UPSC Topper Ms.Ishani Pandya’s Lecture Series on Indian Art and Culture

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Mr.Pratik Nayak’s Freedom Struggle Lecture Series

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Freedom struggle स्वतंत्रता संग्राम

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1

Indian Art & Culture by UPSC Topper Ishani Pandya भारतीय संस्कृति

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1

dove comprare viagra generico 100 mg pagamento online a Venezia Old NCERTs Ancient India

  1. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Geographical Background of Ancient Indian History and Civilization
  2. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Modern Historians of Ancient India: Utilitarian School, Marxist School, Nationalist School
  3. [OldNCERT] Ancient India: Sources of History, Paleography, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Archeology
  4. Left the article series, because Tamilnadu Class11 Textbooks have parallel coverage on ancient India similar to Old NCERT. You can download them for free via

Mrunal recommends these books for competitive exams

Spectrum History

follow For Freedom struggle topic in UPSC prelims & Mains, use this.

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Alt Text
स्पेक्ट्रम उसी अंग्रेजी किताब का हिंदी संस्करण. UPSC-प्रारंभिक एवं मुख्य परीक्षा के लिए उपयुक्त.

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Lucent GK English
Lucent’s| GK

acquistare viagra online generico a Roma For non-UPSC exams like SSC Tier1, ACIO etc. this book is sufficient

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Lucent GK Hindi
ल्युसंट| सामान्य ज्ञान

go to link उसी अंग्रेजी किताब का हिंदी संस्करण. यूपीएसी के सिवाय की परीक्षाओ के लिए काफी है.

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[World History] Mrunal’s “Jack Sparrow” series

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1 (Not in syllabus)
Weighage Mains-2014: GS-1
  • Timeline World History
  • Timeline World History
  • Timeline World History
  1. Gandhi in South Africa, Transvaal March, Zulu War, Boer War, civil rights movement
  2. Imperialism and Colonialism: Meaning, Factors responsible
  3. Imperialism & Colonization: China, Japan, Asia, Boxer Rebellion, Open Door policy, Sphere of influence
  4. Imperialism & Colonization: Africa, Scramble for colonies, Paper Partitions, Slave Trade, Boer War
  5. I’ve been unable to finish remaining ‘episodes’ of this series due to time and man power constrains.

[World History] Old (पुरानी) NCERTS

World History: Mock Q&A

Bipan After Independence
Bipan Chandra
Post Independence Sufficient for UPSC Mains General studies paper1 Topic “Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country.”

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Post-Independence India

Weighage in CSAT-2014: Paper-1 (Not in Syllabus)
Weighage Mains-2013: GS-1

Download Free Study Material

NCERT, NIOS, Tamilnadu state books, All available under

Answerkey with Explanations

  1. [Answerkey Prelims] 2014: Freedom struggle questions in CSAT 2014, how to prepare for CSAT-2015?
  2. [Mains-2013 Answerkey] Culture Questions Sangam, Chola, Tandav & Studyplan, Booklist for UPSC Mains-2014
  3. [Answerkey Mains] 2013: Freedom Struggle Qs: Dalhousie, Women, Foreigners & Studyplan, Booklist for UPSC Mains-2014
  4. More Answerkeys for CSAT, CAPF, CDS, ACIO- All available under
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131 Comments on “History and Culture”

  1. hello sir,plzzzzz provide some notes of world history as a capsule.

  2. hiieeeee mrunal gng gud…… i wud like to suggest a book for world history to those who can read n undstnd GUJARATI….

    યુરોપ નો ઈતિહાસ —- દેવેન્દ્ર ભટ્ટ..


    awesome book…
    like a novel..

    1. hello shwetang..

      from where u buy this book?

      i m in ahmedabad.

  3. Hello Mrunal sir, plz continue world history topic…we all are waiting for your post….

  4. Hello,

    It is not possible to get old ncerts are all the world history topics covered in new ncerts.
    Thank you.

  5. hello mrunal sir,
    is it necessary to read india since independence for pre cum mains if one is reading ncerts..kindly reply me in this regard

    1. although for prelims it just mentions as history of india and national movement but for main it clearly mentions as post independence and reorganization of country which is new sub topic updated for main 2013 so reading india since independence -bipin chabdra is good

  6. Sir,please publish the required booklist for all the subjects suggested by you to prepare for all the subjects in mains(not optionals). That will be immensely helpful for all. As i currently need the booklist we need to prepare for world history.

