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  1. Studyplans for Aptitude Exams
  2. Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest
  3. Number System
  4. Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water
  5. Time Speed Distance Work
  6. Trigonometry for SSC & CDS
  7. Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)
  8. Reasoning: Syllogism
  9. Reasoning: Others
  10. Aptitude Answerkeys
  11. Comprehension English reading
  12. Statistics for Mains

cialis samples Archive page for all the aptitude, Maths, English, reasoning related articles published for CSAT, SSC, CDS, CAT and other competitive exams

Studyplans for Aptitude Exams

UPSC CSAT Prelims Paper 2

  1. Comprehension and Reasoning
  2. Mathematics & Data Interpretation: high priority topics
  3. Decision Making + Mathematics: Medium & low priority topics

Bank PO & Clerks

RBI jobs

Staff Selection

CDS Combined Defence Services

  1. Maths Paper: Number System, Quadratic Equations, Surds, Indices, Linear Equation (Part 1 of 3)
  2. Maths Paper: Percentages, profit-loss, Simple,Compound Interest rate,Time,Speed,Distance,Work and Statistics (part 2 of 3)
  3. Maths Paper: Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Area, Volume, Perimeter (Part 3 of 3)


Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest

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Number System

Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water

Time Speed Distance Work

Trigonometry for SSC & CDS

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Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)

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Reasoning: Syllogism

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Reasoning: Others

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Aptitude Answerkeys

Comprehension English reading

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Statistics for Mains

This is no longer part of UPSC syllabus but still some state service class 1 class 2 exam have it. So, use it accordingly.

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  2. plz update study plan for IBPS SPECIALIST EXAM plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir ji

    1. hiiiiiiiiii

      study plan for SO aap bhi IT officer wali ho? technical aur math reasoning p efort karo kyuki i mai jheel raha hoo i dont think ki is baar bhi IT officer niklega :(


  4. Hello mrunal sir plz update study plan for ibps specialist officer(I.t officer).only one month is left.plz sir I will b very thankful of u.

  5. sir …where is the ncert book of maths class 7…pls will u help me to find it in mrunal!!

    1. u can easily find it on ncert official web site …… free off cost

  6. sir can you tell me the free online t est for aptitude and reasoning

  7. sir plz send me cgl maths portion trick

  8. Good morning Mrunal Sir! Sir i have query about General Studies Paper-2 which include comprehension,aptitude,math,reasoning,Sir which book i use for this? Sir i am weak in Mathematics,if I leave math in UPSC preparation is there any problem ,it also have very low portion in UPSC…please tell….

  9. Good morning Mrunal Sir! Sir I have query about book for GENERAL STUDIES PAPER-2 which include comprehension,reasoning,math,Sir which book I study for GENERAL STUDIES PAPER-2.Sir I am weak in Mathematics, if I leave math portion from my UPSC preparation,is there any problem? it also have very low portion in UPSC exam….Please tell sir?

  10. u r doing a very good job.very good.keep doing…i just like this site completely…i’m feeling good that i found dis site…now i’m clear about what to do..thnks

  11. Hey help me ibps exms high score tips tricks

  12. sir please send me study materials for the preparation of ibps po especially general awareness n current affairs……….

  13. heyy…m preparing for SBI EXAM…can u plz tell me d best buks for SBI nd study plan…

  14. Sir plz give a short trick to find cube of no…

  15. Sir please provide shortcut tricks to solve “Geometry and Mensuration” questions for SSC CGL.. Thanx

  16. Unable to found geography class notes as you did for Economics in ppt form

  17. sir , i want all books list exam mains please n my optional subject in politics n all question papers .

  18. dear sir please tell us which is the best course for CAPF exams

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