[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors →Deflationary spiral, Philip Curve, Stagflation, Wedge between CPI-WPI, Is India’s GDP overstated?

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  1. BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation
  2. BES164/P7: Is India’s GDP overstated? Why wedge between WPI vs CPI, Rural vs Urban CPI?

BES164/P6: Deflationary spiral, Phillips Curve, Stagflation, Creeping-Galloping-Hyper inflation

  • General price level, aggregate supply and demand.
  • Inflationary Gap, Factors related to cost push and demand pull inflation.
  • Deflationary spiral and role of monetary policy.
  • Phillips curve: understanding the relation between unemployment and inflation
  • Impact of Inflation on borrowers and creditors. Creeping inflation, galloping inflation, hyperinflation, stagflation

Deflationary spiral
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/GeO6fxDcY-Y

BES164/P7: Is India’s GDP overstated? Why wedge between WPI vs CPI, Rural vs Urban CPI?

Angus Deaton on GDP deflator

  • During 2014-15, while WPI went into negative range, CPI kept in positive 4-5% rang. So, Why wedge between CPI, WPI in 2014-15? Role of Base year, food prices, crude oil prices, service sector in this phenomenon.
  • Why is rural CPI showing higher inflation than
  • Is India’s GDP Overstated? Views of 2015’s Noble Laureate Prof. Angus Deaton on GDP deflator.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/UM0dStkM-IA
This concludes fourth pillar of our Budget-Economic survey lecture series
Powerpoints of all videos, are available here: mediafire.com/folder/xemd2vgz5a5d5/1_Powerpoints

Remaining lectures in BES16 series

Since some players are getting restless / worried- here is the answer to their question “how many videos / lectures left?”

Video Approx. length
BES165: Paris Summit, Rail budget, energy-communication infra. 3:30 minutes
BES166: HRD-2015, Census-2011 2:30 hrs
Total remaining duration 6:00 hrs

and that’ll be the end for this years’ BES-series.

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20 Comments on “[BES16] Economic Survey → Sectors →Deflationary spiral, Philip Curve, Stagflation, Wedge between CPI-WPI, Is India’s GDP overstated?”

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