[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 1 of 5) Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile

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  1. Prologue
  2. Stop feeling guilty
    1. Guilt#1: Low score in IBPS Written
      1. Reason #1: reliable work horses
      2. Reason #2: Learning XP
      3. Reason #3: CAT
    2. Guilt#2: Insecurity about “Profile”
    3. Guilt#3: Personal issues
  3. Measures to become guilt free:
  4. How to handle Bank interview?
  5. Tell me something about yourself
  6. Food for thought: Why formal dress for interview?


Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile (you’re here).
  2. Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers
  3. Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT
  4. Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews
  5. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned, B.Tech, Engineers and IT Why BankPO?

all those things come later, first thing is:

Stop feeling guilty

  • Many of you have the IBPS BankPO/MT interviews in a few days, but still suffering from guilt, insecurity and inferiority complex because of your written score, bio data, academic profile and other personal issues.
  • As long as you remain guilty- your answer tone and body language will defensive, pessimistic, submissive. The interviewer panel willnot get positive vibes to select you. Therefore, first step is to become guilt free. Let’s check the common reasons behind guilt:

Guilt#1: Low score in IBPS Written

Some random expert on internet predicted that your written score is not sufficient for final selection- citing some previous statistics about final cut offs. So now you’re just spending time inquiring on various blogs, forums, facebook communities “my score is xyz, will I get selected or not?”

I say every score is good score.  And you must fiercely prepare for the interview.  Why?

Reason #1: reliable work horses

If banks had to select candidate just by looking at their written score, they wouldn’t waste time interviewing people. They conduct interview to find mainly two things

  1. ye tikegaa ki nahi?” (Will this guy stay in our bank or not?).
  2. “thik kaam karegaa ki nahi” (will this guy work sincerely or not? )

In short, As long as they get good feeling about you being a reliable workhorse, you’ll get the job- at one place or another.

Reason #2: Learning XP

  • A formal interview with complete strangers gives you better picture of your own shyness, strength, weaknesses, than you’ll ever get by interacting with your friends, relatives and parents.
  • The interview experience will help you prepare yourself better for the next round of whatever exam you’re giving.  that-
    • “I should have prepared more from my graduation topics, I should have prepared more current affairs etc.,
    • I shouldnot have said abc thing in DEF question because it lead to xyz followup question where I fumbled…”and so on.
  • You cannot buy that type of mental conditioning and experience in any other mock interview conducted by anyone- because the real-life stress factor will be absent in such mock interviews.
  • So, Even if you fail in a real interview=> money spent on travel and lodging is not wasted. Because it is a great learning experience that will definitely help you in the next interview for whatever job you’re applying.

Reason#3: CAT

  • Many CAT aspirants give IBPS exam just for ‘fun’ or for career backup.
  • CAT-2013 result will come around 14th January 2014. Then IIMs and various other MBA institutes will start their GDPI round (group discussion / personal interview). Most probably from mid-feb onwards
  • IBPS allocations are to be made in March-April 2014.
  • Now comes the interesting part: Most of the tier-II MBA colleges will declare their final result before IIM final results. (That’s is a loot-technique, if a candidate has given interview in both non-IIM and IIM then he’ll pay the 10-20-50 rupee non-refundable deposit in non-IIM institute for just for “seat-insurance”, before IIM final result comes.)

Similarly, some candidates would have made calculation about which banks they will not get city posting. So they’ll even forfeit offers accordingly.

  • And there will be upward movement in the buffer list / waitlist.
  • How much movement? Well, I cannot predict but my point is: Not all candidates with good IBPS score will finally join the bank. Therefore, You MUSTNOT lay down your weapons and accept defeat even without going for interviews- just because some gyani baba has predicted that final cutoff will be xyz.

Moving to the next guilt factor:

Guilt#2: Insecurity about “Profile”

You’re afraid because any of the following reasons:

  1. After graduation, you’ve spent past 1-2 years in competitive exams, without any success. So, your biodata has “empty” years and no job-experience. You’re afraid interviewer will ask tough question about it.
  2. You don’t post-graduation degree
  3. You’re from some less famous college / university
  4. You’ve poor academic scores in class 10-12- college or you’ve failed in some semesters etc.
  5. You met another IBPS candidate who has higher score than you PLUS
    1. he has done some special banking related course
    2. he has work-xp from private bank.
    3. he has a thick file with plenty of extracurricular certificates.

You must get rid of all these guilty feelings because:

  1. If banks wanted only university toppers and students with high CGPA, they’d have directly hired from campus instead of organizing exam through IBPS and wasting their own time.
  2. All they want is reliable workhorses who’ll not run away from non-city postings. As long as they get good feeling about you being a reliable workhorse, you’ll get the job- at one place or another.
  3. Time machine is not invented yet. You cannot go back in past and fix those issues. The only way is to move forward in life, is with whatever baggage you’re carrying but without feeling guilty.
  4. (worst case scenario) IF at all they ask you something about “why low score in class 10-12-college?” then, don’t make long stories and excuses. Just summarize what was wrong and then shift focus of your answer on how with age you’ve matured, understood the value of money, career, hardwork and you’re no longer the same lazy person from that is shown in the marksheet.

