[Notification] UPSC Prelim CSAT-2017 Notification is out! 99 Vacancies less than last year, No change in age-attempt limit, optional or syllabus

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  1. CSAT 2017 Notification out
  2. No change in Age-Attempt limit
  3. No change in structure of the exam
  4. No change in the syllabus of the exam
  5. Can last semester student apply?
  6. How much fees do I need to pay?
  7. When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?
  8. Multiple applications by same candidate?
  9. Warning: Optional and centre
  10. OBC alert

CSAT 2017 Notification out but with less vacancies

  • UPSC has released notification for civil services 2017 and forest services 2017 exam.
  • 980 vacancies this time. [99 less than last year]. Therefore, less candidates will qualify for mains and interview compared to previous years.
  • Last date to apply is 17th March 2017, 6PM.
  • Online application link is http://www.upsconline.nic.in
  • Apply at earlier because exam centers are first applying first allot basis.
  • Prelim exam to be held on 18th June 2017. (How many days left- just watch the left hand corner green box of our website).
  • Helpdesk numbers: No. 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543

IAS vacancies are declining

No change in Age-Attempt limit

  • It is same as last year.  Minimum age is 21 years.
  • Age is counted on 1st August of 2017. i.e. you must not be born later than 1st August 1996.
  • Candidate already in IAS or Indian foreign service (IFS)- not eligible to appear.
CategoryMaximum AgeAttempt
General326 [must not be born before 2nd August 1985]
SC/ST32+5=37till upper age
Physically disabled (Blind, Deaf-mute, Orthopedic)32+10=42
  • if general then 9
  • OBC then 9
  • SC/ST- then upper age
J&K domicile32+5=37depending on above categories (Gen, OBC, SC/ST, PH)
Disabled serviceman discharged from duty32+3=35same as above
Ex-serviceman with five years duty
* specific condition on page2 of notification
32+5=37same as above

Above relaxation are cumulative e.g. OBC candidate from J&K = 32 + 3(OBC) + 5 (J&K) = 40 years up age limit.
What doesn’t count as an attempt?

  • Ans. If you applied in previous exam, but remain absent in BOTH prelim papers, then your attempt is not counted.
  • If you fail in prelims, attempt is counted.

No change in structure of the exam

Preliminary exam aka Civil service Aptitude Test (CSAT)
Paper 1Paper 2
general studies (GS)aptitude / CSAT
Marks counted for selection in mains exam…yes
  • You need to get only 33% passing marks. i.e. 200 x 0.33 = 66 passing marks required to clear prelims.
200 marks200 marks
0.33% negative marking0.33% negative marking
20 minutes for blind and locomotors disabilitySame


Mains and interview
English300. Marks not counted in merit only 25% passing marks required.
Indian language paper (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi etc. depending on your choice)Same as above.
GS (mains) Paper1, 2, 3, 4250 each x 4 papers = 1000 marks.
ONE Optional subject500 marks.
Written total1750
grand total2025

No change in the syllabus of the exam

Can last semester student apply?

  • Minimum education standard is graduation.
  • Candidates from last semester can apply. Once you clear prelims, you’ll have to fillup a new form called “Detailed application form” to appear in UPSC Mains exam. With this form, you’ve to submit scanned copies of your graduation Certi / last year mark sheet.
  • MBBS candidate must finish internship before interview phase.

How much fees do I need to pay?

General Male and OBC maleRs.100 for Prelims, Rs. 200 for Mains.
Female of any categoryNo fees
SC/ ST, PHno fees

When will I get the hallticket/admit-card for prelims?

  • Hall ticket will be available online, usually 3 weeks before prelim exam. They don’t send it through post anymore. You’ve to download and take printout.
  • If problem, contact   011-23381125/011-23385271/011-23098543.

Multiple applications by same candidate?

  • Every time you apply, you get new registration ID (RID). you must preserve RID because you’ll have to quote it again in the Mains application form i.e. DAF form.
  • If you applied multiple times (because of computer glitch, fee problem or xyz reason) then when downloading hallticket, you should use higher RID. Because higher RID corresponds to your latest application.

