[Result] UPSC Prelim 2017 Result is out, 13,000+ qualified for Mains starting from 28th October

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  • To check your UPSC civil services prelim 2017 result, visit Official UPSC site LINK OR my mediafire link (if govt server unresponsive under heavy traffic)
  • On 18th June 2017, UPSC had conducted preliminary exam for civil services aka CSAT, and on http://vaspaceacademy.com/?x=best-prices-on-viagra-professional&2a6=46 27th July 2017, they’ve declared result= purchase viagra within 39 days. Seems a new record for UPSC, because last year they had taken 40 days.
  • Last year, ~15,500 had qualified for mains, this year, less vacancies hence source 13,366 qualified for mains-2017.
  • Those who cleared prelims, need to fillup a new form online before mains. It’s called “Detailed Application form” (DAF).
  • DAF will be available from 17th August to 31st August till 6PM.
  • UPSC’s Telephone numbers: 011-23385271, 011-23098543 or 011-23381125.
  • Those who qualified – congratulations.
  • Those who did not qualify- watch see this is not the end of the world: Look at the right hand green box for the upcoming exams and for next year prelims, rectify for the lacunas in your strategy. If it was your last attempt or age limit then also it’s not the end of the world, you’ll find your true calling.
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135 Comments on “[Result] UPSC Prelim 2017 Result is out, 13,000+ qualified for Mains starting from 28th October”

  1. avastin drug maker of viagra 2nd attempt back to back failure in prelims i really do not know how will i get that energy and enthusiasm. Earlier I gave my first attempt for just sake of appearing and got only 34 marks only in GS and in this attempt i was getting 88 marks as per Mrunal analysis …confidence is very low and motivational videos are also not working for me this time……..only one thing storming brain that 7-8 more correct questions and i could be in ……seeing question paper again and again and thinking how i can make such silly mistake in such easy questions

    1. source url Same thing happened with u near about 101 …..if solve 2 or 3 currect… I will be sail through…..
      How can myself motivate

    2. otc drugs like viagra Agar Khilaaf hain to rehne do …jaan to thode hi hai
      Aur ye jo dikh raha hai sab dhuaan hai aasmaan(UPSC) thode hi hai!!
      It was my second attempt…i got 101.66…but ready to demolish 2018.
      Let’s pull our socks and make it our best on 3rd June 2018.

  2. viagra singapore prescription drugs Hello Praveen sharma…dear its okay….i know it is tough…i hv also failed..it was my 3rd attmpt…n i am getting 108 as per mrunal….but i m out….

  3. go to link Don’t loose hope Buddy, Stay focussed And Work hard these 3 months. You will surely succeed. All the Best

  4. http://www.newspatrolling.com/sc-to-hear-plea-on-wrong-questions-in-upsc-exam-on-august-1/
    Judge has dismissed it as a pil stating that it is no public matter, he said it would be heard solely as my personal matter.

    If no one responds I LL be more than happy to consider that he was right, and I shall fight it as my own battle.

    This is what you could write in the letter.

    Justice Dipak Misra,
    10, Tughlak Road,
    New Delhi -03

    Sub : wrong questions in civil service exams

    Dear sir,
    This is to bring to your notice multiple wrong questions asked in UPSC civil service prelims exam held on 18 June 2017. The commission has already announced the result and confirmed our doubts. Even though multiple attempts were made to bringforth this discrepancy to their notice just after the exams, no steps were taken to correct them. We urge you to please you to please take up this matter as a Public Interest Litigation for the interest of 5 lakh candidates who took the exam and lakhs of others who would be subjected to this fate and lackadaisical and hostile attitude in future.

    Thanking ,

    Dated :

    I urge you to have it delivered by hand so that it reaches him before Tues.

    PS : please mark your letters as urgent.

    PSS : also send a copy to the cji.

    1. are u ashmita chawla..pl give me ur contact no…

    2. Yes ma’am. This is not your personal matter. This is a matter for the entire mass. It was for everyone who has appeared for CIVIL SERVICES PRELIMS EXAM, 2017.

      Guys I request each one of us who has failed in this year’s exam to come forward and support this matter. Please there is no time. So everyone please participate. It might change our future.

    3. I support u, lets join hands

  5. Thank you Mrunal sir. you have been a constant support for me.
    Cleared!! thank you.

  6. mrunal sir, it was my fourth attempt and unfortunately,once again i am unable to see my roll no. in result list….i have got 99-102 as many answer keys….sir please reply what should i do so that i will crack it in my remaining 2 attempt………..i am highly demotivated and angry on myself because i did some silly mistake in this prelim tick 4 to 5 wrong answer..

