[Freedom Struggle] Entry of Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British in India, Anglo-French Rivalry, Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle

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IAS Mock Interviews
  1. Prologue
  2. HFS1/P1: Entry of Portuguese and British in India
  3. HFS1/P2: Entry of French in India: Dupliex to Aix-la-Chapelle


  • Here’s Mr.Pratik Nayak’s lecture series on Modern Indian History and Freedom struggle for UPSC Civil services examination Prelims and Mains General studies paper-1.
  • Powerpoints available @Mrunal.org/download

HFS1/P1: Entry of Portuguese and British in India


  • outline of the history topics in the syllabus of general studies paper in UPSC civil service prelims and Mains examination.
  • Analysis of the history questions asked in recent exams.
  • Entry of the Portuguese in India: Wars, treaties and contributions.
  • Entry of the English in India: Timeline and methods of colonization.
  • solution of UPSC prelims MCQ from above topics

Youtube Link: youtube.com/watch?v=ypqE8xR_Wv4

HFS1/P2: Entry of French in India: Anglo-French Rivalry Dupliex to Aix-la-Chapelle

Anglo-French Rivalry

  • Role of Lord Dupliex in the expansion of French empire in India.
  • Anglo-French rivalry
  • Carnatic Wars: participants, purpose, outcome.
  • Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
  • reasons behind the defeat of the French
  • solution of UPSC prelims MCQ from above topics

Youtube Link: youtube.com/watch?v=XU_CCIjDtGg
Visit youtube.com/user/TheMrunalPatel for more lectures on UPSC civil services IAS/IPS Exam.

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42 Comments on “[Freedom Struggle] Entry of Portuguese, Dutch, French and the British in India, Anglo-French Rivalry, Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle”

  1. Sir
    thank you for upload HFS1/P1 and HFS1/P2 and i am waiting for history and poltical series if posible .And very very thanks for this work…sir
    Rohit Sangwan
    Dist Meerut(u.p)

  2. Sir , I am highly debt for your generous work. Thankyou GuruJi.

    Sir, for CSE-2016 Will your previous Economy and Geography lectures suffice ?l

    1. Yes Vivek,

      I think everything can be used for 2016 as well except for some numbers that might come up in the Economic Survey 2015-16 and Annual Budget-2016-17 .
      If there are some new concepts that come up in either of them , probably we can expect 1 -2 lectures to cover those .

      Else, we can use the previous years’ videos.


  3. Other than the starting 3-4 lectures, most of the economy videos were based on currents. So let’s hope Mrunal God updates economy with more of his brilliant lectures.

  4. Sir , I am highly debt for your generous work.

  5. Finally…after a long wait….😀

  6. awesome series … now really excited to study further ….. sir after clearing upsc … BMW for you … for sure \,,/

  7. sir unable to find the powerpoints … … i cant find it in folders

  8. got it got it .. no issues … through mediafire …. … thank you so much sir … for making all this for us … \,,/

    1. how did u find ?? I’m facing the same problem….

      1. there are two sections under download ppt server 2 and mediafire … go for mediafire and download it .. thank you

  9. nice sir, thank-you sir…
    aap vastav me guru ji hai jo bina kisi hope ka dusaro ko vidhaya daan de rhe hai ….

  10. Thanks Ajit K Menon Sir,

    Your advice is motivated
    I will follow that.

  11. Thank you so much sir for this awesome lecture..:)

  12. thanks unlimited 4 this lec & upcoming history lec in hindi . प्राचीन इतिहास के विडियो भी अगर आप दे सके तो आपके बहुत आभारी रहेंगे / बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपके इस सराहनीय मदद के लिए

  13. Thank youbMrunal sir and Pratik sir!!!!!

  14. What to study in indian economy by ramesh singh for thr upsc 2016, Kindly help me sir to clear my view.

  15. Thanks Sir for providing these lectures……… it has been 3 weeks……

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  25. Sir I have watched your the first one video lecture on history .. I appreciate your efforts but I want to make a few points here
    1) you didn’t cover many basic and important facts like first second n important governors of Portuguese, you did not talk about Danes ..who also come to India before french, n important wars
    2) what was the reason for the predominance of Portuguese in trade with India for almost 100 years n how English were able to throw them out
    3) why Portuguese didn’t seek the expansion of territory or colonial rule
    4) and what was the agreement BTW England n dutch ..??
    I want to say that you need to utter few lines about all important points

  26. sir ,
    ppt are not vailable on ur site , plz upload .lectures are awesome. plz include more content in form of questions so that it will help in pre and maind

  27. Sir, ppt is not uploaded , plz upload it sir .

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    Someone Share link to download history ppt

  29. Sir please upload videos in English so that South Indian people can understand easily.

  30. Great Job… Nice video series … By when do you plan the complete the full Freedom Struggle series ??

  31. sir, u have not post any lecture series of polity ,sir i hope u will soon post the polity video which give beneficial IN CSE-2016

  32. there are two sections under download ppt .. server 2 and mediafire .. go for mediafire.. thank you

  33. where is ppt for all modern history ??? there is no ppt available regarding this lecture in download section ..kindly plz recheck this ..
    if any one have ..plz provide me link

  34. sir, I have doubts in the HS1/P1 lecture
    1. Shujauddin is nawab of bengal in 1726 but not in 1651.But it is said in the lecture that shujauddin gave free trading rights in 1651. I saw in internet and i didnt find that shujauddin name in 1600s.
    2. you said farmaan was given by jahangir in 1609 to construct factory @surat and factory was built in 1613
    but at the end the question is when was the permission given? and you said the answer is 1613… Farmaan itself is permission right?

    1. HEllo harsha. i think you have a point ,what do you think about it? he made a mistake or?

  35. Sir, i truly respect you hard-work and dedication for the students. Really appreciate your videos. I believe it is vital and very important for competitive exams. Thank you

  36. Upload in English please

  37. can any one plz tell me where i can find ppts of all this topics ,as i searched in download link they were not resembles this lectures.so plz provid info about how can i download this lecture ppts.

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