Warning: Optional and centre

UPSC Exam Centre Selection

  • in prelim online form itself, UPSC will ask you to fill the choice of optional subject and mains exam centre. And later on they don’t allow to change it. (Because in the Mains-DAF form, same data will be prepopulated.)
  • Therefore, make no mistake in filling up mains-optional and mains-exam centre.

OBC alert

To claim OBC reservation benefit in UPSC, you need TWO certificates:

  1. OBC caste certificate [under central list.] MIND IT: some castes are in state backward list but not in central backward list.
  2. Non-creamy layer certificate.
    1. Non creamy layer status depends on your parents’ income and property.
    2. It doesn’t depend on your income/property
    3. It doesn’t depend on your husband/wife’s income/property.
    4. If your mom/dad is government employee, then INCOME criteria doesn’t apply. (e.g. if dad is class3 employee, then it doesn’t matter whether he gets 6 lakhs or 7 lakhs. You’re still non-cream layer.)

Mrunal recommends

  1. (free) NCERT, NIOS, TN-Books 4 History,Geo,Sci
  2. Indian Polity M.Laxmikanth (Hindi | English)
  3. Spectrum: Modern History (Hindi | English)
  4. Maths: Quantam CAT Sarvesh Kumar
  5. Objective General English SP Bakshi
  6. Word Power made Easy -Norman Lowe
  7. Topic wise Solved Paperset by Disha

219 Comments on “[Notification] UPSC Prelim CSAT-2017 Notification is out! 99 Vacancies less than last year, No change in age-attempt limit, optional or syllabus”

  1. Yes.. I applied hyd hyd in 1st application.
    Delhi and hyd in second application.

    1. I have filled wrong email address & mobile number in UPSC 2017 (IAS&IFoS) form. What should I do now? Is it a worry or It won’t affect me?

  2. My OBC certificate is dated 21.12.2011.
    Is there any problem… as this is old dated.

    1. Can Someone reply to this..I have the same issue. Do we need to get a new Certificate or the Old One Will Suffice.

    2. no bro…. at the time when they demand produce newer one

  3. Hello Mrunal Sir,
    I am taking botony as optional for mains. Could you please suggest me any reference book?

  4. Dear respected sir, I would like to appear this time cse but i could not have current obc certificate,could you please guide me,shall i apply with old one in tha year of 2014

    1. I am NT-D candidate in state. still i dont get central obc certificate. i have filled up the form on state certificate date.but if i ll get central caste certificate after 17 march2017. will upsc consider central caste certificate after 17 march2017 date for interview and selection?

      1. same problem.pls somebody reply.
        and if I get central obc certificate before 17 march and fill up my application by help of state certifice then what will happen.

  5. Sr if I fill two separate application forms with two different email ids and mobile nos for different examination centres

    Will hall ticket generate for both ?

  6. Hello ,

    I have reservation(SC) and given the certificate date wrongly. Do i need to reapply again or Can anyone suggest me on this ??

    1. apply again….dnt wry

      1. Thanks Arjun … Will it take the latest application ?

        1. may be..u get 2 admit cards…

          bt…u should aceept higher id..i.e…2 admit card…

          in short…after applying again..u will get new id…so…no prb at all…jst use this 2 new id for futher use…

          take it easy…..its nt big issue…

          jst focus on ur study…stay rlxed

          all d vry best dear :)

          yes….ur fresh application will b considerd…dnt wry !!!

          1. Thanks Arjun … All the Best :)

  7. Hai Sir/ Friends

    I completed my PG and tending to write CSE in this year. But i have a small doubt about Category division in CSE application. My father occupation is Assistant Sub Inspector of Police in Andhra Pradesh state govt. He is going to be retired in two more years. Basically i belong to BC – D Category, but my father salary is exceeding 6L, so i’m in a confusion, that in which category should i have to apply for CSE.

    I read the above doubts of several aspirants, though i’m in a confusion. So please give a reply to my query.

    Which category should i belong to?
    In which category should i have to apply?

