[CAPF-2014] Final result out, 105 selected, marksheets in 15 days

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Mitrapal Philosophy
  1. Prologue
  2. Service-wise vacancies
  3. List of Toppers
  4. Provisional roll numbers


  • 2014, July: Written exam or CAPF held
  • 2015, February:  Interviews concluded, and finally UPSC has declared the result.
  • Total 105 candidates selected. 50 General + 31 OBC + 16 SC + 8 ST.
  • any issues, contact UPSC helpdesk at 011-23385271/ 23381125 / 23098543 during office hours.
  • Marksheets to be uploaded on official website with 15 days of result and will be kept online for 45 days.

Service-wise vacancies

Buffer list1614NIL0131


List of Toppers

S.no.Roll noName
1088182Rahul Singla
2202160Ghodke Chandrashekhar
3094914Akshay Upadhyay
4050568Rahul Rai
5203604Anil Goud Vaddemgunta
7032731Md Danish Samad
8211602Bhate Mayank Bharat
9146540Rajat Saklecha
10000935Gursimran Singh Dhillon
11053769Praveen S Prasad
12094762Arvind Sharma
13066160Tanveer Ahmad
14100045Chaudhar Shrinivas Sunil
15170927Vishvender Hooda
16134382Mithun Kumar G K
17046304Harsimran Singh Sandhu
18024190Hakeem Asif Yousuf
19076453Sumant Subhashrao Solanke
20020984Chetan Sharma
21124965Deepender Singh
22026579Girish Sharma
23138810Khude Suraj Bapusaheb
24208619Mohammad Arshad
25022791Shinde Mehul Pandurang
26088252Rameez Mehar
27035944Vipin Sharma
28178938Mahavir Singh
29136132Pothireddy Aditya Kumar Reddy
30000536Sonu Kumar
31062565Kannav Sharma
32194969Meghnad M Gavit
33113900Aakash Jain
34011273Saurav Kumar
35152314Somil Gautam
36158911Sumit Kumar
37185414Rohit Shrivastava
38134727Amit Rana
39197448Ubale Swapnil Machhindra
40013300Nair Prajit Prabhakaran
41150510Prashant Shukla
42191268Manasvi Vashistha
43003193Gauri Shankar Singh Bhadauria
44007213Vitthal Joshi
45003249Puneet Yadav
46214697Gajendra Pratap Singh
47109721Ravi Kumar
48016111Surendra Raje Sawant
49147393N M Suresh
5010595Amit Anand
51033126Anshul Gupta
52072130Jay Gopal
53210812Abhinaya Pratap Singh
54053446Vijay Singh
55118216Ashish Vasantrao Ghadge
56138880Suhel Alam
57058099Kajale Vaibhav Nitin
58154748Devendra Upadhyay
59015835Saurabh Kumar
60045513Patil Sandeep Pradeep
61178285Jayakanth Cv
62013429Nishant Choudhary
64185340Ramsingh Gurjar
65214405Narender Kumar
66019136Neeraj Singh
67051005Kadam Sunil Subhash
68043085Prashantkumar K C
69133842Poonam Veer
70087529Saurav Jaiswal
71009453Bhagawati Charan Chandan
72097983Aman Deep Manhas
73199936Yeilwad Shrikant Jagannath
74162686Neeraj Wadhera
75137458Kondari Balaji Gurudutt
76067313Arsh Arora
77094474Amit Kumar
79180115Desai Jayneel Ashokbhai
80180877Rahul Yadav
81094312Nimit Ahlawat
82020611Prayas Yadav
83151566Ankur Dahiya
85104397Badipati Vidyasagar
86188701Devesh Singh
87063886Avilakshan Singh Negi
88205073Avinash Kumar
89044257Ghalib Mustaffa Chaudhary
90019985Arun Kumar
91016471Ashish Kumar
92130523Meihuanlung Pamei
93175964Sanjay Prasad
95125192Ankit Balotia
96011744Anurag Sonkar
97091582Tumben P Tsanglao
98096220Rajnish Kachhap
99094122Mayank Kumar Singh
100007926Praveen Kumar
101059902Kapil Kumar
102039085Roop Singh
103012984Khairnar Rahul Kaduba
104119399Akshey Kumar
105029762Mohit Gokhale

Provisional roll numbers

these 10 selected candidates’ result is provision.









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132 Comments on “[CAPF-2014] Final result out, 105 selected, marksheets in 15 days”

  1. saurabh bhai ..jitna seen cds nda tgc wagera m h utna isme nahi h .that for sure…ab tum kisi defect ke shikar ho to i cant help…

    1. @mohit-tab to sae h then bhai….agar itna panga nae hoga..like army..n nae to nae but..short sightedness h.
      With glasses to allowed hota hoga na?


