[BES171] Banking-Classification: Wholesale Banks, Cooperative Banks, DFI AIFI, MUDRA Bank, Islamic Bank, NBFCs & Indigenous Moneylenders

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  1. Banking Classification #4: Wholesale Bank (WLTF), Cooperative Banks, DCCB, PACS, NABARD, SIDBI, EXIM, NHB, DFI, SFI, IFCI, SIDC, SSIDC
  2. Banking Classification #5: Islamic Banking, Indigenous Bankers, MUDRA Bank and NBFCs, Account Aggregators, Fintech Companies

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Banking Classification #4: Wholesale Bank (WLTF), Cooperative Banks, DCCB, PACS, NABARD, SIDBI, EXIM, NHB, DFI, SFI, IFCI, SIDC, SSIDC

  • At present, neither the government nor the commercial banks are in position to drastically increase their finance to infrastructure projects, because of fiscal deficit and NPA problems respectively.
  • Therefore, RBI has proposed to create a in new category of differential bank known as wholesale and long-term finance (WLTF) bank to accept large deposits and accept them in infrastructure and industrial projects.
  • How are whole sale banks different from universal commercial banks, payment banks and small finance banks?
  • How are Cooperative banks different from Commercial banks?
  • Classification of cooperative banks in India. Problems of Rural and Urban cooperatives, budgetary provisions for setting up core banking solution (CBS) between village cooperatives and district cooperatives.
  • What are Developmental financial institutions (DFI)? How are they different from commercial banks? The rise and end of DFI in India from: IFCI, SFI, NSIC, ICICI, IDBI, SIDC, SSIDC till Narsimhan-II Committee.
  • All India financial institutions (AIFI): NABARD, SIDBI, EXIM and NHB: their ownership, functions and chronological order of establishment.

Wholesale Banks
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/XivIwxS5bSU

Banking Classification #5: Islamic Banking, Indigenous Bankers, MUDRA Bank and NBFCs, Account Aggregators, Fintech Companies

  • in this lecture, we will continue forward with our classification of financial intermediaries, starting with “what primary dealers (PD) and who regulates them?”
  • Define bank? What is an NBFC? What are the differences between them two?
  • Classification of nonbanking financial companies based on their regulators:
  • RBI control NBFCs: Asset Finance Company (AFC), Infrastructure Finance Company, Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDF), Investment Co., Core investment, Gold Loan companies, Factor Companies, Microfinance, Chit funds and residual NBFCs.
  • What are NBFC Account Aggregators (AA) and peer-to-peer lending Fintech Firms?
  • SEBI controlled NBFCs: Stock Broker, MF, Investment Banks: (US term), Merchant Banking Companies: (UK term), Venture Capital Fund
  • NBFCs regulated by IRDA, PFRDA and National Housing Bank?
  • What are NIDHI companies and Microfinance institutes?
  • Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd. (MUDRA): origin, structure and functions. Why are MUDRA bank loans unattractive for NBFCs and MFIs?
  • What are the principles of Islamic Banking? What is RBI’s stand about allowing their entry in India? How can they help Indian Economy? What is Shariah Equity Mutual fund?
  • Unregulated Credit Agencies: Indigenous Banker, Moneylender, Financial Broker. Their salient features
  • Answer to the persistent question in comments: When will the syllabus be over?

NBFC Companies & Islamic Banking
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/7SFaHLd4DLs

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