1. Studyplans for Aptitude Exams
  2. Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest
  3. Number System
  4. Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water
  5. Time Speed Distance Work
  6. Trigonometry for SSC & CDS
  7. Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)
  8. Reasoning: Syllogism
  9. Reasoning: Others
  10. Aptitude Answerkeys
  11. Comprehension English reading
  12. Statistics for Mains

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Studyplans for Aptitude Exams

UPSC CSAT Prelims Paper 2

  1. Comprehension and Reasoning
  2. Mathematics & Data Interpretation: high priority topics
  3. Decision Making + Mathematics: Medium & low priority topics

Bank PO & Clerks

RBI jobs

Staff Selection

CDS Combined Defence Services

  1. Maths Paper: Number System, Quadratic Equations, Surds, Indices, Linear Equation (Part 1 of 3)
  2. Maths Paper: Percentages, profit-loss, Simple,Compound Interest rate,Time,Speed,Distance,Work and Statistics (part 2 of 3)
  3. Maths Paper: Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Area, Volume, Perimeter (Part 3 of 3)


Percentages, Marked Price, Discount, Bank Interest

go to site Fast track to objective arithmetic

Number System

Averages, Alligiations, Wine-Water

Time Speed Distance Work

Trigonometry for SSC & CDS

click This topic is Important for SSC, CAT and CDS exam. Not asked elsewhere.

click Type#1: Height-Distance Questions

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Permutation Combination Probability (PCP)

Was a hot topic back in the 90s era. But nowadays hardly any question come from this.

Reasoning: Syllogism

MK Pandey

Reasoning: Others

RS Aggarwal reasoning

Aptitude Answerkeys

Comprehension English reading

Objective English

Statistics for Mains

This is no longer part of UPSC syllabus but still some state service class 1 class 2 exam have it. So, use it accordingly.

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222 Comments on “[Aptitude] Archive of All Aptitude articles written by Mrunal for UPSC, CSAT, IAS,IPS,SSC,CDS,CAPF,IBPS exams”

  1. hey how come there is no article purely for geometry;considering its gaining importance in cgl.please look into it ASAP

  2. sir plz provide us article on IBPS PO-iii,sbi po,AO for general insurance.

  3. hi sir,
    i an going to appear in FCI (Food Corporation of India) MT exam and FCI AGM exam.
    pls suggest me the study plan and it will be of great help if you could upload the previous papers…
    waiting for your reply..

  4. Anyone,kindly help me in finding the very basic document on STD Table in Aptitude Section.Anyone can post the link will be a great help.

  5. A takes twice as much time as B and thrice as much as C to complete a piece of work. They together complete the work in 1 day. In what time will A alone complete the work

    1. i got d solution.

  6. SIR,

  7. a boy can swim in still water at a speed of 10kmph. If d speed of the current would have been 5kmph, then d boy could swim 60km
    A. Upstream in 4 hrs
    B. Downstream in 12 hrs
    C. Upstream in 6 hrs
    D. Downstream n 4 hrs


  8. sir i cant express in words ,,what you are doing …..still thnxxxxxxx…from my heart……sir plz give advice for prep of NICL AO SEP 2013,SSC 10+2 EXAM,,CPAF,, AND IBPS…….WAITING FOR UR ADVICE…….

  9. Sir,
    Thanks for the great articles on different topics. Please advice study plan for IBPS po-3.
    Again thanks in advance

  10. sir plz give me study plan of IBPS clerk

  11. HELLO SIR,

  12. at what rate percent compound interest does a sum of money becomes ninefold in 2years

    1. its 200%.
      1000 after 1 year becomes 3000 which again after 1 year becomes 9000 in CI

      1. in 1 year it becomes 2000 only so the answer is 300%

    2. Hope u know the formula for CI
      Sum of money at CI=P*{(1+R\100)^n}
      Assuming the sum of money in starting to be Rs.X at R rate of interest, equation becomes
      or 9=(1+R\100)^2
      or 3=1+R\100
      or 2=R\100
      or R=200% p.a.

  13. What a comprehensive coverage! thanks for this great work

  14. please provide sebi officer grade A exam previous question paper.

    thankx sir

  15. Dear Mrunal your process of solving time and work problem was really helpful.Can u plz give the solution of this problem in STD process.A, B and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can A do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?

