[Marksheet & Cutoff] UPSC Civil services exam 2015 Prelims, Mains and Final stage- marks & cutoffs declared

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Know your Prelims & Mains Marks

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  1. Marksheet: Prelims-2015 / CSAT
  2. Marksheet: Mains-2015 – Written not qualified
  3. Marksheet: Interview-2015 – Pass and Fail

Civil Services Examination-2015

in an unprecedented display of efficiency and transparency, just a day after UPSC declared the final result of Civil services exam 2015, now they’ve uploaded the cutoff marks as well.
vardenafil generico in farmacia prezzo Prelim Paper-II marks were not counted in Mains-selection.
In the Civil Services Examination, 2015 the minimum qualifying standards (marks)/marks secured by the last recommended candidate in various categories at various stages are as under:

Exam General OBC SC ST PH-1 PH-2 PH-3
CS(Prel.) 107.34 106.00 94.00 91.34 90.66 76.66 40.00
CS(Main)# 676 630 622 617 580 627 504
CS(Final) 877 834 810 801 802 830 697

# Subject to 10% marks in each of the seven competitive papers i.e. Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS-III, GS-IV, Optional-I and Optional-II.

Civil Services Examination, 2014

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-generico-50-mg-a-Torino Prelim Paper-II marks were counted in Mains-selection.
The minimum qualifying standards /marks in various categories at various stages are as under: –

Exam General OBC SC ST PH-1 PH-2 PH-3 Maximum Marks
CS(Prelim)* 205 204 182 174 167 113 115 385
CS(Main)# 678 631 631 619 609 575 449 1750
CS(Final) 889 844 830 811 816 778 713 2025

*Subject to minimum of 40 marks in Paper-I and 70 marks in Paper-II
# Subject to 10% marks in each of the seven competitive papers i.e. Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS-III, GS-IV, Optional-I and Optional-II.

Civil Services Examination, 2013

go to link Prelim Paper-II marks were counted in Mains-selection.
The minimum qualifying marks for various communities have been as under:-

Exam General OBC SC ST PH-1 PH-2 PH-3 Total
CS (Prelim)* 241 222 207 201 199 184 163 400
CS (Main)# 564 534 518 510 510 502 410 1750
CS(Final) 775 742 719 707 725 718 613 2025

*Subject to minimum of 30 marks in Paper-I and 70 marks in Paper-II.
#Subject to 10% marks in each of the seven competitive papers i.e. Essay, GS-I, GS-II, GS‑
III, GS-IV, Optional –I and Optional-II.

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241 Comments on “[Marksheet & Cutoff] UPSC Civil services exam 2015 Prelims, Mains and Final stage- marks & cutoffs declared”

  1. Sir, Please provide reference for Anthropology books. With which book i should start with?

  2. sir what is PH-1 PH-2 PH-3. How to understand them OH VH HH

  3. I belong to obs non creamy layer but i don’t have the document as per today.I will get the document by a month. can i change my category
    from prelims to mains from general to obc? please help

    1. If you have already given prelims with General category, you cannot change your category in Mains.

  4. 80 % of the students in top 30 are from IIT.
    15% are from AIIMS.
    Rest are from other premier institutes of India.
    It seems UPSC CSE is an exam,that only High IQ gifted people can crack.
    It is not the place for average people with average concentration and IQ like me.
    Competition is too tough,people are too smart and intelligent !
    Seems impossible !

    1. Friend ! Why you are trying to be in Top 30. try to crack exam, be in top 500 that is not bad.

    2. I believe you are getting demoralized by considering certain facts… Every one faces faliures in life buddy, even after becoming IAS people are not happy, so dont get demotivated. may be you are good in many things which comes under intelligence.
      , dont compare yourself with others make ur own approach which suits you and be honest with your hardwork, nothing else needed!!!!!

      sounds like giving enlightment but its just an advice,

    3. People from high ranking institutes get selected because they have a habit of working hard and competing. Ever since class 10th. I am from one of the top 5 engineering colleges in India and find myself at disadvantage against Arts students when it comes to GS, Optional and Available time. But then I can easily put in 15 hrs daily when my other friends struggle to survive even 6. Thats about it.

    4. who says that????it is so for the result of past 2yrs only…..and more over…if u check out this years toppers strategy…she was preparing from 11th class only…she studied 10 hours daily….
      so even if I or You or any one else…puts in 10 hrs or so daily..with full dedication…even we may crack it in top 25 or even 10….
      or my dear…its about ur dedication and hard work…and remember UPSC is an exam where no-one has any edge over the other person…
      so be confident…and hit it with your full potential..
      remember Lion is not the most powerful animal..but it is the King…why???because –“no matter its fighting with dog or an elephant or even a tiger…it always put in its full power right from the first shot”..
      so fight it out warrior…
      good luxk

    5. You’re drawing very wrong conclusions from your failure which will further demoralize you. UPSC is not a yardstick to measure depth of knowledge or intellectual capacity. But it sure does reflect, albeit roughly, an individual’s knowledge, grasping power, meticulousness, planning, seriousness, capacity of hard labour, level of motivation, consistency of study…etc.etc…that is to say a complex combination of so many factors including luck. Otherwise, the best of poets, authors and philosophers in our society would be and would’ve been UPSC qualified people. The most common factor in the success of many toppers is, they make a plan and stick with it throughout the year with consistency, a quality which many IItians etc already possess. Avoiding the mistaken conclusions is more important than drawing the right conclusions.
      So good luck…!!