    1. Yes Even I am looking for that

  7. waiting for [World History] Imperialism Part 4 : Conquest Americas and the Pacific, Effects of Imperialism sir … Thanks !!

    1. sorry .. just found it …

      1. kj from IIT BHU? just asking..

  8. can some1 please tell me how to download the material from the this page without doing copy paste. is there any procedure of converting page into pdf directly? plz help

    1. u can covert the page into pdf if u r using google chrome as ur browser… there is an option at the end of each article

  9. Dear Sir….RAS prelims, 2013 is over now and because of your surgical guidance my score is around 110-113, looking at the level of paper, I am gearing up for the mains but I am solely dependent on your blog so please find some time to further the guidance for the mains stage. Again so many thanks for being a party of success to lacks of aspirants……so many thanks

  10. i am really confused which ignou booklets to read please give specific details about it

  11. sir guide me a specific book for ancient india

  12. sir give specific details of ignou booklets for gs history

  13. haame history ka notes chahea……

  14. @PONCHANDRAN hello PONCHANDRAN ….i also have some history material will share it with u ,i will be thankful if u share ur history material with me on [email protected]

    1. Hey Sameeksha
      I have some material,I share with you please see.If you have some please share with me also.


      1. @ ponchandran, ravi kumar and sameeksha i am very glad to see your goodwill efforts, i have also opted history as my optional and have some study material which i will be happy to share with you and also would like to take help of your study material. my email- [email protected].

        1. hi swati pls send ur history materials to my id [email protected].i am also history optional.

        2. sorry Swati My gmail drive cannot recognise ur email id. If you have another please tell me i could send material as soon as possible

  15. Is India since independence useful ?what should I read next after covering story of civilization(9th and 10th) and world history(12th)?I am just confused, how should I proceed in History for GS paper 1?Anyone suggest me.I will be thankful to you.

  16. And one more thing…What about this B.V. Rao?I don’t want to land on a wrong book and then to regret over it.So please help me.Anyone from you people.

    1. B.V.Rao is very comprehensive and can be read to gain knowledge about world history;But for CSE go for tailor made notes from any reputed institute made exclusively for exam purpose;

      1. Thanks a lot !

  17. Dear ponchandran

    im a working profession so i do not have the time for coaching
    so could you send me the history study material for main
    it would be a great help . my id is ” [email protected]

    sushil sharma


  19. Dear sir
    If any one have the nios & ignou material of history .plse share with me my id [email protected]


  20. plse share with me ingnou & nios history material

  21. plz any one say me which book to refer and if u have any notes send me

    1. Hello, refer Arjun dev’s history of world oriend black swan.

    2. first to understand basic go for ncert once it is over then study indian culture by combinding information of spectrum book+tamil nadu text books then move for bipan chandra for independence movement and freedom fighter book by spectrum because these days freedom fighter related questions are more expected then move to india since independence by bipian chandra the for world history first read mrunal history points the elobrate it by net information if u fell very trouble then go for normanlowe

  22. Plz suggest me a book for world history for pre and mains gs prepaation

    1. Hi Ashif,

      You can refer to Old NCERT Class 12 books or Book by Arjun Dev.

      Our own Mrunal has written many articles on World History covering many imp events which could add great value to your prep if covered along with book


      1. Hi….will someone suggest me if a Book on World History i.e “History of Modern World-from AD1500 to AD2011” by B.V.Rao can cover comprehensive content of World History as given in Syllabus. I am going to buy it in Next Week. If any other alternative for this Book is there then suggest me…….please.

    2. Hi asif, u can refer Arjun dev’s History of World, orient black swan.

  23. Hi if someone wants to buy Hemant jha notes(printed) please contact me(8285786194) as i am planning to change my optional(only one copy available, and i am not professional seller). All 4 sections with spiral binding at rs.600(untouched, as its apparent that i havent read them at all). I live in Delhi and can give in person if anyone is interested.

  24. Thank you sir. I find it very useful

  25. Hi….Mrunal Sir
    I want your suggestion urgently in a matter that For “World History” syllabus I have to buy a Book and you suggested “Arjun Dev’s” book. I am also encountered with a same comprehensive book on Snapdeal,Flipkart,etc. i.e “History of the Modern World: From AD1500 to AD2011 by B.V.Rao” and this book contains vast coverage of many useful event as it seems from users reviews.
    So….could you please suggest me which book should I buy?

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