[Notification] UPSC Prelim CSAT-2017 Notification is out! 99 Vacancies less than last year, No change in age-attempt limit, optional or syllabus

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  1. CSAT 2017 Notification out
  2. No change in Age-Attempt limit
  3. No change in structure of the exam
  4. No change in the syllabus of the exam
  5. Can last semester student apply?
  6. How much fees do I need to pay?
  7. When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?
  8. Multiple applications by same candidate?
  9. Warning: Optional and centre
  10. OBC alert

CSAT 2017 Notification out but with less vacancies

  • UPSC has released notification for civil services 2017 and forest services 2017 exam.
  • 980 vacancies this time. [99 less than last year]. Therefore, less candidates will qualify for mains and interview compared to previous years.
  • Last date to apply is 17th March 2017, 6PM.
  • Online application link is http://www.upsconline.nic.in
  • Apply at earlier because exam centers are first applying first allot basis.
  • Prelim exam to be held on 18th June 2017. (How many days left- just watch the left hand corner green box of our website).
  • Helpdesk numbers: No. 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543

IAS vacancies are declining

No change in Age-Attempt limit

  • It is same as last year.  Minimum age is 21 years.
  • Age is counted on 1st August of 2017. i.e. you must not be born later than 1st August 1996.
  • Candidate already in IAS or Indian foreign service (IFS)- not eligible to appear.
Category Maximum Age Attempt
General 32 6 [must not be born before 2nd August 1985]
OBC 32+3=35 9
SC/ST 32+5=37 till upper age
Physically disabled (Blind, Deaf-mute, Orthopedic) 32+10=42
  • if general then 9
  • OBC then 9
  • SC/ST- then upper age
J&K domicile 32+5=37 depending on above categories (Gen, OBC, SC/ST, PH)
Disabled serviceman discharged from duty 32+3=35 same as above
Ex-serviceman with five years duty
* specific condition on page2 of notification
32+5=37 same as above

Above relaxation are cumulative e.g. OBC candidate from J&K = 32 + 3(OBC) + 5 (J&K) = 40 years up age limit.
What doesn’t count as an attempt?

  • Ans. If you applied in previous exam, but remain absent in BOTH prelim papers, then your attempt is not counted.
  • If you fail in prelims, attempt is counted.

No change in structure of the exam

Preliminary exam aka Civil service Aptitude Test (CSAT)
Paper 1 Paper 2
general studies (GS) aptitude / CSAT
Marks counted for selection in mains exam…yes
  • You need to get only 33% passing marks. i.e. 200 x 0.33 = 66 passing marks required to clear prelims.
200 marks 200 marks
0.33% negative marking 0.33% negative marking
20 minutes for blind and locomotors disability Same


Mains and interview
English 300. Marks not counted in merit only 25% passing marks required.
Indian language paper (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. depending on your choice) Same as above.
GS (mains) Paper1, 2, 3, 4 250 each x 4 papers = 1000 marks.
ONE Optional subject 500 marks.
Written total 1750
Interview 275
grand total 2025

No change in the syllabus of the exam

Can last semester student apply?

  • Minimum education standard is graduation.
  • Candidates from last semester can apply. Once you clear prelims, you’ll have to fillup a new form called “Detailed application form” to appear in UPSC Mains exam. With this form, you’ve to submit scanned copies of your graduation Certi / last year mark sheet.
  • MBBS candidate must finish internship before interview phase.

How much fees do I need to pay?

General Male and OBC male Rs.100 for Prelims, Rs. 200 for Mains.
Female of any category No fees
SC/ ST, PH no fees

When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?

  • Hall ticket will be available online, usually 3 weeks before prelim exam. They don’t send it through post anymore. You’ve to download and take printout.
  • If problem, contact   011-23381125/011-23385271/011-23098543.

Multiple applications by same candidate?

  • Every time you apply, you get new registration ID (RID). you must preserve RID because you’ll have to quote it again in the Mains application form i.e. DAF form.
  • If you applied multiple times (because of computer glitch, fee problem or xyz reason) then when downloading hallticket, you should use higher RID. Because higher RID corresponds to your latest application.

Warning: Optional and centre

UPSC Exam Centre Selection

  • in prelim online form itself, UPSC will ask you to fill the choice of optional subject and mains exam centre. And later on they don’t allow to change it. (Because in the Mains-DAF form, same data will be prepopulated.)
  • Therefore, make no mistake in filling up mains-optional and mains-exam centre.