Guilt#3: Personal issues

You’re feeling loser just because your cousin, brother, sister, relative, neighbor’s kid, batch mate etc. have got high paying jobs. You think that “even if I get this PO job, I’ll be never as successful as they’re.”

You must come out of this loser mindset, because:

  1. 5-7 years from now, all the “career-glamour” will be over (like whatever IAS/IPS/bigger job or degree your cousins and batch mates have got.) By that time, new youngsters will take your place and all your relatives and neighbors will start comparing them and trash talking about them. So, instead of trying to please and impress others, you better pursue the career you’re interested in.
  2. 15-20 years from now, the only thing that will matter is: can you provide for a good education, home and life to your kids or not?
  3. On those criteria BankPO doesn’t suck. It has great potential, people with no IIT/IIM degrees have started career as PO/MT and made it all the way to MD/CMD positions. (More details under “Sales Pitch-Why BankPO” topic in next article click me.)

Finally, Some of you may also be feeling guilty about your looks, height, skin color whatever. Again stop feeling guilty about it. These interviews are conducted to find reliable workhorses for banking sector and not actors for Karan Johar’s next movie.

Measures to become guilt free:

first of all, Stop being in company of idiots, negative talkers, crybabies and pessimistic people. You’ve already met them in library, in coaching class, in online forums. They never study, they just keep chatting all the time:

  1. this time cut off has gone very high “ab kya hogaa”
  2. SSC has changed pattern for CGL exam “ab kya hogaa”
  3. this time UPSC papers were too tough “ab kya hogaa”

These type of dookhi-atmaa (sad souls) infect your brain with their negativity. So, avoid them like hell- even after this IBPS interview is over.

  1. Avoid taking phone-calls, whatsapp messages, facebook updates from college batchmates. They just want to talk for time pass and give you ‘gossip’ of how much salary package they’ve got, who joined which company, who got what promotion, who is dating whom etc.etc.
  2. Because their universe is confined to only those petty things. You’re destined to do something bigger and better. If you keep paying attention to their life and issues, then self-doubt and guilt-feeling will come automatically. Remember what the coach said to Milkha Singh the birds who’re meant to fly high in the sky, should not keep their hearts attached to small trees.”
  3. Exercise regularly. Lazy brain and lazy body always picks up negative thoughts. And by exercise, I mean only two things: running and pushups. After a few weeks, you’ll automatically start feeling good about yourself, every time you look in the mirror. And then self-confidence and positive vibes will come automatically.
  4. In your head, Keep telling yourself “I’m totally awesome.”

How to handle Bank interview?

A conventional IBPS Bank PO interview runs on following pattern

bank PO interview questions

  1. Tell me about yourself (introduction) + followup on personal qs.
  2. A few questions on graduation
  3. then “why Bank PO”
  4. Then a few questions from banking sector.
  5. If time permits, some more questions from economy, current and GK.

Since every panel has to handle hundreds of candidates over a span of few week, the Average interview time is ~10-15 minutes. That’s a double edged sword.

good becausenot good because
  1. Because they don’t ask lot of questions from diplomacy, International relations, current affairs etc. that are not related with banking and economy.
  2. Most of the interview centered on just the standard pattern listed above (introduction, grad, why PO, banking qs).
  3. You don’t have to prepare lot of data for individual topic. Because they’ll usually interrupt you after a minute or two and ask another question.
  • Such short interaction is no good way to measure an individual’s potential.
  • It doesn’t allow you to elaborate your views. They throw a new question within 2-3 minutes and break your chain of thought.
  • If you mess up in the first 3-4 questions related to graduation / banking then it might turn into a stress interview. (Especially for Engg/IT.)

Given this short duration interview, you must prepare certain answers in advance.

Tell me something about yourself

Very common question. The moment you enter room and sitdown, one of the member may ask

“Please introduce yourself. OR tell me something about yourself.”

Experts are divided on its ‘right’ answer:

answer should be only limited to these things

  1. name
  2. place
  3. Graduation. (if you’ve first class or above, then it should be specifically mentioned)
  4. Computer certificate. (If you’ve then specifically mentioned.)
  5. Work-ex if any.
Apart from those details (name place etc.),he should also mention “Why you want to join banking sector.”
Should not mention hobby, family members.Because those things are considered informal conversation.should also mention following:

  1. family members and their occupation
  2. Hobby, extracurricular activity, notable achievement.
  • You can try either way, or mixture of both BUT answer must be at the tip of your tongue.
  • If you don’t prepare this at home, you will fumble during interview and you might forget mentioning some important information.
  • You must also prepare all the routine ‘followup’ questions associated with “tell me about yourself” question. for example
tell me about yourselffollow-up question that should be prepared in advance
Myself ____. Or My name is ____.
  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Which famous personality shares the same name as yours. + A few basic biography related questions from that famous person.
I’m from ______.  orI belong to _____.Note: After speaking this, take a little pause so he may ask you a followup question. (Which will be safe than if he asks something from graduation!)
  1. What is famous about your city / town? tourism/culture/business.
  2. Which famous personalities (freedom fighter, politicians, sportsmen, and authors) are associated with your place?
  3. What is the nearest branch from your house? As a customer, how much will you rank ‘nearness’ for choosing a bank to open an account? (and all the other marketing type questions. Like how will you convince someone to open account if your branch is faraway…)
  4. Name of governor, HC chief justice of your state.
  5. what is the GDP of your state (both in % and absolute figure)
  6. Basic census details: education, sex ratio.
I’ve done ___ from ___ college of ___ university in the year___ with ___ class.Notes:

  1. If university is famous but college is not so famous then avoid mentioning college name. Just tell univ. name.
  2. If you’ve blank years after graduation, then avoid mentioning passout-year. (e.g. when you failed in 2-3 competitive exams.) Although he can still find it through biodata but don’t you attract his attention to that unnecessarily.
  3. If you have continuous work-xp right from college passing, then graduation year must be mentioned.
  4. If you’ve first class or above, then it must be mentioned.  If you’ve second class, then don’t mention.
  5. if you have done any course on computers, it must be mentioned.
  1. Who was the founder of your college / university?
  2. Name a few famous personalities associated with your college/univ.?
  3. What is/are special things about the city where you college was located?
  4. What do you think about ragging?  What should be done to prevent it?

(more about graduation based questions in separate article, click ME)

Work XP: For last ___ years, I’ve been working in ____ company as a _____.Note: Don’t immediately start explaining why you want to leave that job. Let the panel ask you a follow-up question.
  1. What does your company/office do? What is the turnover?
  2. Nature of your work, powers and responsibilities.
  3. Why do you want to leave it?
  4. Why do you want to work in bank, when you’re getting more salary in that other job?
Ex-Serviceman.I’m an Ex-serviceman, I served from __ to ___ in ____.
  1. How many commands/division/regional HQ in your service?
  2. Previous chief-Current chief-next chief.
  3. Who won Ashok Chakra this year?
  4. Name a few special loan/account facilities by the bank for military personnel.
(optional) Family: My father is ___.

Mom is ___. Brother/sister is working in ____.

  1. Do you live in a joint family? What are the problem / benefits of joint vs. nuclear family?
  2. If you’re posted in a faraway area, who will take care of your family?
  3. In which bank does your father have account? Does he use ATM or net banking? Have you ever tried to convenience him to use it?
  4. What is the full designation of your father’s job. Why did not you pick his career line?

In the next article, we’ll see the second question: “Why do you want to become a BankPO?” click me

by the way…

Why formal dress for interview?

Copying a few lines from NSA Shiv Shankar Menon’s speech to IFS officers:

A word about dress. Some younger colleagues have asked me why dress so formally and why they could not dress as they chose. The answer is that we normally dress to make the other person take us seriously and to be persuasive, not to express our personalities or look good or stylish, or for comfort.
Like it or not, people judge you by your appearance. How we dress depends on the culture we operate in and the statement we choose to make.

I have a theory about why diplomats, soldiers and bankers dress so conservatively, each in their own uniforms. Notice how the more an occupation deals with risk, the more uniform their dress is? A soldier risks his life, the banker risks your money, and the diplomat deals with the risks of war and peace.
It is in order to convey the assurance that they know what they are doing, to reassure society, the client or the interlocutor that these professions dress in what amounts to a uniform. And it seems to work.
(end of copy paste)

For more on IBPS, visit Mrunal.org/IBPS

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books
  2. Environment by ShankarIAS
  3. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  4. Art & Culture by Nitin Singhania (Hindi | English)
  5. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  6. Bipin Chandra: Post Independence
  7. Fast-track to Arithmetic Rajesh Verma
  8. MK Pandey’s Analytical Reasoning
  9. Disha’s Topicwise Paperset (Hindi | English)
  10. School Atlas
  11. Mains: Language papers
  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

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  1. aanchal

    hi everyone!
    i know it’s too late to post my interview experience of po-3 but due to some inhibitions i didn’t post it earlier
    My interview was on 9th january,8:30a.m.
    BOI Noida
    there were four men as interviewers
    M2: So u are aanchal
    ME:said yes
    M2: Kahan se aayi ho
    M2:Uska matlab btao
    M2:so u did ur graduation from gautam buddh technical university;tell me something about gautam buddha
    me:told them
    M3:How your branch (Ec) helps in banking
    M2:tell me something about ghaziabad
    me: told them
    M4:Tell me two headlines related to banking
    me:told them
    M2:Asked me about no. of districts in ghaziabad
    me:don’t know sir
    M2:why u have filled OBC bank as your first preference
    Me:because i have an account there
    Everyone started laughing,bole ki pehle to account tha ab wahan po bankar jana chahti ho
    Me:smiled too and said yes
    M2:your marks?
    ME:61 (CONFIDENTLY)although this is my biggest inhibition ;i just have attained marks equal to cut off of general
    M1:tell me abt banking
    M1:tell me abt swawablamban scheme
    ME:i told it was started in 2011 and i didn’t know much abt it
    all of them said ok u may go now

    now frnds pls genuinely tell me if there is any chance of getting bank in first list ,i belong to general category and rate my interview too

    1. Abhi

      Did you cracked the interview/got the job?

