[Economy Lecture] GS3: Infrastructure- PPP Bidding & Financing Reforms, Rail budget 2015, Debroy Committee, MMDR, Coal Auction

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  1. Prologue
  2. L7/P1: Infrastructure Bottlenecks, Bidding & financing
  3. L7/P2: Railways Budget 2015, Debroy Committee, Aviation & Shipping
  4. L7/P3: Mining industry- MMDR, Coal scam, Coal Bill 2015


  • On 15th May 2015, I began new session on infrastructure pillar- subpart “transport and mining”.  Total ~2:00 hours, split into three parts.
  • PowerPoint of the lecture, available at mediafire.com/folder/2bb433i58hp2v/General_Studies_Mrunal
  • Medium of instruction- Hindi.
  • English version not possible for the moment, because I’m required to teach at this batch, in Hindi/Gujarati only. Besides, same content is available in English-text articles or English PPTs on the site.

L7/P1: Infrastructure Bottlenecks, Bidding & financing

L7/P1: infrastructure bidding financing, GMR Airport PPP

  1. Amrut Mahotsav 2022: 6 pillars of
  2. importance of infrastructure in economy
  3. 3 roles of government in infrastructure development
  4. road infrastructure: list of self-study topics from India yearbook
  5. various industrial corridors
  6. difference between golden quadrilateral and Diamond quadrilateral
  7. PPP in Greenfield airport: the Case study of GMR International Airport ltd.
  8. The problem of stalled infrastructure projects in India
  9. meaning of overleveraged companies, interest coverage ratio, debt overhang
  10. 4 reasons Why companies overleveraged
  11. Mock Question for Mains: Problem of stalled infrastructure projects in India, is a manifestation of market failure & regulatory failure. Discuss.
  12. 3P India: how to restructure stalled PPP contracts?
  13. E-Tolling on highways: purpose and procedure
  14. Reforms in infrastructure bidding: least present value of revenue (LPVR), linking user fees with various parameters etc.
  15. Reforms in Infrastructure Finance: Masala Bonds, Bullet bonds
  16. Budget 2015 provisions for infrastructure financing
  17. Mock Question for Mains: Suggest the ways to revamp PPP contracts & regulatory framework to address the issue of Infrastructure slowdown in India.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/Jpbmjhq5bTU

L7/P2: Railways Budget 2015, Debroy Committee, Aviation & Shipping

L7/P2: Infrastructure Bibek Debroy Committee Rail Restructuring

  1. Indian Railways: study topics for India 2015 yearbook
  2. Rail budget 2015: salient features and targets
  3. comparison between Indian Railways and Chinese railways
  4. Rail reforms: Kayakalp council
  5. Rail reforms: Bibek Debroy Committee- major recommendations- human resource management, focus on core activities, independent body for ticket pricing, joint venture with state governments for suburban railways, merger of rail ministry with transport Ministry, merger of real budget with general budget and separate committee for investment.
  6. The benefits of transporting men and material through railways
  7. Mock Question for Mains: Public investment, especially in the railways, can play an important role to revive growth and promote Make in India. Discuss
  8. Aviation: Self study topics from India yearbook, Draft civil aviation policy 2014: salient features of, No frills airports
  9. Shipping: self study topics from India yearbook, positive and negative points about Indian shipping industry, reforms initiated in recent years, Sagar mala vs. Sethu Samudram

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/8ZU9TLxhidA

L7/P3: Mining industry- MMDR, Coal scam, Coal Bill 2015

L7/P3: Mining Infrastructure MMDR 2015, Coal auction

  1. self-study topics from India yearbook: related to mining and energy sector
  2. constitutional jurisdiction of union and State governments for mining activities
  3. Mines and minerals development and regulation (MMDR): salient features of the 2015 bill, prospecting license, two new organizations: NMET, DMF; mining area-duration limits.
  4. Benefits and criticism of MMDR Bill 2015
  5. Why Coal scam, captive use, Coal mines (Nationalization) Act.
  6. Coal mining (special provisions) 2015 bill- salient features, schedule I, II & III mines classification, auction & allotment criteria
  7. Coal Auction mechanism for power projects & non power projects, forward bidding and reverse bidding
  8. Coal Bill Pros and Cons from union, state, companies, consumer and environmental point of view.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/axb931-WrgA

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