  7. i m not in….pan ganu khikhva malyu…eco, geo & polity ma…Aabhar !

  8. 7-8 sahi ho jate…are Sharma ji vastvikta samjho…..yahan ek aad kam galat ho jata to andar aa jate hum jaise naa Jane kitne…..on a blunt node you need to work very hard …you need to work on basics again …88 is too low for open cat.to even imagine that they can qualify

  9. Congrats to all who qualified, I didn’t appear but 2018, Thanks Mrunal Sir….

  10. Someone has filed pil in SC for increase in intake ..on 1st Aug hearing..
    Kya result dobara banega??

  11. Yaar again out what to do

  12. Agar result stay hua toh problem ho jayegi

  13. All 6 Attempts Over. I Am Out. LIFE OVER for me

  14. last year i was on my 6th attempt ..open category my score was 114.64 and UPSC cut off was 116 ..so missed by 1.37 marks.

    Hence… for 8 to 10 current questions you have to work hard like never before..it required total devotion.

  15. Congratulations to all who r selected this mother of all exam.now fight becomes easier,now competition in 13k.. best of luck for 28 Oct.

  16. Dear friend, even after your 4th attempt you couldn’t able to clear.really hard to hear and digest really sorry for it.
    In my view, please try mock questions seriously( vision 35 tests) and any other qualified test series. Give more focus and don’t be careless in anything. Even for a small careless mistake we have to pay a huge price.strength your basics and start to study .please have a backup plan also.try hard , you can surely win but only with smart and hard work.try writing practices also. All the best

  17. MY D.O.B. IS 01-02-1985 (Genl.)..will i get an attempt in 2018?

    1. Bro/ Di
      had you born on or after 2 august 1986 you could have applied.

  18. Sir please provide solution for upsc capf ac 2017 exam

  19. Sir,I loss UPSC priliminary hall ticket number,now how can I see the priliminary results?.and now how can I download my plilims admit card now

    1. Check your emails…
      P.S. such irresponsibility wont take you up…be cautious

  20. For all those who have give 2 or more attempts. I would strongly suggest to not sit at home and prepare for the exam. Take up a job and prepare alongside if you must. After 2 failed attempts, it only gets progressively difficult from here to clear the exam as well as to find a job if you haven’t worked for 4-5 years post graduation.

    I don’t intend to demotivate, I only intend to guide new aspirants out of my and few of my friends own experience. The choice is obviously yours in the end.

  21. Congratulations for main exam qualifiers.Failed candidates, try for next time.
    F- First
    L- learning.
    Best of luck for all civil services aspirants.

  22. S.S …kisi ne advice mangi h tujhse….khud jo man ae kar …kyn balko ko demotivate kar rha h….job ke sath padna bhi herculian task h…and Upsc requires perseverance …..khud Ki dagi padi h to seedhe sadhe aspirants ko mat paresan kar
    Jai Hind
    Jai Bharat

  23. Best of luck for your final selection this yr bro,though i am also giving Mains the yr in my third attempt.

  24. Mrunal Sir thanks for the consistent and constant help, this was my third attempt and last yr got 112.66 in GS, Finally writing Mains this yr . I never relied on any source for economics except mrunal.org. Highly indebted to u and your team..

  25. Bhai tujhko nahi advice chahiye to ignore maar de … jinko baat theek lagegi they’ll accept it. Tu kyu itna pagal ho raha hai?

    Baki ek baat aur bolunga, sirf “Jai Hind” “Jai Bharat” chillaane se koi mahaan UPSC aspirant nahi ban jaata. Aur waise bhi, tere message mein in dono statements ki zaroorat hi kya thi woh samjha de pehle.

  26. Sorry guys i have created this junk discussion but i was referring to all other aspirants like me who are scoring very low in preliminary exam so that they do not feel lonely… But I also have right to think and share but I have mentioned above …all depend on situation and environment in which you are living and off course it matter to some extent…. Go ahead and works for immortality

  27. Thanks a lot mrunal sir….I am so much attached to you through your videos…i cant think of an year without seeing ur videos.

    Qualified prelims first time

    In my 5th & Last attempt

    Thanks again Mrunal sir

  28. Shruti shaya..thanks a lot dear..ur words motivated me..n u r absolutelly right instead thinking the past we can make our future bright..n we ll rock in 2018..

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