    2. chaitanya

      I would like to know what have you replied when panel asked how your (EC) knowledge/subjects helps in banking?thanku

    3. pranshu

      Selection to samjho ho gya…to ab party to bnti hai

  2. Avinash Ranjan

    Though it is very difficult to judge an interview.But your interview experience seems to give positive and smooth vibes . May be your ‘inhibitions’ has worked in your favor. Hope for the best.

  3. aanchal

    @avinash ranjan thanks buddy your comment really cheered me up

  4. Prashant

    Please add information about How to crack the interview for IBPS Specialist Officer (Agriculture Field Officer.)

  5. IBPS S.O. candidate

    I want a change of date for my I.B.P.S. S.O. interview as I have another interview falling the same day. Is it possible to request a change in date? Whom shall I contact?

  6. Prakash

    I know that it’s too late to post my interview experience but i had promised myself to do it only after results are out…
    My written marks :84
    Category : GEN
    Interview location : Ranchi, Jharkhand
    Background: BE

    there were 5 persons in my interview room ; 2 were silent observers

    P1. When did you complete your graduation? did you join any job ? how much are you earning ? why do you want to leave your job ?
    Me: After replying with the facts ,I started talking of all the pull factors that a bank job offers like financial acumen,social service , etc

    P1. What do you know about banking ?
    Me: Basics of banking mostly as a customer.

    P2. what is CRR, SLR
    Me: replied

    P2: what is growth?
    Me: i started talking of growth in economy and then compared it with development and its qualitative aspects

    P2: he interrupted and asked me about pension sector related growth plans
    Me: regulator is PFRDA and told him about current interest rates as named few pension schemes

    P2: he was not looking convinced and asked me to enumerate different regulators related to financial sector
    Me: I listed out RBI, SEBI, IRDA, PFRDA, FMC

    P2: FMC kya hota hai?
    Me: Forwards market Commission is the regulator for futures contracts

    P3: interrupted in the middle and asked about plastic money
    Me: RBI is planning to introduce plastic currency in India as the same is already used in few countries. It will help in long life of currency

    P3: he asked me that whether i had heard of debit card, credit card
    Me: yes sir, and i defined both and cited the difference as well.

    P3: plastic money matlab debit card, credit card hin hota hai samjhe
    Me: i nodded smilingly

    P2: who is your boss in office ? what is his name ? what you do there?
    Me: answered

    P3: what is CSR ?
    Me: answered and i started telling them about my company’s schemes

    P2: Interrupted in the middle and asked me my score in written
    Me: 84

    he said thank you and i too said thank you smilingly to all the members.

    final result : selected 🙂

    total marks 44/100

    1. VIjendra Rathore

      congo yar. Please let me know how can I prepare for IBPS IT officer interview

    2. Kumaran

      How many marks for interview alone and how total marks were calculated

    3. Gajendra Choudhary

      So you score only 52/100 in Interview ?

  7. phalgun

    bro, how is the interview done for handicapped candidates.is it same for all?

  8. INT

    I had some kind of tears in my eyes while reading this post. esp portion related to Gulit#3.

    I haven’t filled Bank PO form. But I am preparing for SSC-CGL (october) as I had a most unexpected washout in just concluded UPSC prelims.
    I always had excelled in AIEEE/JEE/Quant/Aptitude/English but due to over confidence and a disturbed mind, I did a homicide of my UPSC chances, scoring just 170-174. ( Last year had scored over 150 in CSAT alone).

    Now I am taking this SSC CGL very seriously.

    All my friends and relatives who used to envoy me till few years ago, are happily settled and merrying around. And am struggling in dark rooms of Delhi. But this article of your has generated new inspiration.

    Mrunal Sir you are great. May God bless you with everything you want in life.

  9. Anirudh Kapur

    Hey Hi Gyss

    What is the cut off list for general cat. in the written exam of IBPS Clerk as one can aim for it.

    Please tell me the name of good institutes in Delhi which can give coaching for IBPS Cerk.

    waiting for reply


  10. Deepak Pathak

    hello everyone..!!
    I have done B.tech In mechanical Engineering in 2014 but could not manage to find a suitable job. By now, I have filled all the three exams Viz- IBPS PO-4, IBPS clerk-4 & SBI associate bank. Now at this time of posting this mail it is already very late 7 ibps po-4 exam is after 11 oct. Now i am very confused because between preparing for exam OR to look for job in my field as i doubt that how would i be able to crack exam in 30 days. I am also not having a clear vision of growth hierarchy of a clerk otherwise i shall have started preparing for that. Please help me to clear my confusion so that i can focus either on exam or job search & also please tell me of growth hierarchy of a clerk

    1. ashu

      Yeah there is a growth in banking by giving few internal exam u willl get prmoted as po।

  11. Ankit

    thanks a lot …sir…
    really generous and humanitarian work..!!!!!

