[Economy Lecture2] Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools, Priority Sector Lending; How to prepare GS, Notes Making, Time- Management

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  1. Prologue
  2. L1/P5: Banking: Qualitative Tools of Monetary Policy
  3. L0/P1: How to kick Start GS Prep for Prelims?
  4. L0/P2: History & Culture for Prelims?
  5. L0/P3: Geography, Environment & Science for Prelims?
  6. L0/P4: Notes making for UPSC & Current Affairs from Hindu?
  7. L0/P5: Time Management, Failures & Career-Backup?


  • Second lecture was done on 23th January 2015, and uploaded. Total ~2:30 hours but I’ve split it into six parts.
  • PowerPoint of the lecture, available at Mrunal.org/Download
  • Medium of instruction- Hindi.
  • English version not possible for the moment, because I’m required to teach at this batch, in Hindi/Gujarati only. Besides, same content is available in English-text articles and English PPTs on the site.

Monetary Policy: Qualitative Tools of RBI

L1/P5: Banking: Qualitative Tools of Monetary Policy

This is continuation of monetary policy topic, which was started in first lecture…..

Topics covered:

  1. Recap of the Earlier lecture: quantitative tools & their utility in controlling money supply, inflation and deflation
  2. Measures of money supply: M0, M1, M2, M3, M4 & technique to memorize it
  3. What is Margin requirement or Loan to Value ratio?
  4. Qualitative tools of Monetary policy: Consumer credit control, down payment, Credit Rationing, Moral suasion, direct action
  5. Priority Sector Lending norms in India- its features, penalties- RIFD, SEDF funds.
  6. MCQs from Previous Prelim exams from this topic.

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/HJXkluvbPF8

Powerpoint Link: files.secureserver.net/0fxNJqSZOKiE4I

L0/P1: How to kick Start GS Prep for Prelims?

This is a separate lecture for completely new players on how to begin GS preparation…..

Topics covered:

  1. 7 Pillars of general studies preparation.
  2. Analysis of CSAT-2014 Paper
  3. Why is it essential to finish Polity and Economy first, before other subjects?
  4. How to approach Polity in a systematic manner?
  5. Polity preparation beyond M.Laxmikanth
  6. Brief outline on GS-Economy preparation. (Separately covered in another video)
  7. Timeframe for finishing Polity and Economy syllabus.

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/zGj_ifNJXhM

L0/P2: History & Culture for Prelims?

Topics covered:

  1. Difference between Old NCERT & New NCERT? Which ones the approach?
  2. Myth breaking: Will you fail if you don’t have Old-NCERT?
  3. How to approach Culture and Ancient History? What books to avoid?
  4. Why do toppers skip preparation of Medieval History?
  5. Importance of theHindu newspaper for preparation of History-Culture?
  6. Why you must solve MCQs from GS Manual for History?

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/sQstgRHuTEE

L0/P3: Geography, Environment & Science for Prelims?

Topics covered:

  1. Analysis of CSAT-2014 paper: Geography, Environment & Science.
  2. How to approach NCERTs in a systematic manner for these subjects?
  3. Geography: which areas to focus, which ones to ignore?
  4. Environment: why cost:benefit is bad? Minimum essential preparation?
  5. How UPSC examiners setup tricky questions- why person must study NCERTs irrespctive of graduation/PG?

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/xtymIEnJHeM

L0/P4: Notes making for UPSC & Current Affairs from Hindu?

Topics covered:

  1. Which newspapers and magazines to focus, and why?
  2. Secondary sources of preparation and why first timers should ignore them till core syllabus is finished?
  3. Important of theHindu newspaper for UPSC preparation, How to get Hindu at your place?
  4. Within Hindu- What to focus, what to ignore? Mrunal’s “00P, P+M, M+I & Z_ignore” approach(TM)
  5. Notes making: paper note vs. electronic notes.
  6. When Notes making is not required.
  7. Importance of Mindmaps for Humanities Optional subjects.
  8. Various Softwares and Apps for notes making and study-aid.

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/ADZetIrWbj0

L0/P5: Time Management, Failures & Career-Backup?

Topics Covered:

  1. Difference between study hours and quality study hours?
  2. Common reasons why candidates repeatedly fail in the exam?
  3. Why advanced planning is necessary for career backup?

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/dNvxMQKs2T0

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Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

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