[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 2 of 5) Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers

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  1. Prologue
  2. The Sales PitchTM
  3. Avoid Push Factors
    1. Reason#1: “My paper degree is useless, there is no growth in my field”
    2. Reason:#2: “I failed in UPSC / CAT / GATE so I want bankPO”
  4. Pull factors: Why BankPO?
    1. Career Growth in Banking sector
    2. Job satisfaction as a BankPO
    3. BankPO: hierarchy, Promotion and Salary Structure.
  5. Followup Questions After Sales Pitch
  6. Must not contradict the sales pitch
  7. Why *not* BankPO? Negative aspects of Banking job
  8. Appendix: Some “Why BankPO” Sample Answers
    1. IT guy leaving private job to become PO
    2. Engineer to Banker Case #1
    3. Engineer to Banker Case #2
    4. Engineer to Banker case #3
    5. Biotech to BankPO


click Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews

  1. Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about yourself, Stupid cutoffs and Insecurities about Profile
  2. Why BankPO? Preparing the Sales Pitch: Career growth, job satisfaction, negative factors, work-profile, Promotion, hierarchy, Sample Answers (You’re here)
  3. Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT
  4. Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews
  5. Stress Interviews, When things don’t go as planned, B.Tech, Engineers and IT Why BankPO?

The Sales PitchTM

see  “Why do you want to become BankPO or why do you want to join baking sector?”

You’ll face this question directly or indirectly during interview.

  • Bank Interviews are done mainly to find out whether you’re a reliable workhorse or not? So, If you cannot answer some random GK question=no problem,
  • but if you fumble in “Why bankPO” question= then it is deal a breaker #epicfail.
  • Therefore, you’ve to prepare answer diligently along with all the possible followup questions. I call it the sales pitch.
  • Through this sales pitch, you will convince the interviewer that you’re interested in ** proscar drug info PERMANENT** career in banking sector.

Avoid Push Factors

The opening lines of your sales pitch, should not include following:

  1. I want bankPO because my paper degree is useless. There are no jobs or growth in my field. I’m not interested in teaching profession or doing Post graduation.
  2. I want bankPO because I failed in UPSC / CAT / GATE or whatever.
  3. My visa application to USA was rejected so, I’ve decide to find job in India.

Or any answer that hints you want BankPO because of “PUSH” factors that you’ve failed in other avenues. Even if these are genuine reasons, they should not be mentioned in the opening lines of your sales pitch.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-20-mg-online but Why?

Reason#1: “My paper degree is useless, there is no growth in my field”

with this statement, you’re walking in a minefield, because:

  1. They’re not interested in your whining or personal problems- today every degree sucks, decent jobs are hard to get. Real money comes only after paper degree + 7 to 10 years of work experience.
  2. Can also lead to dead-end follow-up questions. for example:
    1. Interviewer will say “I know Mr.XYZ with same degree. He makes lakhs of rupees.” and You don’t want to counter his argument for the fear of annoying him.
    2. Interviewer may blame you for wasting your parent’s money on doing that xyz degree or being non-serious about career-planning. You again don’t want to counter his arguments for the fear of annoying him.
  3. http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=viagra-no-prescription-from-online-drugstore Worst case scenario: he is own son / daughter is in the same graduation field. No father wants to hear bad things about that degree!

So, avoid this pathway. Never badmouth about your degree, college, university or previous employer.

What if push factor is asked?

You may face a direct question: “ source link You’re an *xyz* graduate, why do you want to join banking sector?”

In such cases, the standard operating procedure is:

  1. Just briefly mention the lack of scope in your parent field +/- that PG is necessary but you don’t have time and money +/- that you’re not interested in it for xyz field for reasons other than money.
  2. Elaborate that your graduation knowledge is not wasted- has some relevance to Banking sector. If you can’t find any ‘reasonable’ connection between grad.field vs banking, then focus on your personal qualities related to hard work, team-player, time management, project done in college etc. and how they’ll fit in banking sector.
  3. Overall, Give more emphasis positive pull factors of banking sector. And how you will be a useful addition to their organization (=reliable workhorse).

Reason: “I failed in UPSC / CAT / GATE so I want bankPO”

With this answer, you walk into another minefield full of dead-end questions:

  1. Interviewer will say: “You failed in those exam because you’re not a hardworking person, you don’t have time management skills.”  OR
  2. You may blame external factors e.g.
    1. Hindi compulsory paper was too tough or scaling formula was unfavorable for my optional subject so I failed in UPSC. or
    2. IIM walla give profile weightage to class 10-12 score so I was rejected despite a good CAT score….

And Even if these are genuine reason, the interviewer won’t believe/pity you much, because he doesn’t have firsthand experience of giving those other competitive exams!