  12. riddhi


    I had studied Computer in School till 10th standard.Does that meet the eligibilty criteria fr ibps po?in other words does 10th standard qualify as high school?


  13. arvind yadav

    Sir pls upload study plan for nicl officers….

  14. vishal

    anyone can tell me…..OBC ka certificate 11/08/2014 se phle ka issue hona zruri h kya or latest. becaz i hv OBC certificate after 11/08.

  15. Ravi Kumar

    Hi! I appered for ibps po last year. It was good experience. I prepared all possible questions. i wrote down all answers in my diary. Prepared my Engg background with some basic concepts. They mainly focused on biodata qs. Few banking questions and 1-2 current events. It was 10-12 minutes session. I joined coaching at career quest of sanjeev kabeer sir. It was realy good. All the best!

  16. abhishek raj

    10th ke baad 3years ka gap uske baad +2 kiye hone par bank ki tayari karna sahi hai ya nahi plse sir suggest me.

    1. abhishek raj

      Plse sir suggest me because i want to prepare for bank job and my age is 23 and i m graduate with physics now and i m confused

      1. firestarter

        no issues…go ahead with ur preps!!

  17. VIjendra Rathore

    Hi Mrunal, Let me know if I clear IBPS IT office scale-1 exam. How will I be allocated posting. Is it statewise or anywhere in India?

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  20. vivek

    Sir,i m btech mechanical..shortlisted for interview for ibps po 4..what will b the best answer for the question-why u wish to join bank not any technical job and how ur technical degree will help in banking field?

  21. Gaurav

    As per the advertisement CWE_PO_MT_IV_27_06_2014 it is mentioned in the documents required for the interview list :

    (ii) Valid system generated printout of the online application form registered for CWE PO/MT-IV

    But the same is not available on ibps website – no such link

    Therefore how to get it. Please help

    Thank you
    PO interview candidate

    1. firestarter

      link will be activated soon.

  22. anonymous

    What questions are expected in New India Assurance Exam Administrative Officer ( Scale I ) in general awareness section ? Will they be from banking industry or insurance industry or anything else ?

  23. DINESH


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      IS THIS RIGHT …….

  24. nitin kumar

    Sir I qualified written exam of ibps Po…and there will be interview soon…I did bsc in 2012.. And scored second division… Plz suggest me how to prepare for this as I am too confused…thanks in advance

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    if we do not have certificates in hand for IBPS INTERVIEW what all alternatives ?

    i just applied for PC and Marks memo and it it tkes almost two months to get them

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    Sir ,

    I’m selected for ibps po4 interview … i’m an engineering candidate..sir send me the mock interview questions with sample answers …..for interview pls help me..

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    sir i have qualified for ibps po interview .i belong to OBC . sir in notification i has been mentioned that for obc candidates “OBC CERTIFICATE SHOULD SHOULD BE VALID ON 11-8-2014(which is yhe last date for online exam registration for ibps po). but sir i have obc certificate issued on DECEMBER 9 ,2014 .WILL they valid this on or not… please rply me sir it is very important for me …..

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    Sir plz help me… I have completed b pharm. Graduation . N after that i had taken admission for m pharm n started preparing for competitive exams… So i decided to quit m pharm in 2nd yr ( i have passed 1st. yr) n didnt complete my thesis. Now i have qualified for ibps po interview. So plz suggest me how to justify about my incomplete post graduation .

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    Right Now there is no link that would show score card.

    Any alternates available ?

    1. Udit

      Marks for selected candidates will be displayed after the completion of interview process.

  34. sunil

    Hello all !
    for those who have cleared IBPS PO 4 and are waiting for interview please share your preparation strategy . What are you learning what are the current and static topics that we should prepare for interview..please reply

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    Also, Should I mention dis fact as a source for my inclination towards getting into banking…??

  36. waseem

    Hello….Sir I m a mtech final year C.S.E student. ..should I tell the interview panel abt ..my mtech or not….I m in doubt that..telling about my mtech. Can be a negative point ..like u r overqualified ..or some other questions like why don’t u go for research…. Plz help me ..

  37. PK

    IW Details- Venue Sector 62 , Noida. Date Jan 25, 2015. Document Verification- 12:30 PM. IW- 1:10 PM. Although reporting time was- 1PM. Panel- 5 members (1 female, 4 male). Questions-1) Tell about ur family? 2) what u have prepared? 3) NABARD Function? 4) 3 special features of JDY? 5) Nationalisation of banks? 6) BPLR? 7) DIGCC 8) SHG ? 9) PSL & % ? . U may go now. 1 handshake. Thank You Mam n Sirs. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.

    1. PK

      IW- quesn 10- PSL can be used for profit instead of giving to poor? Quesn 11- Name banks headquartered in Delhi ? BMB, PNB, OBC, PSB

      1. PK

        IW quesn 12- lead bank scheme?

      2. PK

        12- lead bank scheme?

