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Pratik Nayak Lecture Series on IR & Internal Security for UPSC Mains

ISIS Islamic State explained by Pratik Nayak

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Bilateral relations under PM Modi

Bilateral relations before PM Modi

Indian Diplomacy: Overall

International Organizations

Mains Syllabus Topic: Important International institutions, agencies and fora- their structure, mandate.

Regional Bodies: ASIAN Bodies

Mains Syllabus Topic: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

Regional Bodies: Others

Events: India not included

In 2013, UPSC changed the syllabus of mains exam. New syllabus includes only the International issues/policies affecting Indian interests. Therefore, topics where India not directly affected= they’re not important for mains paper2. However, such topics do have their direct/indirect importance in the essay and interviews. For example: extermism=> ISIS, Boko Haram kidnapping Nigerian girls.

How to prepare International Relations?

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2013: GS-2
  1. [Studyplan] India and World, International Relations for GS (Mains) Paper 2, Essay and Interview along with Free Study Material
  2. [Studyplan] Indian Diaspora for General Studies Mains Paper 2 with Free Study material, Previous Questions.
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98 Comments on “Mrunal Archive: Diplomacy, International Relations and Indian Dispora for UPSC GS Mains paper 2”

  1. Thankyou for the atricles.they provide a very gud understanding of the topic
    Pls prove an article on the current problem in mali and india’s role in it,if any

  2. PLease write an article on India – Pak – Afghan relations post 2014.

  3. thanks 2 ur efforts its a great help to all aspirents

  4. Mrunal Sir, can you please write on Enrica Lexie case…


  6. sir plz write on mali coup and the france angle..m very confused

  7. pls tell me about banking reforms ….various committees on it

  8. sir i need more information about india’s relation with south east asian countries and its growing importance…….!

    > look east and lookmwest policies of india?

  9. mrunal sir could u pl me tell abt munich security conference, and bio strategy paper , millenium bio tech policy,,,i read it frm d net but dint able to concise the matrl…so help me frm where do i prepare these topics?..thnks,

  10. Hello,Sir
    Could you help me regarding the current issue of “Kishanganga Hydro power project ” And Specially ” Drawdown Flushing Technique” for clearing the sedimentation regarding this traty.

  11. sir it would be really great if you make a note on indo-australia relations.


  13. sir i want to india FTA CECA agriment which country

  14. please write an article on effect on india of retreat of US from afghanistan

  15. pls give some insights regarding what articles or provision did SC decide that kerala HC do not have any jurisdiction on italian marines case and why chief magistrate metropolitan court has jurisdiction over them??

  16. Sir please write an article about the BRICKS and about latest meet….

  17. Sir,Please throw some light on BRICS summit held in Durban.

  18. Also give some details about United Nations Arms Treaty.

  19. Sir,
    This is just a request if you can throw some light on severing of Indo-Srilanka Diplomatic ties in reference to the recent
    resolution passed by UN for genocide of tamils in srilanka post LTTE phase?

  20. sir,u’ve done a wonderful job. all ur notes are an open eye for me. thank you so much.. may God continue to bless on ur great work.

  21. Sir, Please provides material in hindi

  22. sir plz guide how to make our essay as best as possible.
    give guidance on it,
    on diffrent topics.

  23. cn u pls provide me the link for the articles related to summits on envt & biodiversity namely COP-11,IUCN RED LIST,STOCKHOLM declaration,DSDS 2012 ETC…

  24. sir even plz given me hw 2 prepare history .
    plz provide me some guidance

    1. mee 2 prepin wid history

      1. thnk 2 join coachn u hv any idea?

  25. mee 2 preparin wid history

  26. cn nyone provide me materil on usa withdrwal from afghanistn its consequence .should dey go or not .mail to [email protected] pl urgent

  27. Sir, plz write on Indo-china and Indo-pak in latest context… Having state civil service mains exam next month, so need dat.

  28. mrunal sir ..could you explain about STAPLED VISA issue b/w india nd china.


  29. When the visas for a visiting country are issued on a separate paper rather than on the passport it is called stapled visa.
    After the immigration, officers would not stamp your passport if you are carrying a stapled visa’s.so china if consider arunachal pradesh as part of indian territory then this case would not have aroused and same case happen in j&k as china thnk kashmir is pakistan area so it has become one of unssolved issue .plz refer the hindu of yesterday or day before yesterday.

  30. China Does not recognize Arunachal pradesh as an indian state, rathar it is considered as south tibet by china. So it would be impractical on china’s part to issue a visa to a citizen who belongs to Arunachal pradesh. That’s why inspite of issuing chinese visa on an indian passport , it issues visa on a separate paper and staples it with the passport, thereby keeping it’s sovereignty and territorial integrity intact.

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