[Freedom Struggle] Beginning of the British Rule over India: Subsidiary Alliance, Doctrine of Lapse, Pitt India Act, Regulating Act

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India Yearbook
  1. Prologue
  2. HFS2/P1: British Treaties- Subsidiary Alliance (सहायक संधि)
  3. HFS2/P2: British Treaties- Doctrine of Lapse (खालसा नीति)
  4. HFS2/P3: British Rule- Regulating Act 1773 (विनियमन अधिनियम)
  5. HFS2/P4: British Rule-Pitts India Act 1784


  • So far in his history-freedom struggle lecture series, Mr.Pratik Nayak’s covered the entry of Europeans and the fall of Bengal, Mysore, Maratha and Sikh empire.
  • Now the topic progresses further to how the British established their colonial rule over India through various treaties and acts.
  • Powerpoints available @Mrunal.org/download

HFS2/P1: British Treaties- Subsidiary Alliance (सहायक संधि)

HFS2-P1-Treaties Subsidiary Alliance

  • purpose, participants, mechanisms under subsidiary alliance treaty between East India company and native Indian states.
  • Role of Gov Gen Lord Wellesley
  • how did East India company benefit from subsidiary alliance?
  • Stages of development of subsidiary alliance in India: Mysore, Peshwa, Scindia

Youtube Link: youtu.be/wtbHx9Zz2l8

HFS2/P2: British Treaties- Doctrine of Lapse (खालसा नीति)

HFS2-P2-Treaties-Doctrine_of Lapse

  • purpose and mechanism under the doctrine of lapse
  • role of Lord Dalhousie
  • Application of the doctrine of Lapse in Jhansi, Satara, Nagpur

Youtube Link: youtu.be/fr3jdpOUPGw

HFS2/P3: British Rule- Regulating Act 1773 (विनियमन अधिनियम)


  • Consolidation of British rule in India through political structure, administrative structure and social cultural policy of the English
  • political consolidation through Charter to East India company, dual government in Bengal
  • regulating act of 1773: salient features and purpose

Youtube Link: youtu.be/wzSylnTJWw0

HFS2/P4: British Rule-Pitts India Act 1784


  • purpose, mechanism and salient features of Pitt’s India act
  • Charter act of 1793, 1813: mechanism and salient features.
  • How did these acts change the relationships between East India Company and the British government?

Youtube Link: youtu.be/DfAacsxpCog
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