  38. pranshu

    Ae bhaiyon….ssc cgl 2015 tier 1 ki tyaari kaise karun
    +which coaching will be good
    Plz hlp yr…….tym is less

  39. Sindhuri

    Hey! i had my interview on the 27th at United Bank of india in Kolkata. The questions they asked are as follows –
    1. Tell me something about yourself
    2. What have you prepared?
    3. DICGC full form and what and who are insured by it
    4. What is PPF?
    5. Difference between Banker’s cheque and Demand Draft
    6. Difference between Withdrawal slip and a cheque
    7. Functions of RBI
    8. Does RBI determine the exchange rate of the Indian currency?
    9. What is monetary policy?
    10. Impact of NPA’s on banks
    11. What are Bills of exchange?
    12. What are Promissory Notes?
    13. Is currency a bill of exchange? Is demand draft a bill of exchange?

    I would like to thank Mrunal for his invaluable help in my last minute preparation for the interview. The latest SPIPA videos uploaded were also a big saviour. I hope i make it to the selection list.


    22nd jan
    Panel XII
    I entered smiling.
    4 male and 1 female
    Wished all of them and was asked to be seated.
    Chairman- Tumse pehle jo 2 aaye the wo to kafi serious the, tumhe pressure and tention nhi hai interview ki?
    I- Sir, pressure and tension le li to I’ll not be able to give my best and sir its my normal way of conversation.
    Chairman- ok, is se pehle kabhi tie lagayi hai??
    I- yes sir, job bhi interview diye hian un sabhi me tie lagayi thi and coll me presentation k time bhi
    Chairman- is se pehle konse interview diye and kya raha?
    I- replied (ans related to defence)
    M1- asked ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile), need for india
    I- Intercontinental ballistic missile
    M1- navy chief and air force chief??
    I- replied
    M2- u said dat u have done comp sc. Engg and in your degree its written comp sci & engg. Why is it so??
    I- replied… its just the nomenclature… both are one and d same thing
    Lady- what is IP address and how can we get d IP address of any comp??
    I- relpied
    LADY to fir pagla gayi…PO ki jagah IBPS SO ki interview banae lagi
    DBMS, RDBMS, Data warehousing and mining
    at last mujhe kehna pada ki madam mujhe aage nhi aata….(maaf karo mujhe :P)
    den paased the baton again to chairman
    chairman- fav subj?
    I- maths
    chairman -fav topic in maths?
    I- algebra and geometry
    chairman- tell me what is (a+b)(a-b)
    I- ye bhi koi puchne wali cheej hai (hahaha)
    chairman- types of triangle…
    I– jeeyo sir ji…. Aur pucho aise ques…
    chairman- ek triangle ki bahut famous property hua karti thi??? Do u remember it??
    I- sir wo property abhi bhi hoti hai (hahaha,, everyone laughed)..den explain PYTHAGORAS THEOREM
    M4- ur hobby??
    i- palying and watching cricket and cooking
    M4- wat do u cook?? Something like Mutton keema ??
    I- no sir, I am vegeteraian.. so used to cook veg only
    M4- veg bhi koi khane ki cheej hoti hai…. Achha tell me name of 3 chefs…
    I- replied
    chairman- thanku NEERAJ… you may go now..
    thanked everyone
    and left
    PO ka iinterview aisa hota hai
    na koi banking se related ques na current affairs se
    wese theek hai.. bach gya main un sab se
    22nd jan
    Panel XII
    I entered smiling.
    4 male and 1 female
    Wished all of them and was asked to be seated.
    Chairman- Tumse pehle jo 2 aaye the wo to kafi serious the, tumhe pressure and tention nhi hai interview ki?
    I- Sir, pressure and tension le li to I’ll not be able to give my best and sir its my normal way of conversation.
    Chairman- ok, is se pehle kabhi tie lagayi hai ??
    I-(shayad knot sahi na tie hui ho) yes sir, job hi interview diye hian un sabhi me tie lagayi thi and coll me presentation k time bhi
    Chairman- is se pehle konse interview diye and kya raha?
    I- replied (ans related to defence)
    M1- asked ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile), need for india
    I- Intercontinental ballistic missile
    M1- navy chief and air force chief??
    I- replied
    M2- u said dat u have done comp sc. Engg and in your degree its written comp sci & engg. Why is it so??
    I- replied… its just the nomenclature… both are one and d same thing
    Lady- what is IP address and how can we get d IP address of any comp??
    I- relpied
    LADY to fir pagla gayi…PO ki jagah IBPS SO ki interview banae lagi
    DBMS, RDBMS, Data warehousing and mining
    at last mujhe kehna pada ki madam mujhe aage nhi aata….(maaf karo mujhe :P)
    den paased the baton again to chairman
    chairman- fav subj?
    I- maths
    chairman -fav topic in maths?
    I- algebra and geometry
    chairman- tell me what is (a+b)(a-b)
    I- ye bhi koi puchne wali cheej hai (hahaha)
    chairman- types of triangle…
    I– jeeyo sir ji…. Aur pucho aise ques…
    chairman- right triangle ki ek bahut famous property hua karti thi??? Do u remember it??
    I- sir wo property abhi bhi hoti hai (hahaha,, everyone laughed)..den explain PYTHAGORAS THEOREM
    M4- ur hobby??
    i- palying and watching cricket and cooking
    M4- wat do u cook?? Something like Mutton keema ??
    I- no sir, I am vegeteraian.. so used to cook veg only
    M4- veg bhi koi khane ki cheej hoti hai…. Achha tell me name of 3 chefs…
    I- replied
    chairman- thanku NEERAJ… you may go now..
    thanked everyone
    and left
    PO ka iinterview aisa hota hai
    na koi banking se related ques na current affairs se
    wese theek hai.. bach gya main un sab se :p

