[Freedom Struggle] Drain of Wealth: Poverty & Unbritish Rule in India, deindustralization, Mercantilism,

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India Yearbook
  1. Prologue
  2. HFS4/P1: Impact of British colonialism on Indian economy
  3. HFS4/P2: Deindustrialization: its impact on Indian Artisan
  4. HFS4/P3: Impoverishment of Peasant, famine poverty in British India
  5. HFS4/P4: Economic Drain of wealth from India


  • So far in his history-freedom struggle lecture series, Mr.Pratik Nayak covered the entry and establishment of the British in India, their treaties and alliances and development of press, modern education and civil services in India; their land revenue policy.
  • Now the topic progresses further to how the British rule ruined Indian economy and led to drain of wealth from India.
  • Powerpoints available @Mrunal.org/download

HFS4/P1: Impact of British colonialism on Indian economy


  • recap of the topics taught in the previous lectures
  • background an overview of the British economic policy on colonial India
  • deindustrialization and ruin of artisans and handicraftsman
  • impoverishment of Indian peasantry
  • emergence of new land relations and ruin of old zamindarindars
  • commercialisation, stagnation and deterioration of agriculture in British India
  • Rise of Indian bourgeoisie
  • drain of wealth from India to Britain

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/fs7qJ-wbTQU

HFS4/P2: Deindustrialization: its impact on Indian Artisan


  • how did English mercantilist led to de- industrialization in India?
  • Charter act of 1813, unilateral trade policy and their impact on traditional livelihood of Indian artisans and handicraftsman
  • failure on part of Indian princely states to pursue adventurists trader policy and its consequences.
  • the process of de-industrialisation to de-urbanisation to ruralization to peasantisation to landless labourers

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/b3i1v_lf7Nw

HFS4/P3: Impoverishment of Peasant, famine poverty in British India


  • the rise of new zamindars, land grabbing, sub-infeudation, absentee landlordism, fragmented land holdings and landless labourers
  • spread of commercial crops like cotton, jute, groundnut and Indigo and their negative impact on Indian farmers and food security
  • Famines of 1815 and 1900
  • the rise of Indian bourgeoisie, money lenders, traditional bankers and textile mills

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/QZ6h4FIr7Co

HFS4/P4: Economic Drain of wealth from India

HFS4-P4-British-Economy drain of wealth in british India dadabhai naoroji

  • meaning and components of economic drain of wealth from British India
  • Drain Theory in Dadabhai Naoroji’s book poverty and unBritish rule in India
  • quantitative estimation made by Dadabhai Naoroji, G.V. Joish and D.E.Wacha
  • questions asked in previous UPSC civil services preliminary exam.
  • Nationalists critique of colonial economy: the views of Gopal Krishna Gokhale, G. Subramaniya Ayer, Prithwishchandra Ray, GV Joshi, Surendranath Banerje, Bholanath Chandra.
  • Political, social and economic impact of the drain of wealth from India

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/DLaA1QkDyGE
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