[IR Revision] China’s One Belt One Road, International North South Corridor, TPP, RCEP & Globalization

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India Yearbook
  1. Prologue
  2. IR2/P1: China’s Silk Road One Belt One Road Initiative
  3. IR2/P2: TPP, RCEP-Meaning- implications on India
  4. IR2/P3: Globalisation & its effect on Indian Society
  5. IR2/P4: International North South Corridor & its Significance for India


  • Last session in Mr.Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on selected topics from International relations for the Mains examination revision.
  • Lecture Videos available under: Youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel
  • Powerpoints Available under Mrunal.org/Download within that you go to “Mains Revision Folder”=> International Relations

IR2/P1: China’s Silk Road One Belt One Road Initiative

IR2-P1-one-belt-one-road-International North South Corridor

  • What is Ancient Silk Route?
  • What is One Belt One Road?
  • Is One Belt One Road just about putting physical infrastructure?
  • Why One Belt One Road is Important for China?
  • Why One Belt One Road is Important for world for Europe?
  • Why One Belt One Road is Important for world?
  • What’s in the One Belt One Road for India?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/rSLJB3q9k9g

IR2/P2: TPP, RCEP-Meaning- implications on India


  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP),Trans-Atlantic Trade &Investment Partnership and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Meaning & Implications on India
  • Trans pacific partnership (TPP) – what it includes?
  • What implications will trans pacific partnership have on india?
  • What can India do in trans pacific partnership?
  • Trans-Atlantic trade &investment partnership – implications on india
  • What should india do in the trans-atlantic trade &investment partnership?
  • What is regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP)?
  • What are the benefits for India?

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/V3q5U963FG0

IR2/P3: Globalisation & its effect on Indian Society


  • What is Globalisation?
  • Components of Globalisation
  • Steps to Globalisation
  • Rise of Multinational & Transnational Corporations
  • Expansion in information technology & Communication (ICT)
  • Effects of Globalisation on Indian Society

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/R7tCvXFB-OU

IR2/P4: International North South Corridor & its Significance for India

Not covered in lecture due to paucity of time, but uploaded in the powerpoint for self-study

  • What is International North-South Transit Corridor?
  • What will International North-South Transit Corridor do?
  • Why India is showing interest in this corridor?
  • Main objectives of the agreement on International North-South Transit Corridor
  • Development Stages of International North-South Transit Corridor
  • Prospects/Significance for India in this corridor
  • Constraints/Bottlenecks in this corridor
  • What should be done by the members to make it functional?

This concludes the Mains IR-Revision lecture series of Mr.Pratik Nayak.
Visit Mrunal.org/DIPLOMACY for more study material on IR/Diplomacy/Foreign relations.

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