  41. t'FI'

    Venue : Varanasi, Date : 24.01.15

    Knocked the door with a slight push. The panel says to come in. I entered the room and wished, first to the only female panelist and then to the rest of the males. They said to sit down and asked me to tell some thing about me in Hindi. I sat down, I thanked and started “Sir, My name is….”, they interrupted and said to speak in Hindi as the question was asked in Hindi. I started and introduced myself….he interrupted in between…

    1. What is a balance sheet?
    2. Two main parts of a balance sheet?
    3. What is assets and liabilities?
    4. Name one asset which is not written on balance sheet.
    5. How many brothers and sisters I have?
    6. Name the cities you have studied in.
    7. What does my brother do?
    8. What does my father do?
    9. What topic I prepared for the interview?
    10. What is NDTL?
    11. Full form of NDTL?
    12. What is Bank rate?
    13. Who told you this definition of bank rate? Mahendras?

    Then they told me to leave. I left wishing them a good day ahead.

  42. Mama

    IBPS Interview @Jaipur on 24 jan. The verification panel was utmost disgusting consisting of retired bank personnels who were arguing over every possible thing. Anyways, the interview started at nearly 3:30 pm(scheduled time-1pm) ..
    Panel has 5 ppl (4 males and 1 lady).. Let them be chairman, male and female. The other two males were just show pieces.
    I knock at the door, peep in and seek permission to get in. Permission granted. I wish everyone good afternoon(lady has to be wished first). When they ask me to sit down, I wish them ‘happy basnt panchami’. Male seems impressed.
    Chairman-Kafi sahityayik(literary) naam hai tmhara.
    Me-Sir, father kafi believe krte hai hindi calender me.
    Chairman smiles and says-Accha batao kya puche tmhse, kya padke aaye ho.
    Me-Sir, jo bhi aap puchna chahe, i’ll try my best. Chairman seems impressed and says ‘Wah’.
    Rapid fire round starts.
    Chairman-Accha ye plastic currency suna hai?
    Me-Sir, as far as I have studied, plastic currency me imply to two connotations. One is the plastic notes that RBI wud circulate on trail basis. Other is the debit and credit cards. He nods.
    Lady-What r the types of debit card?
    Me-Ma’am, silver, gold and platinum category. Other categorisation may be shopping card, petro card and any such card. ShE seems satisfied.
    Chairman-What are the diff platforms of of these cards?
    Me-Sir, mastercard, maestro and visa. Latest induction is Rupay debit card.
    Chairman-Ahha.. Jab itne saare hai to ye rupay wale ki kya zarurat pad gayi?
    Me-Sir, NPCI has launched this indigenous platform so that data can be processed faster, data can be stored in our own country and we can do some capacity building.
    Chairman-No other reason?
    Me-Sir, sry can’t recall anything beyond this?
    Chairman-Beta, RBI ko paisa milega.
    Me-Sir, thnx for the info.
    Over to lady.
    Lady-tell us about ur strengths and how will u ensure profit to organisation?
    Me-replied citing work experience.
    Male-Aim of bank nationalisation. Aim of rrb. Aim of ‘Make in india’.
    Me replied safisfactorily.
    Chairman-Thats all.
    Me-Thanks sirs and thnx ma’am.
    Board was cordial. Interview was Faadu esp chairman was very happy.

  43. sanjeev

    What is your Message? Search before asking questions & confine discussions to exams related matter only.

  44. Sumit

    Name :- Sumit Kumar Tiwari

    Quali :- BE (CSE)

    Category :- gen

    Location :- Dena Bank Bhavan , Ahmedabad (PANEL 1)

    Time :- 8:00 AM

    Date :- 24/1/2015

    Total interview duration :- around 4 minutes .

    Written result :- 91

    1st thing :- doc verification . Staff was very friendly . we were offered tea before doc verification . doc verification is taken seriously and any anomaly is not accepted . There were 2 panels . Mine interview came around 11:30 AM .

    Me :- may i come in

    All :- yes with a big smile on everybody’s face . asked to take seat . (i was smiling , confident)

    Total 5 members in panel (4 male , 1 lady ) . Table on which they were sitting was slightly bigger then what we find in our school and colleges . so 2 members were almost sitting by my side and i had to turn complete 180 degree to view everyones face .

    M1 :- sumit ur father was in army right ? (i was schoked , as i never mentioned this thing anywhere in my form or anywhere else . may be they have predicted it from my short hair cut and my native place from jharkhand )

    Me :- yes sir , he served in Indian Army for 26 years . also during 1999 kargil war . retired in 2010 and is now working as an estate manager in Safal construction in Ahmedabad .