    1. Do u mind if I solve this prblm in place of Mrunal? Here’s the solution

      We find out the work done in set of three days since A is assisted by B and C on every third day.
      A completed work in 20 days, thus his contribution per day will be 1\20 in one day.
      Since in these three days A works for all three days, his contribution will be 3*1\20=3\20 of the work
      Also since B and C work on only third day, their contribution similarly will be 1\30 and 1\60 of the work.
      Hence adding the work done in three days=3\20+1\30+1\60=1\5=0.2 of the work.
      Thus this is the portion of work completed in a set of 3 days. Hence to complete the work, 5 such sets will be required (1.2)
      hence total number of days will be 5*3=15 days.

  16. your service is very useful for those who r in remote areas where coaching is not available thanks a lot

  17. Mrunal Sir i am preparing for ibps po.Can you plz provide the trick to solve qsns like:-

    Q1) 6894.986+5025.005+600.020= ? and

    Q2) 40.005% of 439.998+ ?% of 655.011=228.5

    in a quick way.

  18. Sir, thanks for providing with these superb material. sir, what i’ve wanted to say, is if you can provide some RCs on Paper 2 of prelims for the practice. or you can suggest some sites where one can find free RCs for prparation. I’ve given 2 attempts but both time i couldn’t clear the Prelims. as much i’ve analysed, i’m lagging in Paper 2. Sir, kindly please do provide something on this.

  19. sir,firstly i want to say thank you,,,because you maintained a nice site and it it fully updated,i am saying fully because u seem to do a lot of work on it.i had given the recent exam of ibps rrb but i was confused to whether i have to attempt english or hindi or both,and i asked invigilator but he doesn’t gives the satisfactry answer but till then i have attempted 182 questions out of 240.i don’t think that i will select but due to lack of information i faced a huge problem,so i want to thanks again to you to maintain this site and providing information about all the topic,,,keep it sir,,,your work is best as i seemed,,its time 2:00 am and till now i am writing because or your good site,,appreciated work…keep it up…

  20. mrunal sir i need a solution of how to find values from these kind of questions quickly..

    x+1/x=3 then x^3+1/x^3=?


    x+1/x is not equal to 0 then (x+1/x)^4=?

    plz give me a solution sir..

    1. Pls read the formula for (a+b)^3 = a^3 + b^3 + 3ab(a+b)

      Appying it here,
      (x + 1\x)^3=3^3
      x^3 + 1\x^3 + 3*x*1\x(x + 1\x)=27
      x^3 + 1\x^3 +3(x + 1\x)=27
      x^3 + 1\x^3 +3*3=27
      x^3 + 1\x^3=27-9
      x^3 + 1\x^3=18
      The problem is not clear, needs correction

  21. sir,
    plz. give me data entry operator Quantitative Aptitude all formulas……..

  22. When X is subtracted from the numbers 9,15,27,the remainders are in continued proportion. what is the value of X?

    1. Considering u know what is Continued proportion
      Decrease 3 from all the numbers. The remainders will be 6, 12 and 24 which are in continued proportion as 6:12:24 where the ration of 6:12 and 12:24 is same.

    2. Considering u know what is Continued proportion
      Subtract 3 from all the numbers. The remainders will be 6, 12 and 24 which are in continued proportion as 6:12:24 where the ration of 6:12 and 12:24 is same.

  23. Please solve-

    A drawer holds 4 red hats and 4 blue hats. What is the probability of getting exactly three red hats or exactly three blue hats when taking out 4 hats randomly out of the drawer and returning each hat before taking out the next one?

    (a) 1/8
    (b) 1/4
    (c) 1/2
    (d) 3/8
    (e) 7/12

  24. gdmng sir
    myself sunil , i have scored 80,78,70 %ge in 10th 12th nd graduation respectively.. now m doing noth plz suggest me some good courses. (m a science studnt). m very weak in english ..help me sir

  25. very helpful material sir

  26. hi Mrunal sir
    my Mathematical skills are poor (fundas are not clear to me). so poor that i have developed a phobia for quantitative aptitude section. this is one thing i want to change in myself. i request you to kindly recommend a book or a web-source (if any) that can help me improve faster so that i can at least attempt questions when i take the exam. shortcut tricks from the zilch. Please…this requires an urgent reply.

  27. mrunal bhayya give article on geometry in our style plz

  28. sir,can u suggest to calculate number of triangles or squares in a given figure[shortest method],without counting it.

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