  • +makes him angry thinking that you treating banking sector as a ‘MNREGA’ and coming here only AFTER failing in other better jobs.
  • + makes him suspicious: “are you a reliable workhorse or not? Will you run away if posted in remote area?” (That is the most important fear for them!)

Therefore, unless he specifically brings up the issue like ‘gap’ in biodata after graduation passout year, you should avoid mentioning your past adventures/misadventures in other competitive exams. Remember, interview is holding a ‘mirror’- you show negative things, the reflection will also be negative.

Avoid Juvenile stuff:

  1. “I want bankPO because it is not an end but a means to achieve excellence (and other philosophical mumbo-jumbo that you’ve read in some toppers’ interview in some xyz magazine or some coachingwalla has taught you). This answer is just too clichéd for any interview. Avoid it like hell.
  2. “I want bankPO so I can earn more money than my current job. (avoid speaking about salary in formal interview, unless they specifically inquire.)
  3. I want bankPO because my cousin/friend is also BankPO.
    1. Panel is more interested in knowing what you can do for their bank, rather than what are your personal issues and petty needs of self-approval among family members.
    2. At most you can explain how you feel motivated to join banking sector because of your relative / cousin / xyz friend is also in banking sectorand he had told you about good working culture, career growth in banking sector etc.
    3. But just because “they’ve joined so I also want to join..” that type juvenile answer should be avoided.

Pull factors: Why BankPO?

Pull factors are the attractive things about Banking career. As long as your sales pitch revolves around pull factors, the follow-up question will move in positive direction.

Some of the pull factors of BankPO are as following (list not exhaustive)

Career Growth in Banking sector

  1. Salary, career growth is good. Ensures an upper middle class lifestyle after a few years of service.
  2. After 3 years of work-xp in Bank, you may try for CAT, do MBA from elite institute = fat salary package in private banks / NBFCs. You can specialize in finance, and become the fabled ‘investment banker’ in top foreign banks, who mint crores of rupees.
  3. Even If you are not in IIM/IIT/IAS, you can still work your way to the top position. for example
    1. Arun Tiwari: M.Sc in Chemistry. Joined Bank of Baroda as PO in ’79. right now CMD of Union bank of India.
    2. KR Kamath: did B.Com from Mysore, joined Corporation Bank as officer trainee ‘77. Today he is CMD of Punjab National Bank.
    3. Arundhati Bhattacharya: done BA in literature, joined SBI as PO back in ‘77. Today she is the Chairman of SBI.
    4. R.K. Dubey: MA in English, LLB, joined Punjab National Bank in ’77 as a management trainee (MT). Today he is CMD of Canara Bank.
  4. This is not possible in other places. For example,
    1. RBI Grade “B” officer: Can’t become the governor. That post reserved for IAS/exceptionally talented economists such as Raghuram Rajan.
    2. State services (Class I , Class II): the home Secretary, chief Secretary, DGP = reserved for IAS, IPS.
    3. Private sector banks: you’ll need a degree in finance/MBA from a highly reputed institute + long workXP + right contacts, if you want to become CEO/MD/Chairman.
    4. SSC-CGL : you join as an Income tax inspector, later promotion to group-A but you can never become Finance Secretary to government of India. That post is reserved for IAS.
    5. ACIO: you get promotion to Group A, but you can never become DG (Intelligence). Again reserved for IPS.
  5. In other government services, sometimes they ignore you for promotion if you’re too honest/don’t pay the ca$h to minister. Especially in state services. Banking sector doesn’t have that problem. And even if you’re overlooked for promotion, you always have the opportunity to join private sector bank/consultancy for a decent salary.
  6. Even if you can’t become MD/CMD, still in the top-management position you’ll get fat salary package and fringe benefits.
  7. Even after retirement, one can get very high paying jobs in private sector, insurance, finance, NBFC etc. in top positions.
  8. Privileges attached to PSU Bank officers: Housing, auto loans at much cheaper rates from the cooperative society/festival allowance/ furniture allowance/Newspaper allowance/ Maid allowance, even money to buy suitcase etc. (varies from bank to bank)

Job satisfaction as a BankPO

  1. As a banker, you help needy people get loans for starting business, pursuing higher education. =you’re helping them get on their feet.
  2. Loans for buying home, car, bike etc. you bring happiness to many families.
  3. You’re helping poor women save their money away from their drunkard husband and so on….
  4. Banks help the economic growth in small towns and large villages=> prevent migration to metropolitans and subsequent problems related to slums etc.
  5. Thus, a Banker is also doing an essential public service– just like doctor and policeman.
  6. So, Apart from good salary, there is job satisfaction, the feeling of having done something good for another fellow Indian.
  7. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. e.g. subprime crisis in USA because banks were run by idiots. Indian banking sector is immune from such shocks because by and large the officials are diligent in their work.
  8. In way this is just like politics- if good men stop coming then idiots will get in charge and ruin everything. If all good folks stop joining police force then only crooked will don the uniform, criminals don’t fear police anymore and that’s why all the riots and gangrapes.
  9. Same way, if good folks don’t join public sector banks and since private banks not interested in serving rural areas= poor people will keep suffering at the hands of evil money lenders, no rural growth, severe problem related with urban migration and abject poverty.

