[Culture] Stupa, Pillars, Caves & Sculptures: Harappa, Maurya, Gupta age- by Ishani Pandya (Rank-502, CSE-2014)

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India Yearbook
  1. Prologue
  2. AC1/P1: Sculptures, Seals, Town planning: Indus Valley Civilization
  3. AC1/P2: Stupa & Pillar- Mauryan Age; Post Mauryan Sculpture
  4. AC1/P3: Cave architecture- Gupta Age, Ajanta-Ellora


AC1/P1: Sculptures, Seals, Town planning: Indus Valley Civilization

AC1/P1: Sculptures, Seals, Town planning: Indus Valley Civilization

  • Introduction to Art and culture, the difference between them.
  • Indus Valley civilization: Architecture, Sculpture; Ornaments Pottery
  • Town planning of Indus Valley- citadel, non-citadel, houses, courtyard, graneries, drainage system, dockyard  and public bath.
  • Indus valley sculpture: Seals and scripts- their purpose and utility; mother Godess, bronze dancing girl, bearded priest,
  • Ornaments, pottery- their utility
  • GS-1-Mains-2014: To what extent has the urban planning and culture of the Indus valley civilization provided inputs to the present day urbanization? Discuss.
  • Mock Question for Mains: Examine how recent excavations of remnants of the Harappan Civilization in India have helped historians to understand Harappan culture. (200 Words)

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/h2kwblESn4I

AC1/P2: Stupa & Pillar- Mauryan Age; Post Mauryan Sculpture

AC1/P2: Stupa & Pillar- Mauryan Age; Post Mauryan Sculpture

  • Court art of this period: state initiatives- stupa and pillars.
  • Popular Art of this period: individual art, sculpture, pottery and caves.
  • Mauryan pillar: design, feature, purpose; how are they different than achamanian pillars
  • Sarnath Pillar, Bull capital of – Rampurva, Bihar and Rockcut elephant at Odisha
  • Stupa – architecture, gateway
  • Stupa at Ranchi and Amaravati
  • Sunga influence on Mauryan Sculpture
  • Post Maurya Period Cave- Karle.
  • Sculpture schools: Gandhar, Mathura, Amarvati- features and comparison.
  • GS1-Mains-2014 Question: Gandhara sculpture owed as much to the romans as to the greeks. Discuss
  • Bamiyan in Afghanistan- Features and Fall of.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/J5M_xlmcnaQ

AC1/P3: Cave architecture- Gupta Age, Ajanta-Ellora

AC1/P3: Cave architecture- Gupta Age, Ajanta-Ellora

  • Gupta age- temple and cave architecture- salient features of.
  • Gupta Age-  Sarnath school of sculpture
  • Cave development in various periods, features and location factor.
  • Notable caves- Bhimbetka caves, Kanheri caves, Jogeshwari caves, Mandapeshwa, Kalre, Bhaja, Bedsa
  • Ajanata Caves- notable features, phases of development, themes, paintings and technical aspects.
  • Hindu Kaves, Kailasha Cave
  • Buddhist caves, Jain Caves, Indra Sabha, Junagadh caves,Elephanta caves
  • Misc. Caves: Nasik, Udavalli, Udaygiri, Eladipattam

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/GZH5OIu9Z0g
Next lecture: Temple architecture of Gupta Age and South India.
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