[Study-plan] RBI Officers Phase 2 Exam (Free study Material)

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quanto costa viagra generico 200 mg online a Verona update: Jun-30-2014 all IGNOU Public Administration material available on Mrunal.org/download On request of some readers, after looking at the syllabus and Some past papers of RBI Officer’s Exam Phase-II (Mains). Of course there are many books and material available in the market. But you should know their (Cheap) marketing strategy: Today they publish a book for Uttar Pradesh/Haryana Public Service … Read More


[Strategy & Studyplan] Public Administration Mains Paper 1 & 2 (Hindi / English) for UPSC IAS Exam Recommend Booklist

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http://goliadbrewing.com/?search=phenergan-drug-contraindications-with-viagra For those totally newcomers, wanting to prepare Public Administration in Just 2-3 months. Why Public Administration is Popular? Challenges/Obstacles/Problems in Preparation Types of Question: Static vs Dynamic Static Questions in Public Administration Dynamic Questions in Public Administration Gemstone Mining from SRB Back-breaking Move Innocent Bystanders from Small Towns Notes making Excuses Excuses Bogus Postal Courses Essential Books and Study Plan … Read More


[Economy] QFI (Qualified Foreign Investor) vs FII, Need, Implication, Currency Depreciation, Demat Account and more (Story of Forex continues)

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http://fsucard.com/?search=viagra-canada The Technically incorrect Story of Forex continues with new topics : FII, QFI (Qualified Foreign Investors), Demat, PAN card and more What is FII, Why did Rupee weaken against Dollar. Why did QFI come? Story of Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) Serious Note on FII QFI: Qualified Foreign Investor Demat account? What is Depository? What is Depository Participants (DP)? Trading account … Read More


[Aptitude] PnC: How many Ways to arrange letters of word "RECUPERATE" (Permutation without Formulas)

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here When you form words using alphabets (or letters), the ‘order’ matters. Three alphabets T,A,C Now you form words: CAT is not same as ACT; both words have different meanings hence order matters. This is a permuation problem. Case 1: All letters are different Case 2: Word contains repeating alphabets Case 3: More than one letter reappears in Word Case 4: … Read More


[Aptitude] Probability Made Easy (Extension of Permutation Combination Concept!)

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prescription drug patent expiration viagra side Introduction Case1 : Probability of Particular Actor getting selected Case 2: Probability of One lady getting selected Case 3: One man and one woman (“AND” case) Case 4: “Atleast” one man is selected (“OR” case) Alternative method: 1 Minus Case 5: Probability of Not getting selected Mock Questions for CSAT, CMAT, IBPS, State PSC Dice probability Bags and Balls: WITHOUT … Read More


[Aptitude] Trains, Platforms TSD (Time,Speed,Distance) made easy

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clomid brand name vs generic drugs Main-Topic: Time, Speed Distance (TSD) Subtopic: Trains and Platforms. you’ll be given some data and asked to find the length of railway platform or speed of train etc. Visualizing the Concept: Train and Pen Case 1: One Train One Man (or Tree, Pole) Case 2: One Train One Platform (or bridge, tunnel) Case 3: Two Trains Unit Conversions Previous Articles … Read More


[Strategy] 100 Days to go before CSAT, Where are you?

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this is an old article: new article with more details= given on separate page, click me Preparation Status:Reality Check The 100 Days Strategy Plausible Strategy Quantifiable Strategy REACHING THE PRIME THE FLOODS of readymade Material THE CLAIMS AND ADVERTISEMENTS REAL NIGHTMARE: Not YET To those who’ve never cleared prelims before, This post is not to scare you but to shake … Read More


[Economy Q] SENSEX calculation


Before venturing into SENSEX calculation, lets refresh basic concepts of Index calculation, that we saw in WPI calculation Suppose Price of a Lifebouy soap was Rs.10 in 2001. And now it has increased to Rs.12 per bar. We take 2001 as our base year. We take Rs. 10 as our base price. Then our index for 2001, = Price of … Read More


[Analysis] Essay topic trends in last 19 years (1993-2011) for UPSC civil service IAS exam

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Trouble viewing the charts and tables?  Download the pdf file by clicking me I’m classifying all the essays asked in last 19 years, into 8 broad topics.Topic [bracket shows # of questions asked so far] 1.    Economy (India vs Bharat theme) [12]2.    Education [11]3.    Culture [18]4.    International issues [13]5.    Philosophy [15]6.    Polity & Administration [27]7.    Technology [6]8.    Women empowerment [10] … Read More

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