Now you should prepare your own unique Sales Pitch based on above factors.

  1. How the career growth attracts you
  2. How you see the job satisfaction, desire to help, do good to society.
  3. + a few drops of your positive qualities that’ll make you a valuable addition to their gang. (link few things from graduation, if nothing then just personal qualities.)

BankPO: hierarchy, Promotion and Salary Structure.

Sometimes, to check whether candidate is ‘serious’ or not, the panel will ask him hierarchy / promotion related questions during interview. The table is given below (Corrections, updates welcome, post in comment.):

  1. *for salary, I’ve approximated values based on pay scales. The exact salary will be different when you count HRA city posting, other allowances, deduction to NPS etc. This table is only meant to give you rough idea on whether to try for Bank or some other career in private sector.
  2. **The promotion policy is different for each bank. This sample table is based on PNB. In some other banks they might use different intervals for minimum service years before promotion.
  3. If you clear JAIIB and CAIIB exams, you get better increments and promotion opportunities.
  4. If you serve in rural/hardship areas, you get additional marks while promotion shortlist is prepared. (How much weightage? that differs from bank to bank.)
Grade Scle (GS) Post criteria** Entry? Appx.SalaryPer month*
Junior- Management(JMGS) I Probationary Officer (Assistant Manager) this is where you start competitive exam (IBPS) ~29000
Mid-Mgmt (MMGS) II Deputy Manager after five years in JMGS1 1.seniority/time based (i.e. after completing __ years in service)2.Fast Track Channel (through limited competitive exam among officers) ~39000
III Manager after five years in MMG2
  1. seniority/time based
  2. Fast Track Channel
Senior  Management(SMGS) IV Chief Manager after 3 years in MMG3 Merit-Performance ~61000
V Assistant General Manager, AGM 3 years in SMGC4 (and minimum 12 years of service) Merit-Performance ~72000
TopExecutive(TEGS) VI Deputy General Manager, DGM 3 years in SMGS5 (and minimum 15 years of service) Merit-Performance ~84000
VII General Manager(GM). Addl.GM. 3 years in TEGS5 (and minimum 18 years of service) Merit-Performance ~94000
Executive Director (ED) Among the general Managers (GM) shortlisting & interview ~28 lakh per year. (UCO bank, 2010 data)*
Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) Among the Executive directors (ED) shortlisting & interview ~27 lakh per year in SBI (2010 data)

*UCO bank ED got more money than SBI CMD because it is performance linked.

Although emoluments/salaries of CMD in public sector banks are way lower than private sector banks. Observe following image:

Bank CMD CEO salaries

Followup Questions After Sales Pitch

As such, followup question after sales pitch= either grad. based question OR banking related question. (Will be given in separate articles.)

Some unique follow-up questions that may come after sales pitch:

  1. (If you’re near 30s age) you said a person can become CMD. but don’t you think you’re too old to reach final promotions?
  2. (If you’re just 21-22) don’t you think you’re too young to handle responsibilities? Why don’t you opt for PG/MBA?
  3. (If you’re Sci/Engg) don’t you think a commerce or finance graduate is more equipped to handle this job?
  4. (If you’re arts/commerce) don’t you think a person with technical background and IT awareness is more equipped to handle this job?

Must not contradict the sales pitch

Suppose in the first 3 minutes, you’ve given sales pitch. Then interview moves in different questions about graduation /banking / current etc.  This goes on for 10 minutes.

But in the last two minutes, one of the panel member may again ask the same question in a different tone: “I don’t think you’re cut out for a bank job. I think you’re more suitable in doing MBA/PG/ Private sector job.

At that point, out of panic, you must not contradict your first sales pitch.

For example, your initial sales pitch centered on “work-culture, job satisfaction and social status.”

but at this stage (when he again asks), you show your true colors and tell them how your paper degree sucks, you desperately want job security and your failures in other exams and so on..=you’re contradicting initial sales pitch= not a good idea sir-ji.

Why *not* BankPO? Negative aspects of Banking job

You may have heard (or read) bad things about BankPO job profile that:

  1. Posting in remote areas. Away from family. Loner who lives a house but not a home. Social isolation. Problem related to food, electricity, net connection and so on. Some offices don’t even have good toilets.
  2. Lazy boss, internal office-politics, unionism, clerk-cashier don’t cooperate.
  3. Heavy workload, high targets given, stressful job, long work hours, BankPO made to do everything from filling cash into ATM to typing application forms into computer like a data entry operator.
  4. Boss forces you to sell more loans. But if any customer defaults on loan payment, then all blame is put on your shoulder.
  5. NOC is not given easily for appearing in other government job exams and so on…

Long story cut short: until the interviews are over, ignore all the negative things about Bank job. Because, it’ll bring down your confidence level in the actual interview.

