[BES171/P0] Gist of Latest Economic Survey’s 14 Chapters for UPSC CSAT Prelim, Mains & Interview

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Prologue: Here starts the new season of Budget & Economic Survey (BES17)

BES171/P0: Economic Survey gist of all 14 chapters

Following areas are covered in this session:

  • Why prepare economic survey? How is it relevant for the UPSC prelim and mains examination?
  • Who Prepares economic survey among the five departments of Finance Ministry? Where does Finance Secretary sit?
  • Overview of the themes and structure of previous economic surveys from 2013, 2014, 2015.
  • Overview of all 14 chapters of latest economic survey 2016-17, including its peculiar and unique features. So that even before I’m done with this series, if you’ve to face any MCQ test or interview, you can (try to) guestimate the answers.
  • It’s a bad idea to cover prepare economic survey in two parts – before prelims- objective MCQ factual type and after prelim they think they’ll have time to prepare the analytical portion for the mains exam. But these fragmented preparation is wasteful, therefore within one-go, we will be covering both prelim and Mains portioned simultaneously.
  • While this year’s survey is bulky, but it doesn’t have that many unique policy prescriptions or novel ideas. That will give sufficient time to consolidate the previous theories and contemporary issues in a manner so that once BES17 series is over, you don’t have to go back to the previous power points for revision after this ‘purple series’ is over.

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/-TIvNEHd1VQ
Powerpoint available Mediafire folder there you goto “1_Economy_Mrunal” -> “BES17 ” and you’ll find the powerpoints for this lecture series.

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  5. In the mean time, will it be beneficial to go through the 2016 Eco Survey lecture series or should solely go for this year’s lectures ?

  6. Any guys wishing to make study group for prelims want to share email id? or can mail me at the gmail id same as my screen name.

  7. In the mean time, will it be beneficial to go through the 2016 Eco Survey lecture series or should solely depend on the upcoming series ?

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