[Analysis] CSAT Paper I (General Studies) 2012

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cialis generico vendita in italia Overall Breakup History Polity Environment & Biodiversity (enb) Geography Economy Science & Technology (S&T) Yearbook stuff Current Affairs vs Static 4TF type of question Authentic Answerkeys! (lolz) Make your own answerkey Why Cut-offs talk is useless Start preparing for mains Was the CSAT-paper Tough? Conclusion Overall Breakup In order to see the big picture, We must compare this data with … Read More


[Revision] Science-Tech Highlight from The Hindu 2011 OtoZ (Part III, The End)

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vardenafil originale miglior prezzo pagamento online Part I, Part II were released earlier. This part III, is the last part about highlights of The Hindu S&T Jan 2011 to Dec 2011. Emu Plastic bottle China space program 3D glasses Malaria drug resistance India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C18) Empty mug Heat of Earth’s crust RTIS Food heating Gecko robot Sky color Snake movement ISRO Twinkling stars … Read More


[Topper Interview] Kandarp Patel AIR-414/CSE_2011 with self-study

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http://acrossaday.com/?search=how-often-does-levitra-plus-cause-blindness I got in touch with Kandarp Patel and he agreed to give an interview. Here it goes: Details Inception The Beginning The Choice of Optional Subjects Momentum Working professionals Hours Internet Current Affairs Policy+ Rights + EnB Essay Previous attempts Rumors Profile Backup Family and Friends Message Your Study plan CSAT (Paper I) General studies About the CSAT aptitude Mains … Read More


[Revision] Science-Tech Highlight from The Hindu 2011 G to N (Part II)

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Click Me if you didnot see Part I. Now continuing from where I had left… Gagan Nasa’s glory spacecraft Graphene Heartbeats Robot Bee colony Supercomputer Stem cell Earthquakes Power project Microwave CRT monitor flickering Moon ownership Nanotech for water filtering NICRA Ndm-1   Gagan GPS aided geo augmented navigation’ (gagan), a joint effort by the indian space research organisation and … Read More


[Aptitude] PnC: All possible numbers using 012345, All possible words using ABCDE, Permutation Arrangement Made Easy with and without Formulas

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Following types of questions pretty common in competitive exams: How many numbers of five digits can be formed with the digits 1,2,3,4 and 5, without repetition? How many words can be formed using all of the letters from A to E without repetition? How many ways can 5 men be arranged in 5 chairs? Whether it is digits, letters or … Read More


[Aptitude] TSD: Average Speed made easy without Formulas (Our Good ol’ STD-Table Method!)

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If you’ve mastered the STD table method for Time n Work my previous articles, then Average speed is a piece of cake. Absolutely No need to mugup any formula for average speed. Case 1: Distance covered in two phases Approach #1: Good ol’ STD Table Step1: Fill up all cells of STD Table Step2: Addition Approach #2: Alligiation method Case … Read More

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