[RTI] How to file RTI application to UPSC?: Those failed in CSAT-2012 and want to know their actual scores and “Official” cutoffs

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follow site How to file RTI to know the score? Step 1: Copy paste the draft RTI application Step 2: IPO worth 10 Rupees. Step 3: Envelop UPSC has announced the CSAT-2012 result, Click on following link to see the PDF containing roll numbers of successful candidates https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B9AJvFSzIyiwYWgwZ01JX0xlQ3c Those of you, who [unfortunately] failed in the UPSC CSAT 2012 exam: there is … Read More


[RTI] UPSC replies: Mains answersheets, Removal of optional subjects and cut-offs at each stage of CSE 2011

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watch Prologue My Question: Model Answerpapers My Question on removal of optionals My Question on CSAT answerkeys My Question: CSE 2011 Cutoffs at each stage Scanned copy of RTI reply Prologue Earlier, some people had sent me scanned images of RTI replies related to CSAT 2011 cutoffs but some readers had said they were fake letters. I had some doubts myself … Read More


[Economy] Steps taken by Indian Government to enhance the Capital Market?

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http://causeofjesusdeath.com/?search=american-pharmacy-discount-accutane Before talking about the steps taken by Government to strengthen / improve the Capital Market, million dollar question is, what is Capital market? Ans- already explained in my earlier articles. Now here is the list of reforms initiated for Capital Market. Anyways, to put this in crude words, Capital market is a place where companies and Governments borrow money from … Read More


[Yearbook] National Organ Transplant Programme (NOTP), India Organ Donor Register: Meaning, Significance

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best price on levitra Organ Transplant in India: The Present Situation What is the solution? What is National Organ Transplantation Programme (NOTP) ? Side Question: What are immunosuppressant Drugs? What is Indian Organ Donor Register? Why is NOTP in News? Why this budget cut in NOTP? Organ Transplant in India: The Present Situation First, some fodder for Essays and Group Discussions. It is estimated … Read More


[Studyplan] CAT 2012 (Common Admission Test): Booklist, Strategy, Tips, How to Get more than 95 Percentile by maintaing diary of mistakes

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http://acrossaday.com/?search=prednisone-5-mg-dose-pack Before starting CAT preparation or dreaming to get admission in IIMs, one must take three oaths. Paheli Kasam [First Oath] There are two types of CAT aspirants. Those who’re sharp in maths so they just keep doing maths 24/7 because it feels “good“, but don’t touch the English portion. (Vocabulary, Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension) Those who’re weak in maths (myself … Read More


[APFC] How to Approach English Section (Part A) of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioners’ Exam? Topicwise Analysis and Booklist

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Structure of APFC written exam Part A: English: Topicwise Breakup Verdict How to approach the English Section of APFC Exam? Sentence Correction Vocabulary: Synonyms, Antonym and Idioms Expanding Vocabulary through Newspaper reading Where to get practice for English section of APFC exam? Booklist for APFC Exam (English Section) Warning So far in the APFC series, I had written about Study … Read More


[APFC] Download Previous Years Question papers 2002, 2004 for APFC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner’s Exam

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Input from Mr. CSL80 Blog Farmers Download Links for APFC papers How to prepare for APFC Exam? Before you download the previous years question papers of Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner’s Exam (APFC), read this: Mr. CSL80: He’s a veteran member of Pagalguy forum. Most of the information on internet regarding previous years’ question papers and Cutoffs of APFC etc- is … Read More


[Energy] Thorium Mining vs. Policy on Exploitation of Beach Sand Minerals

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What is Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)? What is the Policy on Exploitation of Beach Sand Minerals? What is (DAE)? Department of Atomic Energy An independent Department directly under the Prime Minister. Mind it: This dept doesn’t fall under any other ministry such as Ministry of Power, or Ministry of Science and Technology – this is an important fact for … Read More


[Tech] How to protect yourself from Online hacking, frauds, phishing? Internet and Netbanking Safety Tips

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This guest article, not directly-related to competitive exams but yet important for everyone who uses Internet. It’s authored by same Mr.Krapesh Bhatt, who had earlier wrote about the salient features of IT Act. (click me if you did not read it) Introduction Hardening Operating System: Use a good paid antivirus & Firewall: User Accounts: Securing Home network (wi-fi) How to … Read More

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