    M1 :- ok ok . Tell me something about AFSPA .

    Me :- ( again schoked . It was like my SSB interviews again . same military questions . after my grad i attempted 6 SSB’s for army-airforce–navy and was very much preapred for all question like this) .

    Sir AFSPA is enacted in areas where public disorder increases and situation is no more in control of police . With AFSPA army get special powers like searching any house or vehicle or person without warrant and can even kill someone . the army person will get legal immunity even if he kill some one .

    M1 :- sumit have u heard of any incident where any army soldier has been court martialed for this ?

    me :- I said yes sir . 3-4 months earlier there was an incident in Badgaon in kashmir where army soldiers accidentally killed 2 young guys and were court martaled for that . (when i said the word BADGAON the main interviewer was like waiting for that word pointed to another interviewer . looks like they were debating on this before my arrival and couldn’t find the word BADGAON) But above all thanks to me . i read newspaper daily and knew this incident very well .

    M1 :- what exactly happened in Badgaon?

    me :- sir 2 young boys were driiving , reached an army post , army asked to stop , they did but their car skid due to snow and army opened fire .

    M1:- sumit do u know a lady in North east has been protesting against AFSPA ?

    me :- yes sir , her name is Iron Sharmila . she is from manipur and she says India is worlds largest democracy and how can it keep AFSPA like laws and blah blah .

    then he said to other member in gujarati that she is protesting for 35 years and do not even drinks water and is able to walk . i was sure now that they were debating on this before my arrival .

    M1 :- sumit which is highest gallantary medal in army ?

    me ;- sir it is PARAM VEER CHAKRA . in india we have medal for both war time and peace time . Param veer chakra is given during war time . (i didn’t explain peace time ones) .

    M1 :- isn’t MAHAVEER Chakra the highest gallantary medal ?

    me :- this time i explained completly . Sir during wartime we have 3 medals Veer — Mahaveer–then Param veer chakar . during peace time we have Ashok—shaurya–kirti chakra . (again thanks to SSB interview i knew these things very well)

    M2 ;- sitting right of M1 . how banks earn other then charging interest on loans ?

    me :- selling bancassurance . and then comes the worst part , i forgot all others like ATM charges , charges while providing some facility etc . but i said sir remember this one only .

    M2 :- what is NPA ?

    me :- well this was the question where i covered the previous questions loss . I expalained NPA is non performing asset . bank take deposit from people — loan it to needy people or companies — when they fail to repay — asset get converted to NPA . but not directly . their is a time limit of 90 days .

    NPA has 3 types . doubtful—substandard–loss (explained all) and then said earlier it was difficult to recover as people would go to court then DRT was formed but it also clogged so finally SARFAESI in 2002 was passed and then i explained full form of SARFAESI and what facility it provides .

    My answer was long , correct and complete . everyone was like han han acha hai . everbody was silent then . guy sitting on my left who never really paid any attention towards me during whole interview was also listening with full attention .

    They all were satisfied . No more question after this . Panel was easy on everyone though i found the lady member polite then others . they asked me to leave . i thanked all and left .

    During the whole interview i was smiling and was confident and not at all nervous .

    My written result in 91 . let us hope for the best . Mrunal sir website was a gr8 help . my NPA answer was completly taken from this site .

    My advice to future candidates :- Friends , do not worry at all . many candidates out their got nervous and failed to answer . so just chill . even if u do not know answer , just say i do not know . u people have already done so much hardwork and defeated so many candidates to reach interview , just don’t screw everything with nervousness . ALL THE BEST …………

  45. ritesh ahirwar

    hii,m belongs to sc category & having caste certificate as per d central govt.format but it is in hindi language…interview k time chalega kya ??


    in ibps clerical they reduce the score of written + interview in ration of 80:20. and put it at a scale of 100.

    can anyone explain me how to do this ?

    wt if smone has score 130 marks?

    1. Akki

      Multiply your written marks by 0.4 and interview marks by 0.2 and add them. You will get your marks out of 100. 80% weightage is given to written and 20% to interview.

  47. Mayurii

    Hello sir…

    I got selected for Junior clerk in court of gujarat……. at my hometown (posting)
    and also for bank clerk , dena bank…..

    Which one better?

    As i wnt to further prep. for SSC CGL…… is it good choice ??
    Thanks…. 🙂

  48. smile

    Mere documents/DMCs m only name h no surname but final year ki DMC or degree m name and surname h..isliye maine ibps form m bhi name and surname kr diya..kya interview k time koi dikat ayegi??? Ager problm h to kya krna chahiye plz help

  49. sonam

    Mujhe lgta hai ki mai hindi me interview achhe se de skti hu waha pr English complsary hoti hai kya

  50. alpesh mahera

    Hello Good Morning Sir..
    I am Alpesh Mahera and I have read some materials . I have finished LLb in 2010. I have flled for the SBI Special officer – Deputy Manager Law. So give an information for the books and what to read.
    plz reply..

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