    6. Those students got into IIT or AIIMS because they haves study skills, discipline, planning…. These good qualities also led to their success in UPSC. If you develop these good qualities you can also pass UPSC. But beware!!! Developing these qualities can take up a lot of time so don’t give UPSC if you want instant job.

  5. why you need one month…..for OBC and
    non creamy layer certificates.?
    you can gain…within three days …by requesting of officer. even you not in native area….your represent can gain…
    once you claim your cast…. you can’t change..
    so …try for certificates…BOL

  6. 2015 mains marks..
    210 in pub admn nd 74 in ethics…poorer than mine in 2014
    is there anyone who is butchered in these papers..

    1. @KP- lease share ur pub.adm strategy, booklist.

      1. @aspirant..For last 3 years..Pub Admn has just given nightmares..so i would suggest try some subject which enables you to be in the final list

  7. You can not change dear friend.
    One should have a certificate in hand on or before the last date for the application(24th May). If you do not have one, you should apply in general category.
    Also, if you belong to obc category but comes under creamy layer then you will be treated as a general category candidate and you should apply as a general candidate.

  8. Sorry.
    Get the certificate on or before 27th, if you want to apply as OBC category.

  9. Your are the one who is misguiding Ananya.. That higher registration no clause is creating a lot of misconceptions. I applied twice last year. Two sets of email and mobile..for each application. U will two hall tickets. The hall ticket no which u enter in Prelims will be valid for that year.

  10. Analysis
    Those who wrote mains-2015 whether cleared or not please do post your marks here it will be good for you and as well who didn’t.
    Kindly post mains marks specifying all GS essay optional separetely

  11. You are in reserve list ‘Alam’

  12. sir i am preparing for drdo STA B exam…where do i find best material to study…what will u recommend ?

  13. please clarify my doubt regarding rank deciding factor..when any two candiate secure equal marks in final total ,if they belong to same category…then how rank is given….if anybody knows then pls reply.soon…..

  14. It’s not true..people from IIT and AIMS are merely hardworking that’s y they crack it..n that’s all this exam requires..n of course they have money to pay for vajiram..

  15. just check your e-mail, you will get a confirmation msg….

  16. Ias 2015 mark’s sheet-
    1 49
    2 53
    3 61
    4 69
    essay 121
    philosophy 91 + 101
    Hindi 143
    English 104
    ===not qualified for mains

    1. ashwani, had u join any coaching for mains answer writing? what do u think where you did mistake? becase u miss by 132 marks(cutoff), plz. tell me about your strategy in detail from that i can learn something.

      1. ashwani ne kis year exam diya tha
        132 marks kaisse kam aaye sir ashwani

        mains mein total 1500 ka hota hai kya

  17. I have lost my admit card for prelims 2015, how to retreive my roll Number?

  18. Prelims Paper 2 marks used in Mains
    selection till 2014…. 0_0

    Rip Rural Candidates….. :’D

    It’s your fault that you couldn’t affort
    convent education….

  19. Can we see our omr sheet in exams like UPSC and CGPSC for preliums ? Can we get to know marks scored by us and position in these exams?

  20. has anyone qualified the exam this year with geography optional???

  21. Hello sir …plz tell kow many hindi medium aspirant qualified civil services 2016

  22. i cleared ibps po this time …..but now i want to try upsc..so plzz..anyone suggest me..how to prepration for it..and which books..& coaching is gud??

  23. that is only applicable for Creamy layer…which is relevant only for OBCs.

  24. Sir I have done b.com in 2014 last one and half year i hve some desease so now how I can preparation of govt. Job

  25. I want appear in 2017 upsc cse exam but main problem is i have low percent in graduation. May i can success in this exam. Please anybody help me.

    1. Nobody asks graduation marks in interview so do not worry. However if your confidence is very low I suggest that you try for SSC CGL, Bank PO etc… (as UPSC might intimidate you so much that u will be unable to study) and after passing these exams your confidence will increase and then you can try for UPSC.

  26. i am doing engineering with computer science. which subject is/are compulsory for me in civil services exam?

    1. There is no ‘compulsory subject’. You are free to choose any optional you want. If you are instead asking about the subject scope of Mains, kindly refer to the notification with syllabus for the four papers explained in detail.

  27. This rule applies to OBC cat candidates only.

  28. UPSC topper got around 52%. Is it that much difficult now to clear Civil Services as compared to previous syllabus?

    1. It was always around 50%. Try to see the glass half full: ‘Just 52% and I will be the topper’ ;)

  29. has anyone qualified the exam upsc this year with law optional .plz share yr marks,strategy and notes.

  30. is there any good book(summarized one) for csat -1(gs paper) . actually i am working n now i dont have luxury of time to make notes from ncert….

    1. Nobody can tell you that. Believe in your own judgement. Without detailed study, you need a lot of luck on your side anyways(and even luck won’t take you beyond Prelims in such a case).
      Moral: Try to do detailed study. Many of those clearing IAS used to do jobs.

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