Now the long story:

BankPO = Good career. But it not a suitable career for everyone in every case.

  1. Retail banking is highly competitive business. Big cities are oversaturated with branches. So, banks are looking at smaller towns and villages in search of new customers => PO are given ‘high targets’ of opening new accounts, finding more customers for car/auto/education/business/personal loans and so on. (This issue mostly seen with bigger banks like SBI.)
  2. New recruits mostly get posting in small towns and rural areas. Metropolitan posting are mostly reserved for senior staff. That is both blessing and curse at the same time.
    1. Curse: you’re cut away from family. lack of urban amnesties.
    2. Blessing: Small town/rural area= cost of living low. So the more you can save at the beginning of your career, more it’ll help at later stage -when your to get kids married, or have to send them abroad for education, buy a big home/car etc. because savings-interests-investments get compounded over the time. [But then again you’ve to compare it in terms of how much money can you make in your grad. field within that time].

^while this seems like a punishment, but

  1. Service in ‘hardship’ area= additional marks given when they make promotion list.
  2. All that work-experience later translates into ‘fat-salary’ if and when jump to higher management posts in private banks, NBFC, Finance-investment-consultancy type companies at the later stage of your career.

But you must make a rational career decision based on the following parameters:

  1. Your age, financial situation and family support. (And do those factors allow you to run for other competitive exams / post-graduation?)
  2. Parallel Growth in your current field vs in Banking sector after 5-7-10 years’ service. and is your heart really into banking sector?
  3. Make your own research about career growth. For example, as such B.Pharm is a useless paper degree with 9-6 factory job, hardly any salary or career growth because of the mushrooming self-financed colleges and oversatured labour market. But in the same field, there are maestros minting truckload of cash through clinical trials/consultancy/sales/marketing/distribution work, and that too without any MBA degree.
  4. Point being, Every field has money somewhere. but every career is not suitable for everyone. so don’t blindly follow the crowd, make your own informed choices.

But, Like I said earlier, all these things have to be considered after the interview is over. Right now just pretend that BankPO is the most awesome job on earth and prepare passionately.

Appendix: Some “Why BankPO” answers?

I don’t know whether the following gentlemen got the final list or not. But posting here to serve as “Food for thought”. Courtesy: Mr.csl80 fro compiling them from pagalguy.com forum threads.

IT guy leaving private job to become PO

Panel: You seem to be working with a big brand that also in the HR Department. What was the reason why you left such a job?

Ans: Told him about my association with the company and the duration of recession which used to gave me sleepless night and every day tension if I am in the job or out of Job. So funda’s about social security, financial security, Stability, Greater Prospects, Great Working culture and so on the banks.

Panel: That’s seems okay but after 4+ years of working why do you want to switch over to another job?

Ans: Told him that everyone in my family have been a government employee till now and I to have a dream of becoming one among them.

Panel: But How will be the bank benefited by selecting you since you are not from Commerce or Finance background?

Me: I told him the benefits that bank have received after the introduction of Engg (IT) in its business. Also told him that the criteria of selection of a person should not only be based on his academic background but his passion, dedication and zeal to get in the work should be counted. Finally if I lack some knowledge I can be trained and can be developed in to a successful banker.

Engineer to Banker Case #1

Panel:  You have done Engg right?  Were you forced to do it?

Ans. No sir , actually I wrote ent exams and got a merit sit. Secondly I was good in science in my school days. Thirdly at that point of time I was no so mature enough to decide about the things so it was my father who decided about me doing Engg.

Panel: Why Banking now?

Ans: Well sir as I have already mentioned that I developed interest in banking from my childhood seeing my father, later on during my Engg I decided to try my luck into Banking sector after doing my MBA in Finance but came to a point(situation) where I had to decide between my study and my sister’s study. I sacrificed and went into job to support her studies and to repay the educational loan on my name.

Engineer to Banker Case #2

Panel: So why do you want to be a PO, when you’re Engg Background? If we select you than it may be great loss for Indian Telecom industry, what you can do for us, you can do it better there. This is financial deptt & a commerce background candidate can better adjust here!

Ans: Sir today Banking environment going to CBS (Core banking solutions), some programme are required to understand even at some stage implementation in that programme also required time to time, as far as I m from technical background, there is not much need to work on me to learn them, i may be useful for IT deptt too for coming yrs, I can serve dual purpose for bank, also Management requires work & progress whether a candidate be from medical from engg or any other background.

Engineer to Banker case #3

Panel:  Why banking after BE?

