kyun poochho? apna bhi majak ban jayega, main to banker hu, mujhe nati aati ye sab (I said to myself as if I know engineering, huh)
    P1 achcha aapne Finance padha hoga? (So you should have studied Finance?)

    I was just holding myself from running off, what shame, I wanted to say (sir isse theek hoga aap engineering se hi poochh lo), but shamelessly I said yes sir I have studied it as a paper during first semester.

    P1 Tell me what have you studied?
    ME Told him whatever I knew of Finance, dunno from where I was able to put some technical points which those old members appreciated. Shaking head in YES was awesome moment and game changer
    P1 Do you know net worth?
    ME Fumbled, but almost pulled it.
    P1 So you must have studied Banking terms right? Suppose I’m RBI and have raised 2% of Repo rate and Bank Rate. What effect does P4 as a customer have as a customer if he wants to deposit 10 lakh to your bank?
    ME Sir could you please tell the that this gentleman wants Termed deposit or Savings?
    P1 Fixed Deposit…
    ME Sir as the rate is increasing 200 basis points, chances are more that banks will increase FD rates, so sir (pointing towards P4 who was busy eating fruits) will get more returns on his investment.
    P1 and what happens with SB deposit?
    ME Sir, even RBI have deregulated SB deposit rates, the banks have resorted to changing rate, so its almost certain that no change will take place and Sir (again pointing) will continue to get 4%.
    All Members, bright smile, good

    P1 So why will that happen Anshuman?
    ME I tried to answer, it took 2 mins, that banks wants to induce customers that they keep money with bank, some other points, but it did not work out, he was almost half satisfied.
    P1 You are close Anshuman, but not 100%

    I was about to ask what exactly should be the reason, but the baton was taken over by P2

    P2 So anshuman tell me something about motivation theory,
    ME answered
    P2 next which theory
    ME I told, could not answer who gave Theory X and Theory Y, but when I gave 2 factor theorist name then he was very happy, I thought may be he is induced with name, so I started vomiting few administrative thinkers name and there connection with theory
    P2 Next which theory
    ME Sir, I know only this much.
    P2 Tell me something about Barriers to Communication
    ME Explained him very deeply, smile was flowing through his face, mine and other members of the panel too.
    P2 tell me about Quality circles.
    ME Explained him and then we had discussion over that topic, very nice one, like a teacher is teaching me.
    P2 sir your turn

    P3 You have prepared for banking terms na?
    ME Yes Sir
    P3 Difference between crossed cheque and uncrossed cheque?
    ME Told him very well
    P3 what is special crossing?
    ME Answered
    Back to P1, this time he was having broader smile

    P1 Let me ask you a tough question, you must have heard about Devyani Khobragade, rigth?
    ME Yes Sir, with great confidence.
    P1 so tell me the name of her maid.
    ME With smile, sir I’m not confidence about full name but I have read that her name is Mrs Sangeeta Richard.
    Bingo I hit the bulls eye.
    Laughter went everywhere, all members were smiling broadly,all members said yes her name is is Sangeeta Richard, you are right.
    P1 You can leave now gentleman.

    ME With great smile and relief, thanked all the members of the panel and left

    P4 was only eating fruits and then observing

    1. Marks 82

  20. plz anyone suggest any source for preparing interview for IBPS clerical exam..

  21. my intervw date : jan 8th
    category :gen
    place :trivandrum
    venue: canara bank
    time :8 30
    panel 2
    me :may i come in ?
    m2 :yes
    m2 :introduce your self
    m2:why 2 years of gap ? ( actualy i m civil service aspirant )
    me: told some story of an accedent , so that they will be convinced.
    m1 :why ecgc ? why u put bank preference like ,not so famous banks in the top order ?
    me : about ecgc, i told i like to know about how import xport busines happen .
    m2 :so they are doing import and xport ?
    me :no sir, they are giving credit insurance to xport and import companies
    m3 :r u willing to work in rural ?
    me : defenetly sir .
    m2 :if you r deployed in jharkand or some rural place how you will make bank sucess?
    me : thought for 1 min . sir, in rural reople have ery little financial litrecy. so we need to make that to happen first . then by analysing each place about wht our bank can really do, we can be a succesful
    m3 :wht is article 370 ?
    me :spcl provison to jmmu and kashmir (hehe ias aspirant. they thought of a surprise qn, but it didnt surprise me. lol )
    m4 :wht are the principles of programming lang ?
    me: strted telling about procedural , object oriented programming. but since m4 face was going exclamating. i told sorry sir i dont knw.
    m2 : whre can AAP win for next election ?
    me : i told , sir they can win everywhre provided they get enough support form people.
    m2: whre exactly ?
    me : cant tell that explicitly sir
    m1 :who will be the next kejriwal of kerala.?
    me :silence for 1 min, then replied . sir evryone can become a kejriwal , if we have the mindset for acheving wht we want to achive and work hard
    m3 :what is the problem in j&kashmir ? how can we solve that problm?
    me :sir their are many problms. people of j&k are not enjoying what citizens of other states are enjoyng due to some of acts (afsp act) and terrorism related issues. yes theri is solution to every problem. since its very sensitive issue , it will take much time.
    m2 : whats ur ambition ?
    me : sir working in bank as a good employee is my ambition
    m2 :ok merlin you can go now . al the best (provided some choclates )
    me thank you sir. good day