    Kindly do the needful. It will be helpful to others also

    1. The OBC ncl status of salaried persons is not considered only by salary but also by the present rank. U are eligible for obc ncl. Govt employees group A officers and group b officers who become group A officer before 40 years age, their children come under obc ncl.

  8. In the UPSC CSE-2017 Application form I submitted the details of state govt. OBC certificate. At that time I didn’t know that OBC certificate will be required separately for central services. If I do not submit the relevant details at Mains stage, will I automatically fight in general category or my candidature will be cancelled?

    1. Punit pls fill afresh application with a new CENTRAL OBC certificate, otherwise u ll be considered as General Candidate, or the UPSC may seek the Central OBC in due course but the chance of later is less, so apply afresh with new CENTRAL OBC certificate.

      1. SANDY KASANA, If I didn’t fill fresh application and unable to produce the Central OBC on a later stage, will I be considered as a General Candidate (Provided I qualified CSE-Pre in General Cut-off) or will my candidature be cancelled.

  9. Sir my signature in registration is my clear by the size is CRT 1kb wat can I do

  10. Your Community certificate is valid provided it has not been issued prior to 2011, it is mentioned somewhere in notification of exam. Regarding Creamy Layer for OBC there are 2 criteria: a) If parents either one or both are Government employees above Grade C or equivalent in Private then you belong to creamy layer; b) if 3 years average annual family income from all sources of parents is more than Rs. 6lakhs then you are a creamy layer fellow.

  11. Can Someone reply to this..I have the same issue

  12. In form it is written “Community Certificate Date” . is it OBC certificate date? or Non Creamy Layer Certificate Date?
    I have enter the “Cast certificate date” which was issued in 2001. so please clear my doubt.

    1. NCL certificate is not a separate certificate from cast certificate, the central obc certificate is issued with the NCL status, whether in Gujarat the central obc certificate is separate from NCL certificate.

  13. i have cast certificate in gujarati which was issued in 2001. so is it required to get cast certificate in english?

  14. i have cast certificate in gujarati which was issued in 2001.
    i have non creamy layer certificate in english which i get every year. latest i got after april 2016
    so is it required to get even cast certificate in english?

    1. the caste certificate you hold is issued by state government. it’s not acceptable under central government recruitments. u need to get the OBC certificate cum non creamy layer for services under central govt. I also advice u to check personally that your caste name was .present in central list also in http://www.ncbc.nic.in. some castes are BC at state level but general at central. most of the state govt. officials are not aware of this distinction and merely by the rule of thumb they issue a central certificate too. so be cautious

  15. Hello,
    while filling UPSC form which percentage should i put? average degree or final year

    1. aggregate of graduation.

  16. Hello i think my information whichibkept in laptop for filling apllication has been stolen…some might try to fill same form in my name…in that case what should i do..

  17. Sir i think my detail information which i used to fill in upsc cse prelims form has been stolen…there is chance that person might fill another form in my name with my email id and phone number…in that case what should i do?
    Upsc says it will entertain form with higher RID..
    Or if he secretly filled form with fake email id and phone no..does it mean my original application will get cancelled??😢…
    If i fill another application with new email id and new mobile number….does it mean upsc issue two admit card???..
    What should i do to be in safe side?

  18. I have applied for the CSE exam. My signature is somewhat compressed. Will it be rejected,if so when wil UPSC send rejected mail in how many days.

  19. Don’t worry Abhinav… if your form has been accepted by UPSC after uploading sign and photo, it doesn’t matter…. otherwise it would have been rejected that moment only… UPSC will just ask to carry some if proofs in exam hall if the sign or photo is not clear… forms are not rejected for such issues in prelims…

  20. I mean some Id proofs

  21. Do upsc issue multiple admit cards if same applicant uses phone 1 email 1 in one form
    And email id 2 and phone no. 2 in second application??

  22. Hello, in the date of certificate column which date has to be written.. the cast certificate date which is of 2009 or new ncl certificate date?