Ans: Sir, I had chosen EC Engg after 12th because of my strong interest in modern physics and designing electric circuits. And due to that passion got University medal for my major project. But jobs offered to us in our college were software coding work with no growth and creativity. After passing BE for almost 6 months searched a lot for core jobs but those were not matched to my expectations.

In between I also got knowledge of banking field which is fast growing, offering abundant jobs and have lot of creative works so turned my career towards banking.

Panel:  But what’s the use of your degree in banking?

Ans: being EC engg I’m technically very strong for day to day banking operations. After BE for last 1.5 years, we worked in group for implementation of project so I have known how to work in a group.

Biotech to BankPO

P1: Why do you want to join banking sector?

Me: Sir I’m 2010 B.Tech (Biotechnology) graduate. I am preparing for IAS examinations. Last year I gave my 1st attempt but couldn’t get through, hence started preparing for Bank exams.

P1: You have passed in 2010! then what were you doing till now? (Interview done in year 2012)

Me: Answered (ias preparation, 1st attempt and then banking.)

P1: How did you get interest in banking? Do you have any relatives in banking sector?

Me: No sir. Often I have d chance to go for banks(for transaction, DD, mainly for applying exams) at that time.. I got inspired.

P1: so, if you have visited INFOSYS, then you’ll get more inspiration, right?

Me: sir, Interest in some field only leads to motivation. Since, I have no interest in software, so I took Biotechnology branch.

P1: Then why don’t you go for biotech jobs?

Me: tried for core companies, but scope for B.Tech is very less. They are in need of M.Tech graduates alone.
For more on IBPS, visit Mrunal.org/IBPS

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    1. Why is 12th marks sheet needed? I dont think its mentioned. IT has just mentioned to carry proof of date of birth which can be class 10th marksheet/cerificate.

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  5. sir, i have done my graduation in history(hons)…… so how can i relate it to banking…..??? how i am fit for this bank po job….???

    I had my interview on 4th January, 2014. It was a day full of drama.
    Interview center- Arya hotel, Ranchi
    Reporting time- 1 pm
    The process was conducted by the joint efforts of IBPS and BOI.
    My profile- engineering graduate in Electrical and electronics, 2012 july pass out and of course at present, jobless.

    I left from Bokaro Steel City by train and reached Ranchi railway station at around 10am. After having my breakfast I started getting out the station , thereafter what I noticed was bigger disaster than “Modi being PM”. Just below my trouser’s Zip ,the stitches got undone and I could see a small but haunting window. My Van Heusen Pant has betrayed me big time but I had been dragging it relentlessly for almost 2 years, somewhat 16 corporate interviews and 8 SSB’s and others. I immediately got inside the station and started checking it by sitting on chair that whether it was noticeable. It was not completely visible unless somebody notices with great curiosity. Even then, it was affecting my confidence and I am not sure whether the saying goes right with this ‘Chor ki dhadhi me tinka’. I had a towel in my bag. I came out and started searching for a tailor. With lot of enquiries I found a tailor that too in the open with his sewing machine standing against the railings doing something in his mobile. I pleaded “ bhaiya (directing towards the tragedy)isko sill do ge kya ,bahot important interview hai.” He looked at me once and again got busy in his mobile and you know what he said,”hum pehne hue kapde nahi silte” as if he is saying “ hum feke hue paise aj bhi nahi uthate”. I requested but all in vain . I somehow made up mind that I will go with the same .Later the problem was solved when I wore my tie at the hotel and while sitting it used to cover that portion. Thank God.
    Moving ahead, we were taken inside hotel at around 1pm and was forwarded to long certificates scrutiny process it was worse than getting clearances in customs. There were four panels for verifications and interview. There were maximum 25 candidates in each panel. I enquired one of the officials, there were interviewing 200 candidates daily that means overall approx 1800 candidates in Jharkhand between 2th jan to 10th jan. Anyway the verification process was quite slow specially in my panel but they were simultaneously sending for the interviews . My number came at around 4pm I was the first one to be stopped for OBC certificate creamy layer dated before 31st april 2013. I was sent to cool my heels and said board of director will decide your fate. At around 5pm the panelist called me and said you are not allowed to attend interview but for you convenience you can meet the control officer in the below floor. There were five others like me, one of them didn’t have obc certificate others had problem similar to me. The control officer consoled us but said that he could do nothing as there were strict instructions from the chairman of IBPS. After lot of pleading he gave a contact number of senior official, he picked my phone after lot of trials but denied talking to students and disconnected similar to the Manmohan government who are in power for 10years but deny talking to their own citizens who have elected them. Two of us had tears in their eyes specially the girl. I have seen many rejections but I was also feeling bad because it is different when you attend interview and get rejection at least you have that satisfaction that you tried your best. It is really unfortunate. But we did not lose hope and asked the control officer that we want to talk to the highest authority there. He asked us to wait for the Zonal officer to come. He came around 5.45pm. We discussed the issue with him logically about taking undertakings. And finally we were allowed. And as per my knowledge the guy who did not have the OBC certificate was not allowed.