    1. i got miserable 98 …..

      1. where is the link to see one’s own score?? At upsc website no such link exist for 2014 AC exams.

        1. Please go to the “Marksheet Related to various Examination” link (scroll down UPSC’s home page for that link,will be at the bottom right corner)… You can get it there..Hope it helps

          1. marksheet not showing on upsc website……….plz provide the link

          2. Thanks for this help but for sure i did it before i posted my query and it was not available there.

    2. 137 paper 1+ 89 paper 2(total 226).. Could not clear PET

    3. Paper I – 133
      Paper 2 – 83

      Left some 30 marks questions in paper 2 due to time constraints. Couldnt go for PET due to University Exams.

    4. I got 131 & 94 in paper 1 and 2 and 81 in interview

      1. Sir,what is straightegy for paper 2,please guide

  3. Who says interview doesn’t matter…guys it matters….i got all india 64th rank only because of interview….got 111 marks in personality test

  4. Marksheet upload nhi hui abhi tak..

    1. you wouldnt believe what is happening here and how . If you access it from your pc , it wont show there but if you use your cellphone for it, you will be able to view it . ( based on my experience )

  5. I am not able to view my marks …it is continuously displaying page not available ..please some body check my marks
    Roll number 051647
    Dob 12-03-1991
    Thanks and if possible mail me at [email protected]

  6. 110, still unable to clear Paper 1,

    Modi ji, kahe ko lanka laga rahe ho, general ko sirf 60 seat deke kaise kaam chalega ? Desh ke Armed forces bina Kaptaan ke dishaheen ho jayegi, fir apna revenue deficit bharte rehna.

    Hadd hai, itna mushkil paper still cutoff went up to 115 !

  7. paper 2 ka kitna cutoff gaya tha?

    1. Paper 2 ka cut off 60 marks hai…

      1. okk bhai thanks..

  8. can B.Pharm student apply for IFoS????
    Plzzzz Give me guidance About optional subject selection.

  9. plz any one help me, i have forgotten my roll no. and have only registration no.there is any other way to check mark sheet plz help any one……………….

  10. dear marunal bhai

    i have forgotten my roll no,and have only registration no,is there any other way to check marksheet of upsc capf,plz help………………

    1. Call UPSC helpdesk. Phone no. available on UPSC itself.

  11. Missed by 3 marks……got 291….any chance for reserve list ???? Plz tell…

  12. Toppers kindly put your marks of al the three sections..it will.be helpful and kindly suggest how did u prrepare especially for the paper 2. Its a request

  13. UPSC has stated
    that if any candidate need their marksheet for capf 2014 exam they may write to UPSC
    for the same.
    now please answer my query
    whether UPSC will send marksheet copy in which they will state a candidate marks with
    (+)ve and (-)ve marks
    or duplicate of answersheet copy?

  14. All selected candidates are requested to share their mark sheet ..it will be very helpful to us…..

    1. Prateek bhai
      Obc cut off 293
      Mera 291 aaya
      Kitna chances hai reserve list mai aa ne ka?

  15. anyone can please tell me which gs manual book is best for practices tmh or pearson…….plz reply i m confused………

  16. sir, please take the interview of these selected candidates. and upload. i think we need motivation and ideas of new paper’s pattern.

  17. Prateek even i got…..291 marks…..what about the reserved list???

    Whts the procedure??

    1. Capf-2016
      OBC cut off 293
      Mera 290 aaya
      Kya chances hai bhai

  18. i got 84 marks in capf ac -2015 paper is there any chance?

  19. expected girls cut off?

  20. plz tell me final result 2015 and how check our marks

  21. Because you are a sailor of indian navy

  22. Is it possible to get marks if we dont have roll no.
    I dont have roll no. ,but i do have registration no.
    Plz anyone help me to know ,how i will be able to see my capf marks..

  23. Paper 1 : 112
    Paper 2 : 58
    what were the cutoff pls guide.

  24. Roll No. : 054516
    Central Armed Police Forces(Asstt. Comandants) Examination,2015
    Subject Marks
    Paper-I: General Ability and Intelligence 120
    Paper-II: General Studies,Essay & Comprehension 053
    Written Total 173
    Personality Test 063
    Final Total 236
    How to prepare 2nd paper and interview

  25. CAPF-2016
    My score 291
    And OBC cut off 293
    Bhai koi chances hai

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