OBC alert

To claim OBC reservation benefit in UPSC, you need TWO certificates:

  1. OBC caste certificate [under central list.] MIND IT: some castes are in state backward list but not in central backward list.
  2. Non-creamy layer certificate.
    1. Non creamy layer status depends on your parents’ income and property.
    2. It doesn’t depend on your income/property
    3. It doesn’t depend on your husband/wife’s income/property.
    4. If your mom/dad is government employee, then INCOME criteria doesn’t apply. (e.g. if dad is class3 employee, then it doesn’t matter whether he gets 6 lakhs or 7 lakhs. You’re still non-cream layer.)
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222 Comments on “[Notification] UPSC Prelim CSAT-2017 Notification is out! 99 Vacancies less than last year, No change in age-attempt limit, optional or syllabus”

  1. Well that was only for 2015….

  2. I have an querry sir, there is a hindu article which says For example, salary of a peon in RBI is Rs.7 lakh during retirement. The DoPT says such PSU employment will hereafter be treated on a par with business/private employment unlike government employment. Currently, at least 35 candidates have been denied allocation of service because of this issue.
    I am confused whether i am in OBC(NCL) or not. My father has salary of more than 6 lakhs & grade 3 employee.
    Kindly Clarify the issue.

    1. HI, same is my problem too, plz infrom if u get d right information

      1. There is a CAT judgement dated jan 2017, according to which now you can apply under obc-ncl, it is available on forumias web page ( obc relaed thread), show it to authority, i am sure they will issue certificate now.

  3. I had my caste certificate renewed in June 2015. Will that be valid for this year’s application also or do i need to get it renewed again ?
    Because the authorities (which renewed it) said that it is valid for three years ?

    1. hi saurabh, did you get clarification for your doubt? because i am also having same problem in filling the application form.please let me know if u get clarified.

      1. Call to DoPT they will clarify ur doubts

    2. saurabh, if you are talking about CENTRAL OBC NC the validity is one year, kindly cross check with authorities again.

  4. can anyone share sociology video lecture of vikas ranjan sir

  5. hey guys when i login to further my part 2 registration, it leads me to payment page and when i try to fill it up then in the middle of the procedure the page goes back to the login page for part 2 registration. Whats going on guys. is it just me or even other are facing the same kind of issue


      1. after using chrome for making payment, i got saved from above mentioned anomaly

  6. U r eligible for obc ncl

  7. hello sir,
    my father is a vetrinary doctor in uttar pradesh government and his income is nearly about 9.5 lac annually.
    wheather i belong to creamy layer or non creamy layer.
    i searched about that but i couldnt found any proper GO about this.
    please tell me.

    1. creamy layer . 6 lakh is limit for creamy layer

  8. Hi Mrunal sir,
    My mother belongs to group B service.

    Do i fall under creamy layer?

  9. Hi friends. … I fulfilled wrong obc certificate date. Is there any problems with wrong date in the next stage.please advice me on that issue.

  10. Obc k non creamy layer certificate b closing date s pahle banwana Hoga kya

  11. i want know about physical standard for indian forest services
    i went through appendix 3 but not able to find physical standard,

  12. height required in IFos?????

  13. Sir where is detail format regarding obc certificate,??
    Is there any format available for obc certificate
    Plz help me out

    1. Divya there is download link in the UPSC website, there you will get OBC certificate format and also declaration format

  14. sir meri umr 55 sal hai…..sikhane ki bahut iccha hai…kya mai apply kr sakta hun ias k liye?

  15. which optional can be good for me based on availability of material/books/Resources in Gujarati language, if i Wish to appear for CSM in Gujarati medium.?

  16. Helo Sir , I’m a Karnataka state govt Group B employee.. Am i suppose to take NOC for applying for upsc civil service?

  17. sir should I get NEW OBC certificate every year or can i apply with the old one which i have got in Jan 2015? Because for SSC EXAMS it is valid for 3years, will the same thing apply for UPSC also?

    1. no matter…when u got ur obc certificate…

      u jst mention d date..when u got ur certificate first time…

      no need to get…fresh certificate …

      in upsc..old certificate will work…

      if demanded….u can renew it…dnt wry at all !!!

      1. for more clarification…u can jst talk to upsc…on helpline nos…

        all d best :)

  18. U r in creamy layer

  19. Gaurav singh U r in creamy layer

  20. Vipinyadav fill up a new application form, otherwise there may be a problem in future

  21. Karthik at the time of filling u have to intimate ur office, But before interview u have to get NOC from ur office.

  22. Akshay verma u are eligible for obc ncl. Govt employees group A officers and group b officers who become group A officer before 40 years age, their children come under obc ncl.

  23. Sakshi,
    Yes it should be issued before the last date of application

  24. Divya,
    Go to UPSC.gov.In
    Go to recruitment and find the link for certificates form.
    That is the form where you need to get issued the OBC NCL before the closing date of the application

  25. If u wish can apply freshly with correct date.


  27. In age relaxation box i entered No thouhg i belong to OBC Non-creamy layer. it will become problem in future what? i wrongly interpreted , it is for PH and Ex servicemen like persons.

    1. Pramod bro, if u want to avail the benefit of OBC for age, then u should enter correct code of obc in the box. if u dont want to avail the same then u filled correct. otherwise file a fresh application form. The latest form is accepted, former is not considered.

  28. unable to fill up part II REGISTRATION

  29. I’ve applied with my 2015 certificate.. Please let me know is there any problem with that..

    1. No problem

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