      1. I have the final year graduation marsheet but don’t have degree till yet. will it be a problem at the time of appearing for the interview? I have my interview in Jan7th.

        1. do not worry.i believe they will take an undertaking from you.concentrate only on your interview

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    3. This kind of bitter experience was felt by me when I was rejected in cpf exam this year during the medical standards test . I was rejected because of a stupid rise in my blood pressure….and they called it hypertension. Then again in my medical review in delhi the same story happened….it was really a pathetic situation for me….but yes, these experiences make us a better person!

      1. thanx Neetu and Mukesh. you are right. we all should have ‘never say die’ attitude.

    4. hahaha.. really appreciating.
      I know even i have to go through the same situationa as i have made a mistake while filling my form. Your experience is like a boost up that at least i can try at my level best and leave the rest. Now, when they will be compelling me to go pillar to post, i can recollect this experience and keep myself calm and composed.
      Thanx buddy for sharing this.

  7. anybody from panel X noida centre boi please share your interview experience

    Just five minutes earlier I got to know that I was eligible to be interviewed. I gathered my thoughts, tried to forget what has happened in the day and completely started concentrating on the interview. Finally at 6:30pm I was the second last candidate in my panel to enter into the interviewing room. The room was quite small in contrast to my expectations. The chair for the candidate was quite closer to the interviewers table, approx one hand distance. There were four gentlemen sitting in the room all formally and courteously dressed. All were in there 50’s and looked completely exhausted.
    Extreme right- Hansmukh lal( HL)
    Extreme left- Manmohan (MM)
    In between
    L1- ramchandra guha k chacha(RGC)
    L2- jani dushman(JD)
    I asked their permission and entered the room. I made proper eye contacts and wished them. They asked me to have my seat. I made myself comfortable by using the depth of the chair, backbone in line with the chair, shoulders straight and hands on the thighs.
    JD : tab Avinash sahab kahan laga di itni der (I was supposed to be interviewed earlier)
    Me: sir there was some problem with the OBC certificate. 10mins earlier I got to know that I was eligible for interview.
    JD: koi bat nahi ab to sab thik hai na.(he was interacting in hindi)
    ME: yes sir
    MM: to interview shuru karein
    Me: sure sir
    JD: jaldi se apne bare me bta do.
    Me: I talked about my family background, education background, achievements and hobbies. And finally I said I am determined to become a banking officer.
    JD: have you heard about financial inclusion, btao jara
    Me: I defined it.
    JD: what does inclusion mean?
    Me: to involve everybody.
    MM asked something in between but I could not understand the question. May be he was asking about the various govt polices for financial inclusion. It did not click me and I said sorry. I should have talked about the bancassurance, new banking regulation etc.
    JD: you have done engineering, you wasted so much of government money now you want to join bank, and how does your degree will help bank. Complete waste?? (though his questions sound offensive but the way he asked was not rude ,in fact there was a slight smile on his face)
    Thanx to mrunal sir as he made us aware about these types of onslaught. HL sir was smiling all the way as if he is saying ‘ab btao’
    Me: (very calmly) I respect your views sir. On the first place I could not develop that interest in my course so that I can pursue a career in that and it was better to become a good banking officer than to become a bad engineer. As far as my wastage of degree is concerned, it was not a waste. It gave me rational thinking and it can be used in the bank such as sanctioning loans.
    JD: kahe ka sochna, microfinancing me to loan dena hi padta hai
    Me : (I had no idea about micrfinancing)sir aur bhi kai chijen hain. My degree has improved my analytical abilities, decision making and leadership qualities as I have done seminars and projects. And I believe banking service is just not about being good in finance, accounts or commerce.
    JD: log to yahan aake badi badi baten karte hain fir chod k chale jate hain
    Me: Your doubt is valid sir. I can not speak for others may be their priorities were difffernt but I will tell why I want to join the services.
    (Then I mentioned ‘sales pitch’).it is not only a growing sector but plays a very important role in the economy.apart from being a secured job with good imoluments it has lot of respect in the society because people repose a lot of trust in us as they invest in us .It has also a good career growth.
    Tab tak RGC baba jag gaye.
    RGC: acha thik hai history to padhi hi hogi. Battle of Plassey kab hui thi aur kab hui thi
    Me: sorry sir
    RGC: padha to hoga
    Me: sir padha hai par yad nahi
    RGC: koi bat nahi, kalinga yudh k bare me suna hai
    Me: sir Ashok ne vahan k logon ko haraya tha
    RGC: kisko, sanghmitra ka naam suna hai
    Me: ek train ka naam hai iske alawa nahi pata
    RGC: Jharkhand ki nadiyon ka naam btao
    Me: Damodar
    RGC: iska udgam kahan hota hai aur visargan kahan hota hai
    Me: sir shayad ganga me girti hai
    RGC: pehle udgam to btao
    Me: maaf kijiye ga sir
    RGC: sab kuch pata ho aisa jaruri to nahi
    Few more history questions were asked but for most of them I said “I am sorry sir”.
    Then they finally told me to go.
    Even though few questions were aggressive but it was asked in very humble way. Manmohan sir in most of the interview remained silent. ML sir kept smiling through out. JN sir was aggressive but not rude. I believe I donot have to justify Mr. RGC sir. Any ways overall the panel was humble.
    And again it was a nice experience.
    Thank you and all the best.

