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  1. BES164/P4: Types of unemployment, EPF Regulatory Cholesterol
  2. BES164/P5: Startup India Standup India, Shishu, Kishor, Tarun, DPP-2016, Textile Shift

BES164/P4: Types of unemployment, EPF Regulatory Cholesterol

  • Various types of involuntary unemployment: Cyclical, Frictional, Disguised unemployment, Seasonal, Under-employment, Educated, Technological, Open / structural unemployment and CDS-2013 MCQ from this topic.
  • NSSO definitions of unemployment: Usual Principal Status, Current Weekly Status, Current Daily Status, Unemployment Rate.
  • Unorganized sector vs informal sectors: characteristics and examples; Labour ministry’s classification
  • How EPFO and Industrial disputes act are acting as regulatory cholesterol against job creation in formal sector?
  • Budget-2016 announcements on taxation on EPF withdrawal, retirement age; how they were scrapped down later.
  • Rise of contract workers and staff leasing companies in India- how they’re harmful to the growth of an enterprise?
  • Why and how has Government of India became the largest employer of contractual workers?
  • Plight of contractual workers in salt-pan industry. (given in powerpoint, but not in video, due to self-explanatory nature of topic)

EPF regulatory cholesterol
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/yjbho_2H0ho

BES164/P5: Startup India Standup India, Shishu, Kishor, Tarun, DPP-2016, Textile Shift

startup India Standup India

  • In 2016, government of India updated the defense procurement policy, as per the recommendations of Dhirendra Singh committee.
  • Procurement preference order from IDDM: Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured to buy global.
  • What is offset policy in defense procurement? What are its benefits to Indian economy?
  • Why should textile units shift towards small towns? How can it help in gender empowerment? World Bank stiches to riches report-2016
  • Startup companies: schemes for their promotion, ASPIRE, Startup India Stand up India, Shishu, Kishor, Tarun, SMILE-SIDBI, AIM, SETU etc.
  • Jurisdiction of various departments over various IPR.
  • Criticism against valuation oriented startup companies.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/c6pzgApj3pQ
Next Lecture: Microeconomics theory and GDP-Inflation trends as per new survey. That’ll conclude the fourth pillar. Then we’ll move towards fifth pillar i.e. Infra/Environment: Paris Summit, Rail Budget, Nuke Energy etc.

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    I followed the Hindu since January and read the first part of economic survey in April this year. I have read the NCERT Macroeconomics last year. But in the last moment i found it difficult to revise all the stuff. I was at the moment of breaking down due to impossibility of revising the whole stuff of economics. Then I turned to respected Mrunal sir and found he have concluded everything in 33 video lectures. The total time period of these videos is approximately 16 hours which means 1 complete day which is not a big deal for me. So I decided to revise only ncert macroeconomics, and going through mrunal sir 33 video lectures. I think that will be sufficient for prelims. Will go through these videos on 5th August.
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