[RBI Grade “B”] Interview Preparation, Work Profile, Career Growth related information from ex-RBI Officer cum UPSC Topper Ramdhan Dagar

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IAS Mock Interviews

This article meant for those who cleared RBI Grade “B” officer written exam in 2013 and preparing for interview stage:

  1. Prologue
  2. Questions asked to me:
  3. WARNING about low scores
  4. My observations about the RBI Interviews
  5. Work-profile of Grade “B” Officer
  6. Career growth/promotion as RBI Grade “B” Officer
  7. Job Hierarchy in RBI


I had asked Mr.Ramdhan Dagar to share some wisdom about RBI interviews. (He was serving as RBI Grade “B” officer, then he got AIR-500 in Civil service exam 2012 exam- that too without coaching, and left the job.)
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Mr. Dagar replies through email:
Although I don’t remember all the details of what transpired during my RBI interview in 2012 now, but this is what I can share:

Questions asked to me:

Ramdan Dagar UPSC Topper RBI Interview

  1. Graduation related: Two questions from cost accounting relating to standard costing and cost benefit analysis because I am a graduate in commerce.
  2. Location Based: They asked a lot about the social problems plaguing my home state (Haryana)- the most prominent was obviously relating to khap panchayats and the status of women in Haryana. Some questions about the industrial development in Haryana.
  3. RBI related: Absolutely nothing from economics. The entire interview related to questions on my educational and personal background.
  4. Hobby based: One question about my hobby.
  5. And one question that i distinctly remember was “are you preparing for civil services‘ and if yes what are your optional subjects?. (My advice is don’t try to hide it from them because they will ask this question only when they get sure about the candidate being an IAS aspirant).

WARNING about low scores

  • RBI is notorious for awarding very poor marks in interview. There were people with me in training who even got 0(ZERO) out of 50.
  • Scores of 5,6,7,8,9 10 are pretty common.
  • Even people from the senior batches had same type of pathetic marks in interview.
  • By the way I got 24 marks and the highest was 30. (Mrunal comments:- you had recieved three digit scores in each paper of Public Administration in civil service main 2012- that too without coaching, and now we know that you even got high score in RBI interviews. Indeed man, **respect**)

My observations about the RBI Interviews

  1. I didn’t find any coherency between the interviews of mine and my friends(when we discussed about it during our training in Chennai)
  2. It was total random stuff thrown at almost all the people but yes guys appearing this time should brush up their bio-data, the basic fundamentals of Indian economy and RBI related current affairs.
  3. One interesting thing about the interviews for the grade ‘b’ is that it is one single panel which interviews every candidate.
  4. The panel goes from one center to another to carry this out and the people interviewing are 5 out of which one would definitely be a very senior functionary of a public sector bank (executive director or something).

Work-profile of Grade “B” Officer

  • It depends on the department the person lands up in and also on the regional office to some extent.
  • The best place to work is obviously Mumbai for the simple reason that you can learn the in & outs of central banking there because of it being the headquarters.
  • But yes there is immense diversity in the work that you do even within the departments.
  • There are very good departments like the rural planning and credit dept, foreign exchange dept, external investments and operations dept., banking supervision etc and
  • Then there’re graveyards like the issue dept.(dealing with currency), estate and premises dept etc.
  • Overall the work culture is quite good with some excellent facilities provided to the employees.

Career growth/promotion as RBI Grade “B” Officer

  • There is nothing to worry about in this one as it is only the grade ‘b’ officers who rise on in the organization and occupy the top seats.
  • There are 2 (out of 4) posts of deputy governor reserved for grade ‘b’ officers.
  • Also all the executive directors and regional directors are people who were recruited as grade ‘b’.
  • Currently there’s problem only with the first promotion which takes about 7 years and then its 4 to 5 years on an average.

Job Hierarchy in RBI

  1. Governor
  2. Dy. Governor (total 4) please note: two seats are reserved for Grade “B” officers.
  3. ED (total 10)
  4. chief general manager (regional director) (gr f)
  5. general manager (grade E)
  6. deputy general manager (grade D)
  7. asst. general manager (grade C)
  8. manger (grade B)
  9. Asst. manager (grade A)
  10. senior assistants
  11. assistants/ stenographers
  12. other staff

The thing is about 90-95% people are under grade ‘b’ DR( direct recruit).

—end of copy paste.—
Thanks a lot Mr.Dagar, for sharing these details with the aspirants.
@RBI players, kindly share your detailed interview experience in the comments, when it is over. Best wishes.