  23. 1.I am an Obc candidate but If I apply as a general candidate this time,will I be able to apply as OBC next year?
    2.My ncl certificate has not been issued,can I fill it up giving a tentative date?
    plz answer somebody

  24. Can obc non creamy layer certificate issued in 2013 valid for 2017 upsc application

  25. sir,
    i belong to oc (kapu) caste from A.P.but my father is working as a assistant sub inspector of police(ASI).CAN i apply as OBC NONCREAMY for civils pl reply

  26. For obc date of certificate is 10-3-2015 can I apply this??

  27. Sunyana why didn’t u get ncl certificate, which state do u belong, normally the ncl certificate is issued within one week

  28. sir my dob is 01/05/1991.will UPSC 2017 be my compulsory attempt??

  29. my D.O.B is 5th January 1985. how am i not allowed to fill the form when the upper age limit is 32 and i just turned 32…the actual age limit is 31.. by the notification.. can anyone clarify please

  30. Hello sir
    Sir my main optional sub public administration .Plz suggest the book

  31. Can you please give me some details regarding obc certificate? Is it necessary to possess it before prelims? Or i can posses it before interview only?

  32. I am yet to start with pre 2017 studies. What are my chances if I start now? Or should I appear next year?
    Suggestions would be of great help

  33. सर, आपने Mains: Language papers के लिए जैसे
    Samnya Hindi by Unique Publication suggest किया हैं वैसे ही marathi language के लीए भी कोई अच्छी किताब मुझे बताईए ना

  34. I have appeared for UPSC exam twice ..But due to brainfade, I mentioned only once while registering for registration. So will my registration will get cancelled?

  35. no. of attempts already made … i mentioned wrong number … will my registration be accepted ?
    has it happened with anyone before?

  36. hello sir,
    i filled up wrong graduation percentage in CSE-2017 form. I was supposed to calculate it as per formula provided by my University, which i didn’t do. now the difference is nearly of 10% in what i filled up in form n what i actually got. WHAT WILL BE THE IMPLICATIONS? Will i be disqualified if i manage to crack the exam or be disqualified for providing worng information?

  37. same problem. plz reply.

  38. I am ca ipcc student. I am interested in taking IAS exams. I am past the deadline so cant apply online for the same this year. I really want to give a shot at this exam. Help me please by giving the information i should know. As i dont know from where to gain info about the same!!!!

  39. Hi.. M sweta.. I ve applied for upsc 2017, but my age as on 10june wud b 32.. Am I eligible to give exam.. I belong to gm

  40. Pls someone clarify

  41. I graduated in 2016, but I haven’t received my passing certificate from the university yet. Should I just upload my marksheet when called upon?

  42. Hellow Sir Good morning Sir
    Could i please attend IAS exam because my DOB is 11/08/1991

  43. I am born on June 15th 1983. Am i eligible to write CSAT exam next year that is 2018. Am i eligible for this please let me know ………….

    Can someone help with this

  44. Hello sir iam a BSMS SIDDHA graduate
    Sir my main optional sub public administration .Plz suggest the book

  45. Hi, what is the best strategy for quick revision.

  46. During 2011-2014 many got qualified because of the higher score they have got in 2nd paper.Thanks to the faulty evaluation practice of the UPSC for the consecutive 4 years from 2011 to 2014, in favor of one particular section of candidates who can perform outstandingly in Mathematics and English. So many bright candidates were made out of the UPSC Civil Services prelims. If UPSC would have adopted the correct evaluation process since 2011,( that was made in 2015 ), many deserving candidates would have been selected. So who should bear the cost of the failure of those candidates ? If 2015 evaluation procedure is now continuing as the RIGHT practice,them it is to be understood that from 2011 to 2014 candidates were selected in prelims by wrong methods. Is it not pertinent to compensate those who were made victim by this sudden change of pattern and then A WRONG EVALUATION CRITERIA ? Thanks to candidates, that they are just only asking temporary attempts which they indeed DESERVE.

  47. I have uploaded photo of wrong pixel which looks very very small still upsc accepted my application for prelims.so becoz of such issues upsc will reject my mains form also? I m worried.plz guide me.

  48. Sir do we require to upload photo again for the mains Application form?

  49. Hello Sir,

    While registering i have made a mistake i belong to OBC community but i have selected as General , any solution for this sir please help me…

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