  22. date: 11th jan panel:3 repoting time: 8:30 AM
    venue: Andhra bank zonal office, koti, Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh
    there were 4 members in my panel(all males). M4 dint utter a word and was just observing entire process.
    M2 asked me most of the questions like
    1)what did u do in the past 3 years?(I graduated in 2011)….answered
    2)what is your score?(102)
    3)what is NPA? how to handle it?
    4)had a discussion on Vijay malya case related to NPA
    5)how to differentiate between costumers who are willful defaulters and those who faced losses in business?
    then M2 described job profile of a probationary officer
    6)what would you do to recover NPA?
    M1 posed one question that is choose one of them that describes bank job, also to justify my choice…
    a)it is interesting
    b)it is challenging
    c)it is a stable and secure job
    M3 asked me what a bank should do in cases where a costumer could not repay loan on time due to loss in business?
    my interview was more of a discussion and less of question & answer kind
    they seemed satisfied with my answers(at least that is what I believe)
    total duration of interview: 15 mins
    In my centre today is the last day of interviews. I don’t know if its the case throughout India.
    Hope these above questions come handy to those who are yet to give interview.
    All the best :)

  23. hello ,
    I had my interview on the 9 of jan at DENA bank ,ahmdabad…I really dont know how to rate the interview as bcoz there was no such question related to my academic backround or banking sector…al they foused on was me and my family
    questions asked:
    1.tell me about urself( i menationed im born in at TATANAGAR)
    2.what does ur father do?( i said he pased away ..then d question came was he employed there at tata..i said no we has a business..what sort of business u had)
    3.WHY DID u come to gujarat?
    4.who takes care of ur family?( i said my sistr)
    5.what does ur sis do..where does she works?
    6.what r ur hobbies?
    7.hav to joined any class for d xam?( i said yes i did..but something which has helped me alot is a website mrunal.org..the moment they heard d name they started writing the name of this site on the paper.n i was asked to repeat the sites name 3 time for they heard it as urnal and nurnal ..i told them sir m for mango .. they sked me what kind of site is this.i told them that)
    8.they asked me do u know dat its a all india job.wil u b able to go n work anywhere in india? ( i said yes)
    9.they asked me r u married? ( i said no)
    they sAID NOW u my go.thank u….n i reverted back wid a smile n a thnk u ..

    that it..i dont know hw d interview was..wil hav to wait for d results …………n mrunal sir thank u so much..I really dont know whether taking name f this site will put me into any mess or wil help me.bt it came out of my mouth instantly :D …anyways will b hoping for d best n wilb prepared for d worst..thank u :)

    1. what is this ??? my cmment is awaiting moderation…what does it mean?

  24. 11.01.2014:
    today i had interview at BOI STC noida,i was scheduled for 1 PM batch,panel 4,interview started at 4.30 pm
    2 sardar -s1 s2 and two southindian m1 m2..
    S2 and M2 were not even looking at me..but M1 bombarded me with questions..
    M1-introduce yourself.
    M1-what is inflation?its causes?what is govt doing to control it?
    M1-functions of rbi?
    m1-what is CAD?how can it be controlled?
    m1-what can we do to increase exports?
    m1-can we increase oil production in india?
    m1-what is shale gas?is there shale oil also found with shale gas?
    i could answer all of them but now it was s1 ki turn to bowl a googly
    s1-how many nobels has india won and name all of them.
    s1-what is fullform of CORE in core banking solution???????????
    from where did that came!
    m1 had gathered again a few questions by that time and fired again
    m1-what is LIBOR?
    m1-what are your strengths?
    m1-why do you consider yourself fit for banking?
    this heavy shelling upon me woke up m2
    m2-your marks?
    m2 in which section you got highest?
    m2-ur birthday is on 19th nov who all share this day with you?
    m2-which bank was opened on this day last year?
    m2-who is the chairmen?

    i could answer all except one and that was fullform of CORE in CBS!
    i did not expect this kind of interview..but now its over and only result matters..

    1. Hey hi,

      I think that i had the same panel as yours. One of the two sardarji was really pulling my leg. He was testing the patience. Really had a good time dealing with him. Every time he was asking a tough question and i replied saying “Dont know” was pissing him off and he was then asking a more tough question.

      I loved the interview session. The other sardarji was coming to my rescue whenever i was in tough situation.

      Had fun. As for result i am least worried. It is the experience which counts.

  25. anyone could tell me how to get resistration of himachal pcs since i am trying many times but it is not working

  26. sir,pls tell about ibps clerical interviews……

  27. when interview marks will come …..how many vacancies are there…when first list will come .

  28. Hi,
    I had my interview on 5th jan @ Pune .I hope it’ll help u .
    My interview was @1p.m .i was there @ 11.30 a.m.then officer provide us 1 form they told us to fill up the form n arrange all document as per given sequence for verification.They asked me whether i m coming form local city or out of station n also asked if i’ve no problem if intrview should conducted before time .i said i’ve no problem.as i was first candidate of afternoon schedule .my interview start @ 12 p.m .entered in interview room with permission n wish them.there was 4 member all gents .one officer asked me u r from aurangabad tell me which industries are there?I told them long list of companies.then asked me why baking job?What u know about banking ?I told them basic concept i.e.slr,crr,rr& so on.they asked me what is CASA Given answer.Money laundring?,KYC,What happen when bank only accept deposite?Why former in maratwada region sucide?What u’ll do for them if u selected as officer?Overall interview was in friendly environment n cool .

  29. Hello sir cgl 2014 ke liye book and exam prepartion ke bare me guide kare.

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