[Lecture] Economic Survey Chapter 1,2,3 & Budget- Taxation, Deficits, Subsidies MINUS Schemes

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IAS Mock Interviews
  1. Prologue
  2. Part 1: Overview of Economic survey
  3. Part 2: Budget Taxation part
  4. Part 3: Budget Subsidies, Deficits
  5. FAQ


My lectures on youtube, for the current Budget and Economic Survey. First lecture covered following:

  1. Economic Survey 2013: Chapter 1, 2 and 3
  2. Budget 2014 MINUS Scheme, because I’ll cover scheme under their respective chapters.

Total length: 2:20 hours, hence video split into three parts.

Youtube Playlist Link: click me

Language: Slides English, Speech Hindi. @South Indian friends, of course I will release English articles soon.

Part 1: Overview of Economic survey

Economic Survey Lecture 1 Part 1

Link http://youtu.be/0FEsZKJRsfY

Full list of Topics Covered in this Video:

Overview of Economic Survey 2013

  1. How does government prepare economic survey?
  2. Why should we prepare economic survey for exam?
  3. Overview of the chapter 1 to 13: which ones are more important for the exam?
  4. Basic of GDP, GDP Deflator, GNP, NNP at Market price, Factor cost and National Income, National Disposal income.

Chapter 1: State of Economy

  1. Structural constrains, GDP growth decline reason, Future outlook for GDP growth.
  2. Ascending descending order data for various sectors of Economy.
  3. Total Savings rate, investment rate- Assertion reasoning MCQ.

Chapter 2: Issues and priorities

  1. Financial repression (details given in third video)
  2. Productivity commission (details given in third video)
  3. Reforms in taxation, budget making process (details given in second video)
  4. Reforms in Factor markets (land, labor and Capital market)

Part 2: Budget Taxation part

Lecture ES L1P2

Link: http://youtu.be/uIzJ3Pt65MA

List of Topics discussed in this part:

  1. Funds: Consolidated, Contingency and Public Account
  2. Budget classification
  3. Direct and Indirect taxes of Union and States
  4. Difference: Cess vs Surcharge
  5. Difference: Gross vs Net Tax revenue
  6. 14th Finance commission terms and references
  7. Budget 2014 provisions for Direct and Indirect taxes
  8. Ascending Descending order of various Taxes
  9. Taxation reforms points from Economic Survey Chapter2 and 3

Note: Capital part and Deficits covered in third part of the video.

Part 3: Budget Subsidies, Deficits

Lecture ES L1P3

Link: http://youtu.be/ZUPDpqnSFeE

List of Topics in this video:

  1. Sources of Non-Tax revenue
  2. Revenue Expenditure: Ascending Descending order
  3. Subsidies: Issues and reforms given in Survey Ch2
  4. Fertilizer Nutrient Based Subsidy
  5. Capital Receipts and Expenditure
  6. Plan Non-plan budget
  7. Budgetary reforms given in Survey Ch2: Feedback Loop, Productivity commission
  8. Deficits: Fiscal, primary, revenue, effective revenue deficit- their Formulas and figures
  9. FRBM Act targets
  10. Financial Repression: Meaning and effect on Indian economy
  11. Public debt Management authority PDMA: why needed?

Note: Budget related Scheme will be discussed during the respective chapters on Economic Survey e.g. Agriculture, Human Development etc.


Q. Have you opened your own “coaching factory” in Delhi?

Ans. No, this is being done at SPIPA, Ahmedabad. It’s a Gujarat government organization that runs classes. There are similar bodies by Maharashtra and Tamilnadu government too.

Q. Where can I download PowerPoint slides of your lecture?

Ans. https://files.secureserver.net/0fzRqIv71qNX5Q

Q. What about the videos of remaining chapters?

Ans. Next lecture is on 22nd Tuesday. So with God willing, by Wednesday I should be able to upload the next batch of videos.

Q. Will you publish “text” articles or not?

Ans. Yes certainly.
Economic survey has importance in both Prelims and Mains. If this budget -survey had came in February itself then I’d have gotten sufficient time to cover both angles at once before prelims.
But at this junction, If i try to cover both simultenously then exam will be over before article series is over!
Therefore, in these videos, I’ve tried to priorities all the MCQ worthy points. In the “text-article” I aim to combine both MCQ worthy points + mains-descriptive points, so it’ll take time.

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