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

140 Comments on “[RBI Grade “B”] Interview Preparation, Work Profile, Career Growth related information from ex-RBI Officer cum UPSC Topper Ramdhan Dagar”

  1. Mrunal, I’m so thankful to you for all your help with my preparation for the RBI exam. I did well in Phase II, thanks to you, and now I’m in. So although, I didn’t get through the IFoS exam, like I had hoped, this turned out to be a really good career option for me. Thanks once again. :D May God bless you!

    1. Dear Debbie, Congrats and all the best for such a promising career.

      I would like to know from you is what study material you used for preparing RBI Grade B Phase I as well as Phase II, Phase I Especially for general Knowledge.

      Also I appreciate if any of you seeing this query take out your time to solve my query.

      Waiting for your valuable replies, Please reply ASAP….

    2. Dear Debbie first of all accept my heartiest congratulations for this profound success. Would you please tell me and others who have requested you to share exact prepration material other than that mentioned by Mrunal Sir that would be extremely helpful for all the participants and would guide them to success in the examination. Thanking you in Anticipation Please do reply ……

      1. Hi Khushagra and Sandip. Thank you for your kind wishes. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply any earlier. I would love to share with you the strategies that were useful for me. For Phase I, I found a few online timed tests which gave me a little practice before the real deal, since it was my first time to appear for an exam of this kind (I’ve appeared for UPSC before). For preparation, I just did the regular things- like reading newspapers, learning about our banking system and reading Economics books (Ramesh Singh and Dutt & Sundaram). For Phase II, I concentrated on my strengths. Since my background in Economics was practically non-existent, I concentrated more on Social Issues, instead, and on Management section for the other paper. As far as I can recollect, I actually left out only a few questions. When I was running out of time, I just drew flowcharts and diagrams to complete the answer. Mrunal had very timely posted the previous years’ questions along with his analysis. It was very helpful for me in my preparation. I spent much of my time in writing answers to those questions (even if not complete answers, I prepared the framework for most of them). I also had access to my college library and there was a lot of material on Management and Banking, which really helped me. My parents and sister helped me in preparing for the interview. RBI’s website is a treasure trove of information (esp. useful for the interview). That’s it. Everyone will have their own strategies that work for them. I hope some of my suggestions help too! Other than that, I’ll just add that hard work and determination is the way to success. :D So good luck and may you all achieve your dreams!

        1. thank you very much debbie for replying us this means a lot . Hopefully we with mrunal sir and pals like you we will soon secure our dream job in central banking institution

        2. one more question debbie
          for phase 1 genreal knowledge can u mention test series you took

        3. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and strategy. It’ll surely help :)

      2. sir i had been slected for rbi assistance. so plese help me for my interview preparation

    3. Hey Debbie,

      Could you please guide me for interview as I have 4 years of GAP after 2.5 years working with TCS. I have been helping to Students for PO, SSC exams especially from Hindi medium background students. How should I justify GAP Years??

    4. Congrats Debbie. I know I am not the first person to wish but best wishes. My aim was to become an grade b officer, so pls tell me which books i have to study for phase 2. Wish you once again.

  2. sir i have applies RBI GR B Officr post.i want to konw how to prepare and what are material to be used to crack thew both level of exam sir .now i am working as Assistantin PSB

  3. Hi Mrunal,
    Thanks for all the help you are providing for young aspirants.Could please tell how to prepare for phase II part as I am from computer Science graduate and have very less idea about finance and economics? Waiting for your reply .Thanks

    1. Hi Nim, hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to assure you that there is no need to be afraid. Take some time to figure out which portions you will be comfortable answering in the written phase. If you’ve had previous work experience, the interview is going to be a breeze. I am a life science graduate, pursuing M.Sc. Biotech, and I got 5th rank in the exam. :P A lot of it was luck, but some of it was also because I was able to decide which sections of the papers I needed to concentrate on. English was a plus and really gave me an edge over the more experienced candidates with economics and banking backgrounds. Besides English, I followed Mrunal’s posts on social issues and management. Spend some time going over the syllabus and previous years’ question papers. Those will definitely help you with your preparation. Also, I’m recommending this to anyone I can, please familiarize yourself with the RBI website. Its got a lot of information relevant to the exam. Good luck! :D

      1. Thank you so much Debbie.Well I am following your tips and mrunal sir’s posts.Hope to crack this one.

  4. Thanks mrunal sir for all the material you are providing for us.My query is as mentioned in the interview some got 0 in interview so the marks doesnt count for interview or what?
    Also I want to know the phase II exam all three papers will be conducted on the same day or different day co its saying 3 hrs each.Please reply I am appearinf first time for it ?