    1. @Avinash Ranjan – Thanx bro and your analysis was quite similar to mrunal sir. it is always better this way ;)

    2. @Avinash
      thanks for sharing for detailed interview.
      by the way, do you think MM was observing and evaluating? Was MM secretly the “main” guy giving the marks? because another gentleman also shared interview describing about a similar white-bearded man who asked no questions at all and a panelist who was aggressive with Engineers.

      1. Sir
        It is really debatable and cannot be told with conviction. Yes the guys in the middle were far more talkative and aggressive than the interviewers at the extremes.But i would also like to point, though there questions sound provocative but the body language was calm.According to my perception they wanted to clarify there genuine doubts, that the guy they are recruiting is here to stay as last time more than 5000 selected candidates in the first list did not join, perhaps mostly engineers. And as per my knowledge they were not simultaneously evaluating.One of the interviewee told me when he entered the room he could see them marking for the previous candidate.And i had similar experiences, the only person who had pen in his hand was Mr RGC and he had only online application and my other documents.And i had regular eye contacts with the other gentlemen but do not know what Mr RGC was searching in those documents.And yes there was no time lag between two interviewees entering into the room, so i am not sure how much time they have to prepare on specific profile.According to me they were marking once the candidates move outside and again this may vary with panels.

        Thank you.

  9. awesome analysis , thank you mrunal

  10. Are Avinash Ranjan
    Interview hua to thik hai. Par ye to batao poochha kya kya?? Or vo “Fati Pant” ka kya hua?

    1. btaya na. interview me itni fati hui thi ki fati pant k taraf dhayan hhi nahi gaya. Tie ne overtime kiya and anyways the chair was pretty close to the table.to koi bat nahi thi.

  11. Good Analysis by Avinash. Thank You very very very much Avinash. Anyway Tie ne ijjat to bacha li:)

    1. Thank you Amit. Ijjat to bachha li. shuru me bas isliye dar reha tha ki chair table se dur na ho aur panel me koi lady na ho. lekin in between the interview i left everything behind and concentrated on the interview.

  12. “log to yahan aake badi badi baten karte hain fir chod k chale jate hain” Enough Said! :-)

  13. My interview is scheduled on 10th January. I am B.tech(CSE) with a pretty decent academic record besides having many extra-curricular activity certificates. However I have passed class 12th through NIOS. I am a bit apprehensive if my class 12th open schooling certificate is going to affect my chances in anyway in this interview and further. Anybody please answer this.

  14. no problem at all as far as i am concerned. concentrate on the banking awareness and make sure that they believe you that you really want to join banking services.on average in 15 mins of interview they really don’t have the time to spent so much on education background.

  15. i have completed M Sc with pharmaceutical chemistry.
    How can be pharmaceutics useful in banking industry?
    what are future scopes of pharma chemistry in banking sector?

  16. i hav 12th mark sheet…12th pass certificate a must??…if nt present…will der b prb???

  17. marksheet s enough

  18. I did B.TECH in IT 1n 2010.then I did MBA FINANCE,completed in 2013.What will I answer Why I changed my study from B.TECH to MBA.and Why Banking???plz suggest

  19. @Avinash….
    Good luck for your interview. The only person who can create your future is yourself. So believe in yourself only…All the best…

  20. Hi i am tarun solanki and i am commerce graduate in 2005 and i had completed mba in fianance 2009. then i had worked for hdfc bank as jr. phonebanking officer (offrole)since 14 feb 2011 to 07th june 2012. so can you guide me about my relavant question. intoduction, about job experience and mba related question.

