[Speech Summaries] Vice President on Emerging Asia, Europe & Iran

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  1. VP speech: Europe and Emerging Asia
  2. VP speech: India-Iran

Vice President speech: ‘Europe and Emerging Asia’

http://monterreymexican.com/?search=online-cheap-viagra&bab=b4 http://parilokmontessori.com/?x=discount-viagra-without-prescription Historical perspective:

  • The Eurasian landmass, historically considered as two continents
  • Since a long time, Europe was familiar with Asian lands, military prowess, empires, manufactures.
  • Then Portuguese dis covered Cape of Good Hope. Europeans began naked colonisation of Asia, using “trade companies”.
Century Was century of ___.
19th Europe
20th USA
21st Asia

Rising Asia, Emerging Asia

viagra in uk Historian Niall Ferguson has identified 6 qualities that contributed to the rise of the West,

  1. Competition
  2. Science
  3. property rights
  4. Medicine
  5. Consumer society
  6. work ethics (GS4)

http://altacadvisor.com/?search=viagra-drugs-in-india&8c4=ad But, these six qualities are no longer monopoly of the West.

  • China, India slowly imbibing them and rising as global powers.
  • ADB projection: By 2050, Asia would contribute 50% of the world GDP and investment; Asia’s per capita income will be similar to Europeans.

Challenges for Emerging Asia:

  • Religious and Cultural diversity and complexity- posing challenge to social cohesiveness.
  • Asia needs high growth rate to reduce poverty, combat climate change and ensure food security.
  • Most Asian Governments face challenge of corruption and inefficiency.
  • Rivalry among regional power, delays the ushering of the Asian century.
  • Nonetheless, both Europe and USA are worried about losing their economic domination against Emerging Asia.

Why Europe Falling?

  • PIGS-Sovereign debt crisis, has weakened the economic grip of EU.
  • High level of unemployment, ageing population.
  • Energy dependence on middle east and Russia.
  • Declining natural resources and Military clout.
  • Social conflicts because of migrants and minorities.
Why Asia-Europe need synergy?
Asia Europe
needs technology and specialized skills; Europe needs markets, workforce and investments.
Large and small democracies- face challenge of terrorism, cyber-crimes, drug trafficking, money laundering, natural disasters. Same

http://buzzedition.net/?search=canadian-rx-drugs-viagra&6ae=96 But, the relationship between the two continents will have to be one of a multilateral framework of “equals”.
Ref: http://pib.nic.in/release/release.asp?relid=109650

VP speech: India-Iran

click http://vaspaceacademy.com/?x=buy-viagra-no-prescription&d2d=99 Historical perspective:

  • Close relationship between Avestan or Old Persian and Vedic Sanskrit language.
  • Persian had remained court language in India for a long time.
  • During Mughal period, there were 7 times more Persian readers in India  than in Iran.
  • A Mughal miniature painting depicting Jahangir embracing Shah Abass I of Persia – symbolises peace and harmony between India and Iran.
  • 1823: Raja Ram Mohan Roy published 1st Persian newspaper in the world..
  • Indian languages like, Bengali, Marathi and Urdu have deep linkages with Persian language

using levitra past expiration date see url Modern times:
Iran is geo-politically important to India because:

  1. Iran’s location on the Persian Gulf littoral
  2. Iran’s location on the western borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  3. Iran being a major source of hydrocarbons

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ With birth of Pakistan, the common border between India and Iran ceased to exist.

  • Although we’ve signed Treaty of Friendship but Indo-Iran relationship have faced mutual neglect for a long time.
  • This diplomatic-distance increased with the Cold War. India remained non-aligned while Iran joined various military pacts and alliances.
  • In 1971’s war, Iran maintained neutral.
  • India retained a carefully balanced position in the long Iran – Iraq War.
  • 90s: strains in relation after Iran’s comments on Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Mid 90s: bilateral visits by leaders of both nations.
  • 2003: Iranian President was chief guest for India’s Republic Day.

follow link Future ahead:

  1. Need to enhance cooperation in energy sector
  2. Jointly work for Peace and stability in Afghanistan
  3. Cooperation for the Chabahar port.
  4. North-South corridor- from Iran to central Asia to Europe
  5. Under sea gas-pipeline from southern Iran to West coast of India
  6. Sea- Navigation freedom in Persian gulf and strait of Hormuz.


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