  5. Congrats debbie!!! I wish you have a bright career ahead.Even i want to know what material did you use for phase 1(specially economics)& phase2 since im also preparing for the same exam.

    1. Thanks Pallavi. :) I have shared the strategy and materials I used for the exam in a previous post on this thread. Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      1. Congrats debbie ! , can you share how you prepared for GA section of phase 1.

      2. hello mam. I need to ask a thing. I hv done B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT BHU. and really want to get through this. I am currently working as a faculty in ALLEN(IIT coaching). Do they consider freshers for Gr B. Please help. I am in a real fix..

  6. @debbie
    how long did you prepare for?
    Also how did you find the difficulty level vis. csat?
    Do you have job experience. If no, was it a disadvantage at the interview stage


  7. Hi ! I just wanted to know that how much time is required to prepare for phase 2 exam? And which language should we prefer in intervew? As i am from engginering background how difficult for me to crack this exam?

  8. Hi, mrunal sir
    I have just applied for rbi grade b officer dr. My prep for paper I is goin smooth, but for paper II i am completely lost. I have no economics or finance background. I just dont understand wer to start from n which books to follow, what should be the strategy. Plz help.

  9. hello guys… can anyone give an idea regarding the transfers in grade b post in rbi… i am an assistant in central secretariat service..group b cadre.. grade pay 4600.. i dont want to get settled in delhi… (because mine is a delhi based job)…
    i just want to get settled in south india… this time i have applied for this grade b post in rbi.. but people are saying that once in four years, v wud get transfer orders… is that true… i need the facts.. please… i am very much confused.. can any one gimme the actual things happening in rbi regarding the transfer, in case i get into rbi in grade b officer cadre

  10. I m second year student doing economics honours
    from B.H.U. I want to start my preparation for
    RBI grade b from now onwards. since I have
    sufficient time what strategy should I follow. sir plz
    suggest it would be of great help
    Thank you

  11. Hi
    My self praveen right now i am preparing for rbi assistant i want ro know how many rounds will b there in interview and i want tips to pass rbi exam plzz help me i am in financial prblms plzzz

  12. Hi
    My self praveen presently i am preparing for rbi assistant post i want tips to pass exam and interview and how many rounds will be there for interview plzz help me

    1. rbi asst math me kitana simplification ayega and english tips dijiye koi

  13. i am now sbi Po
    now m running ma 1st year from ignou

    Now graduate with 75 %
    education career 3 years gap between class 10 & class 12

    This gap effects in rbi selection??general category…please reply soon.please

  14. Hi,
    this is Sandeep I do job in bank. I do preparing of rbi grade b officer. but I knw my question is diff. I want to know how is probation priod in rbi. how is work profile ? Have u any idea of after probation prioed over any candidate lose their job in case of not gud in work?

    I want to knw safety level of job while after change my confirm job

    I am handicapped so I have to know

    plz Give me reply

  15. congrats debbie for your achievement. It was good to learn that you are a life science student. I too am a student of lifesciences and now want to prepare for RBI grade B . i just wanted to know how to commence the preparations and begginers level books for economics and finance to start with as I am totally novice in these areas of studies.

  16. Any tentative date about the mains result 2014 rbi grade B?

    1. Its out. Do check and immediately do what they ask you to do. Else chance will be lost. I am in!

      1. hi hari i m too going for grade b interview can u tell me how to prepare for interview??

  17. Hi everyone!
    Presently i am doing b.tech(right now in 3rd year)
    Can i appear for the exam when i enters in 4th year as it takes long to complete the selection ptocedure.
    Then i can join after my graduation is finished.

    Please reply

  18. I have a very serious question sir. I am Rahul yogi, graduated from IIT BHU with B.Tech and M.Tech. currently a faculty in ALLEN(iit coaching). The question is , do they take freshers ?? I really want to get through. Please give me some valuable suggestions in this regard. Please… Help

  19. I tnk it is banking terminology, RBI role in economy, current socio-eco-poli developments and about self study, experience would make an interview.

  20. I just cleared the Phase-2 of RBI-GR-B officer exam , held in Sep,2014.
    Now searching for the materials which could be helpful.
    If anyone has the reference, kindly help

  21. Congrats debbi. Can you please share what are the vision standards for rbi grade b officer in medical test as i have low vision (6/18) in one eye and another eye is perfect.i am a aspirant of rbi grade b officer

  22. I have 61% in BE final year.. We get degree for final year marks in pune uni. so i hv first class degree but my four year aggrigate is 55..i am OBC..Am i eligible for grade b officer??