  21. This is my interview experience in Hyderabad I was called for interview on 10th of January @ Andhra Bank IPL Training Center Nanakramguda Hyderabad. My interview was scheduled @ 1 so reached before time all the panel and the certificate verification people were busy having lunch so waited till 2. At 2 the verification started and they started calling out names one of the guy forgot the application form and hence was asked to get it before 4 even I forgot to take it so I went with him to an internet center but since the site didnt work he left and I told the interviewer that the application form does not work he told me that he cant help me but luckily some guy overheard and told me that if we reset the password in the ibps.in site it would work anyways got the printout felt sorry for the guy who left in this hurry i lost my phone otherwise would have called him up,So he verified my certificates thoroughly and asked whether I had lunch since the time was around 3 i told him no so the certificate verification guy offered his sandwich i rejected the offer he told me to have something and come back @ 4 so i had some samosas outside and reported @ 4 the interview panel consisted of four aged ppl who were aroune 55-65 yrs age I asked for a seat and they started asking me questions
    what is a bank??
    what is CBS??
    I answered it
    he told good and said what use is CBS for a customer/layman??
    answered it
    He asked me what is a fire wall??
    answered it
    Who is the director of SBI
    Answered wrong told Anuradha Bhattacharya da guy who did not even speak nodded saying wrong so recollected and corrected my self saying Arundhati Bhattacharya da guy who did not talk smiled
    anyways he asked me some questions about family my current job
    overall the interview panel was very friendly and the interview went on well

    1. Sir, my sister cleared Kbps po exam held in sept 2014. Unfortunately she has lost her application form and she is not able to download it for the website. It would be a great help if you could guide me as to what to do next!

      1. application form downloading link will be available to you in few days or near the days when you ll get call letter download option.

        So be relaxed and ask her to prepare for interview.

        Best Wishes

      2. Don’t worry!
        After few days of declaring results, IBPS will again enable the link to download the application form

      3. dont worry ,they activate the like before interviews….i had a talk with IBPS helpline guy :-)

      4. ibps board activated application related link right now so u have to download that application form from that link and all the best to your sister

  22. where can I get some info related to CBS?

    1. Rinu , CBS CORE Banking Solution.
      Where CORE stands for Centralised Online Realtime Exchange.
      In simple language ,we can say every transaction which is taking place online,is because of CBS.Because of it all banks are now connected together,so there is no time delay in money transfer.You deposit the cash in bank and before coming out of the bank,you receive sms of cash deposited on your mobile. You use ATM and get some cash out of it,and at that instant only you receive the msg for the same.You can transfer money in fraction of second.This is all CBS. Baanki google it,bahut kuch mil jayega. :)

  23. @ Avinash : Dude i think you should start your career being a writer the way you describe things is awesome
    All the best bro :)i really enjoyed it :)

  24. Very Good Article Man…. Really Appreciate……..


  26. Sir,
    I had done b.tech in 2014 in electrical and electronics. But due to poor financial conditions i am not able to do m.tech. Moreover, my father neither allow me to work in private sector nor allow me to do coaching for gate…also i donot want to sit at home and prepare for gate as i am a girl and my father will not let me sit at home…shaddi karwa denge meri….
    so i donot knw what to do… right now i am preparing myself for bank jobs… Please tell me what to do? guide me a litle… one more thing i belong to a typical village joint family and my father hardly supports me…please help me and guide me.
    so i was palnning to work in a bank for sometime and colect some and then prepare for gate and then try my luck in psus.

    1. Dear,

      i cleared my ibps po…………….i would suggest you to go through the BANKERS ADDA website on daily basis throughly and you will definitely crack po

  27. Sir,
    I had done b.tech in 2014 in electrical and electronics. But due to poor financial conditions i am not able to do m.tech. Moreover, my father neither allow me to work in private sector nor allow me to do coaching for gate…also i donot want to sit at home and prepare for gate as i am a girl and my father will not let me sit at home…shaddi karwa denge meri….
    so i donot knw what to do… right now i am preparing myself for bank jobs… Please tell me what to do? guide me a litle… one more thing i belong to a typical village joint family and my father hardly supports me…please help me and guide me.
    so i was planning to work in a bank for sometime and collect some money and then prepare for gate and try my luck in psus.

    1. You should appear for GATE because GATE is not only the key for M. Tech. but also many PSUs use the score card for hiring. Besides you should simultaneously prepare for banks also because these days banks have mass vacancies and one can easily get in if her preparation is in the right way. But in the meantime you can take tuitions at home as well, so that you have money enough to but books for GATE preparation.
      But you should try to convince your family and explain that things are changing and a girl is no more restricted to house hold. And if you get a job you’ll always be able to find a better match ;P
      Wish you luck!

  28. I am serving in indian airforce as airman for 10 years.my age is 28 years.i will be due for pension after 15 years of service.my salary is approx 44000 per month.Is it justified for me now to join bank po for my better future?

  29. Problematic Transfer:- Bank Officers receive transfers every 3 years or so and in their entire career spanning more than 30 years, they get not less than 10 transfers.

    Leave Provisions:- Restricted Holidays 8 in a year. No such provision is there

    Pension:- No such provision exists for bank pensioners

    Social Status:- Banks are unable to retrieve themselves from this self-imposed complication/punishment.

  30. sir

    I need some help for SBI PO group discussion and interview as i dont know about the topics which are releated to financial sector

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