    1. Same here.. Please tell me…

  23. can anyone plz suggest how to begin prep for phase two?i am not from economics background and I feel lost.

  24. i am interested to join RBI . i have completed my Btech (electrical engg) and also my Mtech in electrical engg. but i am interested to give RBI grade B officer exam. can i give the exam
    if yes how to prepare and is there any problem as i am from engg background. so please help me and send your suggestions to my email id: [email protected]
    waiting for your reply
    thank you

  25. hi my name is asutosh now iam starting to prepare for rbi grade b exam, so can anyone suggest me which books i should refer for ga and english section of phase 1…………..plz reply soon

  26. I got in, too. Still in shock because by my assessment the interview had gone pretty much below par. Perhaps my written examination marks tilted the scales in my favour!
    I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for this website. I already work in a state run bank and was in the middle of a pretty stressful transfer during the exam(s) – this site was a huge help for preparing in short bursts. Two thumbs up!
    And Debbie, let’s be friends! I’m a life science postgrad too! :)

  27. Mrunal Sir…thanks a lot for everything you are doing for aspirants…You helped me get selected as RBI Grade B this year..You helped a non economics student crack Grade B..that speaks a lot for your guidance.. gratitude and respect..

    1. congrates,how did u prepare?book name?without coaching?

      1. thanks…only mrunal sir and yes without coaching….

  28. Sorry I’ve come around to this only now, but I wanted to say thanks for all the information on this site. I got selected as well and to be honest this and a couple of other websites are all I used – am a PO with a state-run bank and was going through a particularly stressful transfer at the time of these exams. Thanks a bunch for the well-organized and up-to-date info in clear language.
    I am, however, a bit bummed about no information from RBI post-selection. Does anyone know how long this takes? And when are the medical exams etc?
    Not looking forward to Chennai in summer. Sigh.

  29. Please tell me, where to start from for RBI grade B – 2015. I am new to it. Please…. I will be highly grateful to you…. :-)

  30. Sir I wanted to know whether one gets sufficient time to prepare for civil services after they are selected as Grade B officers? I mean will the job be hard or does it provide sufficient free so that one can prepare.

  31. Hi mrunal sir i read a lot about mrunasl.org one question i would like to ask is,whether a person who got second division in 12th class but he has a first class in degree but that degree is of hotel management, so do rbi people give a chance to those to appear for grade b officer

  32. sir i hv done ma with 59 percent marks plz tell me that m i elgibile for 2015’s rbi b grade exam my graduation percentage was 50 and i m general

  33. Plz suggest m book list for phase2…

  34. Hello sir i need ur advice iam a law graduate weak in maths and aptitude thinking fr rbi b grade but given my condition should i give my precious yrs for this exam or drop the idea since 90 percent of candidates must be already strong in eco msths etc i don’t want that my time n effort get wasted in wrong direction

  35. hey

    congrats to debbi and trippy. thumps up for both :)

    i jus wanted to know is it that rbi grade b panel of interviewers prefer candidates with job expirience.. m pursing m.com from delhi scool of economice. no work ex. would b i be least preferred ?

  36. hey

    thumps up for both :)

    i jus wanted to know is it that rbi grade b panel of interviewers prefer candidates with job expirience.. m pursing m.com from delhi scool of economice. no work ex. would b i be least preferred ?

  37. Dear Debbie,

    I got 75 marks and cut off is same, so what i do the next?

    This recruitment for only one post in Grade A

    Kindly guide me

  38. RBI Grade B admit cards out

  39. Anyone with venue
    UTTAR PRADESH 201009
    for RBI Grade B on 22, afternoon session.
    OR anyone can help me out how to reach there
    Thanks in advance

  40. Hi..I want to prepare for comming RBI grade Bxam…..My health status are little poor but physically fit…please tell me what kind of physical fitness required for RBI and what medical tests they conduct before appointment?Is physical/medical standards may lead disqualification??problems diabetics/heart/kidneys /nervousness/hypertension etc. will lead to any disqualification of candidate?

  41. Hello,
    I am aspirant of RBI GRADE B EXAM, but i have one doubt , i am partially color blind so it will create any prob or should i stop preparing for this exam?? Please help me i am in confusion

  42. Hello sir i m a second yr bcom student i want to prpr for RBI from now plz tell some strategies..

  43. I’m bc Candidate age 32. Do I eligible for rbi grade b exam 2017

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